Meeting with representatives of the American Chemical Society


On April 11, 2018, the meeting of RNPLS&T—American Chemical Society (ACS International Ltd.) representatives took place at the Library.

On RNPLS&T’s side, Galina Evstigneeva, Deputy Director General for Library Services, Galina Krylova, Head of Library and Information Resources Acquisition, Tatiana Lyasnikova, Chief Bibliographer of Digital Resources National Subscription Sector, Evgenia Galchenko, Head of Digital Resources National Subscription Sector, Nadezhda Kashirina, Deputy Head of International Cooperation Department, attended.

On the side  of ACS International Ltd., Mr. Veli-Pekka Hyttinen – Regional Marketing Manager, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mr. Denis Erokhin, Regional Marketing Manager, Russia and Kazakhstan, took part.

The issues of the national subscription to the ACS International’s digital resources were discussed at the meeting. The parties also considered the possibility for holding trainings and workshops for Moscow Institutions on the RNPLS&T’s premises. They also discussed the strategy of building the list of authorized institutions and expressed their willing to maintain cooperation.

The RNPLS&T’s souvenir products were presented to the guests. They were also invited to participate in the Crimea-2018 Forum.