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Metamorphoses of money


Electronic payment systems, electronic wallets have become our new reality, and services related to electronic money are optimal and in demand. The materials of the exhibition highlight the emergence and development of electronic money, their main characteristics, types and functions. The role of electronic money in the modern world, the Russian and foreign experience of using innovative means of payment, the organization of settlements with electronic money, as well as the practical role of electronic money in everyday life are considered.


Money 01

1. Д10-19/68117

Пшеничников, В. В.

Эволюция форм и видов денег: от раковин каури до криптовалют [Текст] : монография / В. В. Пшеничников ; Министерство сельского хозяйства Российской Федерации, Воронежский государственный аграрный университет имени императора Петра I. - Воронеж : Воронежский ГАУ, 2019. - 175 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 163-172 (95 назв.).- ISBN 978-5-7267-1045-7

Abstract: The monograph is devoted to the study of the evolutionary processes of forms and types of money from cowrie shells to cryptocurrencies. The author made an attempt to investigate the evolutionary processes of money on the basis of interdisciplinary integration of knowledge, which combines the basic concepts of syncretic logic of thinking, philosophy of carriers, information economy and some other areas of knowledge. The theoretical provisions of the monograph are combined with illustrative material and a selection of statistical data reflecting the peculiarities of the circulation of certain forms and types of money at different stages of the development of the monetary system of Russia and a number of foreign countries.


Money 02

2. Д10-14/10239


Монеты и банкноты от античности до наших дней: происхождение и эволюция [Текст] / Е. В. Лаптева [и др.] ; Финансовый ун-т при Правительстве Российской Федерации. - М. : Вуз. учеб. : Инфра-М, 2014. - 215 с: ил. - (Научная книга). - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л. - Библиогр.: с. 210-214 (105 назв.) - ISBN 978-5-9558-0357-9

Abstract: This publication is devoted to the evolution of money in the development of human society. The main attention is paid to the banknotes of various countries and eras, which turned out to be inextricably linked with the rise and fall of states, wars, economic ups and downs. The articles of this dictionary included both numismatics and bonistics data, and brief characteristics of the current state of those banknotes that are in circulation at the present time. The purpose of the book is to present banknotes as a unique phenomenon of culture, politics and economics.


Money 03

3. Д9-05/5176

Юровицкий, В. М.

Эволюция денег [Текст] : денежное обращение в эпоху изменений / В.М. Юровицкий. - М. : ГроссМедиа, 2004. - 495 с. - ISBN 5-476-00032-1

Abstract: Money is a powerful tool of civilization, and its importance in this capacity is constantly growing. From a medium of exchange and accumulation of wealth, they have become the most important governing force in the modern world.

The book is primarily devoted to electronic money and electronic money circulation. Considering the historical path of development of money, the author shows the inevitability of the arrival of these new forms of money and traces the possible political consequences of the modern revolution in the field of money.


Money 04

4. Д8-97/32822

Мейс, Р.

Метаморфозы денег [Текст] / Р.Мейс. - М. : КМК, 1997. - 59 с.- ISBN 5-87317-040-1

Abstract: The book "Metamorphoses of Money" is not a theoretical study, but a generalization of many years of practical experience in working with money, and this gives it a special interest. The author, from his own position, makes an attempt to comprehend the essence of money, its meaning in social life and in the life of an individual.




Money 05

5. М/68456/20/4

336.74/Н 347

Научные доклады: экономика [Текст] / Российская академия народного хозяйства и гос. службы при Президенте Российской Федерации. - Москва : Дело, 2013 - .20/4 : Перспективы криптовалют в современных экономиках / П. В. Трунин, М. Г. Гирич, И. С. Ермохин [и др.]. - 2020. - 71 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 68-71 (46 назв.). ISBN 978-5-85006-186-9

Abstract: The prospects for digital currencies are widely discussed by both business and the scientific community. The report makes an attempt to systematize the main functions of cryptocurrencies and make their classification. The properties of cryptocurrencies as a financial asset are also considered and their place in the modern financial market is analyzed.


Money 06

6. Д10-18/56243

Катасонов, В. Ю.

Мир под гипнозом цифры, или Дорога в электронный концлагерь [Текст] / В. Ю. Катасонов. - Москва : Б-ка РЭО им. С. Ф. Шарапова, 2018. - 419 с. : ил. - (Анатомия современного капитализма).

Abstract: The book is devoted to the topic of the so-called digital society, especially such issues as cryptocurrencies, “big databases” (big data), robotization, the use of digital technologies in banking and finance. The author tries to discern the general trend of economic development, the world of money and finance behind individual digital innovations and projects. As a result, there is an idea of ​​the process of introducing "numbers" into the life of every person, every country, the whole world as a kind of global project with far-reaching goals and with its own "beneficiaries" who for the time being prefer to remain in the shadows.


Money 07

7. Ж2-19/65482

Самуэльсон, П. Э.

Экономика [Текст] / П. Э. Самуэльсон, В. Д. Нордхаус ; [перевод с английского О. Л. Пелявского]. - [19-е изд., испр. и доп.]. - Москва ; Санкт-Петербург : Диалектика, 2019. - 1325 с. : ил. - Библиогр. в конце гл. - Предм. указ.: с. 1312-1325. - Пер. изд. : Economics / P. A. Samuelson, W.D. Nordhaus. – 2005. - ISBN 978-5-9909446-9-5

Abstract: The book describes the mechanisms and driving forces that underlie the economy, both at the global level and at the level of an individual consumer. After reading this book, you will understand how the world economy and the economies of individual countries function, how production and banks work, why economic crises arise, what money is needed for, and much more.


Money 08

8. Д10-19/71459

Инвест-Форсайт. Горизонты инноваций : / под редакцией А. С. Генкина [и др.]. - Москва : Издательские решения : Инвест-Форсайт, 2019. - 386 с. : ил.

Abstract: The collection gives a full picture of how an innovative economy is currently being formed in Russia, tells what conditions the state creates for its development, and also offers guidelines - in which direction technologies and business models of Russian companies should develop in order to achieve success ... Particular attention is paid to such topics as innovative directions for the development of the financial sector, high-tech medicine, advanced startups, artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.



Money 09

9. Ж2-19/66413

Аммус, С.

Краткая история денег, или Все, что нужно знать о биткоине [Текст] / С. Аммус ; перевод с английского М. Сухотиной ; [предисловие Н. Талеба]. - Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2019. - 269 с.: ил. - Предм.-имен. указ.: с. 259-263. - Пер. изд. : bitcoin standard: the decentralized alternative to central banking / S. Ammous. - S.l., 2018. - ISBN 978-5-00117-918-4

Abstract: This book is about the digital alternative to traditional currencies - Bitcoin. It describes in detail the new payment system, and also tells how it can be used to solve economic problems and what methods were used for this in different historical eras. The book will be of interest to everyone who is interested in the history of money and its future, including bitcoin and its mechanisms.


Money 10

10. Д10-18/61550

Яковлев, А.

Теория денег: от золота к криптосистеме обмена [Текст] / А. Яковлев. - Санкт-Петербург : Печ. цех, 2018. - 208 с. ил. - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч., с. 205-208. - ISBN 978-5-6041846-5-3

Abstract: The monograph is devoted to the methodological foundations of such a phenomenon in the field of modern economics as "bitcoin". Today, a detailed scientific analysis of this phenomenon in the economic literature is carried out only within the framework of one direction of economic theory: the Austrian economic school, or rather the Austrian theory of money. The monograph analyzes the work of the participants in the discussion on the topic: is the "bitcoin" phenomenon money or not? The third part is a brief overview of the situation in Russian science in connection with the preparation of legislation on the legitimization of bitcoin in the Russian Federation.



Money 11

11. Д10-19/69616

Петтинджер, Т.

Взламывая экономику / Т. Петтинджер ; [пер. с англ. Е. Л. Рабинович]. - Москва : АСТ, 2019. - 315, [1] с. : ил., портр. - (Взламывая науку). - Пер. изд.: Cracking economics / T. Pettinger. - London, 2017. - ISBN 978-5-17-112817-3

Abstract: Economics is not only about long numbers and complex graphs. It contains many fascinating stories and interesting theories. This book details how the economy works at all levels. She explains why housing is so expensive, what causes poverty, how economic forecasts are made, revealing the very essence of economic theories. Perhaps the thoughts of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John Keynes and many others will help you take a fresh look at the world of money and understand its essence.



Money 12

12. Д10-19/67633

Никонов, А.

Экономика на пальцах : научно и увлекательно / А. Никонов. - Москва : Изд-во АСТ, 2019. - 446, [1] с. : ил. - (Научпоп для вундеркиндов)

Abstract: Money is one of the greatest inventions of the collective genius of mankind. They could not help but appear. Life demanded them, that is, the emerging economy was waiting. In a popular form, the book talks about the role of money in the economy.


Money 13

13. Д10-19/60064

Треде, Э.

Всё, что нужно знать о деньгах [Текст] / текст Э. Треде ; иллюстрации О. Канту ; [перевод с французского А. Ивановой]. - Москва : Clever, 2019. - 47 с.: ил. - (Давай обсудим). - Пер. изд. De L'argent, pour quoi faire? / E. Trédez. - 2017.

Abstract: The book "Everything You Need to Know About Money" is a fun and useful guide to the world of finance. From it you can find out why money was invented, what were the first coins, why paper bills were invented, how bank cards work and what banks are for. You will get acquainted with the frightening but important abbreviations - minimum wage, VAT, you will learn what loans and deposits are and how to handle them, how money is produced and what taxes are. This is a book about which you can say - “What a pity that we have this was not! Readers will learn important things that they will not tell at school: how prices are formed, why not all discounts are profitable, what types of work are paid the most, and much more.


Money 14

14. Ж2-19/65285

Уилан, Ч.

Голые деньги [Текст] : откровенная книга о финансовой системе / Ч. Уилан ; перевод с английского О. Медведь. - Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2019. - 382 с. : ил. - Парал. тит. л. англ. - Пер. изд. : Naked Money: A Revealing Look Our Financial System / C. Wheelan. - 2016.

Abstract: This is a book about money - how the paper in your wallet acquired great value and how a rather strange agreement that led to the exchange of these seemingly useless pieces of paper for real goods has become a fundamental concept of the modern economy.


Money 15

15. Ж2-18/63411

Генкин, А.

Блокчейн. Как это работает и что ждет нас завтра / А. Генкин, А. Михеев. - Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2018. - 587 с. : ил. - Загл. обл. : Blockchai. - 2000 экз. - ISBN 978-5-9614-6558-7

Abstract: This is the first original book by Russian experts on blockchain technology. The authors use world and Russian examples to argue how and why blockchain technology has captured the minds of millions in just a few years, caused a real cryptocurrency boom in the market and attracted multi-billion dollar investments in the new industry. The book provides an analysis of the use of blockchain in the financial industry, the public sector and other industries. The leading global and Russian blockchain startups are considered. The ICO practice is being studied. Separate chapters are devoted to issues of government regulation and the prospects for blockchain technologies.


Money 16

16. Д10-18/60327

Дятлов, С. А.

Цифровая нейро-сетевая экономика: институты и технологии развития. Монография / С. А. Дятлов, О. С. Лобанов, Д. В. Гильманов - Санкт-Петербургский государственный экономический университет, Кафедра экономической теории и истории экономической мысли. - Санкт-Петербург : Изд-во С.-Петерб. гос. экон. ун-та, 2018. - 325 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 285-306. - ISBN 978-5-7310-4339-7

Abstract: The monograph examines new elements of the structure and institutions of the digital neural network economy: network human capital, network employment, e-government, neural network effects. Particular attention is paid to the research and technology of blockchain, digital money and e-government.

Money 17

17. Д10-19/66811

Цифровые активы: правопонимание и правовое регулирование их оборота [Текст] : научно-практическое пособие / А. А. Арямов, Ю. В. Грачева, С. В. Маликов, А. И. Чучаев. Москва. Юридическая фирма Контракт, 2019. - 74 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 72-74. - ISBN 978-5-6041897-4-0

Abstract: Based on the results of the legal determination of the gap in the part of the legal nature of information resources using the method of consolidating knowledge of economics and jurisprudence (financial, tax, civil, public international law), recommendations have been developed for optimizing domestic legislation, consolidating the universal economic concepts of "digital resource", "digital asset "," turnover of digital assets ". A detailed description of these concepts is given and their content is revealed, the limits are established and the specificity of their legal regulation is analyzed.

Money 18

18. Д10-18/62352

Общество и экономическая мысль в XXI в.: пути развития и инновации. материалы VI Международной научно-практической конференции, 19 апреля 2018 г. / Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации, Российский экономический университет имени Г. В. Плеханова, Воронежский филиал [редакционная коллегия: А. М. Сысоев и др.]. - Воронеж Научная книга, 2018. - 824 с.: ил. - Парал. загл. ст., аннот. англ. - Библиогр. в конце ст. - ISBN 978-5-4446-1180-7

Abstract: The collection presents the results of scientific research of scientific and pedagogical workers, practitioners, masters and graduate students, tested in the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Society and Economic Thought in the XXI Century: Ways of Development and Innovation".

Money 19

19. Д10-18/73564

Крылов, В. С.

Цифровая экономика: качественное междисциплинарное исследование освоения цифрового мира: Монография / В. С. Крылов ; Министерство образования, науки и молодежи Республики Крым, Крымский инженерно-педагогический университет. - Симферополь - ИП Хотеева Л. В., 2018. - 151 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 127-135 (78 назв.).

Abstract: The digital economy represents a new stage in the development of the information society. It is not limited to a digital representation of processes in the economy. The digital economy is economic relations based on new methods of generating, processing, storing, transmitting data, as well as digital computer technologies. The monograph offers a qualitative picture in the paradigm of object-oriented design of digital economy objects and adaptation of behavior for effective activity in this world.


Money 20

20. Ж2-20/67717

Скиннер, К.

Человек цифровой : четвертая революция в истории человечества, которая затронет каждого / Крис Скиннер; перевод с английского Олега Сивченко, научный редактор Кейт Щеглова. - 3-е изд. - Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2020. - 292 с.: ил. - Загл. обл. : Цифровой человек. - Пер. изд. : Digital human: the fourth revolution of humanity includes everyone / C. Skinner. - S.l., 2018. - ISBN 978-5-00146-646-8

Abstract: New technologies have changed the way we communicate, trade, and close deals. This book is a roadmap for the near future. A guide for the digital generation of financiers and online entrepreneurs how to quickly integrate into the global economy, go online as much as possible, and avoid risks.


Money 21

21. Д10-19/64388

Тиньков, О.

Революция. Как построить крупнейший онлайн-банк в мире. / О. Тиньков. - Москва : Изд-во "Эксмо", 2019. - 318, [1] с. + 12 л. ил. - ISBN 978-5-04-089811-4

Abstract: The founder of the bank, a well-known entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov, tells about how one of the most dynamically developing banks in Russia was created, about revolutionary technologies and its internal organization. On the pages of the book, the author shares his principles of success. The experience of a successful entrepreneur is universal and can be applied in any area of business and life in general.

Money 22

22. Д10-18/56304

Карпиловский, Д.

Биткоин, блокчейн и как заработать на криптовалютах [Текст] : [путеводитель по криптоэкономике] / Д. Карпиловский. - Москва : Изд-во АСТ, 2018. - 253, [1] с. - (Технологии и бизнес).

Abstract: This book will give the reader an understanding of how cryptoeconomics works, what cryptocurrencies are, and what drives the excitement around crypto investments. You will learn everything you need to start making money on cryptocurrencies: why you need an investment portfolio, how mining works, what should be considered when trading, why ICOs are popular and much more.

Money 23

23. Д10-18/55752

336/М 176

Максуров, А. А.

Криптовалюты и правовое регулирование их обращения [Текст] : монография / А. А. Максуров. - Москва : Дашков и Кº, 2018. - 355 с. - (Научные издания). - Библиогр. в подстроч. Примеч

Abstract: This paper is the first to consider the issues of legal regulation of the circulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia and abroad. The blockchain information and computer technology as a kind of economic and legal technology has been investigated. The concept of cryptocurrency as a private manifestation of blockchain technology is given, the types and types of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are studied. Much attention is paid to the genesis of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the current state of legal regulation of the circulation of cryptocurrencies and the future possibilities of using this technology. The work has an economic and legal content, however, it is written in an accessible language and is intended not only for specialists (lawyers and financiers), but also for a wide range of readers, including potential investors and speculators in the market for the circulation of cryptocurrencies and derivatives on them.

Money 24

24. Д10-18/60997

Кучеров, И. И.

Криптовалюта [Текст] : (идеи правовой идентификации и легитимации альтернативных платежных средств) : монография / И. И. Кучеров. - Москва : Центр ЮрИнфоР, 2018. - 203 с. - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч. - ISBN 978-5-89158-195

Abstract: The monograph is a summary of the results of a comprehensive monographic study independently conducted by the author of a set of legal norms governing public relations related to the issuance and use of alternative means of payment, including cryptocurrencies.

Money 25

25. Д10-18/58933

Юркин, А. Б.

Масштабируемое золото [Текст] / А. Б. Юркин. - Санкт-Петербург : Нестор-История, 2018. - 181, [1] с. - (Сенсационная серия "Играбельность для начинающих") (Курс лекций без цитат "Институты и агенты VR"). - Авт. на обл. не указ. - ISBN 978-5-4469-1424-1

Abstract: The new book is intended for a wide range of nonfiction literature readers. It is addressed to those who are interested in thinking technologies in the context of the projected rapid development of financial instruments in VR. In it, the author talks about the approach of digital convergence. The hypothesis of avatar money and avatar tokens unfolds against the backdrop of a futurological search for a new functionality of digital capital. The famous science fiction writer warns that humanity is on the eve of a large-scale transition.

Money 26

26. Ж2-17/62771

Биткойн для чайников [Текст] / Компания Prypto ; [гл. ред. С. Н. Тригуб ; пер. с англ. А. Ю. Барабаша]. - М. [и др.] : Диалектика, 2017. - 233 с. - (Ведь это так просто!). - Предм. указ.: с. 227-233. - Пер. изд.:Bitcoin for Dummies. - New York, 2016.

Abstract: The purpose of this book is to give the reader a General idea of the principles of functioning, purpose and capabilities of the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment - bitcoin. Here you will find answers to all the main questions that interest beginners. What is bitcoin? Where can I get and how can I store this cryptocurrency? How can I use bitcoin to buy goods, pay for services, or pay bills? How can I accept payments in this digital currency in my store? What do we risk by accumulating our savings in bitcoins? How to protect yourself from hackers and organize reliable and secure storage of your bitcoins? What are the prospects for this digital technology? You will find answers to these and many other questions in this small but very useful book.

Money 27

27. Ж2-17/62449

Рикардс, Д.

Золотой запас. Почему золото, а не биткоины - валюта XXI века? [Текст] / Д. Рикардс ; [пер. с англ.: Л. Буравчикова, В. Соков]. - М. : Эксмо, 2017. - 190 с. - (Top Economics Awards). - Пер. изд. : New Case for Gold / J. Rickards. - 2016.

Abstract: Since ancient times, gold has been one of the most important components of human life; it has played the role of an indicator of wealth and power. Even today, when currency wars have divided the world into many pieces, gold is the universal currency everywhere.
The book by world renowned economist and international expert James Rickards "Gold Reserve" raises questions about gold to a new level, brings a fresh look at the controversial issues regarding gold, both the currency standard and the means of preserving wealth. In this bold manifesto, Rickards takes a step forward to dispel popular myths about gold. When asked what is the international currency of the XXI century, Rickards unequivocally answers: gold.

Money 28

28. Ж2-18/65030

Винья, П.

Машина правды. Блокчейн и будущее человечества / П. Винья, Кейси . - Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2018. - 317 с. : ил. - Библиогр. в примеч. в конце кн. - Пер. изд. : Truth Machine: Yhe Blockhaim and the Future of Everything / P. Vigna, V. J. Casey. - New York, 2018. - ISBN 978-5-00117-660-2

Abstract: “Blockchain” is not just a newfangled word or technical jargon, it is a real technological breakthrough that has affected the financial sector and many other industries. The technology has found its application in the world of cryptocurrencies
Since this technology appeared in our lives, financial relationships will never be the same again.

 Money 29

29. Д10-17/46455

Портной, М. А.

Деньги в национальном и мировом хозяйстве [Текст] / М. А. Портной. - М. : Магистр, 2017. - 493 с. : ил. - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч.

Abstract: The book presents a systematic and consistent concept of the nature, types and functions of money. Money is considered as an organic element of the market economy, along with it is in constant development. The usefulness of credit money adequate to the needs of a developed market economy has been substantiated. An economically determined sequence of the formation of the functions of money is proposed. Some of the established provisions regarding the budget deficit, government debt, trade and balance of payments deficit were revised. The phenomenon of electronic money and cryptocurrencies as a type of payment systems is described. For specialists, scientific and practical workers, students and graduate students. It can be used as a guide in the study of economic theory, money and credit, finance and financial management.

 Money 30

30. Д10-17/49184

Куницына, Н. Н.

Роль электронных денег в становлении и развитии национальной платежной системы России [Текст] : монография / Н. Н. Куницына, Е. И. Дюдикова ; Северо-Кавказский федеральный университет. - Ставрополь : СКФУ, 2017. - 191 с. - Библиогр.: с. 151-167 (211 назв.).

Abstract: The monograph outlines the directions for improving financial and settlement instruments based on blockchain technology in terms of the prospects for its integration into the national payment system, a set of theoretical, methodological, organizational and practical recommendations for the development of the mechanism of electronic money functioning in modern conditions is formed.

 Money 31a

31. Д10-17/36667

Матюхин, Г. Г.

Проблемы кредитных денег при капитализме : историчность форм денег и их функций. Деньги и кругооборот капитала. Идентичная эволюция мировых и нац. денег. Единство денеж. и валют. кризисов, их функцион. и цикл. характер / Г. Г. Матюхин; отв. ред. В. Н. Шенаев ; Ин-т мировой экономики и междунар. отношений. - 2-е изд. - М. : URSS, 2017. - 217 с. - Библиогр.: с. 212-216.

Abstarct: Based on the concept of the historicity of money, the author shows that the gradual withdrawal of gold from circulation and its replacement with credit money is caused by a change in the methods of commodity production. Credit money is closely related to the circulation of capital, therefore, to the greatest extent correspond to capitalist production. this regularity determines the course of the evolution of money both within national borders and in international relations. But credit money, being a driving force, at the same time undermines capitalism, sharply exacerbating its internal contradictions. In this regard, the book examines monetary and currency crises as closely related and intertwined phenomena.

 Money 32

32. Д10-16/35797

Электронная валюта в свете современных правовых и экономических вызовов [Текст] : материалы Междунар. науч.-практ. конф., 2 июня 2016 г. / Рос. Федерация, Федер. Собр., Гос. Дума. - М. : Юрлитинформ, 2016. - 495 с. : ил. - Библиогр. в конце ст. и в подстроч. Примеч

Abstract: The main task of the materials presented in the collection of materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference is to find optimal models for the development of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of regulating the circulation of electronic currency, focused on correlating the potential advantages and risks for the financial and economic security of the state as a whole, and taking into account the prospects for increasing competitiveness Russian business in the field of foreign economic activity, in particular. The subject of the collection covers a wide range of issues facing domestic economic and legal science and practice, dedicated to the development of regulatory mechanisms for new payment systems for our country. The collection includes science-intensive speeches of the conference participants, in which foreign experience is sounded, trends are predicted, risks are identified, and the most acceptable models for the Russian financial and economic system of legal support for electronic currency turnover are indicated. The materials contained in the collection are of interest to economists and lawyers - theoreticians and practitioners, teachers, postgraduates of economic and legal universities, as well as to anyone interested in forecasting and modeling legal regulation of electronic currency in Russia.

 Money 33

33. Ж2-16/62035

Гогохия, Д. Ш.

Деньги, кредит и банки [Текст] : [науч. докл.] / Д. Ш. Гогохия. - М. : ИЭ РАН, 2016. - 45 с. - (Научные доклады Института экономики РАН). - Рез. англ. - Библиогр.: с. 45 и в подстроч. примеч. - ISBN 978-5-9940-0571-2

Abstarct: The report examines the origin of money, their role in the formation and development of a market economy. The approaches known in the economic literature are compared with the one proposed by the author, in the center of which is the role of money as a preferable form of wealth for accumulation (generally accepted), eliminating the influence of differences in the degree of liquidity and costs of maintaining economic goods on the processes of market pricing. A connection is traced between the concepts of the origin of money and the understanding of the problems of the modern central banking system with fractional reservation of deposits, measures are proposed that can ensure the unconditional preservation of the value of cash deposits with a relatively cheap bank loan.

 Money 34

34. Д10-15/31249

Рагимов, Р. А.

Деньги и денежная система: вчера, сегодня, завтра [Текст] : науч. моногр. / Р. А. Рагимов. - Екатеринбург : УГТУ, 2015. - 167 с. - Библиогр.: с. 166-167 (65 назв.).

Abstract: The financial and economic crisis both in the world markets and at the level of national economies has given rise to many questions about the regulation of monetary policy. The all-encompassing debt problem at all levels of the financial system of many states has raised many questions to the Anglo-Saxon model of the monetary system. This monograph is devoted to the search for theoretical and practical ways of solving this problem. On the basis of a retrospective analysis of the formation and development of the monetary system, taking into account the main historical events in the world arena, the reasons, stages, nature of the emergence of the existing monetary system are revealed.

 Money 35

35. Д10-14/18548

Деньги, кредит, бюджет России: история и современность [Текст] : материалы Междунар. науч.-практ. конф., посвящ. 125-летию со дня рожд. Г. Я. Сокольникова / Моск. фин.-юрид. ун-т. - М. - Маска, 2014. - 330 с. : ил. - Библиогр. в конце ст.

Abstract: This collection includes reports and speeches made at the international scientific-practical conference "Money, Credit, Budget of Russia: History and Modernity", dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of the first Minister of Finance of the USSR and the initiator of the creation of the Soviet gold chervonets G. Ya. Sokolnikov. The materials of the collection also deal with issues of modern problems of the financial and budgetary sphere, in particular, issues of modern budgetary policy. The conference was co-organized by the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University (laboratory for the study of market economy problems). The texts of reports and speeches are published in the author's edition.

 Money 36

36. Д9-12/92935

Кроливецкая, В. Э.

Современные деньги: сущность и функции [Текст] / В. Э. Кроливецкая. - СПб. : Студия "НП-Принт", 2012. - 130 с. - Библиогр.: с. 125-130 (75 назв.).- ISBN 978-5-91542-173-7

Abstract: The monograph summarizes the theoretical approaches to the study of the essence and functions of modern money as the most important economic category, presented in the works of foreign and domestic scientists. A critical assessment of certain existing points of view regarding the essence of modern money, as well as the content, quantity, hierarchy and modification of their functions is given. The paper also presents the author's position on this issue, developed during the study. The monograph is intended for researchers, teachers, graduate students, masters and students of economic universities.

 Money 37

37. Д9-12/90099

Электронные финансы. Мифы и реальность [Текст] / В. Л. Достов [и др.]. - М. : КноРус, 2012. - 231 с. : ил. - (Библиотека Центра исследований платежных систем и расчетов). - Библиогр.: с. 229-231. - ISBN 978-5-406-02186-6

Abstract: The book is the most detailed description of electronic financial services, both from the point of view of the technologies of their work, and from the point of view of the business application of these products. The publication reveals a wide range of issues in the field of working with electronic money: the principles of their functioning, the procedure for combating money laundering and terrorist financing in electronic money systems, the classification of electronic money systems, the types of the most popular financial services. Attention is paid to the problems of payment services, the possibilities of earning money on the Internet, many myths are dispelled and recommendations are given for earning income from work in the field of e-commerce.

 Money 38

38. М/66142/157Р

Институт экономической политики им. Е.Т. Гайдара (Москва)

Научные труды [Текст]. - М. : Изд-во Ин-та Гайдара, 20 - .

№ 157Р : Инновации в сфере денежных платежей и спрос на деньги в России / Е. В. Синельникова - Мурылева. - 2011. - 222 с. - Библиогр.: с. 186-195 (138 назв.).

Abstract: The work is devoted to the analysis of the demand for money in Russia in the period from 1995 to 2010, including the question of whether the use of payment cards by the Russian population has a significant impact on the demand for cash.

 Money 39

39. Д9-09/67793

Кропин, Ю. А.

Деньги / Ю. А. Кропин. - М. : [б. и.], 2009 (Москва). - 188 с. - Библиогр.: с. 187-188. - ISBN 978-5-464-00145-9 - В надзаг.: Всерос. гос. налоговая акад. М-ва финансов Рос. Федерации

Abstract: The monograph examines such issues of the essence of money and the monetary system, which have not only theoretical significance, but also practical relevance in the light of the need for a radical transformation of the current financial and banking system of the country. Accordingly, this monograph can be useful not only to economists and students of economic universities, but also to employees of government bodies and employees of the Central Bank.

 Money 40

40. М/65853/1

Наука о деньгах, кредите и банках: эволюция и современность [Текст] : сб. науч. тр.: в 2 ч. / Финансовая акад. при Правительстве Рос. Федерации. Кафедра банков и банковского менеджмента. - М. : Финакадемия, 2009 - .Ч.1. - 2009. - 131 с.

Abstract: The collection is compiled of scientific articles of Russian and foreign scientists and practitioners, prepared on the basis of their presentations at the international conference on the topic: "Science of money, credit and banks: evolution and modernity", held in November 2008 at the Finance Academy under the Government RF. The publication is of interest to researchers, teachers, graduate students, students of economic universities, specialists involved in the study of the problems of money circulation, credit and banks.

 Money 41

41. М/65853/2

Наука о деньгах, кредите и банках: эволюция и современность [Текст] : сб. науч. тр.: в 2 ч. / Финансовая акад. при Правительстве Рос. Федерации. Кафедра банков и банковского менеджмента. - М. : Финакадемия, 2009 - .Ч. 2. - 2009. - 107 с.

Abstract: The collection is compiled of scientific articles of Russian and foreign scientists and practitioners, prepared on the basis of their presentations at the international conference on the topic: "Science of money, credit and banks: evolution and modernity", held in November 2008 at the Finance Academy under the Government RF. The publication is of interest to researchers, teachers, graduate students, students of economic universities, specialists involved in the study of the problems of money circulation, credit and banks.

 Money 42

42. Д9-07/35732

Рогачевская, М. А.

Деньги: их происхождение и эволюция [Текст] / М. А. Рогачевская. - Новосибирск : СибГУТИ, 2007 (Новосибирск). - 253 с. - Библиогр.: с. 248-253.

Abstract: The restoration of market relations in Russia demanded from economics an in-depth study of the theory of money and monetary circulation, and at the same time, the implementation of the findings in practice. The author's concept of the problem of the origin, essence and development of money is based on the evolutionary theory of the origin of money and the social theory of their functioning. The problem of money is still not settled. Money poses more and more new questions that require their resolution. The work (within the limits limited by the volume of the book) presents the most complete review of the theories of money and its evolution in modern domestic literature, as well as the contribution of Russian scientists to the development of the theory of money. The book pays special attention to the conditions for the emergence of money and monetary circulation in the Russian state, to their difficult history, which is not sufficiently disclosed in the economic literature. The monograph was written based on the study of special and historical literature, contains interesting factual material. The publication can also be used as a teaching aid, since it takes into account the requirements of the state educational standard. The book is intended for students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers, and for everyone interested in the problem of money in general and Russian money in particular.

 Money 43

43. Ж2-06/42149

Кочергин, Д. А.

Электронные деньги. Теория и анализ моделей эмиссии [Текст] / Д. А. Кочергин. - СПб. : Изд-во С.-Петерб. ун-та, 2006 (СПб.). - 160 с.: ил.- ISBN 5-288-04282-9

Abstract: The monograph examines the theoretical and practical issues of using electronic money as a new means of payment. The principles of functioning of new electronic payment systems are considered. The article identifies the peculiarities of settlements with electronic money, as well as the regulatory and monetary aspects of regulating the activities of their issuers. The work reveals the main directions of the influence of electronic money on the monetary system: the value of the money supply in circulation, the share premium of central banks, the activities of credit institutions, etc.

 Money 44

44. Д9-06/38967

Аксенов, В. С.

Электронные деньги в информационной экономике [Текст] : курс лекций / В. С. Аксенов. - М. - МПА-Пресс, 2006. - 183 с. - Библиогр.: с. 177-183.- ISBN 5-94914-032-X

Abstract: Based on rich and varied empirical material, the book examines the causes, essence and properties of electronic money, reveals the features of their functioning in real, virtual and mobile economies, formulates economic, legal, organizational and technical problems of implementation in the economy of modern Russia.

 Money 45

45. Д9-06/26471

Кочергин, Д. А.

Электронные деньги: организация эмиссии, проведение платежей, регулирование оборота [Текст] / Д. А. Кочергин. - СПб. : Изд-во С.-Петерб. гос. ун-та экономики и финансов, 2006 (СПб.). - 359 с. - Библиогр.: с. 325-355.- ISBN 5-7310-2079-5

Abstract: The monograph examines the theoretical and practical issues of using electronic money as a new means of payment. The principles of functioning of new electronic payment systems and the procedure for interaction between participants in payment transactions are considered. The peculiarities of settlements with electronic money, the main directions of their influence on the monetary system are revealed. The competitive advantages of electronic money and other payment methods on the Internet are determined and measures are proposed to intensify their use.

 Money 46

46. Д9-04/374

Квашнин, С. С.

Электронные деньги как перспектива развития налично-денежного оборота в России [Текст] : монография / С.С.Квашнин,А.С.Кокин. - Н. Новгород : Изд-во Нижегор. госун-та, 2004. - 155 с. : ил. В надзаг.: Нижегород. гос. ун-т им. Н.И. Лобачевского.Библиогр.: с. 141-152

Abstract: The monograph examines in detail the circulation of electronic money abroad and in Russia and suggests their active use in calculations at the national level. The advantages and disadvantages of electronic money are analyzed, and the directions of work on their issue by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are outlined.

 Money 47

47. Ж2-97/19354

Электронные деньги и общество открытой сети [Текст] : пер.с англ. - М. : НИИ HITACHI, 1997. - 96 с. : ил. + 4 л.ил. - Библиогр.: с.92-93.

Abstract: The research topic is the future of new payment systems. As part of this topic, the Hitachi Research Institute examined the capabilities of most of the existing electronic money systems – one of the most dynamically developing areas of modern applied science. The results of the study were published in Japanese in 1996. This book is a translation into Russian of the English edition with some additions.

Money 48

48. М/60576/6(13)

Экономическая теория в XXI веке [Текст] / МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова. - М. : Экономистъ, 20 - .

6(13) : Деньги. - 2007. - 343 с.: ил. - Библиогр. в конце отд. ст.

Abstract: The monograph, published in the series "Economic theory in the XXI century ", examines the fundamental phenomenon of economic civilization – money, which today requires new conceptual approaches and interpretations.

 Money 49

49. Ж2-19/64876

Бадре, Б.

Финансы спасут мир? - как заставить деньги служить общему благу / Б. Бадре; предисл. Э. Макрона, президента Франции, и Г. Брауна, бывшего премьер-министра Великобритании; [пер. с англ. В. Егорова]. - Москва - Претекст, 2019. - 296 с. - Парал. тит. л. англ. - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч. - Пер. изд. : Can finance save the world? Regaining power over money to serve the common good / B. Badre. - 2018. - ISBN 978-5-98995-118-5

Abstract: Former World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer Bertrand Badre explains how finance can help solve many of the world's biggest challenges - climate change, poverty, rebuilding infrastructure and more. As he writes: "When used wisely, with philanthropy, resourcefulness and ingenuity, finance is capable of great things."

Money 50

50. М/53701/6(2018)

34/Д 341

Библиотечка "Российской газеты" [Текст]. - Москва : Рос. газ., 19 - . - ISSN 1605-7449.
№ 6(2018) : Деньги наличные и безналичные: опыт практического применения / под ред. И. И. Янгирова. - 2018. - 143 с.

Abstract: The book is devoted to practical issues of correct financial behavior. After reading it, you will, in particular, understand how money works, learn how to use cash and non-cash money correctly, learn what to do with damaged bills and how to ensure your financial security. The publication is intended for readers of all ages: from the youngest to the elderly.

Money 51

51. Ж2-08/43701

Савенок, В. С.

Личные финансы [Текст] : самоучитель / В. С. Савенок. - М. и др. : Питер, 2008. - 422 с. - (Управляй своими деньгами).


From a leading expert on personal money management - a comprehensive guide to all existing ways to increase capital, achieve financial success and independence. According to Vladimir Savenk's books, tens of thousands of people have learned to control their income and expenses, make their first investments, and ensure their financial independence.

The new book, which includes all the best and useful publications of V. Savenk and consultants of the consulting group "Personal Capital", is written in the format of a self-help guide. It covers all topics of money management without exception. Family budget, personal financial plan, deposits, mutual funds, trading, insurance, pensions, taxes, financial Assistance from the state - whatever question arises, you just take this book, search for the appropriate section, open the appropriate page and read the answer.

Money 52

52. Ж2-07/39558

Новак, Б. В.

Личные финансы на компьютере [Текст] / Б. В. Новак. - М. [и др.] : Питер, 2007. - 110 с. : ил. - (На компьютере). - Алф. указ.: с. 110. - 4000 экз. - ISBN 5-91180-218-X.

Приложение: Сопроводительный материал:ОДМ/869 (электрон. опт. диск (CD-ROM))

Abstract: Бесспорно, что распоряжаться собственными финансами нужно грамотно. В этом вам поможет данная книга, которая рассказывает о правильном формировании домашнего бюджета и рациональном расходовании денег. Помимо теории, немалую часть книги занимает обзор компьютерных программ, с помощью которых можно успешно планировать свои финансовые расходы на ближайшую и долгосрочную перспективу. Книга "Личные финансы" рассчитана на тех, кто бережно относится к своим деньгам.

Money 53

53. Ж2-07/39505

Богатин, Н. В.

Учет личных финансов на компьютере. "1С Деньги 7.7" [Текст] / Н. В. Богатин. - М.: Изд-во Триумф, 2007 (Можайск (Моск.обл.)). - 191 с. : ил. - (Эффективный контроль).

Abstract: Деньги утекают как вода сквозь пальцы. Денег всегда не хватает. Вы удивитесь, когда узнаете, как и куда бесполезно уходит значительная часть ваших доходов. Но для этого надо наладить элементарный учет личных финансов.
Настоящая книга поможет вам быстро получить полный контроль над своим финансовым положением: устранить ненужные расходы, легко планировать крупные покупки, отдых, обучение и долгосрочные накопления.
Книга построена на практических примерах с помощью одной из самых популярных программ для учета личных финансов "1 С:Деньги 7.7".

Money 54

54. Д10-15/19622

336.74/Э 455

Электронные деньги в коммерческом банке [Текст] : практ. пособие / А. В. Пухов [и др.]. - М. : КноРус, 2015. - 193 с. : ил. - (Библиотека центра исследований платежных систем и расчетов). ISBN 978-5-406-04397-4

Abstract: С 2011 года в России действует Федеральный Закон от 27.06.2011 № 161-ФЗ «О национальной платежной системе» (далее — Закон № 161-ФЗ). Разные его нормы вступали в силу в течение 2011, 2012 и 2013 годов. С появлением данного закона «платежный ландшафт» в России существенно изменился: платежные системы зарегистрировались и стали поднадзорны Банку России, банковские платежные агенты получили специализированное законодательство, электронные кошельки преобразовались в небанковские кредитные организации или продали свой бизнес или стали партнерами с банками. Но самое главное — что банки в России, наконец заметили новый для себя сегмент — так называемые электронные деньги. Вполне возможно, что банки и раньше рассматривали данный сегмент как перспективный, но в условиях правового вакуума опасались вести операции с этим продуктом, активизировавшись с появлением специализированного законодательства. Для того, чтобы строить бизнес по работе с электронными деньгами в кредитной организации, вначале следует рассмотреть правовую основу такого бизнеса, начиная с трактовок законодательства. В данной книге приведены подробные комментарии специализированного законодательства с ссылками на конкретные разделы соответствующих нормативных актов.

Money 55

55. Д9-10/65887

Электронные деньги. Интернет-платежи [Текст] / В. Г. Мартынов [и др.]. - М. : Маркет ДС корпорейшн, 2010. - 165 с. : ил. - (Библиотека Центра исследований платежных систем и расчетов)

Abstract: For people interested in settlements with electronic money and other financial services on the Internet, the most urgent task is to improve their own literacy, mastering skills and abilities to use new information technologies, knowledge of security rules when making transactions on the Internet. This publication focuses on a wide range of issues in the field of settlements with electronic money - a classification of existing payment systems based on electronic money is presented, their descriptions and a brief history of formation, functioning parameters are given, expert assessments of the current state and prospects are discussed, many other important issues are considered, including, the legal basis for the functioning of many of the systems. This book will be interesting and useful to a wide range of readers, practitioners, experts, consultants, university professors, graduate students, students and researchers in the field of payment technologies, as well as employees of banks and other financial institutions who want to stay at the forefront of progress.

Money 56

56. Д9-09/59042

Электронные деньги и мобильные платежи [Текст] : энциклопедия / В. Г. Мартынов [и др.]. - М. : КноРус, 2009 (Саратов). - 366 с. - (Библиотека Центра исследований платежный систем и расчетов).

Abstract: The encyclopedia contains the most complete information on existing payment systems. The classification of operating payment systems based on electronic money, their characteristics, a brief history of formation, the basics of functioning are presented, expert assessments of the current state and prospects of such an important area as payments using mobile phones are reflected. The book analyzes the Russian and foreign experience of using innovative payment products, provides examples of the regulation of these innovative systems in different countries, as well as the legal basis for their functioning. For practitioners working in the field of e-commerce, it can be useful to teachers, graduate students and university students, as well as everyone who is interested in the development of electronic money and mobile payments.

Money 57

57. Д9-05/13917

336/К 160

Как увидеть деньги на экране монитора [Текст] / Под ред. В.И. Сафина ; Форекс Клуб, Школа валютных тредеров. - 2-е изд. - СПб.[ и др.] : Питер : Питер принт, 2005. - 216 с. : ил.

Abstract: Various forms of price charting are presented in this book, including Japanese candlesticks, renko, kagi, tic-tac-toe, bar charts. The concepts of trends, channels, support and resistance levels are revealed. You will learn about the graphical method of market analysis, what patterns can be seen on price charts and how to use signals to make a profit. We will also talk about how the Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci numbers help to achieve success in the market. Dealing is a science in which you can always learn something new. Well, with the help of this book you will take your first serious steps into the world of financial market analysis.

Money 58

58. Б2-06/4391

Марченко, А. В.

Пластиковые деньги - Visa, MasterCard и другие [Текст] / А. В. Марченко, С. В. Бочкарев. - М. : Олимп - Бизнес, 2006 (М.). - 238 с. : ил.

Abstract: Миллиарды людей постоянно находятся в зависимости от наличия в кошельке денежных знаков для оплаты своих повседневных нужд. Но тут в мире появляются платежные карты. Жизнь человечества уже никогда не будет прежней. Давать ли банкомату чаевые и куда исчезают наши деньги? Этими вопросами рано или поздно задается каждый из нас. Ответы на них, как на многие другие вопросы, дают авторы этой книги, которая, несомненно, будет интересна широкому кругу читателей.

Money 59

59. Д9-06/29471

Голик, В. С.

Интернет-реклама, или как делаются деньги в Сети [Текст] / В. С. Голик, А. И. Толкачев. - М. : Изд-во деловой и учеб. лит., 2006. - 159 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 157 (10 назв.)

Abstract: Издание рассказывает о существующих моделях интернет-рекламы, их преимуществах по сравнению с традиционными средствами массовой информации. Описываются различные партнерские программы. Большое внимание уделяется web-сайтам и рекламе в поисковых системах и директориях. Впервые русскоязычному читателю предлагается детально посмотреть на совершенно новый виртуальный рынок недвижимости - рынок доменных имен.
Будет полезно компаниям, использующим Интернет в своей деятельности, интересно студентам, а также тем, кто просто увлекается Интернетом. Поможет преподавателям вузов в подготовке лекционных и практических занятий в области современных информационных технологий.

Money 60

60. Ж2-03/30719

Пейтел, Э. Б.

Internet-трейдинг. Как электронные деньги приносят реальную прибыль [Текст] : полное руководство / Э.Б.Пейтел, П.Пейтел; Пер. с англ.Т.В.Клекоты и др. - М. и др. : Изд. дом Вильямс, 2003. - 315 с. Библиогр.: с. 297-307

Abstract: The book is intended for those investors who have decided to use the possibilities of the Internet to increase their capital. We can safely say that Internet trading will turn from a business accessible only to highly educated professionals, into the sphere of activity of which anyone can engage. And this applies not only to Western countries, but also to Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. This book, step by step, describes the steps required to successfully trade securities using the Internet. The reader will learn how, guided by technical and fundamental analysis, one should choose stocks, how to choose a broker, open an account and trade. The book examines in detail the features of securities trading with the help of online brokers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and other European countries. The authors of the book managed to combine the fundamental theoretical provisions of investment theory with advice on their practical implementation. The book is of great value because both authors have been successfully engaged in Internet trading for a long time.

Money 61

61. G2/22184

Hartmann, M. E.

Elektronisches Geld und Geldpolitik. Eine Analyse der Wechselwirkungen [Text] / M. E. Hartmann. - Wiesbaden : Deutscher Universitats-Verl., 2000. - XVI, 293 S. : Ill. - (Gabler Edition Wissenschaft). - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч. Указ.: с. 281-293.

Abstract: Electronic money represents a new and ambiguous level of innovation in modern payment operations. There are conflicting opinions about their nature, development potential, and, in particular, their importance for the current monetary system. Monica E. Hartmann analyzes the e-money business in the context of alternative Payment concepts and from the point of view of monetary policy. Theoretical considerations of monetary policy are tested based on actual payment traffic patterns and the monetary policy realities of individual countries. The analysis shows that from a macroeconomic point of view, electronic money will bring only moderate changes to the current payment system.

Money 62

62. 336.717:004

Lammer, T.

Handbuch E-Money, E-Payment & M-Payment [Electronic resource] / T. Lammer. - Electronic text data. - Heidelberg : Physica, 2006.

Кл.слова (ненормированные):

электронные деньги -- электронные платежи -- мобильные платежи

Abstract: In the course of efforts to create a single European payment area, the so-called single Euro payment area, non-cash payments are also becoming increasingly important in the retail sector. Innovative payment methods such as e-money, e-payments and mobile payments are already important topics and will undoubtedly define payment transactions even more in the future. This guide offers a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this highly relevant area. Experts on international payment transactions present current events, as well as security aspects, legal and political aspects of innovative forms of payment transactions, and provide a detailed analysis of practical examples.

Money 63

63. Ж2-19/66117

Каджаева, М. Р.

Финансовая грамотность: учебное пособие / М. Р. Каджаева, С. В. Дубровская, А. Р. Елисеева. - Москва - Академия, 2019. - 286, [1] с.: ил. - (Среднее профессиональное образование). - Библиогр.: с. 284-285. - ISBN 978-5-4468-7597-9

Abstract: The tutorial covers the main areas of financial activity: personal financial planning, Deposit, credit, cash and settlement operations, insurance, investments, pensions, taxes, protection from fraud. The manual is aimed at developing students ' financial literacy and personal Finance management skills. For students of professional educational organizations who master professions and specialties of secondary vocational education.

Money 64

64. Ж2-19/67436

336.7/Д 341

Деньги, кредит, банки [Текст]: учебник / М. С. Марамыгин, Е. Н. Прокофьева, М. П. Логинов [и др.] ; под общей редакцией М. С. Марамыгина, Е. Н. Прокофьевой ; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Уральский государственный экономический университет (УрГЭУ). - Екатеринбург: Изд-во Уральского ун-та, 2019. - 383 с.: ил. - (Серия "Современные финансы и банковское дело")

Abstract: The textbook examines a wide range of issues that reveal the essence of monetary and credit relations in society: the history of the emergence and essence of money, credit and banks; building monetary systems, organizing money circulation and settlements in a modern economy; theoretical aspects of the organization of credit and credit relations in society; the history of formation and features of the construction of a modern banking system; the nature and operations of modern banks and non-bank credit institutions; fundamentals of the organization of foreign exchange markets and international monetary and credit relations; the concept, types, characteristics of the modern securities market, its participants and the instruments used, with the involvement of historical and statistical material.

Money 65

65. Д10-18/65947

336/К 903

Кулин, А. А.

Деньги и денежная система [Текст] : учебное пособие / А. А. Кулин. - Воронеж : ИП Черёмин Е. А., 2018. - 112 с. - Библиогр.: с. 112 (5 назв.)

Abstract: The textbook examines, compares and analyzes modern theories of money and monetary systems, theoretical-methodological and organizational-methodological provisions of money circulation in modern conditions of functioning of economic systems.

Money 66

66. Д10-19/66819

Правовое регулирование экономической деятельности в условиях цифровизации : учебник / З. А. Саидов, А. В. Куракин, М. В. Костенников [и др.]; под редакцией З. А. Саидова. - Москва: ЮНИТИ, 2019. - 271 с.: ил. - (Magister). - Авт. указ. на с. 5. - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч. - ISBN 978-5-238-03286-3

Abstract: The textbook analyzes the problems of a legal and organizational nature related to the regulation of the Russian economy in the context of digitalization. The features of the legal regulation of the turnover and use of cryptocurrency, the implementation of advertising activities, as well as countering economic offenses are considered.

Money 67

67. Ж2-19/67978

336.7/М 749

Мокеева, Н. Н.

Деньги и денежно-кредитная система [Текст]: учебное пособие / Н. Н. Мокеева, А. Е. Заборовская, В. Э. Фрайс ; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Уральский федеральный университет имени первого Президента России Б. Н. Ельцина, Высшая школа экономики и менеджмента. - Екатеринбург: Изд-во Уральского ун-та, 2019. - 146 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 124-127.- ISBN 978-5-7996-2697-6

Abstract: The textbook comprehensively examines theoretical and practical issues on the sections of the courses “Money. Credit. Banks "," Monetary system "," Banking "and" Modern problems of credit relations. " A complete description of the basic provisions of the essence and functions of money, monetary theories, money circulation, its structure, credit and banking systems is given. Practical assignments were drawn up for all sections.

Money 68

68. Д10-19/62932

Интеллектуальные информационные системы и технологии в экономике: учебное пособие / Б. Е. Одинцов [и др.] ; Финансовый университет при Правительстве Российской Федерации. - Москва: Центркаталог, 2019. - 334 с. : ил. - (Серия Вузовский учебник). - Библиогр.: с. 323-331 (148 назв.).

Abstract: The tutorial reveals the basic concepts of intelligent systems and technologies and their fundamental properties. The basics of using a computer in control practice are stated. Particular attention is paid to the practical aspects of the application of well-known intelligent technologies in areas such as bank scoring, business process management and enterprise investment processes. the technologies for obtaining and using cryptocurrency are discussed in detail on examples.

Money 69

69. Д10-19/71226

336.74/Г 611

Головинский, П. А.

Блокчейн и криптовалюты [Текст] : учебно-справочное пособие для преподавателей и студентов высших учебных заведений / П. А. Головинский, Е. И. Поташова, И. С. Суровцев ; Воронежский государственный технический университет. - Воронеж : Цифровая полиграфия, 2019. - 88 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 88 (13 назв.).

Abstract:The tutorial provides a fairly detailed introduction to blockchain technology. The technical foundations of the functioning of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are given, a description of the methods of data digitalization, the decentralized bitcoin network, peer-to-peer architecture, transaction cycles and security principles are given. The analysis of the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the risks of their use and development trends is presented.

Money 70

70. Ж2-11/50738

Кочергин, Д. А.

Электронные деньги [Текст]: учебник / Д. А. Кочергин. - М. : Market DS, 2011 (Киров). - 422 с. : ил. - (Библиотека Центра Исследований Платежных Систем и Расчетов). - Библиогр.: с. 380-422. - ISBN 978-5-94416-126-0

Abstract: The manual sets out the main provisions of the theory and practice of electronic money. The issues of the emergence and development of electronic money, the functioning of electronic money systems, the organization of settlements with electronic money are considered. The main directions of the influence of electronic money on the volume of money supply, the speed of money circulation, share premium, the activities of credit institutions are revealed. Instruments of monetary regulation of the circulation of electronic money and mechanisms of regulatory control over the activities of their issuers are presented, the competitive advantages of electronic money in the retail payments market are determined.

Money 71

71. Д10-19/58099

Белотелова, Н. П.

Деньги. Кредит. Банки [Текст] : учебник / Н. П. Белотелова, Ж. С. Белотелова. - 5-е изд., перераб. - Москва : Дашков и Кº, 2019. - 379 с. - (Учебные издания для бакалавров). - Библиогр.: с. 376-379 (58 назв.) ISBN 978-5-394-03054-3

Abstract: The textbook contains questions of money and monetary circulation, inflation, currency system, credit mechanism, forms and types of credit, functioning of the banking system. Much attention is paid to the role of money, credit and banks in modern conditions of market relations. For undergraduate students studying in the direction of training "Economics", students of business schools, faculties of advanced training and specialists of economic services of business entities.

Money 72

72. Д10-19/69541

Выборова, Е. Н.

Деньги, кредит, банки: учебное пособие / Е. Н. Выборова. - Москва : Научная библиотека, 2019. - 174 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 173-174 (20 назв.).

Abstract: The paper deals with the issues of money, its evolution, monetary system, lending technology. The content of various types of credit and banking operations is presented. The manual is intended for students of economic universities, graduate students, teachers. The material presented in the section on banking operations may be useful to employees of financial and credit institutions.

Money 73

73. Д10-19/72066

336.7/Д 341

Деньги, кредит, банки [Текст] : учебно-методическое пособие / И. В. Колесова, Е. А. Кричевец, В. В. Кудревич [и др.] ; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Севастопольский государственный университет. - Севастополь: СевГУ, 2019. - 260 с. : ил. - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л. - Библиогр.: с. 249-256 (88 назв.).- ISBN 978-5-6041740-7-4

Abstract: The teaching aid was prepared according to the curriculum of the discipline "Money, credit, banks". For each topic, texts of lectures, test tasks, tasks and analytical situations, questions for self-testing of knowledge, a list of recommended literature are given. Recommended for students of economic specialties, university professors and practitioners specializing in finance.

Money 74

74. Д10-18/72031

336.7/Т 994

Тян, Н. С.

Деньги, кредит, банки [Текст] : практикум / Н. С. Тян, Н. В. Анохин ; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Новосибирский государственный университет экономики и управления "НИНХ", Кафедра финансового рынка и финансовых институтов. - Новосибирск : Новосибирский гос. ун-т экономики и упр. "НИНХ", 2018. - 120, [1] с. - Библиогр.: с. 119-121

Abstract: This workshop has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards for higher education. The structure and content of the workshop corresponds to the curriculum of the discipline "Money, Credit, Banks". The proposed tasks are adapted to the level of training of students, they allow one to understand the complexity and multifacetedness of problems arising in the field of money and monetary circulation, the currency system, and the functioning of the banking system.

Money 75

75. Д10-17/35524

Селищев, А. С.

Деньги. Кредит. Банки: учебник / А. С. Селищев. - 2-е изд., перераб. и доп. - М. : Проспект, 2017. - 303 с. : ил.

Электрон. версии кн. на сайте www.prospekt.org

Abstract: The book examines in detail such topics as the nature of money and credit, the development of money circulation in Russia, the mechanism of the money market, and the features of modern monetary policy. The author is deeply convinced that a modern economist must learn the nature of monetary policy - the most important link in the economic development of society. The textbook is intended for students and teachers of higher educational institutions, and will also be useful to everyone who is interested in the problems of monetary relations.

Money 76

76. М/72113/1

Кораблева, А. А.

Финансы, деньги и кредит [Текст] : учебное пособие для самостоятельной работы бакалавров, обучающихся по направлению подготовки 38.03.01 "Экономика" профиль "Финансы и кредит", 38.03.02 "Менеджмент" профиль "Финансовый менеджмент" / А. А. Кораблева, В. В. Карпов ; Финансовый университет при Правительстве Российской Федерации, Омский филиал. Кафедра "Финансы и кредит". - Омск: Литера, 2017 - .Ч. 1 : Деньги и кредит. - 2017. - 147 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 145-147.

Abstract: The tutorial sets out the theoretical foundations, mechanisms and directions of financial, monetary and credit relations in a market economy. The features of their development and their role in the financial and credit system of modern Russia are presented. The study guide contains training material on topics, basic concepts and terms, questions for self-examination

Money 77

77. Д10-17/49982

Аванесова, Р. Р.

Деньги, кредит, банки: региональный аспект [Текст] : учебно-методическое пособие / Р. Р. Аванесова ; Адыгейский государственный университет. - Майкоп - АГУ, 2017. - 226 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 202-211. ISBN 978-5-91692-490-9

Abstract: The manual contains guidelines for lectures and practical classes, tests and practical tasks for the current control of students' knowledge, guidelines for solving problems, independent forms of student work, as well as a glossary. A plan of practical lessons has been developed for each topic, literature is indicated, questions are given to prepare for the test. The manual also offers topics for reports, abstracts, options for assignments to complete the test.

Money 78

78. Д10-16/40009

Деньги. Кредит. Банки [Текст]: учебник для бакалавров / А. А. Казимагомедов [и др.]; под ред. А.А. Казимагомедова. - [2-е изд., перераб. и доп.]. - М.: Перо, 2016. - 636 с.: ил. - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л. - Библиогр. в конце гл. - ISBN 978-5-906871-38-1

Abstract: The textbook summarizes the theoretical, practical and regulatory aspects related to money, credit and banks. Section I examines the history, theory and politics of money: the monetary system and its types, types and functions of money, inflationary, monetary and investment policies. Section II includes the theory of credit, the organization of its individual types, credit risks, determination of the creditworthiness and solvency of borrowers. Section III discloses issues related to the emergence and development of banks, with the activities of international monetary and financial organizations, as well as the banking systems of individual countries and their legal regulation. Complies with the requirements of the latest generation Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Education. For students, graduate students and teachers of economic universities, specialists in the field of banking, as well as everyone interested in the problems of the monetary and banking systems.

Money 79

79. Д9-12/80361

Кузнецова, Е. И.

Финансы. Денежное обращение. Кредит: учеб. пособие / Е. И. Кузнецова. - М.: ЮНИТИ, 2012. - 687 с. - Библиогр. в конце глав. - ISBN 978-5-238-02204-8

Abstract:A holistic view of the structure of finance, money and monetary circulation, credit and banks is given. The questions that reveal the essence of finance and financial system are considered; organizational and legal aspects of building the budgetary system of the Russian Federation; the mechanism of public debt management; functioning of off-budget funds; finance of organizations (enterprises); the securities market; highlights the basics of monetary relations, the procedure for the formation of monetary policy. The foreign experience of the formation of monetary and banking systems is presented.

Money 80

80. Д10-14/361

Деньги, кредит, банки [Текст]: учебник / Под ред. О. И. Лаврушина. - 12-е изд., стер. – М.: КноРус, 2014. - 448 с. - (Бакалавриат). - Библиогр.: с. 447-448.

Abstract: The central questions of the theory and practice of using money and credit in the modern economy are considered. Particular attention is paid to the presentation of the essence and role of money, their emission and the impact on economic circulation. The basics of cash and non-cash turnover, inflation features, anti-inflationary policy directions are revealed.

Money 81

81. Д10-14/11523

Агеева, Н. А.

Деньги, кредит, банки: учеб. пособие / Н. А. Агеева. - М.: РИОР : Инфра-М, 2014. - 154 с. : ил. - (Высшее образование - Бакалавриат). - Библиогр.: с. 153 (21 назв.). - ISBN 978-5-369-01348-9

Abstract: The textbook is written in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard for bachelors in the field of "Economics" in the profile "Finance", "World Economy", "Accounting, Analysis and Audit". The manual sets out the theoretical foundations of the problem of evolution of forms of money and types of monetary systems, objective reasons for the development of credit relations. The author pays special attention to contemporary problems of money circulation and credit, monetary and foreign exchange policy of the Bank of Russia. For university students studying in economic areas, as well as bank workers, economists.

Money 82

82. Д10-14/22586

Шваков, Е. Е.

Деньги. Кредит. Банки: практикум / Е. Е. Шваков, А. А. Мартенс, Е. О. Горяинова ; Алт. гос. ун-т. - Барнаул : Изд-во Алт. ун-та, 2014. - 111 с. - Библиогр.: с. 76-78

Abstract: The manual contains educational materials necessary for the implementation of the training course “Money. Credit. Banks ". The workshop is aimed at applying the methods of contextual learning and is intended for undergraduate students in the direction of training 080100.62 "Economics" of higher professional education, studying the discipline "Money. Credit. Banks "

Money 83

83. Д9-12/83061

Банкинг в информационной экономике: учеб. пособие / В. С. Аксенов [и др.]; ред. В. С. Аксенов. - М. : Экономика, 2012. - 350 с. - (Высшее образование). - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л. - Библиогр. в конце глав. - ISBN 978-5-282-03174-4

Abstract: Dedicated to the analysis of banking in the information economy. The main attention is paid to the consideration of the most significant features characterizing the qualitative changes in banking at the beginning of the XXI century.

 Money 84  

84. Д10-14/7753

336/Д 341

Деньги, кредит, банки и денежно-кредитная система: тесты, задания, кейсы [Текст] : учеб. пособие / М. А. Абрамова [и др.] ; под ред. М. А. Абрамовой, Л. С. Александровой ; Финансовый ун-т при Правительстве Российской Федерации. - 2-е изд., стер. - М. : КноРус, 2014. - 311 с. : ил. - (Бакалавриат). - Авт. указ. на с. 8. - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч., с. 307-310. - ISBN 978-5-406-03739-3

Abstract: A rich methodological and practical material on the disciplines “Money. Credit. Banks "and" Monetary system "both for independent work of students and for conducting intermediate or final certification, seminars in the form of discussions or defense of cases on topical issues of money, credit, banks, credit and banking systems.

Abstracts of dissertations


85. Ар17-3865

Дюдикова, Е. И.

Перспективы развития электронных денег как элемента национальной платежной системы Российской Федерации [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. экон. наук : 08.00.10 / Е. И. Дюдикова. - Ставрополь, 2017. - 27 с. - Библиогр.: с. 25-27 (18 назв.).


86. Ар14-15365

Лопатин, В. А.

Развитие механизма оборота электронных денежных средств [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. экон. наук : 08.00.10 / В. А. Лопатин. - М., 2014. - 26 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 25-26 (11 назв.).


87. Ар14-7189

Бушуева, С. Б.

Инструментарий обеспечения экономической безопасности государства на основе развития института электронных денег [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. экон. наук : 08.00.05 / С. Б. Бушуева. - Тамбов, 2014. - 24 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 23-24.


88. Ар13-7396

Исаев, М. Е.

Оценка развития электронных денег при осуществлении розничных платежей [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. экон. наук : 08.00.10 / М. Е. Исаев. - Иваново, 2013. - 19 с. - Библиогр.: с. 18-19 (10 назв.)


89. Ар13-11116

Кроливецкая, В. Э.

Деньги и денежное предложение в условиях формирования новой модели развития российской экономики [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... д-ра экон. наук : 08.00.10 / В. Э. Кроливецкая. - СПб., 2013. - 40 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 37-40 (41 назв.)


90. Ар13-31821

Ревенков, П. В. Управление рисками в условиях электронного банкинга : специальность 08.00.10 "Финансы, денежное обращение и кредит" : автореферат диссертации на соискание ученой степени д-ра экон. наук / П. В. Ревенков. - СПб., 2013. - 43 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 38-43 (72 назв.).


91. Ар12-17500

Савинова, Н. Г.

Функционирование национальной платежной системы Российской Федерации в современных условиях [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. экон. наук : 08.00.10 / Н. Г. Савинова. - Самара, 2012. - 22 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 20-22 (16 назв.)


92. Ар12-21975

Кругова, Е. Ю.

Становление новой экономики в России: детерминирующая роль виртуализации денег [Текст] : автореф. дис. на соиск. ученой степ. канд. экон. наук / Е. Ю. Кругова. - Тамбов, 2012. - 21 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 21 (6 назв.)


93. Ар12-20876

Синельникова-Мурылева, Е. В.

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