Information retrieval apparatus

We provide catalogs and card indices both in traditional and electronic form for readers to search for the necessary publications.

Card catalogs and indices:
1. Alphabetic search:
- catalogs of Russian and foreign books
- catalogs of Russian and foreign serials
- card indices of Russian and foreign journals (including the acquisitions of the last 3 years)
- catalog of preprints acquired since 1980
- catalog of unpublished translations acquired before 1997
- alphabetical catalog
- alpha-numerical catalog
- alpha-chronological catalog of original texts of Russian translations
2. Subject search:
- classed catalog (UDC)
- classed card index of abstracts of theses
- classed card index of preprints
- classed card index of serials
- subject catalog (according to subject rubricator of RNPLS&T)
Total number of bibliographical cards in traditional catalogs and card indices of RNPLS&T is about 20 million.

Electronic catalogs:
1. Electronic catalog of RNPLS&T
Electronic catalog of RNPLS&T contains information about all types of literature acquired by the library:
- Russian books since 1990
- Russian journals since 1994
- abstracts of theses since 1991
- unpublished translations of 1992 – 1996
- foreign books since 1990
- foreign journals since 1992
As of end 2010, the total number of entries in the electronic catalog of RNPLS&T stocks is 515 thousand, annual addition to the database includes about 2 thousand records.
The library continually works on retrospective conversion of card catalogs into electronic form.

2.   Russian Union Catalog of Scientific and Technical Literature
The database contains information about Russian and foreign books and foreign serial publications on natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, and medicine, acquired by Russian libraries and organizations which are members of the automated system of Russian Union Catalog of Scientific and Technical Literature. As of 2010, the volume of the union catalog database is about 865 thousand entries with annual addition of about 30 thousand entries of all publications types. The database is kept since 1987.
The automated system of the Russian Union Catalog of Scientific and Technical Literature has a bibliographic reference database. Each record contains not only bibliographic description in the source language, but also index of the State Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information and names of places where the publication is kept. Besides, some of the union catalog entries contain: foreign books – translation of the title into Russian, subject headings and key words; foreign serials – abstracts in Russian; Russian books – abstracts in Russian and/or English and subject headings.
Information retrieval in the Electronic catalog of RNPLS&T and the Russian Union Catalog of Scientific and Technical Literature is organized on the basis of modern information support and includes the use of electronic databases organized according to UDC, State Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information, DDC, key words with vocabulary and thesaurus support.
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