World Book and Copyright Day


On April 23, 2021, the World Book and Copyright Day will be celebrated. This day was established at UNESCO conference in 1995 and in 1996 it was celebrated for the first time.

Its main and obvious theme is the role of books in preservation and augmentation of culture in every country of the world. Another tradition is to select a World Book Capital for the year. To remind, this year Russia’s St. Petersburg is claiming this status.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, on April 23, at 17:30 – 20.30, the World Book Day will be celebrated at the Russian Literature Center with the presentation of two significant publications. After the presentation, on April 23-26, everyone interested may visit the Central Architect House to get them free at the bookcrossing station.


Source: Russian Literature Center

Online library book reservation service


The online service for book reservation in municipal libraries is designed, Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Mayor informed. The new service «The Moscow libraries» for booksretrieval and reservation is available via the portal. With this service, the users can get a fix on the book location and reserve it online. The service is also to inform users when the ordered book is ready for lending; it should be picked within three days. To apply, users must have a single library user card and standard or complete user account at



St. Peterburg librarians to read fairy tales on the phone


On Friday, the libraries of St. Petersburg Frunzensky District implemented the modernized version of the project of reading fairy tales on the phone. During the Corona lockdown, this service has become very popular. Now, this regular free service is available both for the kids and adult users.

The librarians are to read not only fairy tales but also other books from library collections. «Rostelecom provides the phone line for the new project, which enables to involve more storytellers. There will be more female tale-tellers and male tale-tellers will also join the project», – the organizers inform. Last year, the project «The Telephone Tales» excited great interest. Beside the youngest residents of St. Petersburg, the users in Moscow, Tolyatti, Irkutsk and French Strasburg turned to the service. Moreover, libraries in Estonian capital city Tallinn adopted this experience.


Source: TASS

The copy of one of the oldest Slavic Gospels transferred to the Russian State Library


 The restored Mariinksye Gospel – the book monument of early Slavic writing of the cusp of the 10-th-11-th centuries, has been transferred to the Russian State Library.

For over 2 years, the best RSL experts had been studying and restoring the manuscript . Today, there are 11 ancient manuscripts in Glagolitic script known in the world, and the Marian Gospel is among them. Vadim Duda, RSL Director, says that the RSL Research Department has got the «great book» back to its collections, from which it will be available for scholars and library users.



«Osip Mandelstam Digital»


A new Internet resource – Osip Mandelstam Digital – is related to the poet Osip Mandelstam. It was designed as a joint project of the Center for Digital Humanities at the Higher School of Economics and the Mandelstam Society.

The project is to collect and preserve different versions of verses and related scholarly literature.

The resource is based on the bibliography compiled by Oleg Lekmanov, Elena Source, and Alexandra Chaban for the 2017 collected works publication.


 Source: Osip Mandelstam Digital website

Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology to exhibit rare publications from state research centers’ collection


Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology to exhibit rare publications from state research centers’ collections

Within the framework of the Year of Science and Technologies, the exhibition of the publications of state science and research centers is open. The users will get familiar with the books previously available only for scholars.

On April 9, the ceremony of opening the exhibition of publications by the state research centers was held at Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology. The users can see over 300 exhibits: rarefied books, brochures, journals in priority sci-tech areas – aviation, medicine, robotics, nuclear physics, instrument engineering, etc.

The publications on the display were published in 2000-2020, and, as a rule, they were not available for the wide audience before.


Source: RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education Press Service

«REVIZOR» professional contest


The applications for the «REVIZOR» professional contest are being received.

«Revizor» is an annual contest of the professionals in the book industry among the best projects and initiative in book publishing, book distribution and librarianship in Russia.

The contest task is to find and stimulate impressive innovative solutions in book publishing, book and reading support. It is to support the book industry and to promote the important role of book and reading in the Russian society


Source: The Book Industry Journal

The third season of «Blog Post» Award starts


The applications for the «Blog Post» best book blog of the year is now being received. The prize is to be awarded to a blogging project in the Russian language with no-less than 50% content devoted to the books. The jury will judge by the following criteria: content unique character, intellectual newness, style, innovativeness, readers’ involvement, and update frequency. The blog may be positioned on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, «VKontakte», Telegram, YouTube, or TikTok; it may also be an audio podcast or stand-alone blog. The applications are received till May 10 (inclusively).


Source: The Award official website

The unique copy of Nikolay Gogol’s collection of works is put up for auction


LITFUND Auction House offers to buy Nikolay Gogol’s collection of works with the author’s personal seal.

The initial price for four 1842 volumes of the half-binding of leather makes 2.8 million rubles.

This is Gogol’s first and only lifetime collection edition. The circulation made 5,000 copies intended for theaters. The collection comprises «Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka», «Mirgorod», novels and comedies.


Source: Official website of TV channel 78

Biblionight – 2021: The book – the  way to the stars!


In 2021, the annual «Biblionight» event will take place for the tenth time. On April 24, the libraries all over Russia will offer their special programs comprising master classes, tours, lectures, authors’ events, poetry soirees, book fairs, etc.

This year theme is «The book – the way to the stars». The events are dedicated to science, technology, and the 60-th anniversary of the first manned space flight.

The «Biblionight-2021» event organizers are Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and, the Russia’s cultural heritage and traditions web-portal.


Source: Culture.rf

StrategyOn the strategy of librarianship in the Russian Federation


 The RF Government supported the draft Strategy for Librarianship up to the Year 2030. The detailed document to determine the development for the further decade has been initially prepared by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in collaboration with the library community.
«Developing the modern library system is an indispensable condition for building intellectual potential of the Russian society. Lacking single policy prevents the Russian libraries from meeting today’s challenges. Underfunding library collection development and collection preservation, along with the need for young professionals inflow influence systematic development of the library industry”, – says Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova. She also says that the Strategy is to solve the above-mentioned problems and to sustain modernization of the industry.


Source: Press Service of the RF Ministry of Culture

PNB 21Russian Book Chamber to be merged with Russian State Library


The road map for the transfer the functions of the Russian Book Chamber to the Russian State Library is approved. The corresponding order signed by Premier Mikhail Mishustin was published on official Internet portal of legal information. The world largest national library information collection is to be established. It will become the most complete collection. Such solution will compensate for mutual lacunes. It is to preserve the richest book heritage forever, to provide user services, including via the digital channels. The consolidated collection will make approx. 200 million documents which will make the world largest library.


Source: Press Service of the Russian State Library


RusArchiveOne hundred years of the State Archive of the Russian Federation

The State Archive of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was established in the fall, 1920. After several transformations, this archival institution became, in the late 20th century, the State Archive of the Russian Federation, the largest federal archive of the country depositing about 7 million Russian historical documents of the 19th-21st centuries. The Archive acquires the documents of the RF supreme bodies of state authority and administration. In 2020, the State Archive celebrates its 100th anniversary. Coinciding with the date, the historical and documentary exhibition “More than an archive. The 100th anniversary of the State Archive” opened at the Federal Archives’ Exhibition Hall (17, B. Pirogovskaya st.). The unique documents and artefacts in the State Archive’s collections are on the display to illustrate the recent 200 years of the national history with many of them never exhibited in public before.


BuzlykOne of oldest Russian libraries modernized


On December 10, a new generation model library came into commission. The library is modernized on the basis of Russia’s oldest library, Leo Tolstoy Central City Library of the town of Buzuluk [Orenburg Region]. Buzuluk is situated on literary and historical crossroads of the region and Russia, on the whole. It is the fatherland of Gavriil Derzhavin, Nikolay Karamzin, Filipp Malyavin. Not once Leo Tolstoy visited Buzuluk, and Vladimir Vysotsky lived there in 1941-1943. The library itself sets on the intersection of three roads, so the motive of the “crossroads” was taken as the concept of its modernization.


Source: RIA56.RU

WriterOnlineOnline meetings at Moscow libraries


The libraries under supervision of Moscow Culture Department are launching the winter series of online meetings with Russian authors. Not only poets and prozaists will meet their adult readers, but also children’s writers, journalists, and scriptwriters.
On December 8-23, the reading rooms will be streaming the meetings on their YouTube channels and their accounts in social media. Users will get chance to ask questions in chats and comments.
The full program of the winter series of meetings and links to broadcasts is available at Online Bibliogorod.


Source: Moscow Mayor and Governemnt Official web-portal

StreetPrintLibraries entered the street-print market


New players have entered the street-print market of minor printing services. Little by little, they are drawing off the lowest-margin business offering prices as low as a gift. Originally the libraries have been offering charged services like copying pages of books, journals, or newspapers from their reading rooms, and now they offer specific printing services, e. g. large - format printing, duplication and bookbinding. The libraries’ list of services is about the same as that of printing houses while their prices are twice as low as that of the latter.


SourceRossijskaya gazeta