All-Russian online conference "Libraries and Environmental Education: Theory and Practice"


EcoConfOn October 28, the All-Russia online conference (with international participation) “Libraries and Ecological Education: Theory and practice” was held. The Conference was organized by the RNPLS&T under the aegis of the World Professional Forum “The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations” (“Crimea”). V. I. Vernadsky Non-Government Ecological Foundation and “Libraries of the Future” National Library Association (NALF) were among the conference co-organizers.

Alexander S. Karaush, RNPLS&T Director General, and Olga V. Plyamina, Director General of V. I. Vernadsky Non-Government Ecological Foundation, greeted the participants in the Conference. Librarians, museum specialists, educators working in the area of ecological education, altogether over 200 individual and organizational participants, attended the Conference.
The session was moderated by Tatiana V. Avgismanova, Deputy Director for Educational Programs, V. I. Vernadsky Non-Government Ecological Foundation, and Elena F. Bychkova, Leading Researcher, Head of Ecology and Sustainable Development Projects, RNPLS&T. Over 18 papers were delivered online (with over 60 presented). The presenters discussed the issues of research, methodology and mass work in ecological education and ecological information awareness. They also shared the experience of acquiring and using information resources in ecology, nature management and sustainable development in their professional activities.