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Belarus State Technological University jointed to movement Little Free Library. On September 20 at 2pm in Minsk there was official opening ceremony of the first open air mini library in Belarus as a part of city subject game «Read City».

Such libraries look like small houses made specially for free book sharing. From year to year the number of small libraries grows: in 2011 there were 100 registered ones, and as for January 15, 2014 there are 15 000 of them in more than 60 countries.

Each house has its own registration number. Minsk house was mounted at the alley in front of the main building of Belarus State Technological University (Nezavismosty avenue 65).

Opening ceremony of the mini library is dedicated to the Day of Library in Belarus and will be the part of city game «Read City». Scientific library of Belarus State Technological University is on of the organizers.

Polytechnic Library prepared exhibitions and installations for its 150th anniversary. They will be located in six different libraries of Moscow.

Project «Physics and lyricists» was opened on September 18 and is aimed at acquaintance of readers with Russian Nobel laureates. Press service of the museum reported: «Installations tall as a man will be located in reading halls and will tell about what famous scientists read, what hobbies did they have and so on. Books from the funds of Polytechnic Library will take important place there». As envisioned by the organizers a reader could look through and read lifetime editions of scientists, monographs, works or favorite books of Nobel laureates.

Dante Alighieri library, Dostoyevsky library, Anna Akhmatova library and some others will be the places for the project. Here the readers could know who was fond of hunting or cars, making furniture or reading about medieval knights.

Lev Landau, Peter Kapitza, Nikolay Semenov, Nikolay Basov, Vitaly Ginzburg and Andrey Sakharov are the heroes of the project.

The installations will be in the libraries till November 25, then they will be moved to Central House of Artists to be shown at Book Fair of intellectual literature Non/Fiction.

Agency Moskva informs that press service of Moscow City Library Center reports that five modernized libraries will be opened in Moscow till the end of 2014.

1 May Library №171 at Leninsky avanue, the oldest library, will be opened after reconstruction in October, where within the limits of modernization workers tried to save unique painted ceilings and interior decoration. It is supposed that there will be large co-working center for students in the library.

Moreover reconstruction of Children library №47 at Argunovskaya street is at the finish stage. There will be big center for children and special program for handicapped children.

Library №30 in Maryino district will be a modern center where it is planned to organize interesting lectures - to invite specialists fro humanitarian universities. Also multifunctional library will be in Zelenograd too.

Aslo Fasil Iskander library in Kuntsevo district at Kastanayevskaya street will be opened. There will be the writer’s cabinet: books, archive documents, manuscripts and interior items from different collections of the writer and his relatives.

Oztrozhskaya Bible of Ivan Fedorov, printing pioneer, is put on auction. In total 450 units will be put on Book auction including rare editions of Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Alexander Griboyedov, Nikolay Gumilev, Ivan Bunin, Konstantin Balmont, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Anna Akhmatova, Alexander Blok and Osip Mandelshtam.

Unique Oztrozhskaya Bible of Ivan Fedorov, Russian printing pioneer,was put out to tender «Ancient rare books, engravings, photos» of auction house «Kabinet» that will take place in the Central House of Artists on September 25.

Ksenia Tsann-kha-Si, co-owner of the auction house told to RIA Novosty: «The first finished edition of the Bible in Church Slavic language was printed by Ivan Fedorov in Ostroh in the printing house of Konstantin Ostrozhsky in 1581. It is of museum and collection value. Forward estimate of the unit is 1,2 - 1,5 mln RUR (40 - 90 000 USD)».

In total it was printed near 1000 - 1500 units. In 1663 Oztrozhskaya Bible of Fedorov was reprinted practically unchanged in Moscow and in actual fact was the official redaction of Slavic Bible till 1740s when so called Elizabeth Bible that is bing used till today by Russian Orthodox Church was prepared.

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In 2015 Moscow Library Center starts pilot project according to which it will be possible to stay in city reading centers after 10pm, but the service will be commercial.

Moscow City Library Center prepares to make popular reading centers of city working 24 hours next year. Dostoyevsky Library at Chysty Prudy and 1 May Library in South district of Moscow that will be opened soon after reconstruction were chosen as pilot ones for this project.

Press service of Moscow City Library Center reports that it is planned to take fee for night stay in libraries, and both sum and ways of payments are discussed: it could be entrance or hour fee.

Anna Lander, Head of Moscow City Library Centerpress service, told: «Night work of libraries requires additional expenses: for security, work of librarians, electricity etc».

The aim of the project is to attract to reading the moscovites who work till late hours and assist students during end-of-term exams.

Boris Kupriyanov, Deputy director of Moscow City Library Center, highlights that access to libraries at night is socially important both for students and persons who would like to come to «city sitting room» to read or just to communicate at night.

Libraries of European Union can digitize but can not distribute the digitized books.

New direction of European Court allows libraries of the countries of European Union to digitize books from their collections. But except for extreme cases it is prohibited to libraries to somehow distribute the digitized copies. They could be read only on special reading terminals available in libraries.

Request from Supreme Court of Germany that reviews a claim from Eugen Ulmer KG, German Publishing house, against Technical University of Darmstadt, was the reason for the direction. Eugen Ulmer considers that University infringes its rights when scanning the books published by it and making them available in special digital terminals at the territory of campus. Thus the publishing house demanded to prohibit «to digitize these books and make them available for visitors of the library at digital terminal by copying at external USB media or printing as well as taking reproductions away from the library».


Awarding and announcements of names of the winners of Russian literatures awards traditionally took place during Moscow International Book Exhibition and Fair.

Please find below review of the presentations, awards and announcements of names of the winner of Russian literature awards «Book of the year», «Kniguru», «Book worm» and «Digital letter». All the events took place during the 27th Moscow International Book Exhibition.

Encyclopedia of was is the «Book of the year»

The winners of national award «Book of the year» were awarded for the fifteenth time.

«Cenoby» by Zakhar Prilepin (AST Publishing house) was considered to be the best prose work.

«King Lear» translated by Grigory Kruzhkov (Nauka Publishing house) is the poetic edition of the year. Award in nomination «We grow up with book» was received by children hop story of Svetlana Lavrova «Where does cock horse hops?» (KompasGiв Publishing house). And album «Kargopol travel» won in nomination «Art book». Seven routes through North Russian lands with Kargopol history, architect and arts museum (published by Charity fund of V.P. Potanin).

Library without a paper book was opened in futuristic building of Florida Polytechnic University. There is a comfortable reading zone of more than 135 000 digital editions for students.

Library of the education institution has a hall of 1000 sq.m with high light-transparent roof and cozy chairs. Basic specification of the new library is that there is no paper volumes there. There are a comfortable reading zone and reading base of more than 135 000 digital editions for students who can get acquainted with the base via computer terminal, tablet or reader.

Start budget of 60 000 USD allowed the university to get access to vast library of books that can be opened by students once. When it is opened for the second time it should be purchased into its own collection, so students can form the base by their own.

When its own library was being created, Polytechnic University consulted with NASA and University of Central Florida that keep similar public places with success. Except for organization of access to digital base that deal with necessity of paying annual allowances for copyright holders. At the same time a paper book can be bought once and kept for 120 years on a shelf.

One of the curbstones of QR-library that was used by the participants of International youth forum «Taurida» in Crimea, is in Koktebel now.

The library is in the yard of house museum of M.A. Voloshin in Koktebel and everybody can use it for free. As it was told in the museum, both guests of the town and local citizens paid attention to the novelty at once.

The library consists of more than 130 works of Russian classics who worked in Crimea or wrote about the peninsula: Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Griboedov, Anton Chekhov, Lev Tolstoy, Maximilian Voloshin, Alexander Grin, Konstantin Paustovsky, Marina Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelshtam and others.

Illustrative project was created by the Club of tutors of literature festivals of Russia acting under the aegis of Russian National Funds and centralized library system of South-East administrative district of Moscow.

To use the library it will be enough to scan its QR-code on the curbstone with a mobile device, but also to download a special program before. Unfortunately there is no free wi-fi in the library.

Book of «Transbaikalia and China: experience of analysis of international links» by Alexander Tarasov, diplomatic analyst of «Effect» newspaper, is available for free at the website of the Presidential library.

According to the message of the institution, the fund of B.N. Yeltsyn Presidential library - an informational center with status of national library of Russia - was completed with the materials transferred by A.S. Pushkin Transbaikalia region universal scientific library.

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