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Day after day



Took part in the videoprogram “Dialogues” discussing the concept of libraries development in today’s Russia. Together with Mikhail Afanasyev, President of the Russian Library Association, discussed the RLA Congress and “Crimea’ World Professional Forum, libraries modernization, collection development issues, e-libraries and collection digitization, and spoke on their personal tastes in literature.



Delivered the lecture “National centralized subscription to foreign index and full-text databases: Current state and prospects”. At the final discussion table, made conclusions and awarded certificates of the National Library Association “Libraries of the Future” School to the attendees.



Being a member of the organizing committee, arrived in Saratov to participate in the third session of the permanent School of the National Library Association “Libraries of the Future”: “Libraries as the Way to Knowledge”. Greeted the School audience and delivered the lecture “Modern trends for the library and information infrastructure”. Discussed further cooperation with Tatiana A. Garanina, Saratov Oblast minister of culture, and Lyudmila A. Kanushina, Director of Saratov L. Tolstoy Regional Universal Scientific Library.



Attended the ceremonial meeting at the Russian State Library on the occasion of the Day of Workers of Culture. Greeted the RSL team, discussed the proposals on further cooperation between the RSL and RNPLS&T and their joint participation in the key projects: NEL, “Crimea” and LIBCOM conferences, international and other projects.



Attended the ceremonial meeting at the Russian Academy of Education and was awarded the diploma and certificate of the RAE corresponding member.

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At the general meeting of the Russian Academy of Education was elected a corresponding member of the Division of Education Philosophy and Theoretical Pedagogy in the disciplines of  “Methodology of scientometrical studies in the education sciences”.



Took part in the scientific and practical conference «Modern libraries and information technologies in the space of education and science» and the Third Interregional IRBIS School in St. Petersburg.



Dr. Shraiberg delivered the keynote speech at the round table «School libraries informatization in the light of the Education National Project».

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Dr.Shraiberg opened the session by delivering the open lecture “Modern libraries for information support of science and education” on the status of science and education information support and measures to develop academic libraries as the centers of educating information culture and on the technology of Open Access to information resources.



Met with Mikhail Balykhin, Rector of the Moscow State University of Food Production to discuss new projects and plans for the MSUFP Library.



Took part in the round table “Digital information, libraries and the society” held on the premises of N. Ostrovsky Regional Special Library for the Blind, Kaluga. In his speech, Yakov Shrayberg spoke on the modern society in the conditions of digital information revolution and the book market transformation, on e-libraries, library-users interaction, and the future for the libraries in the digital epoch. He also gave his special attention to the national subscription issues, and the Electronic Catalog of the Libraries in the System of Education and Science (EKBSON). Dr. Shrayberg emphasized that RNPLS&T was facing the task of building the Open Archive unified system.

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Held the business meeting with Irina Kraeva, Rector of the Moscow State Linguistic University that resulted in signing the agreement for cooperation.

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The agreement for cooperation was signed with The Talent and Success Educational Foundation in the person of Elena Shmeleva, Foundation Head, and the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, in the person of Yakov Shrayberg, Director General, within the framework of the Third All-Russia Conference “Routes to Success: The national projects and strategies to support gifted children and young adults”, Sochi, Russia.

The agreement envisages collaboration in the sphere of library and information, educational, creative, research and design activities to support the talented young people, professional pedagogues and academic community. The RNPLS& and the Foundation agreed to perform joint studies, to accomplish research projects, and to hold scientific and educational events.

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Delivered the paper «Modern libraries for the information support of education and science: The RNPL&T’s experience» at the round table «The role of modern libraries in the information support of science and education. Library projects for children, young adults and school environment».

The round table was held within the framework of the conference on the problems of revealing, supporting and supervising school children and university-level students who showed high performance in science, arts and sports. The conference was held on January 27 – 29 in Sochi.



Took part in the meeting in presentia of the Public Council under the RF Ministry of Culture.

At the meeting, the issues of handling public appeals, corruption fight, efficiency of Ministerial procurement, realizing the concept of transparency of the federal executive authorities, volunteering, and competition of services provision in culture and arts, were discussed.

Yury Polyakov chaired at the meeting.



At the meeting with Grigory Ivliev, Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), the participation of Rospatent representatives, i. e. Dmitry Travnikov, A. Sukonkin, T. Kuznetsova and O. Ushakova in «LIBCOM-2018» Conference were discussed, as well as the possibility for Rospatent participation in the future «Crimea» and «LIBCOM» forums.



Took part in the Plenary Meeting of the 17-th Annual International Scientific and Practical Conference «The Digital Age of Culture» where presented the paper «Modern information resources to support science and education». The Conference was held at the RSL Conference Hall (3/5 Vozdvvizhenka st., Moscow).

Met with Oleg Adrianov, Director of Pashkov Dom Publishing House, to discuss cooperation with RNPLS&T’s publishing department and the National Association “Libraries of the Future”. Olga Shlenskaya, Director of RNPLS&T’s Publishing and Reprographic Center, also took part in the discussions.



Met with Alexander Nikoforov, Director of Lan Publishers’, to discuss development of the joint project of centralized subscription to ELS based on the national subscription model, and the Publushers’ participation in the «Crimea» and «LIBCOM» forums.

The latter issue was also in the focus during the discussions with Igor Rodin, President of ECO-Vector Publishers’.

Negotiated with Marat Fatkhoullin, Elsevier Russia Executive Director.



Met with Prof. Arkady Sokolov, to discuss participation in the anniversary celebrations in February, 2019.

Met with Prof. Valentina Brezhneva, Dean of the Library and Information department of St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture. Exchanged opinions on bachelors’ and masters’ programs in St. Petersburg and Moscow Institutes of Culture. Also examined the possibility for RNPLS&T’s participation in the celebration of the 100-th anniversary of St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.

Negotiated with Valentin Sidorin, Acting Director of B. Yeltsin Presidential Library (3 Senatskaya sq., St. Petersburg). The decision was made to hold joint conference on digital publications and open access — the first RNPLS&T— B. Yeltsin Presidential Library joint event.



Took part in and delivered speech at the commemorative event on the occasion of Vladimir Zaitsevs, former RLA President and NLR Director, 80-th anniversary, at the National Library of Russia (18, Sadovaya st., St. Petersburg). Participated in other commemorative events, in particular, in opening the memorable plate at the Library’s building foyer, on Moskovsky av.

Negotiated with Alexander Vershinin, Director General, to sign the agreement on cooperation between NLR and RNPLS&T.



Attended the discussion panel «Modern approaches to teaching and educating gifted young people: The Sirius project».

Hold the concluding Plenary Session of «LIBCOM-2018» Conference. Within the Conference framework, met and negotiated with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan librarians on further cooperation issues.



Took part in the session of the Public Academic Board «LIBCOM-2018» on public discussions and defense of doctoral theses.

Chaired the joint session of the Board and members of the National Library Association «Libraries of the Future» and the round table on prospective vectors for the Association.

Delivered the paper: «RNPLS&T: Today and tomorrow» at the special event held on the occasion of RNPLS&T’s 60-th anniversary.

Traditionally hosted the show game «What? Where? When? In the library, information, book and publishing space» of the winter session.



Opened the 23-rd International Conference «LIBCOM-2018» and delivered the welcoming speech as the Conference Organizing Committee Chairman and a paper “On the way to open science: Achievements and challenges of Open Access in the circumstances of digitizing world» at the Conference Plenary Session.

Took part in the first session of the scientific conference «Scientometrics, bibliometrics, open data and publications in science» and delivered the paper «Russian science monitoring system: The current status and prospects», co-authored by Irina Ilyina, Acting Director of the Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in science and Technology (RIEPL).

Greeted the participants in the Conference central discussion site where the problems of the «National and centralized subscription to international index databases and fulltext resources» were discussed.

Played as one of the main characters in the evening performance given by the Conference Organizing Committee: «Musical immersion into the 1960-70-80ies».



Within the first group of the Organizing Committee of the 23-rd International conference «LIBCOM-2018» arrived at TOURCENTER Tourist and Hotel Complex, Suzdal, Vladimir Region, to prepare for the conference events.