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The restoration of the historical building of the Russian State Library – the famous Pashkov’s House – is finished at last. The restoration has lasted for more than 20 years. The opening ceremony will take place on April 20, and on the next day Pashkov’s House will open to the public.
The restoration of this unique architectural landmark of the 18th century was completed two years ago, but they finished transfering library stocks to this building not long ago.
In Pashkov’s House, there will be the Department of Manuscripts, containing 600 thousand written and graphic works dating from the 6th century, and the Department of Musical Editions and Sound Recordings, containing over 360 thousand units.
The historical building of the Russian State Library was closed for restoration purposes in 1988, but soon after the works were started the funding was stopped, so the restoration had to be postponed. It was restarted only in 2003. Exterior and interior of the building were restored according to photographs and old drafts.
Pashkov’s House was called so after its building owner and first owner Petr Pashkov, captain-lieutenant of the Semenovsky regiment of the Life Guards, and the son of Peter I’s batman.
The mansion was built in the mid-18th century by the architect Vasily Bazhenov. In 1812 it burnt down, but was restored under the direction of the architect Boveu. In 1861 Rumyantsev museum and Public library were housed there.
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