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The complete works of Lev Tolstoy appeared in internet

It was possible due to a unique crowd sourcing project “All works of Tolstoy by one click” organized by State museum of L.N. Tolstoy, “Yasnaya Polyana” country house museum and ABBYY.

Anyone could register at the project website, download a special version of ABBYY software to recognize text and 20 pages package to be checked. Just in two weeks after start volunteers read all 90 volumes or 46 000 pages of works of Lev Tolstoy. Within the first stage the participants in average read 8,5 volumes or 3 344 pages in a day. In the end of August 2013 the second stage of the project – secondary check of text by volunteers auditors – ended. Within the third – last one – stage, that started in the end of July 2013, volunteers correctors shall read texts once more , then ABBYY specialists converts volumes and some works in PDF with live text and in e-books formats.

Thus 90 volumes digitized within the project, is the most complete collection of works of Lev Tolstoy. Except for famous novels, stories and tales, the collection includes 13 volumes with notes. 

Professionals of book industry prepare common projects for the Year of literature

Complex program of events shall be presented on December 12 at Conference “Preparation for the Year of literature 2015” in Moscow.

As envisioned by the organizers to reach the stated aims it is necessary to create powerful infrastructure of interested organizations: publishing houses, libraries, book sale networks, non-governmental and industry organizations as well as regional authorities. Participants of the Conference – representatives of all hereinabove listed structures as well as writers and journalists are invited – will discuss how it is possible to inform Russian citizens about life and works of writers, published news and best books at maximum, as well as what projects for reading popularization can become common and what editions of what focus shall be the “books of the year”.

Let us remind that the plan of the main events of the Year of literature approved by Federal agency for press and mass communications was widely discussed by the professionals of the book industry within the recent Fair of intellectual literature “Non/fiction №16”.

At the topic “round table” Alexander Voropayev, Head of departments of book exhibitions and reading promotion of Rospechat, present the main events for 2015 including for example, such as project “Literature map of Russia”, International writers forum “Literature Eurasia”, Congress of translators from the languages of nations of the Russian Federation in Russian, International conference “Russian literature in the context of world culture”, visits of Russian writers all over the country and their meetings with regional readers (“Town N”, “Big Book – meetings in countries” etc), International competition of young readers “Living classics”, Russian competition “The most reading region” for the status of “Literature flagman of Russia” and many other events.

Internet and social and cultural transformations in information society

The collection includes reports of participants of International Conference “Internet and social and cultural transformations in information society” (Yuzhono-Sakhalinsk, September 8-12, 2013) that was the first attempt in the world to consider tendencies, dynamics, character, scale, propulsions, contents and consequences of social and cultural transformations taking place in the terms and under the influence of blanket distribution of internet and other information and communication technologies in complex.

Points of view of Russian and foreign experts on internet as a social and cultural phenomenon as well as on the character and dynamics of influence of information and cultural technologies on the society are presented.

Nature and characteristics of contemporary social and cultural processes,  possible ways and directions of humanization of information society, formation of strategy, policy and practice of building social studies are described.

Problems of maintenance of language diversity in cyber space, as well as role and place of libraries in digital world are analyzed.

The collection is for heads and employees of control authorities, institutions of culture, science and education, as well as for specialists of information sphere.

Grigory Ivlev opened Center of social and political history

Grigory Ivlev, State Secretary, Deputy Minister, announced at the opening ceremony: “Appearance of the Center of social and political history as a branch of Russian State Public Library for history, is a new stage in the process of librarianship and in development of information support of historical science. Library of history deserved a status of a large scientific and information center in the sphere of humanitarian and social sciences. Its potential and high quality of library services create valuable opportunity for the Center of social and politic history based on staff and organizational resources of the Library for history, could enter a new level of work and became both an important storage of treasures collected inside it, but an area actively used by scientific community to study public thoughts, history of the Soviet period and to discuss actual issues of historical science as well”.

The order about reorganization of State Public library for history and State Public and Political library was signed in April 2013, but in practice the libraries joined in April 2014.

Deputy Head of the Ministry highlighted: “We remember that a part of library and scientific community did not like the decision of the Ministry of culture to join these two libraries. Today we can see the first results of this process. Fears concerning scatteration of the fund and destruction of information apparatus were groundless. As a branch the library works properly. Moreover readers can use joint library fund on Starosadsky lane and Wilhelm Pieck street”.

Today there is one technological chain.

A book is processed once and is sent to one of the storages – to the main building of the library or to the center.

For proper work of this chain special premises are equipped in the building of the center, where acquisition and processing department of the Library for history moved to.

As for today there are 1 682 898 units in the storage including those in the department of special collections (ex-department of rare books of State public and political library) – 258 107 units.

In the Year of culture in the center there were discussions, round tables on history of underground press, history of populism and First World War. And there are all conditions for that in future the Center of social and political history will be popular among history experts and wide audience.

Opening of the Center of social and political history as a branch of Russian State Public Library for history was the part of the 3rd Chertkov readings.

After the ceremony the participants watched the presentation and were told about development program till 2020. Then there was section of Chertkov reading “Libraries of parties. Life of libraries of Communist Party of the Soviet Union after the Soviet period”.


Notes: Alexander D. Chertkov (1789-1858), a famous Moscow public person and collector, whose private library became the base of the funds of  Russian State Public Library for history.

Library №30 on Bratislavskaya was repaired and re-equiped by Department of culture of Moscow within a program of modernization of Moscow Library network. On December 5 there was solemn opening ceremony of the renewed library. Library №30 is a part of Centralized library system of South-East administrative district and is on 56/2 Pererva street. Area of the library is separated for comfort zones for different types of activities. “Quite zones” separated from other premises of the library with soundproof double-glazed windows are to work with books and other information materials, there is also a separate hall for events including lectures and films, and children areas for children of different ages. A separate playing room with bright educational books and toys is for small children under 6 years old, and for pupils there is a zone for homework with comfort furniture and computers.

New space of the library allows to organize exhibitions, performances and presentations. Club of modern literature amateurs that was very active before repairs, will continue its work.

All Moscow city libraries have to resolve the task connected with centralization of culture and public life in Moscow. Active citizens of Moscow will be attracted to public works. They will have possibilities to realize their own cultural initiatives creating regional center of social communications on its base.

The Book store will continue cooperating with education and social organizations of the

region: schools, kindergartens and boarding houses creating special programs and organizing special events for them.

There is a “library after-school club” where pupils can do homework and search for additional literature for school subjects as well or make a presentation.

Book “Back to Egypt” of Vladimir Sharov was acknowledged to be the best novel in Russian language of 2014.

Winner of literature award “Russian Booker” of season 2014 was announced in Moscow.

Vladimir Sharov (novel “Back to Egypt”) is the laureate of the Awards.

Laureate of “Russian Booker” will receive prize amount of 1.5 mln RUR, and finalists – 150 000 RUR each.

Let us remind you that the short list of the 23rd season of the Awards there were 6 works laureates: “Life of Petr Stepanovich K” by Anatoly Vishnevsky, “Key. Last Moscow” by Natalia Gromova, “Cell” by Zakhar Prilepin, “Free freedom” by Viktor Remizov, “Marble swan” by Elena Skulskaya and “Back to Egypt” of Vladimir Sharov.

In total 85 works applied (78 of them were allowed) to participate in the competition this season, and 43 publishing houses, 8 magazines, 4 universities and 9 libraries participated in the process of nomination.

Solemn meeting of Presidium of St. Petersburg scientific center dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Library of Academy of Sciences, took place. It’s a really significant date in Russian history – three hundred years ago the first Russian public library was founded by order of Peter the Great. It was the only one state library in Russia during the whole 19 century.

Foundation of the library was the first step to turn the country to the path of progress and closure with developed European civilization.

Many times before that date Valery P. Leonov, claimed that little financing does not allow to resolve the most important tasks for the library – to finish construction of book storage and repair façade of the main building that survived all cataclysms of 20 century and is mottled with scars from shell attacks of blockade period. He strongly hopes that these problems would be resolved till the 300th anniversary.

Today many beautiful words about libraries of Academy of Sciences in the history of sciences and Russian education sounded.

Even the President sent a congratulation letter.

National e-library will start working till the end of the year

According to the Ministry of culture, it will be the largest Russian public e-resource providing access to editions of scientific and education theme.

As for today the library portal, creation of which was the key project of the Year of culture in Russia, is on the final development stage.

Grigory Ivlev, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of culture, announced recently at the 13th scientific and research Conference LIBNET-2014, that new internet resource “will provide free access for Russian citizens to the largest volume of full-text documents of scientific and education theme”.

In 2015 it is planed both to complete the fund of National e-library continuously and start formation of one library net of Russia. It will be possible to use the services of the libraries entering that system after registration at National e-library website or with universal reader’s ticket that gives the right of access to full-text e-editions and services of libraries participating in the project. Russian State Library registers online in test mode even now. According to the Minister of culture, in total this year National e-library will house 5 federal and 27 regional libraries, and in 2015 several hundreds of institutions all over the country will be the participants of the system.

Big Russian Encyclopedia will be of Internet format

Software filling and design of the future portal shall be developed in a month already.

It is planed that website of big Russian Encyclopedia will start till the beginning of 2017 simultaneously with edition of the last – 35th volume. As for today Ministry of culture announced a tender – 2 395 mln RUR and 1 month are given to make the website.

According to Sergey Kravets, Executive editor of Big Russian Encyclopedia, in the result there will be “a classic e-version of encyclopedia: with cross references, full-text search, but without connection to first hand sources of other intellectual services.” Internet encyclopedia will take a separate website, and its mirrors will be built in websites of Ministry of culture and “cultura.rf”. It is supposed that access to the materials of the portal of Big Russian Encyclopedia will be free, and regular refresh of the downloaded articles will be the best protection for them.

Literature Academy announced laureates of 9th season of National award «Big book»

At the solemn ceremony in Pashkov House in Moscow Special commission consisting of Member of Academy rewarded Zakhar Prilepin with award “Big book” for novel “Cell”. The second place was taken by Vladimir Sorokin with book “Telluria”, and the third place – by Vladimir Sharov (“Back to Egypt”).

According to the readers, Svetalana Aleksievich, Belarussianh writer (book “Second-hand time”), Zakhar Prilepin (“Cell”) and Alexey Makushinsky (“Ship to Argentina”)  shall be the three laureates of the award.

Readers voted at websites of Group of companies “Litres”, readers service ReadRate and e-library Bookmate.

Books of all three finalists could be read at all three websites via any device – computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Based on the results of readers voting the Audience Award went to Svetalana Aleksievich. In nomination “For contribution in literature” award went to Leonid Zorin.

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