The RNPLS&T’s branches in 7 Moscow Municipal Districts are the territorial centers providing services to the population with sci-tech literature.

Their main tasks are to provide library and information, bibliographic and reference services to specialists of industrial enterprises and other organizations located in Moscow districts and municipal areas, as well as to university and vocational school students, legal entities and individuals interested in local services based on branches’ and RNPLS&T’s main collections, and remote access to digital resources.

We offer our users:

-   collections of domestic sci-tech, economic, and reference literature acquired in accordance with the branch collection development thematic plans;

-   electronic catalog and traditional support reference and search resources;

-   thematic exhibitions and new acquisition displays;

-   bibliographies on relevant issues of science, technology, and economics;

-   reprographic services delivering copies of documents in RNPLS&T’s and its branches’ collections on user demand;


At any of RNPLS&T branches you may:

-   search the whole array of RNPLS&T’s electronic catalogs as well as its image catalog;

-   use the branch reading room to read domesticс and foreign literature in the branch collection;

-   order literature delivery from RNPLS&T’s main collection;

-   access to remote information resources, including specialized full-text databases, comprising approx. 1,500 titles of journals, 3,000 titles of books, and Internet-based open resources.


Nagatino-Sadovniki District of Moscow Southern Administrative Area

Address: 9 building 3, Kashirskoye Shosse,
Transport: Metro Kashirskaya, or Nagatinskaya
Bus routes 164, 275, 298, 742, Trolleybus No. 71, stop Khlezavodskoy proezd.
Telephone: 8 (499) 611-40-12

Nagorny District of Moscow Southern Administrative Area
Address: 71 building 1, Varshavskoye Shosse
Transport: Metro Varshavskaya, bus route 147, trolleybus route 40, or
Metro Nakhimovsky prospect, trolleybus No. 52, bus stop Shalom Theatre.
Telephone: 8 (499) 613-49-29; 8 (499) 610-68-82

Izmailovo District of Moscow Eastern Administrative Area
Address: 21 building 2, 9-ya Parkovaya street,
Transport: Metro Pervomayskaya
Telephone: 8 (499) 367-66-36

Preobrazhensky District of Moscow Eastern Administrative Area
Address: 15, 9-ya Rota.
Transport: Metro Preobrazhenskaya ploshchad.
Telephone: 8 (495) 963-25-36

Sokolinaya Gora of Moscow Eastern Administrative Area
Address: 4, 5-ya ulitsa Sokolinoy Gory.
Transport: Metro Semenovskaya, Shosse Entuziastov, bus routes 254, 702,
Tram 34, 36 - stop 5-ya ulitsa Sokolinoy Gory.
Telephone: 8 (495) 366-84-65

Voikovsky District of Moscow Northern Administrative Area
Address: 31 Leningradksoye shosse (Lebed Center).
Transport: Metro Voikovskaya, trolleybus routes 6, 43, stop Lebed Theatre Halls.
Telephone: 8 (499) 159-84-52

Fili-Davydkovo District of Moscow Western Administrative Area

Address: 32, building 3, Kastanayevskaya ulitsa
Transport: Metro Filevsky Park
Telephone: 8 (499) 144-49-41