The delegation of KORUSTEC in RNPLS&T


On December 5, 2018, the delegation of Korea-Russia Science and Technology Coopertaion Center (KORUSTEC) visited RNPLS&T. Dr. Gill Won SUH, Ph.D. and Ms. Minkyung Kim, group head, were on the delegation. KORUSTEC officers expressed their interest toward RNPLS&T’s resources, in particular, in aerospace industry, and discussed possible cooperation with RNPLS&T.

On the side of RNPLS&T, Yakov Shrayberg, Director General, Mikhail Goncharov, Head of the Perspective Research and Analytical Forecast Group, Yulia Sokolova, Head of Videoarchive and E-learning System Group, and Svetlana Silaeva, Head of International Cooperation Department, took part in the meeting.

Upon the completion of the visit, the guests took a tour of the RNPLS&T’s exhibitions and displays. They were given RNPLS&T’s information materials, anniversary souvenirs, and invitations to take part in the 5-th World Professional Forum «The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations” («Crimea -2019»).