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Painting. Drawing. Design


In the study of drawing, drawing and graphic design techniques, there are huge potential opportunities for the formation of personal qualities. Michelangelo wrote: "Drawing is the source and soul of all types of painting and the root of all science." Publications of the exhibition are devoted to the formation of design thinking skills, development of value judgments and ways of creative activity that determine the aesthetic attitude to the surrounding reality.





Draw 01


Вострикова, Ю. В.

Композиция и рисунок / Ю. В. Вострикова. - Ухта: Ухтинский государственный технический университет, 2012. – 96 с. – ISBN 978-5-88179-645-7 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The textbook considers the rules for constructing and composing a composition of geometric bodies in a linear perspective, the rules for drawing a human head, reveals the content and criteria for evaluating entrance examination tasks in composition and drawing. The manual also contains tasks for self-study and control tasks on topics.


Draw 02


Глущенко, Ф. Н.

Рисунок по представлению. Натюрморт и композиция из геометрических тел / Ф. Н. Глущенко. – [Б. м.]: Изд. решения, 2016. – 126 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-4474-4886-8 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The book is intended for those who teach "General art" and architectural drawing, for students of art and architecture universities, as well as for those who want to master the technique of drawing on their own. The method is based on working with statements by geometric analysis. The theory and basics of drawing techniques on simple geometric bodies are considered,as well as a step-by-step technology for more complex training exercises.




Draw 03



Джилл Р. У.

Рисование пером и тушью /Роберт У. Джилл; пер. с англ. А.В. Виноградского.- Москва: Высшая школа, 1983.- 344 с.: ил.- Текст: непосредственный.

The monograph carefully selected material for a concise description of projections and perspectives in drawing and drawing, compared the technique of stroke images from the simplest contours to a complex tone. With the use of various fine textures. A large section is dedicated to the graphic artist's tool. For students and professionals in the field of architecture, publishing graphics and design.


Draw 04



Дорофеев, С. В.

Конструктивный и тоновый рисунок геометрических тел / С. В. Дорофеев; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Тихоокеанский государственный университет. – Хабаровск: Изд-во ТОГУ, 2019. – 139 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-7389-2923-6 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The tutorial discusses the basics of linear-constructive and tonal images of single geometric figures in perspective and still lifes from them, ways to transfer the light-and-shadow relations and the depth of space by graphic techniques on the plane. Considerable attention is paid to the basics of perspective and perspective images of objects. For the best development of the discipline, the textbook contains a large number of visual images, questions for self-checking.


Draw 05



Ермоленко, Т. А.

Эскизирование и техническое рисование: учебное пособие / Т. А. Ермоленко, М. А. Федосеева; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Новосибирский государственный педагогический университет. – Новосибирск: НГПУ, 2019. – 89 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-00104-435-2 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The publication contains practical recommendations for completing tasks on these topics. On the example of parts of one Assembly unit, the sequence of drawing sketches is shown, as well as the features of drawings of products made by various methods: casting, turning, stamping, etc. The paper highlights the issues of selecting bases, dimensioning, roughness designations, which can be used in the future when studying the topic "Detailing General drawings". Excerpts from many standards that are necessary for the correct design of technical documentation are provided.


Draw 06



Жабинский, В. И.

Рисунок / В. И. Жабинский, А. В. Винтова. – Москва: ИНФРА-М, 2012. – 255 с.: ил + 8 л.ил. –ISBN 978-5-16-002693-0 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The textbook is designed with the profile of training technicians in the specialty "Architecture" and is intended to help students to master the theoretical material and perform practical work.The laws of linear perspective, composition, constructive construction of a drawing, distribution of light and shade, coloristics – the whole complex of theoretical information and practical recommendations necessary for mastering the visual and expressive means of drawing-are considered in detail.


Draw 070



Жарретт, Л.

Рисунок: практическое пособие / Л. Жарретт, Л. Ленард. – Москва: АСТ, 2008.- 332 с.: ил. – (complete idiot's guide). – ISBN 978-5-17-048496-6. –ISBN 978-5-271-18701-8 . – Текст: непосредственный.

This book will help you liberate the right hemisphere of the cortex and develop the ability to fine art. From it, you will learn how to use a plastic picture plane, a viewfinder frame, how to make your first still life, and many other interesting things. The book also tells you how to take the first steps in an artist's career and turn your passion into a profession.


Draw 08



Журавлев, В.В.

Графическая грамотность. Рисование / В.В. Журавлев.- Москва; Ленинград: Госиздат, 1926.- 136 с.: ил.- Текст: непосредственный.

This guide is intended to provide all the necessary information on drawing in relation to the programs of vocational schools and colleges. All material contained in the manual is divided into two parts. The first part of it relates directly to the drawing itself, and the second part is devoted to linear perspective and a small historical sketch.



Draw 09


Кениг, П.

Графический рисунок для профессиональных дизайнеров / П. Кениг. – 3-е изд. – Санкт-Петербург [и др.] : Питер, 2014. – 192 с. : ил. -Пер. изд. : Design graphics. Drawing techniques for design professionals / P. A. Koenig. – 3rd ed. – Boston [et al.], 2012. –ISBN 978-5-496-00800-6. – Текст : непосредственный.

The book by Peter Kniga, a Professor at the University of Florida who has been practicing as an architect and designer for 40 years, focuses on such essential design skills as creating sketches and graphic drawings. At every stage, from initial consultations with the customer to study design and presentations, without the drawings giving an idea of your ideas, not do, and how they are more beautiful, the better your chances of success. Practical advice, detailed and accessible explanations by Professor Koenig, as well as examples of his own design work will show students and professional designers how to use the drawing capabilities in their work most effectively.


Draw 10



Кистлер, М.

Вы сможете рисовать через 30 дней. Простая пошаговая система, проверенная практикой / М. Кистлер. – Москва: Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2014. – 311 с.: ил. – (Международный бестселлер). -Пер. изд. : You can draw in 30 days. The fun, easy way to learn to draw in one month or less / M. Kistler. – S.I., S.a. –ISBN 978-5-00057-150-7. – Текст : непосредственный.

The ability to draw is an acquired skill, not an innate talent, as many believe. Anyone can learn to draw beautifully! All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and a willingness to discover a real artist. You will learn about everything else in this book. It reveals all the secrets of creating complex three-dimensional images.


Draw 11



Коцюбинский, А. О.

Рисунки на компьютере / А.О.Коцюбинский. – Москва: Триумф, 2000. – 255 с.: ил. – (Экспресс-курс). –ISBN 5-89392-034-1 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The book will allow you to quickly and effectively learn how to work with drawings on your computer and get acquainted with the most popular programs.



Draw 13



Популярное руководство к изучению перспективы и теории теней по курсу рисования д'Анрие: пособие. – Санкт-Петербург: Тип. М. Меркушева, 1896. – 131 с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

In a short and clear form, the reader can get acquainted with the basic concepts of the course, the rules of perspective, its use in drawing and the application of the knowledge gained in such a methodically important discipline as "shadow theory".

Full Text



Draw 140



Тихонов, С. В.

Рисунок / С. В. Тихонов, В. Г. Демьянов, В. Б. Подрезков. – Москва: Архитектура-С, 2003. – 296 с.: ил. –ISBN 5-274-01891-2 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The method of structural drawing, which occupies an important place in the training and education of the architect, is given. Structural drawing is considered as the main part of realistic drawing. The material is presented with the expectation of a comprehensive meaningful attitude to the drawing in the process of perception, study and image of nature, as well as at the time of creative search for an architectural solution. The main attention is paid to the laws of construction and perception of the forms of objects, drawing from nature, as well as architectural drawing.


Draw 15



Федоров, М. В.

Рисунок и перспектива / М.В. Федоров. – Москва: Искусство, 1960.- 130 с.- Текст: непосредственный.

The main role in the research of this book is devoted to the study of the rich practice of realistic drawing from nature-drawing, whose task is to correctly convey visual impressions about the shape and location of objects in space. The research and suggestions contained in the book will contribute to a certain extent to improving the professional level of skill in the field of visual practice.



Draw 160



Шнейдеров, В. С.

Рисунок на компьютере: самоучитель / В.С.Шнейдеров. – Санкт-Петербург: Питер, 2004. – 281 с.: ил. – (Самоучитель). – ISBN 5-94723-828-4 . – Текст: непосредственный.

Digital drawing primarily requires knowledge of the graphic editor. This is the case when knowledge replaces skill. The book focuses on the description of themselves is not so much a photo editor, how many of their capabilities. Of course, after reading this book, you will not draw better, but you will understand that digital drawing is available to everyone, including you, and this means something.



Draw 17



Киселева, Н. Е.

Рисунок — основное средство выражения замысла и воплощения первоначального этапа дизайн-проекта / Н. Е. Киселева, А. Н. Двухжилова. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — № 11 (145). — С. 430-432.

The article defines basic concepts such as: design, design project, as well as the role and importance of design in human life; identify the main types and trends in design; reveals the profound role of drawing as a primary means of expression of design intent and its importance in the embodiment of the initial stage design concept.


Draw 18



Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kosciuszki. Monografia / Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki. – Krakow: [s. n.], 19 – . – ISSN 0860-097X.
484: Challenges of the 21th Century. To draw, to paint or to use a computer, Vol. 1: Freehand drawing for students of architecture Division of visual arts within faculties of architecture Freehand drawing for architects: dispensable, indispensable / ed. M. J. Zychowska. – 2015. – 125 p.: ill. – (Seria architektura). – Текст: непосредственный.




Draw 19



Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kosciuszki. Monografia / Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki. – Krakow: [s. n.], 19 – . – ISSN 0860-097X.
485: Challenges of the 21th Century. To draw, to paint or to use a computer, Vol. 2: Masters, teachers and their students. An architect and his drawing workshop / ed. M. J. Zychowska. – 2015. – 185 p.: ill. – (Seria architektura) – Текст: непосредственный.

Looking at architects who consider drawing as a fundamental means of expressing their intentions, and Recalling the achievements of the old masters in this field, we can conclude that the transfer of their projects, ideas and feelings through drawing by hand is an effective way of working. Architects have been drawing since time immemorial and continue to draw, and drawing seems to be an integral part of a practical profession and activity that often enters private life. In this edition, we will " cross the names of modern masters, as well as those whose achievements have gone down in history.


Draw 20



Большаков, В. П.

КОМПАС-3D для студентов и школьников. Черчение, информатика, геометрия / В. П. Большаков. – Санкт-Петербург: БХВ – Петербург, 2010. – 296 с.: ил. – (Информатика и информационно-коммуникационные технологии).- ISBN 978-5-9775-0602-1. – Текст: непосредственный.

Effective computer support for drawing, computer science and geometry courses based on the freely distributed COMPASS-3D LT system is demonstrated. General information and work with the system are described, and the basic concepts of three-dimensional modeling of geometric objects are given. The creation of three-dimensional models of parts and their projections, dimensioning, image of threaded connections, and creation of assemblies are discussed in detail. The possibilities of using COMPASS-3D LT in solving problems of graphical information processing and geometric three-dimensional modeling are shown. Examples of solving planimetric problems and creating 3D models of elementary geometric bodies are given.


Draw 21


Большаков, В. П.

Создание моделей и чертежей деталей в системе PRO/ENGINEER / В. П. Большаков, Ю. Т. Лячек. – Санкт-Петербург: ЛЭТИ, 2012. – 52 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-7629-1223-5 . – Текст: непосредственный.

Brief information on solid-state modeling in the computer-aided design system PRO/ENGINEER WILDFIRE 5.0 is provided.4 examples of performing solid-state models and associative drawings of parts are Presented. It is intended for independent work of students of the bachelor's degree 220400 "Management in technical systems", studying the discipline "Engineering and computer graphics", and can be used in the preparation of students in the direction 230100 "computer Science and engineering".



Draw 22 Д/29722

Заруцкий, А. Г.

Геометрическое линейное черчение и рисование: с 50-ю таблицами чертежей / сост.: А.Г. Заруцкий. – 2-е изд. книг: "Геометрическое линейное черчение" и "Практическая школа перспективы". – Москва: Строгановское училище технического рисования, 1870. – 172 с. – Текст: непосредственный.

The proposed course is designed to provide an opportunity to learn linear drawing and drawing, which is necessary for anyone who has completed General education. When drawing up the manual, it was not intended to prepare the pupil for any special purpose; but the student who has studied the proposed manual can always make out any drawing and execute drawings well in all branches of industry, architecture, military Affairs, etc.



Draw 23


Ермоленко, Т. А.

Геометрическое черчение / Т.А.Ермоленко. – Новосибирск: НГПУ, 2004. – 72 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-85921-334-4.- Текст : непосредственный.

This manual is addressed to students of the art and graphic faculty of the pedagogical University. The material of the manual forms their initial skills, skills and knowledge for studying the course “Project schedule”. It is for this purpose that the work provides information about materials and drawing tools, about the design of drawings, the necessary geometric structures, their theoretical justification and excerpts from the relevant standards. In addition, the manual contains individual task options and examples of completing all sheets.


Draw 24


Залевская, Л. А.

Черчение / Л. А. Залевская, В. И. Зубков. – Ростов на Дону: ИЦ ДГТУ, 2004. – 83 с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

The tutorial contains a description of geometric structures in the drawing and rules for drawing in accordance with State standards (ESKD). The manual is intended for students of engineering and technical specialties of higher and secondary education, full-time, evening and distance learning.



Draw 25


Куликов, С. М.

Рационализация черчения: упрощение, ускорение, удешевление чертежной работы / С. М. Куликов. – Москва; Ленинград: Стандартизация и рационализация, 1932. – 74, [2] с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

This book is very schematic set out a number of materials for the standardization of drawings, information is given, quite random, about various drawing tools and devices, in General, the question of light copying with the help of new high-speed devices.

Full Text



Draw 26


Маккавеев, А. Ф.

Теория теней на проекционных чертежах: монография / А. Ф. Маккавеев. – 2-е изд. – Санкт-Петербург: Тип. "Строитель", 1913. – 82 с.: ил. –
В надзаг.: О-во взаимопомощи студентов С.-Петерб. технол. ин-та Императора Николая I. – Текст: непосредственный.

The manual repeats only the General rules for solving problems without minor details, which may tire people familiar with the course of descriptive geometry when reading the manual. The theory is presented in connection with the solution of problems to which the graphic answers are executed with the accuracy possible when drawing on a small scale.

Full Text



Draw 27


Мота, А. Н.

Планиметрия чертежа / А.Н.Мота. – Красноярск: [б. и.], 1999. – 90 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-7636-0258-7 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The theoretical material is offered, combining the school course of geometry with the university course of descriptive geometry. Problems are presented that have from one to six solutions, which contributes to the formation of not only spatial imagination. But also the development of students' creative abilities.




Draw 28


Проэкционное черчение: курс черчения / сост.: Н. П. Нечаев. – 2-е изд., испр. – Москва: Изд. книгопродавца Ф. И. Салаева, 1877. – 62 с. – Текст: непосредственный.

The necessary theoretical course with illustrative material for the sections "Geometric and projection drawing" of the discipline "Engineering Graphics" is presented, as well as tasks for classroom and independent work.

Full Text




Draw 29


Рассохин, В. В.

Занимательные задачи по проекционному черчению / В. В. Рассохин, Н. А. Целинский. – Москва ; Ленинград. : Гос. изд-во техн.-теорет. лит., 1951. – 77 с. : ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

Our collection of problems is intended for those readers who are associated with technology, and therefore often deal with drawings; however, the tasks placed in it have a characteristic difference from ordinary projection drawing tasks: the given projections in all cases look extremely simple. But despite the seeming simplicity of the conditions, solving these problems requires great ingenuity: all the problems are in some way drawing crosswords. Therefore, sometimes a master or even a student of a vocational school can find a solution faster than an experienced designer: it all depends on who gets the right idea first ... We hope that many readers will be interested in checking themselves and their comrades in their leisure hours - how free they are read simple blueprints. Reflections on "Entertaining tasks" will bring, in addition to entertainment and undoubted benefit, since, by strengthening and developing spatial representation, they will help you better and faster understand the production drawings.



 Draw 30


Рябков, Е. Д.

Инженерная графика. Проекционное черчение / Е. Д. Рябков, Б. К. Червяков, Ф. Д. Новичков. – Санкт-Петербург: Изд-во СПбГТУ, 1996. – 50 с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

The book contains the main provisions of the ESKD GOSTs and recommendations for their application in the process of performing a specific educational task. It is intended for students of power engineering and other faculties performing the task "Projection drawing" in the section "Mechanical engineering drawing" of the course of Engineering Graphics.



 Draw 31


Способы преобразования чертежа. Основные позиционные задачи / З.И.Сахарова, Н.А. Сторчак, В.И Гегучадзе. – Волгоград: РПК "Политехник", 2000. – 80 с.: ил. –ISBN 5-230-03776-8 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The theoretical material is stated, the information necessary for solving problems and performing graphic works is provided, examples of solving some problems are given.





 Draw 32


Старицкий, П. П.

Проекционное черчение / П.П.Старицкий. – Нижний Новгород: [б. и.], 1993. – 89c.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

This two-part tutorial can serve as a guide to projection drawing. It is intended for both students of engineering and technical specialties of universities, as well as novice teachers and graduate students.



 Draw 33


Технический рисунок / Н.А. Добровольская, А.П. Мельников, Т.А. Синдеева, Н.Г. Суркова. – Москва: Изд-во МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана, 2002. – 31 с.: ил. –ISBN 5-7038-2159-2 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The manual briefly and popularly outlines the theoretical foundations of drawing and provides examples of the step-by-step execution of the drawing. For students studying the course "Technical Drawing".





 Draw 34


Тимрот, Е. С.

Некоторые вопросы теории перспективы и физической теории теней / Е. С. Тимрот, Г. П. Краснеев; Министерство высшего образования СССР, Куйбышевский инженерно-строительный институт, Кафедра начертательной геометрии и инженерной графики. – Куйбышев: Куйбышевское книжное изд-во, 1959. – 51, [1] с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

A definite contribution to expanding the range of applied questions presented in the course of descriptive geometry was made by Associate Professor E.S. Timrot. In the textbook "Descriptive Geometry" (1962), a significant place is given to the geometric design of polyhedral and curved surfaces.


 Draw 35


Against the clock. Искусство дизайна с компьютером и без.../ пер. с англ. В.Г. Иоффе.- 2-е изд. – Москва: Кудиц-Образ, 2005. – 204 с.: ил. – Пер. изд.: Design Companion for the Digital Artist. – S l, 2002. –ISBN 5-9579-0080-X . – Текст: непосредственный.

Do you want to become a designer? Above all, act like a creative person. Wear a carrot instead of a tie, dance with the cat, and stand on your head. Even such hilarious tips can be found in this book. In fact, it in an accessible form tells not only about the basics of design and the psychology of creativity. Quite interesting successful finds in the field of advertising design are considered, the main points of the production process are explained. A large number of illustrations of specific examples does not let you get away from the book. It will be very useful for beginners in the field of design, it will help to determine the desired 'niche' for work and even professionals.


 Draw 36


Анушин, Б. Ю.

Теория и история композиции в искусстве и дизайне: теория и практика / Б. Ю. Анушин, И. В. Клюшкин, И.-Ф. В. Фуртай-Проскурина; Ленинградский государственный университет им. А. С. Пушкина. – Санкт-Петербург: ЛГУ им. А. С. Пушкина, 2018. – 80 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-8290-1769-9 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The visual tutorial examines the theoretical and historical aspects of composition in design and art. Intended for students studying in the direction of preparation 54.03.01 Design, profile Environment design. It can be used in the development of disciplines "Theory and methodology of design engineering", "Propedeutics", "Design in the design of the environment", etc.


 Draw 37


Безмоздин, Л. Н.

В мире дизайна / Л.Н. Безмоздин. – Ташкент: Фан, 1990. – 313c. –ISBN 5-648-00999-2 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The monograph expounds the concept of multilevel design, the nature of which is revealed in comparison with the technical and artistic subsystems of culture. The methodological foundations for improving the theory and practice of design are revealed. It shows its role in activating the human factor, improving the quality of industrial products. The problems of system design and systems approach in design are considered. For artists, art historians, architects, industrial workers, students of art and technical universities and everyone interested in the problems of aesthetics.


 Draw 38


Воронов, Н. В.

Российский дизайн. Очерки истории отечественного дизайна / Н. В. Воронов. – Москва: Союз дизайнеров России, 20- . – В надзаг.: НИИ Российской Академии художеств. – Т. 1. – 2001. – 423 с.: ил. –ISBN 5-901512-05-7 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The first volume sets out: the main provisions of today's understanding of design, a brief history of world design up to the beginning of the XXI century, the history of design in the Russian state until 1917, the main provisions of "industrial art" of the 1920s. , real industrial design work of the 1920s. (the first diesel locomotives, "peasant" tractors, etc.).


 Draw 39


Воронов, Н. В.

Российский дизайн. Очерки истории отечественного дизайна / Н. В. Воронов. – Москва: Союз дизайнеров России, 20 – . – В надзаг.: НИИ Российской Академии художеств. – Т. 2. – 2001. – 382 с.: ил. –ISBN 5-901512-05-7 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The second volume presents the history of design in the USSR in the 1930s. (metro, cars M- !, ZIS), the activities of the first professional organization of artistic design - AHB (railway cars, trolleybus, ships), the creation and activities of VNIITE and its branches in the 1960s-1990s, the work of the experimental studio "Senezh" , the analysis of works of art design is given. The results of the development of design in the USSR until the mid-1990s are summed up.


 Draw 400


Графический дизайн: традиции и инновации: материалы Международной научно-практической конференции, Санкт-Петербург, 28-29 июня 2017 г. / Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет промышленных технологий и дизайна. – Санкт-Петербург: ФГБОУВО "СПбГУПТД", 2017. – 161 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-7937-1445-7 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The collection contains reports presented at the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Graphic Design: Traditions and Innovations", held at the St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design on September 28-29, 2017. Topical problems of graphic design, traditions and innovations in design were considered , as well as issues of professional education in the field of graphic design. Attention is focused on the features of the development of graphic design in the era of interactive digital media and computer technologies.


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Дизайн и художественное творчество: теория, методика и практика: материалы второй международной научно-практической конференции, Санкт-Петербург, 11-12 октября 2018 г. / Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации, Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет промышленных технологий и дизайна, Институт дизайна и искусств, Кафедра дизайна интерьера; редколлегия: В. Б. Санжаров [и др.]. – Санкт-Петербург: СПбГУПТД, 2018. – 563 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-7937-1590-4: . – Текст: непосредственный. 

The collection based on the materials of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Design and Artistic Creativity: Theory, Methodology and Practice" in the form of scientific articles presents the experience of various educational institutions and individual researchers related to art, design and research practice.

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Добро, Л. Ф.

Инженерная и компьютерная графика / Л. Ф. Добро, И. А. Парфенова. – Краснодар: Кубанский государственный университет, 2005. – 65 с. –ISBN 5-8209-0425-7. – Текст: непосредственный.

The manual sets out the theoretical foundations of descriptive geometry and projection drawing, describes various geometric constructions, gives basic information about design documentation and discusses the rules for making drawings in accordance with the current ESKD standards, provides the basic concepts of engineering and computer graphics. Addressed to engineering students of the Faculty of Physics and Technology.

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Иллюстрированная хрестоматия по дизайну / сост. Г.В. Вершинин и др. – Тюмень: Институт дизайна, 2005 .- 1051 с.: ил. –ISBN 5-94528-011-9 . – Текст: непосредственный.

This publication contains texts and photographs, including inaccessible or undeservedly forgotten, related to the history of design, practice and creative methodologies. Some of them are documents of their time, contain slang and concepts that have gone down in history. Most of the published documents are, in the opinion of the authors, of enormous and timeless interest to anyone involved in design. Many of the ideas expressed at one time remain relevant today, at the beginning of the second century of its development.

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Искусство. Живопись. Графика. Скульптура. Керамика. Дизайн: l Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция, 20 ноября 2017 года: сборник статей / Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации, Казанский национальный исследовательский технологический университет; редакционная коллегия: Л. Н. Абуталипова [и др.]. – Казань: Изд-во КНИТУ, 2018. – 426, [1] с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-7882-2385-8 . – Текст: непосредственный.

There are presented articles by authors in the field of the art of painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, design, which describe the problems that arise in all areas of art - arts and crafts, modern, non-traditional, avant-garde folk art.

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Искусствоведение и дизайн в современном мире: традиции и перспективы: сборник материалов Всероссийской XII научно-практической конференции молодых учёных, [19 апреля 2019 г., Тамбов] / Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации, Тамбовский государственный университет имени Г. Р. Державина, Факультет культуры и искусств, Кафедра дизайна и изобразительного искусства. – Тамбов: Студия-печать Галины Золотовой, 2019. – 253 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-6043106-4-9. – Текст: непосредственный.

This publication is dedicated to the XII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists, which took place on April 19, 2019. The purpose of this conference is to scientifically summarize the professional experience accumulated by young teachers, graduate students, undergraduates and students in the field of artistic creativity and design.

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Ковешникова, Н. А.

Дизайн: история и теория: учебное пособие / Н. А. Ковешникова. – Москва: Омега-Л, 2009. – 223 с.: ил. – (Университетский учебник). –ISBN 978-5-370-01250-1 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The book provides a brief overview of the origin and development of industrial design. The main directions in the world industrial design are considered. The characteristic features, features, reasons and prerequisites for the formation of various stylistic trends in industrial design of the 20th century are revealed. The work of outstanding designers, the experience of the largest domestic and foreign design schools are analyzed.

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Коврижкина, О. В.

Композиция. Керамика. Творчество: монография / О. В. Коврижкина. – Белгород: Белгор. гос. технол. ун-т (БГТУ) им. В. Г. Шухова, 2017. – 163 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-361-00534-5 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The monograph examines the features of compositional modeling in the framework of the direction of training "Technology of artistic processing of materials" in the context of the two-stage educational model "bachelor's-master's". The structure of the theoretical material of volumetric-spatial composition, layout-compositional practice and art-graphic works is described. An assessment is given to the unity of theory and compositional practice in identifying the individual creative potential of students. Examples of the creation of artistic painting of ceramic ware and its implementation at Borisovskaya Keramika LLC are given. The relationship of the course "Basics of composition" with other disciplines is considered.

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Леонтьев, Б. К.

Энциклопедия дизайна и графики на персональном компьютере / Б.К.Леонтьев. – Москва: ЗАО "Новый издательский дом", 2004. – 1039 с.: ил. –ISBN 5-9643-0017-0 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The book will acquaint readers with the basics of graphic design and web design, with the concept of corporate identity and means of vector and raster graphics. The book provides a description of the programs QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Studio Max and CorelDraw, provides general principles of working with vector and raster graphics, discusses techniques for scanning images. The main part of the book is devoted to the design of corporate identity elements: logo, business card, corporate sticker, calendar, booklet.


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Лин, М. В.

Современный дизайн. Пошаговое руководство. Техника рисования во всех видах дизайна: от эскиза до реального проекта / М. В. Лин. – Москва: АСТ, 2010. – 199 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-17-061787-6. –ISBN 978-5-271-26204-3 . – Текст: непосредственный.

This is the most detailed and comprehensive design book written by a professional whose teaching methods are recognized all over the world. These techniques and tools are used by professional architects, landscape designers, artists, and decorators. The book discusses the principles and types of drawing, materials, fonts, techniques for sketching and building perspectives, and contains a lot of useful information. It is addressed to both specialists and those who are simply interested in design.


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Мак-Клелланд, Д.

Приглашение к дизайну / Д. Мак-Клелланд. – Санкт-Петербург; Москва: Символ, 2003. – 239 с.: ил. – (Уроки мастерства Adobe). – Загл. обл.: Adobe. Уроки мастерства. – Пер. изд.: Design invitational / D. McClelland. – S.l., 2002. –ISBN 5-93286-046-4. – Текст: непосредственный.

The book" Adobe skills Lessons " attempts to shed light on the art of design using examples of the work of seven leading practitioners in this field, selected by Adobe Systems for the Design Invitational project. You will not only get acquainted with the individual techniques of these artists, but also see how they apply their skills in the project Everywhere You Look. You can make sure that a great design doesn't depend on tools. Powerful apps can make things easier, but without deep ideas, talent, and good design skills, tools don't cost much. So, here is a book about inspiration and specific methods that are firmly based on real possibilities. In short, here are the best examples of design.

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Медведев, В. Ю.

Научные аспекты дизайна / В. Ю. Медведев. – Санкт-Петербург: СПГУТД, 2014. – 212 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-7937-1079-4 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The collection offered to readers includes articles by the author on current aspects of design theory, including articles that critically analyze some textbooks and monographs by other authors devoted to scientific problems of design. These articles were published in the period from 2005 to 2013 in scientific journals of the Saint Petersburg state University of technology and design, where the author taught for a long time "Fundamentals of design theory and history", "History of design, science and technology", "Fundamentals of design theory" and a number of other disciplines. The publication is intended for teachers who teach students specializing in design, students, postgraduates, as well as other professionals interested in the scientific aspects of design creativity.

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Московская школа дизайна / Е. С. Аверина, Н. Д. Вихорева, В. М. Волошко [и др.]. – М.: [б. и.], 1991. – 180 с.: ил.– Текст: непосредственный.

These methodological materials continue the series of scientific and methodological works "Design education", which began with the publication of the collections "Ural school of design" (1989) and "Leningrad school of design" (1990). the Materials of this collection are dedicated to the country's oldest Moscow art and industrial school (former Stroganov) and, unlike previous collections, reflect the methods of training not only designers, but also artists of other industrial-oriented specialties – artistic textiles, ceramics, metal, etc.



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Панкратова, А. В.

Миф и симулякр в дизайне: монография / А. В. Панкратова; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Национальный исследовательский университет "МЭИ". – Москва: Изд-во МЭИ, 2018. – 75 с. –ISBN 978-5-7046-2072-3. – Текст: непосредственный.

In the monograph "Myth and simulacrum in design", the author explores the philosophical content of design, design as an aesthetic category, the transformation of the phenomenon of design in culture, as well as the processes of simulation and myth-making that create a semiotic system of design.

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Попов, А. Д.

Графический дизайн: выставочные материалы / А. Д. Попов; Белгородский государственный технологический университет им. В. Г. Шухова. – Белгород: Изд-во БГТУ, 2016. – 156 с.: ил. – ISBN 2227-8397. – Текст: непосредственный.

The textbook discusses the historical stages of the development of visual media and advertising, the features of advertising and artistic image (appearance) modern city, information structure, visual orientation system, psychology of visual perception, color culture, font culture, corporate identity, modern technologies of industrial communication and external advertising, computer graphics programs.

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Проблемы дизайна: сборник статей / НИИ теории и истории изобразительных искусств; под ред. В.Л. Глазычева. – Москва: Союз дизайнеров России, 2003. – 255 с. – ISBN 5-901512-10-3 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The collection is dedicated to the self-determination of design in the new Russian conditions. It is made up of various articles, both by veteran design analysts and little-known authors. Designed for professionals in the field of design.

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Пронин, Г.

Технология дизайна в 3ds Max 2011. От моделирования до визуализации / Г. Пронин. – Москва [и др.]: Питер, 2011. – 382 с. –ISBN 978-5-4237-0009-6 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The book describes in detail the creation of projects in the environment of the popular three-dimensional graphics program 3ds Max. Special attention is paid to sections that are considered superficially or not at all in the extensive literature on this program. The projects described in the publication are most in demand – low-rise construction, interiors, re-projection, etc. In this publication, the author took into account the numerous wishes of the audience of students of the Saint Petersburg University of architecture and construction, as well as students of courses at this University.


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Пространство диалогов: изобразительное искусство и дизайн / под общ. ред. Н. Б. Ульяновой, М. А. Смирновой. – Стерлитамак: АМИ, 2017. – 215 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-906806-51-2 . – Текст: непосредственный.

The collective monograph "Space of dialogues: fine art and design" is devoted to a wide range of issues that are in the center of attention. The monograph is intended to give an idea of current theoretical and practical issues of fine art and design.

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Рэнд, П.

Дизайн: форма и хаос / П. Рэнд; пер. с англ. И. Форонова. – 2-е изд. – Москва: Изд-во Студии А. Лебедева, 2017. – 240 с.: ил. – Пер. изд.: Design form and chaos / P. Rand. – New Haven; London , 1993. –ISBN 978-5-98062-105-6: . – Текст: непосредственный.

In this witty and fascinating book, Paul Rand talks about the state of modern design, denounces unprofessionalism and fleeting "fashion trends", discusses the specifics of creative activity and the professional passion that gives birth to good design. He illustrates his theses with his own works, as well as works of artists and designers, whose creativity he admires. In addition, the author examines the most pressing topics for most designers: the value basis of aesthetic judgments, the importance of thinking in creating design, the relationship between the designer and the client, the role and place of marketing research, the use of computer technology, working with typography and features of book design.


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Строгановские чтения 2018 (Москва). Строгановские чтения 2018. Материал – технология – форма как универсальная триада в дизайне, архитектуре, изобразительном и декоративном искусстве = Stroganov readings 2018. Material-Technology-Form as the uniwersal triad in design, architecture, fine and decorative arts : материалы Международной научной конференции, 18 мая 2018 / Московская государственная художественно-промышленная академия имени С. Г. Строганова, Московский архитектурный институт (государственная академия), Национальная академия дизайна ; [сост.: А. Н. Лаврентьев и др.]. – Москва: МГХПА им. С. Г. Строганова, 2018. – 537 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-87627-151-8. – Текст: непосредственный.

The collection is based on the presentations of participants of the international scientific conference "Material-technology-form as a universal triad in design, architecture, fine and decorative arts", organized as part of the Stroganov readings 2018, held on may 18, 2018.


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Теоретические и методологические исследования в дизайне: избранные материалы / сост.: О.И. Генисаретский, Е.М. Бизунова. – Москва: [б. и.], 2004. – 371 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-98530-004-8 . – Текст: непосредственный.

Published archival materials of theoretical and methodological research in the field of design. The materials are practically complete, integral research related to the system-activity approach to the formation of design and its theory as a scientific means of design management. Published in chronological order, they quite fully reveal the picture of the laboratory of General theoretical problems of the Department of theory and methods of artistic construction of VNIITE in the period 1965-1968.



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Уильямс, Р.

Дизайн. Книга для недизайнеров: принципы оформления и типографики для начинающих / Р. Уильямс. – 4-е междунар. изд. – Санкт-Петербург: Питер, 2015. – 240 с. : ил. -Пер. изд. : Design book: design and typographic principles for the visual novice / R. Williams. – 4th ed. – 2015. – 1200 экз. –ISBN 978-5-496-01804-3: .- Текст: непосредственный.

Most people will look at a poorly designed page and say they don't like it, but they don't know how to fix it. This book is not a substitute for going to design school. I'm not saying that after reading it, you will become a designer. But I can guarantee that you will never look at the pages the same way again. I guarantee that if you follow these basic principles, your work will look more professional, complete, and interesting. And you will feel that your opportunities have become wider."Designers and designers around the world have been using the fundamental principles outlined by Robin Williams in their work for two decades. Meet the fully updated full-color fourth edition.


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Хан-Магомедов, С. О.

Пионеры советского дизайна / С.О. Хан-Магомедов. – Москва: Галарт, 1995. – 423c.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

Pioneers of Soviet design-a book about the role of artistic searches of the twenties in the formation and development of the style of the 20th century. It uses extensive archival and artistic materials to examine and analyze the origins of modern design and shows the leading role in the formation of a new profession of creative search for artists in the 1920s.



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Хеллер, С.

Idea book. Графический дизайн / С. Хеллер, Г. Андерсон; перевод с английского В. Иванов. – Санкт-Петербург [и др.]: Питер, 2017. – 119 с.: ил. – (Современный дизайн). - Пер. изд. : graphic design Idea book / S. Heller, G. Anderson. – S.l., 2016. – ISBN 978-5-496-02565-2. – Текст: непосредственный.

Here is a book on the basics of graphic design from an outstanding professional. Stephen Heller has written 120 books and textbooks on design and has been the head of the New York Times magazine for more than 30 years. In his new book, he has collected the most important ideas and postulates, without which high-quality modern design is impossible. Rules to know and when to break them. The most striking examples of graphic works that demonstrate his theoretical ideas in action.


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Хеллер, С.

Идеи, которые меняли графический дизайн / С. Хеллер, В. Виен; перевод с английского Е. В. Кеник. – Москва: БОМБОРА, 2019. – 215 с.: ил. – (Подарочные издания. Дизайн). – Пер. изд.: 100 ideas that changed graphic design / S. Heller, V. Vienne. – London, 2012. – ISBN 978-5-04-091183-7. – Текст: непосредственный.

Physicists use the Big Bang theory to explain the origin of the universe. In this book, we will talk about the "big bangs" that have occurred in the history of graphic design. These are inventions, styles, approaches and methods that have revolutionized design, without which the modern world can no longer be imagined. These are people whose ideas moved and changed graphic design. Among them: William Morris, Paul Rand, Alexander Rodchenko and Varvara Stepanova, Karl Gerstner and many others..This book will immerse you in the world of design and allow you to look behind the scenes where his greatest inventions were created-from books and tattoos to web design and pixelation.


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Чижиков, В. В.

Ценности дизайна / В. В. Чижиков. – Москва: МГУКИ, 2005 (Химки (Моск. обл.)). – 130 с. – Текст: непосредственный.

The monograph reveals the value of design, their differentiation and regulatory properties, axiological grounds of design are considered in a holistic aesthetic and utilitarian-pragmatic concept of objectification works design object-spatial environment of man; explains the scientific basis of the value-creative process of objectification of the artistic sense in design, explores creative installation, metaphorical symbols are the artistic sense in design, methodological principles of design. The monograph may be of interest to design researchers, professional and novice designers, teachers of Humanities and technical universities, postgraduates, students of universities of culture and arts and other higher and secondary educational institutions.

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Элам, К.

Геометрия дизайна. Пропорции и композиция: пер. с англ. / К. Элам. – Москва [и др.]: Питер, 2013. – 108 с. – Пер. изд.: Geometry of design / K. Elam. – S.l., 2001. – ISBN 978-5-4461-0018-7. – Текст: непосредственный.

The book "Geometry of design" by Kimberly Elam, a designer and teacher at the Florida Institute of art and design (USA), has become a recognized design textbook around the world. Elam talks about how the laws of mathematics and geometry are applied in art, architecture, and various types of design from ancient times to the present day. The works of almost all outstanding artists and designers are based on natural systems of proportions. Elam elaborates on the Golden ratio rule, divine proportions, the Fibonacci sequence, and other principles discovered at various times in science and art. The laws of symmetry, order and visual balance are at the heart of modern design, and this can be seen in the famous posters of Jan Chichold, as well as in the design of Volkswagen cars and masterpieces of modern architecture. The book includes detailed design diagrams for various purposes, which illustrate how important the accuracy of proportions is to create a perfect image and how mathematics is used in modeling, drawing and design today.