Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology celebrated its 60-th anniversary

Over 100 guests from Russia and from overseas, including Abkhasia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other countries, came to congratulate RNPLS&T on its anniversary. Organizations of culture, education and science gave their best regards to the Library and its team. Many RNPLS&T librarians were awarded. The concert program comprised over 10 vocal and dance performances.

Traditionally, RNPLS&T librarians welcomed the guests with the Library’s anthem. «We have approached this great jubilee with very serious results, being among the leaders of the national information and library space», – Prof. Yakov Shrayberg, RNPLS&T Director General, RF Honored Worker of Culture, said in his welcoming speech. Before turning it over to the colleagues, he suggested to commemorate Library’s employers and veterans who passed that year.

«Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology is an amazing depository of the richest collection that is of great scientific, cultural and artistic significance”, -- said Olga Yarilova, RF Deputy Minister of Culture, who was to first to congratulate RNPLS&T. She also read the welcome text by Vladimir Medinsky, RF Minister of Culture, who emphasized “the leading role of RNPLS&T team “that is directly involved in large-scale projects, scientific and education programs, implements and promotes innovative solutions in librarianship” and the significance of the international Crimea Forum and LIBCOM conference held by the Library.

In his turn, Grigory Trubnikov, RF First Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education, also congratulated RNPLS&T on the memorable date and emphasized that “RNPLS&T as the largest depository of domestic and foreign sci-tech literature is involved in implementing innovative solutions in building computer databases that meet high international standards”. This high appraisal was also shared by Timofey Bronitsky, Director of ministerial Monitoring, Analysis and Forecasting Department.

G. Turbnikov conveyed the congratulations by Mikhail Kotyukov, RF Minister of Science and Higher Education: «RNPLS&T keeps the pace with the epoch and is known as the initiator, developer and host of the Union Catalog for Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine for Russia and the CIS countries that comprises over 800,000 records. It also makes the traditional site for improving innovative solutions in IRBIS64 Library Automation System being used by over 3,000 libraries nationwide, and also in the CIS countries, UK and the USA», – Minister wrote in his welcome text. He added that the Library’s results were achieved “through the creative efforts of all the organization’s employees».

On behalf of the RF Federal Assembly State Duma, Ms Svetlana Zhurova, Deputy Chair of the Committee for Foreign Affairs, spoke. “This Library is unique, and we at the State Duma appreciate this very much», – she said and expressed heartfelt thanks to the team and administration of the Library. S. Zhurova also drew attention to the great significance of the professional forum in Crimea, held by RNPLS&T since 1994.

Pavel Kondarashov, Control Officer of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science, on behalf of the Committee, conveyed the best wishes to the Library.

Among the speakers were: Lyubov Kiriy, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Intellectual Property, Oleg Belyavsky, Director of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Asdaa Kutani, Vice President, Springer Nature (Germany), Mikhail Afanasyev, President of Russian Library Association, Vadim Duda, Director General, Russian State Library, and others.

Over 40 organizations, including libraries, universities and publishers’, sent their representatives to congratulate RNPLS&T on its anniversary.

Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology was established by USSR Council of Ministers Decree No. 1154, on the basis of the State Scientific Library Today, RNPLS&T is the core organization of the state system of sci-tech information and the largest national sci-tech library^ RNPLS&T’s collections comprise over 8 million items, including unique publications and single copies of materials in applied sciences and engineering.