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Scope of service

The Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology is the largest and most comprehensive specialized library on natural and applied sciences, engineering, technology, ecology and economics. Its collections contain more than 8 mln publications and the annual accessions make 200 000 items. The Library holds the following types of literature: domestic and foreign books and periodicals. Library collection includes monographs, scientific reports and proceedings of international and national congresses, conferences, symposiums and scientific societies are of particular value. Rare and valuable editions, encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries, manuals, shabby both and old editions, and editions available in the single copy do not stand out by loan.

Charges and terms

Requested documents will be delivered to customers as original by loan, hard copies and temporary electronic copies . Regular service time is 5-7 days. Customers are to pay for requests in EUR on invoice within 30 days.

Orders for electronic copies are accepted via e-mail (submitted on the special form of orders of the Library), and also directed conventionally by mail or fax.

If the document requested is not available in the Library’s collections we are ready, with the customer’s consent, to find it in the collections of other libraries. The additional price for one document will be 12 EUR including VAT.

All the supplied copies are protected by the copyright legislation and must be used in educational and research purpose only.


Payment for regular services includes:

Name of services

Unit of measurement

Cost of services including VAT

Original of one document by loan ( per two weeks )

one document

12 EUR

Photocopies and electronic copies of one document (up to 50 pages );

- per each 10 additional pages


up to 50 pages

up to 10 pages


12 EUR


Delivery of the document from a collection of other libraries

one document

12 EUR

Additional bibliographic revision of request in case of insufficient bibliographic information including specification and data recovery

one title


Order a table of contents of the book / journal for review (per one page)

one page

0.4 EUR


Deductions under the copyright are included into the specified cost.

Telefax service: Sending a fax is worth a phone call.

Conventional method of payment for our Library is transfer of money to our account in one appointed banks overseas. Bank transfer charges to the customer account.


CORRESPONDING BANK: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main


account 10094987261000



For Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

Account No. 40503978738090100715



Orders are accepted in ILL and DD Department of the Library:

The Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology

International ILL and Document Delivery

Phone: 624-58-65

628-99-14 Olga Sereda, Head of ILL and Document Delivery Department

Telefax: +7-495-621-98-62

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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