On October 3, 2018, the delegation of the National Academic Library (NAL) of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana) visited Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology. A. Polishchuk, Head of Engineering Department, E. Khalelov, engineer, Access to Digital Resources Department, S. N. Ramensky, programmer, Engineering Department, A. Buketaev engineer (all delegates represent NAL Digital Resources Management Service) were on the delegation.
On behalf of RNPLS&T, Elena Lindeman, Deputy Director General for Science, Methodology, Education and Publishing, welcomed the guests. She told them about the history of RNPLS&T and RAS SB SPSTL, on the Library’s current activities and projects, etc.

The NAL delegation visited:
- Scanning Department (headed by Yu. Zaslavsky). The complete digitization process was demonstrated.;
- Group of Perspective Research and Analytical Forecasting (headed by M. Goncharov). The RNPLS&T’s system of e-library and digital archives, the related technologies IRBIS ALIS as an integrated automation solution for every type of libraries were discussed;;
- specialized Popular Science reading room where the 3D-printer were demonstrated to the quests;
- RNPLS&T’s exhibitions and displays.




The quests were also greeted by E. Taran, Head of Learning and Educational Programs, M. Yatsyna, librarian, Popular Science reading room, K. Kolosov, leading researcher, Group of Perspective Research and Analytical Forecasting, N. Kashirina, Deputy Head, International Cooperation Department, RNPLS&T.
The guests were invited to participate in the 22-nd International Conference and Exhibition LIBCOM-2018. The information materials on the Conference were given to them.