Opening the exhibition on tribology


The exhibition “News in tribology: Self-organizing productive and fracture processes” opened on October 2, 2018, at RNPLS&T. The exhibition coincides with the 99-th anniversary of Prof. Dmitry Garkunov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), founder of the tribology scholar school in Russia.

«On the display are the works by one of our users, a scientist, the author of the textbook in tribology Dmitry Nikolaevich Garkunov” – Elena Lindeman, Deputy Director General for Science, Methodology, Education and Publishing, said in her welcome speech. – “We decided to celebrate his birthday and to present just a fraction of his scholarly achievements”.

On the display are the books, including student textbooks in triboengineering, doctoral theses, bibliographies, lists of experts in tribology, fragments of devices under tribological processes, many awards of D. Garkunov.


Dmitry Garkunov welcomed the visitors. “Books make the main good the libraries are offering”, — he said before presenting his works on the exhibit. Garkunov also shared his memories on the tribology school history in Russia.

Garkynov guests

Dr. E. L. Melnikov, Rector of N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, A. V. Shchedrin, Associate Professor of N. E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University,  A. L. Babel and I. V. Kuznetsov, Motor Life Company, also discussed the issues of the history of the discipline and reviewed its current applications.

Tribology is a branch of physics of interactive surfaces in relative motion. It studies friction, lubrication and wear processes.