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One of the curbstones of QR-library that was used by the participants of International youth forum «Taurida» in Crimea, is in Koktebel now.

The library is in the yard of house museum of M.A. Voloshin in Koktebel and everybody can use it for free. As it was told in the museum, both guests of the town and local citizens paid attention to the novelty at once.

The library consists of more than 130 works of Russian classics who worked in Crimea or wrote about the peninsula: Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Griboedov, Anton Chekhov, Lev Tolstoy, Maximilian Voloshin, Alexander Grin, Konstantin Paustovsky, Marina Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelshtam and others.

Illustrative project was created by the Club of tutors of literature festivals of Russia acting under the aegis of Russian National Funds and centralized library system of South-East administrative district of Moscow.

To use the library it will be enough to scan its QR-code on the curbstone with a mobile device, but also to download a special program before. Unfortunately there is no free wi-fi in the library.

Book of «Transbaikalia and China: experience of analysis of international links» by Alexander Tarasov, diplomatic analyst of «Effect» newspaper, is available for free at the website of the Presidential library.

According to the message of the institution, the fund of B.N. Yeltsyn Presidential library - an informational center with status of national library of Russia - was completed with the materials transferred by A.S. Pushkin Transbaikalia region universal scientific library.

Library «Museum of book of blockade city» was opened after repairs. According to the press service of administration of Moscow district, repairs and opening of reading halls were dedicated to the anniversary of Leningrad blockade. Renewed premises of library №5 were opened shortly before.

According to the correspondent of, works of Abay Kunanbayev in different languages published in different years and countries are available now from one source of full-text digital library «Our Abay».

«It’s a big contribution in realization of state program «Keeping cultural heritage». The project is realized with support of Department of internal policy of regional department of culture of West-Kazakhstan region. The idea of «pushkinists» - employees of A.S. Pushin library - is to collect all the books of their famous countryman published any time in one united digital library that will be available for everybody from any place of the world», - told Natalia Kharlamova.

Olga Volkova, Deputy director of Karl Marx Mogilev central city library, told that action «Mogilev reads to children» dedicated to the Day of libraries of the Republic of Belarus will take place in the regional center on September 10-15.

The project will start with work of information center «Read with grandchildren» organized by A.S. Pushkin children library-branch on the base of Center of social services for citizens of Oktyabrsky district. According to BELTA, there will be public readings of favorite literature works of several generations.

Dairies and autobiographical notes of the Russian classic writer were downloaded in Internet as a part of project «All works of Tolstoy by one click».

You can get acquainted with personality of Lev Tolstoy deeper at website where digitized dairies and autobiographical notes of the prose writer are available for free. Amateurs of the works of Lev Tolstoy can download his dairies in .fb2, ePub, .mobi and HTML.

The writer’s archives were digitized as a part of project «All works of Tolstoy by one click» that is being realized by the State Museum of L.N. Tolstoy and supported by ABBYY Company since last year.

Let us remind that activities on creation of global digital archive of the writer are realized on croud-funding base - recognition and proof-reading of scanned texts were made by volunteers, and the organizers highlight the importance of that national form of work with heritage of the classic writer.

Three-volume encyclopedia «Russia of the First World War 1914-1918» of publishing house «Russian political encyclopedia» got the first prize of the annual national competition «Book of the year 2014».

Solemn ceremony where laureates of other seven competition nominates were announced took place on Wednesday in Moscow theater Et Cetera.

Andrey Sorokin, Chief editor of publishing house «Russian political encyclopedia» told: «We devoted this edition to the participants of the First World War. This great war never was forgotten by historians, but was forgotten for Russian society. And it was good that it found forces to wake and start to remember and return their history, their forgotten pages without which neither national memory nor society can exist».

Prize winner in other nominations:

Novel «Coenoby» of Zakhar Prilepin was declared the best prose work. «William Shakespeare» translated by Grigory Kruzhkov was the best collection of poetry of the year. Svetlana Lavrova got the prize in nomination «We grow up with book» for children fantasy story «Where does cock horse gallop?» And album «Kargopol travel. Seven routs through north Russian land with Kargopol history and architectural and arts museums» won in nomination «Art book».

From 2016 libraries in Spain will pay charges to authors from each given book and for each reader.

Royal edict №624 charges Spanish libraries to pay to the organizations protecting copyrights €0,004 per each given book and €0,005 per each reader from January 1, 2016.

New rules cover museum, public and cinema libraries. Exception to the rules will be just for the libraries in the towns with population less than 5000 citizens and libraries giving books «for education purposes».

Library services for readers will be free. Amendments in work of libraries are caused by Instruction of European Union of 2006 according to which authors shall receive «inalienable right» for compensation for lease of their intellectual property.

In 2015 Russian citizens can get access to literature of National digital library from their mobile devices.

Ministry of culture informs that from the next year the citizens of Russia could read the whole content of National digital library with their mobile devices - smarphones and tablets.

Evgenia Guseva, Head of Head of division oflibraries of department of science and education, highlights that it is possible that registration via applications of mobile platforms iOS and Android could be discussed as a variant of reader ticket.

Users will get login and password for access to digital books via State services portal or in one of the libraries from the system of National digital library.

Evgenia Guseva, Head of division oflibraries of department of science and education, told that Ministry of culture of the RF plans to digitize all important books edited before 1831 as a part of the program on saving book rarities. The old-time books will be available to the citizens of those cities where the program of National digital library is active.

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