Meeting with representatives of the John Wiley and Sons Ltd


On March 13, 2018, the meeting of RNPLS&T—John Wiley and Sons Ltd. (with the headquarters in New Jersey, USA) representatives took place at the Library.

On RNPLS&T’s side, Galina Evstigneeva, Deputy Director General for Library Services, Galina Krylova, Head of Library and Information Resources Acquisition, Tatiana Lyasnikova, Chief Bibliographer, Digital Resources National Subscription Sector, and Tatiana Zverevich, Editor, International Cooperation Department, attended.

On the side of John Wiley and Sons Ltd., Mr. Sergey Paramonov, Sales Manager, Russia and the CIS, and Mr. Heiko Brandstädter, Regional Sales Manager, Central Europe, took part.

The parties discussed the issues of the national subscription to Wiley’s products; in particular, the parties confirmed that they were interested in the easy solution of the problem of subscription renewal for the year 2018 and its government funding. The priority of the resource to be included into the all-nation national subscription was confirmed. Wiley’s officers spoke about the company’s structure and its IT Russian divisions. They also expressed their readiness to hold training workshops for Russian researchers, editors of science journals, etc., on using the databases and preparing research papers for publication in authority journals. The guests were presented the souvenir products RNPLS&T’s souvenir products and invited to participate in the Crimea-2018 Forum.


Wiley 1

Wiley 2