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Aeronautics - the first step into the sky


Man has always dreamed of flying. To break away from the earthly firmament and look at the world from the azure distance of the skies - such dreams disturbed many generations of dreamers and romantics. How many delusions and disappointments, fatal falls and persecutions had to be experienced until the first balloon - a symbol of human faith, perseverance and courage - took off from the earth and carried people into a new era - the era of aeronautics. The materials of the exposition highlight the main events from the history of this amazing stage in the development of airspace; theoretical aspects of aeronautics (aeronautics) are considered; descriptions of lighter-than-air aircraft, calculations of their basic design parameters, as well as some areas of their practical application are given. The presented publications not only introduce one of the entertaining, historically significant fields of science and technology, but also allow tracing the development of technical ideas and the ways of their implementation in the human desire to master the air ocean.



Air 01

1. М/57450/2

Авиационные правила. Часть 31. Нормы летной годности пилотируемых свободных аэростатов [Текст]. - М.: [б. и.], 1999. - 24с. - (Техническая библиотека РВО / Русское воздухоплавательное о-во; Вып.2). - Загл. обл.: Нормы летной годности пилотируемых свободных аэростатов тираж не указ.

Air 02

2. Д7-89/71666

Авиация и воздухоплавание в научном наследии К. Э. Циолковского [Текст]: Тр. XXIII Чтений, посвящ. разраб. науч. наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (Калуга, 13-16 сент. 1988 г.): Секция "Авиация и воздухоплавание". - М.: ИИЕТ, 1989. - 177 с.: ил.

Air 03

3. Д8-95/24728

Александр Николаевич Вегенер. Воздухоплаватель, военный инженер, пилот-авиатор, военный летчик, изобретатель, педагог, ученый, 1882-1927 [Текст] : Историко-биограф.документальн.очерк. - М.: [б. и.], 1995. - 122 с.: ил.

Abstract: A.N. Wegener, the world's first military engineer, pilot-aviator, military pilot, did a lot to train flight personnel in Russia, to organize acceptance from the aviation industry, to support aviation and aeronautics, commanding special units. A.N. Wegener led the effort to reorganize an essentially civilian institution into a military academy. He made a great contribution to aviation science in the fields of aerodrome construction, air navigation, flight tests of aircraft and their technical operation, and air communications.

Air NoCover

4. Д/20023

Анощенко, Н.Д. (1894-1974).

Самолеты или аэростаты? [Текст] / Н. Д. Анощенко. - М.: [б. и.], 1924. - 116 с.: ил.

Abstract: This book is a supplemented and systematized collection of reprints of articles on the comparative tactical and economic foundations of aeronautics.

Air 05

5. Ж/12497

Аэроплан для всех [Текст]. Две школы воздухоплавания / P. M. Painleve; пер. с франц., ред. и доп. С. А. Вроблевского. - Изд. 2-е, доп. и испр. - Киев: Самоненко, 1910. - VIII, 128 с.: ил. - Пер.изд.: Воздухоплавательные двигатели / Lelasseux L., Margue R. - 19-е изд. - S.l., s.a.

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Air 06

6. Д9-04/6054

Бернштейн, А.И.

В частях аэростатов заграждения войск ПВО (1941-1945 гг.) [Текст]: Летопись огненных лет: Воспоминания ветерана воздухоплавания / А.И. Бернштейн. - М.: Изд-во МАИ, 2004. - 162 с.

Abstract: The book is the first to publish materials covering the combat use of the A3 in 1941-1945. The author not only recalls everyday life at the front, but also, being convinced of the need to revive barrage balloons, in their effectiveness as an element of a cover system against strikes of modern high-precision weapons, clearly builds his recommendations on the technique and possible combat use of barrage balloons.

Air 07

7. Ж2-01/26325

Бойко, Ю. С.

Воздухоплавание. Привязное. Свободное. Управляемое / Ю.С.Бойко. - М.: [б. и.], 2001. - с.: ил. - 3000 экз. - ISBN 5-8122-0233-8: Б. ц. - Библиогр.: с.458-461 (119 назв.). - Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book shows the development of devices lighter than air - balloons and airships - over the past 200 years, tells about their creators, about the reasons for the extinction and flourishing of this type of technology. A description of projects and developments of modern aeronautical vehicles is given, taking into account the specifics of their application. Attention is paid to the prospects of using aerostatic aircraft, both in the interests of the national economy and for special use for military purposes. Designed for a wide range of readers interested in the history of development, design and use of lighter than air vehicles. It can be used by students of aviation secondary and higher educational institutions as a teaching aid for the course "Aeronautics".

Air 08

8. Ж2-99/21883

Бойко, Ю.С.

Воздухоплавание в изобретениях [Текст] / Ю.С.Бойко. - М.: Транспорт, 1999. - 352 с.: ил.

Abstract: The book contains descriptions of the most characteristic inventions in aeronautical engineering, created in various countries of the world from 1870 to the present. The schemes of balloons and airships are shown, their systems and assemblies, application, directions of their improvement are described. For the first time in the history of aeronautics, it is shown how the development of lighter-than-air vehicles went not in design bureaus, laboratories or workshops of enterprises, but in the minds of inventors. A book for those who are curious and loving the history of technology, for aeronautics, inventors, and sports enthusiasts.

Air 09

9. Ж2-15/61290

Бойко, Ю.С.

Воздухоплавательные аппараты и полеты на них [Текст] / Ю. С. Бойко. - 2-е изд., испр. и доп. - Симферополь: Антиква, 2015. - 633 с.: ил.

Abstract: The development of aeronautical devices - tethered and free balloons, airships of various schemes, kites in various countries of the world as of the end of 2015 is shown. Their designs, applications in both civil and military directions are considered. Methods for calculating the design parameters of balloons and airships, the conditions for their safe operation are presented. Highlighted promising projects of aeronautical vehicles, which are being worked on in developed countries. A book for those curious and loving the history of technology, for aeronautical specialists, inventors and enthusiasts of aeronautical technology.


Air 10

10. Д7-91/91748

Бойко, Ю.С.

Голубая мечта столетий [Текст] / Ю.С.Бойко,В.А.Турьян. - М.: Машиностроение, 1991. - 120 c. : ил.

Abstract: The most important moments from the history of the development of aeronautics for the period 1783-1940 are considered. It is told about balloons and airships of this period, which, according to the authors, deserve attention. The role of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, F. Zeppelin, U. Nobile and other scientists, engineers, inventors in the field of creating aircraft lighter than air is highlighted. For a wide range of readers.


Air 11

11. Д10-08/49234

Бойко, Ю. С.

Инновации фирмы Цеппелин: к 100-летию создания фирмы Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH / Ю. С. Бойко, С. В. Федоров. - Москва: [б. и.], 2008. - 224 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 3 (7 назв.). - 1000 экз. - 260 р. - Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book shows a study of technical solutions in the field of airship, patented by Zeppelin from the day of its organization to the present. The original developments of the heyday of German airship construction in 1920-1930 will undoubtedly attract the attention of modern airship designers and those who are interested in the history of technology development.

Air 12

12. М/13103/8(1990)

Бойко, Ю.С.

Монгольфьеры [Текст] / Ю.С.Бойко. - М.: Знание, 1990. - 64 c.: ил. - (Новое в жизни, науке, технике...21 серия. Транспорт ; 8(1990))

Abstract: The purpose of the brochure is to look into the history of the development of hot air balloons - one of the types of aeronautical equipment, to tell about the current level and prospects of their development.

Air 13

13. Ж/11570

Большев, М.

Теория управляемых аэростатов [Текст] / М. Большев. - СПб.: Тип. Мор. м-ва, 1905. - 120 с. : ил.

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Air 14

14. Ж2-12/54728

Воздухоплавательные летательные аппараты [Текст] : аналит. обзор по материалам зарубеж. информ. источников / сост. В. И. Арчаков, В. А. Попов; под общ. ред. Е. А. Федосова. - М.: ГосНИИАС, 2012. - 76 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 73-74

Abstract: The analytical review provides a brief description of modern technologies used to eliminate the shortcomings of the first generation HVLs, a description of their features and advantages over traditional aircraft and appropriate areas of application in solving socio-economic problems and safety problems. An overview of existing samples and an analysis of promising developments of VLA from various world manufacturers are presented.


Air 15

15. Д7-91/97396

Вопросы аэродинамики и динамики летательных аппаратов в свете идей К.Э. Циолковского: тр. ХХУ Чтений, посвящ. разработке науч. наследия и развитию идей К.Э.Циолковского, Калуга, 11-14 сент.1990 г. Секция "Авиация и воздухоплавание". - М.: ИИЕТ АН СССР, 1991. - 89 с.: ил.

Air 16

16. Ж2-08/44014

Веробьян, Б.С.

История зарождения воздухоплавания и авиации в России [Текст] / Б. С.Веробьян. - М.: Техносфера, 2008 (Вологда). - 229 с.

Abstract: This work presents in a concise and original artistic form the history of the origin of aeronautics and aviation in Russia against the background of achievements in this field in other countries of the world. The book is written on the basis of factual material and contains many illustrations. The author paid the main attention to the little-known pages in the history of the birth of domestic aeronautics and aviation.

Air NoCover

17. М/72550/4

Воздухоплавание и исследование атмосферы [Текст] : [сборник статей] / под ред. пред. отд. М. М. Поморцева. - Санкт-Петербург: Тип. Имп. Акад. наук, 1897 - 1911

Вып. 4. - 1898. - 88 с.: ил.

Air 18

18. Н/11600/2

Воздухоплавательная библиотека [Текст]. - Киев: Поляков, 1910.

Вып. 2: Фербер, Ф. Авиация, ее начало и развитие. С холма на холм. Из города в город. С материка на материк. С портретом и биографией автора сост. Ж. Безансоном / Ф. Фербер; пер. с фр. под ред. Н. Б. Делоне. - Авториз. изд. - Киев: Поляков, 1910. - ХХII, 274 с.: ил.

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Air 19

19. Н/8262/1

Глаголев Н.

К звездам. История воздухоплавания [Текст] / Глаголев Н.

Кн. 1. - [Б. м.: б. и.]. - 1912. - 119 с.: ил.

Abstract: This book was not written for specialists. The author had in mind to give the history of aeronautics to the general reader - therefore he considered it necessary to give the work a descriptive character, to introduce the personal impressions of the flying.

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Air 20

20. Ж2-17/62335

Грумондз, В. Т. 

Аэромеханика дирижабля / В. Т. Грумондз, Н. В. Семенчиков, О. В. Яковлевский ; ред. Ю. А. Рыжов. - М. : Наука, 2017. - 408 с.: ил.

Abstract: The issues of aerodynamics and dynamics of airship flight are considered. Calculations of the aerodynamic effects on the airship are carried out using computational aerodynamics methods. The aerodynamic characteristics of the airship are investigated taking into account the effect of the screen, as well as the effect of screw propellers, the aerodynamic characteristics in a steady flow with a transverse shear near the screen and when moving through regions of atmospheric jet-type heterogeneity, aerodynamic forces and moments of inertial nature acting on the airship. General spatial mathematical models of movement, models of longitudinal and lateral movements of the airship, mathematical models of steady movements are presented. The questions of the analysis of disturbed movements, stability and controllability of the airship are considered. The paper presents the results of solving the problems of the dynamics of an airship pulled by a cable to the ground. Most of the issues of aerodynamics and dynamics of airship flight, considered in the monograph, are presented in the scientific literature for the first time.

For researchers, engineers and graduate students.


Air 21

21. Д10-18/56868

Дубинин, Ф. Д. 

О дирижаблях и свободной энергии: / Ф. Д. Дубинин. - Санкт-Петербург: Изд-во Политехн. ун-та, 2018. - 175 с.: ил.

Abstract: The book discusses two problems that can significantly affect the economy, significantly improve the ecological state of the environment, radically change the technological basis of the transport system and energy. The question is the introduction of aeronautical transport into the structure of the national economy and the transition of energy to fuel-free energy generators. Airship construction in combination with fuel-free energy can stimulate the development of new technologies and create so many jobs, so contribute to the improvement and preservation of the Earth's biosphere that they may well become national innovation projects.


Air 22

22. Ж2-95/17443

Дузь, П.Д.

История воздухоплавания и авиации в России. Период до 1914 г. [Текст] / П.Д.Дузь. - М.: Наука, 1995. - 495 c.: ил.

Abstract: The monograph, based on a large number of archival and literary materials, sets out in chronological order the development of aeronautics and aviation in Russia from the beginning of the 16th century. until 1914. The book is intended for everyone interested in the history of aeronautics and aviation.

Air 23

23. Д7-89/82116

Дузь, П.Д.

История воздухоплавания и авиации в России (июль 1914 г. - октябрь 1917 г.) [Текст] / П.Д.Дузь. - 3.изд., доп. - М.: Машиностроение, 1989. - 335 с.

Abstract: The book examines the development of domestic aviation technology and science, the emergence of the aviation industry in Russia in the period from the outbreak of the First World War to the Great October Socialist Revolution. The combat activity of the Russian air force during the war, as well as the combat use of airships and tethered balloons are described. The third edition (2nd edition published in 1986) publishes a number of archival materials for the first time.


Air 24

24. Ж/2603

Жуковский, Н.Е. (1847-1921).

Теоретические основы воздухоплавания [Текст] : с 354 фиг. в тексте / Н. Е. Жуковский ; под редакцией В. П. Ветчинкина и Н. Г. Ченцова ; РСФСР, Научно-технический отдел В.С.Н.Х. - Изд. 2-е (первое посмертное). - М.: Гос. техн. изд-во, 1925. - 306 с.: ил. - ( Научно-техническая библиотека. В. Серия 7. № XIII-2 ). - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч.

Full Text

Air 25

25. Ж/3313

Жуковский, Н.Е. (1847-1921).

Теоретические основы воздухоплавания [Текст] : курс читан в 1910/11 акад. г. / Н. Е. Жуковский. - М. : Тип.-литогр. И. Х. Кавыкина, 1911. - 448 с.: ил.

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Air 26

26. М/57450/4

Заманов, М.Б.

Основы расчета и конструирования тепловых аэростатов [Текст] / М.Б.Заманов;Под ред.Ю.В.Щербакова. - М.: [б. и.], 2000. - 72 с.: ил. - (Техническая библиотека РВО / Русское воздухоплавательное о-во; Вып.4)

Abstract: In the book, the author tried to explain the basics of the device and design of hot air balloons as simply and easily as possible. The book is primarily aimed at the reader who does not have a special technical education and does not own a complex mathematical apparatus. It seems that the book can be useful not only as a textbook, but also as a guide to the design of hot air balloons and the properties of the materials used and finished products..

Air 27

27. Ж/15367

История воздухоплавания и авиации в СССР [Текст]: Период до 1914 г. По архив. материалам и свидетельствам современников / Под ред. В.А. Попова. - М.: НКАП. Гос. изд-во оборон. пром-сти, 1944. - 647 с. : ил.

Abstract: This book is a valuable contribution to the study of the aviation history of our people. The technical progress of flying is considered in great detail and in an interesting way. This book is built almost entirely on the richest archival material published for the first time. It gives an idea of the creative activity of domestic inventors in one of the most interesting and advanced branches of modern technology.

Air 28

28. Д7-90/88648

К. Э. Циолковский и вопросы аэродинамики летательных аппаратов и дирижаблестроения: тр. XXIV чтений, посвящ. разработке науч. наследия и развитию идей К.Э. Циолковского (Калуга, 12-15 сент.1989 г.): Секция "Авиация и воздухоплавание". - М. : ИИЕТ АН СССР, 1990. - 139 с.

Air 29 

29. М/68746/1

Карпова, Л. И.

История авиации и космонавтики [Текст] / учеб. пособие. - М. : МГТУ ГА, 2013 - . - В надзаг.: Моск. гос. техн. ун-т гражд. авиации, Каф. гуманитар. и соц.-полит. наук

Ч. 1: История воздухоплавания и авиации. - 2013. - 104 с. - Библиогр.: с. 104 (9 назв.)

Abstract: The manual sets out the main directions of the formation of aeronautics, the birth of aviation and aviation science, the activities of foreign and Russian inventors and designers to create aircraft heavier than air. A chronicle of the main events of aviation and aeronautics is presented, which will contribute to the systematization of students' knowledge.

 Air 30

30. Ж2-13/56857

Кирилин, А. Н.

Дирижабли [Текст] / А. Н. Кирилин. - М.: МАИ-ПРИНТ, 2013. - 415 с.: ил.

Abstract: The monograph examines the laws and regularities of the aerostatic principle of flight. Historical and technical analysis of design and operational solutions of aerostatic aircraft, structural and parametric analysis and synthesis of new generation transport airships in a wide range of dimensions have been carried out. An economic assessment of the use of airships in various fields of human activity is given. The publication is addressed to a wide range of readers interested in aeronautical technology, specialists involved in the development of lighter-than-air aircraft, as well as graduate students and students of higher aviation schools.

 Air 31

31. М/57450/4а

Кирилин, А.Н.

Расчет основных проектных параметров дирижаблей мягкого типа [Текст] / А.Н. Кирилин, Б.А. Ивченко. - М.: [б. и.], 2000. - 54 с.: ил. - (Техническая библиотека РВО / Русское воздухоплавательное о-во ; Вып.4а)

Abstract: The purpose of these studies is to develop methods for calculating the main design parameters of a soft-type airship. Airships of classical form, close to statically equilibrium ones, which are subject to the requirements of the Airship Airship Criteria of the AR IAC (KLGD) are considered. This paper discusses in detail the methods for calculating the airship drag, its thrust and power-to-weight ratio, and loads acting on the hull of a soft airship.

 Air 32

32. Д/16709

Когутов, И.Л.

Водород как газ для воздушных кораблей [Текст] / И. Л. Когутов. - Москва: Гос. авиац. и автотрактор. изд-во, 1932. - 72 с.: ил.

Abstract: The book summarizes the most important information about hydrogen for aircrafts in two sections: the first is the physics of gases and the second is the technology of hydrogen. The technological section talks in more detail about the most common methods of mass production of hydrogen, while the rest are discussed very briefly, sometimes only those chemical reactions that formed the basis of production are given.

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 Air 33

33. Д/9667

Когутов, И.

Парашют для привязного аэростата [Текст] / И. Когутов. - Петроград: [б. и.], 1917. - 36 с.: ил.

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 Air 34

34. М/57450/1

Критерии летной годности для дирижаблей [Текст]. - М.: [б. и.], 1999. - 144 с.: ил. - (Техническая библиотека РВО / Русское воздухоплавательное о-во; Вып.1)


 Air 35

35. Ж/12269

Ламбин, Б.

Проект воздухоплавания [Текст] / Б. Ламбин. - СПб.: Тип. П. П. Сойкина, 1889. - 42 с. - Библиогр. в подстроч. примеч.

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 Air 36

36. Ж/5547


Курс аэростатики [Текст] / Летурнер; перевод с дополнениями и введением М. Н. Канищева. - М.: Воен. воздуш. акад. РККА им. Н. Е. Жуковского, 1926. - VIII, 188 c.: ил.

 Air 37

37. Н/6924/1

Менделеев, Д. (1834-1907).

О сопротивлении жидкостей и воздухоплавании [Электронный ресурс] / Д. Менделеев. - СПб.: Тип. В. Демакова, 1880 -

Вып. 1. - 1880. - 80 с.

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 Air 38

38. Н/12013/ИАЭ-6693/3

Мордашев, В.М.

Атомный дирижабль - ключ к сохранению и процветанию России [Текст] / В.М. Мордашев. - М. : [б. и.], 2012. - 17 с. - (Препринт / "Курчат. ин-т", нац. науч. центр ; ИАЭ-6693/3)

Abstract: Russia has many hard-to-reach and undeveloped territories. It is possible and expedient to develop these territories only through aeronautics - airships with a carrying capacity of thousands of tons. The most effective airships of this carrying capacity are atomic. They are quite safe and can become an effective means of preserving and prospering Russia.

 Air 39

39. Д/9819

Морозов, Н. (1854-1946).

Среди облаков [Текст] / Н. Морозов. - Л.: Путь к знанию, 1924. - 320 с.: ил.

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 Air 40

40. Н/21579/3

Московское общество воздухоплавания.

Бюллетени Московского общества воздухоплавания [Текст]. - [Москва]: Тип. Императ. Моск. Ун-та, 19 -

3. - 1911. - 103 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 101-103

 Air 41

41. Ж/12076

Об аэростате или ветролёте в применении к общественному быту [Текст]. - СПб. : [б. и.], 1856. - 27 с.: ил.

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 Air 42

42. Б1/9024

Первый аэронавт Литвы Александрас Гришкявичюс и его книга "Паролет Жмудина" [Текст]: [сборник]. - Вильнюс: Минтис, 1971. - 83 с.: ил. - Загл. обл.: Первый аэронавт Литвы.

 Air 43

43. Д/19306

Полозов, Н.П.

Баллонные материи и веревочный такелаж [Текст] / Н. П. Полозов. - Москва: ОНТИ НКТП СССР. Гл. ред. авиац. лит., 1934. - 73, [2] с.: ил.

Full Text

 Air 44

44. Д8-92/2374

Проблемы авиации и воздухоплавания [Текст]: Тр. XXVI Чтений, посвящ. разраб. науч. наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (Калуга, 17-20 сент. 1991г.): Секция "Авиация и воздухоплавание" / Отв. ред. С. А. Попыталов и др. - М.: Ин-т истории естествознания и техники, 1992. – 79 с.: ил.

 Air 45

45. Ж/5626

Расчет и устройство оболочек управляемых аэростатов [Текст] / сост. по Р. Базенаху Б. В. Голубов. - СПб.: Орбита, 1913. - 116 с.: ил.

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 Air NoCover

46. Н/5360/1

Родных, А.

История воздухоплавания и летания в России [Текст] / А. Родных. - СПб. : [б. и.], 1911 -

Кн. 1: Летание и воздухоплавание в старину. - 1911. - 117 с.: ил.

 Air 47

47. Ж/12866

Рузер, Л.

Воздухоплавание, его история, успехи и будущее [Текст]: популярно-науч. изложение / Л. Рузер. - СПб. : Обществ. польза, 1910. - IX, 165 с.: ил.

Air 48

48. М/56195/2(1999)

Русское воздухоплавательное о-во (Москва).

Тематический сборник аналитических материалов [Текст]. - М.: [б. и.], 19 -

N 2(1999): Военное применение воздухоплавательной техники. - 1999. - 48 с.: ил.

Abstract: The collection of analytical materials is devoted to the military use of modern aeronautical technology. Aeronautics allowed a person to ascend into the sky for the first time, to feel like the master of the most unbridled element of the Earth. Aeronautics owes its development to military affairs. Already on the basis of military aeronautics, other sections of aeronautics were also developed: scientific, sports, commercial, etc. In this collection you will find open and useful information about military aeronautics for specialists and simply addicted people, as well as information on the use and prospects of using aerostatic aircraft in modern armed conflicts.

 Air 49

49. М/56195/3(2000)

Русское воздухоплавательное о-во (Москва).

Тематический сборник аналитических материалов [Текст]. - М.: [б. и.], 20 -

N 3(2000): Военное применение воздухоплавательной техники. - 2000. - 40 с.: ил.

Abstract: The collection contains information about the developments of the Augur Aeronautical Center; projects of airships, tethered balloons and pneumatic structures intended for use by units of the Ministry of Defense, FPS, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. The information in the collection is presented in the form of brief annotations for each of the projects, outlining the main technical characteristics and areas of application.

Air 47

50. Д/8752

Рынин, Н.А.

Завоевание стратосферы [Текст]: к полетам советских высотных аэростатов в стратосферу / проф. Н. А. Рынин. - Ленинград; Москва: Молодая гвардия, 1933. - 79 с.: ил.

Abstract: The book is devoted to the description of the gradual stages of the conquest of the stratosphere and the types of balloons used for this purpose.

Air 51

51. Н/11405/2

Рынин, Н.

Курс воздухоплавания [Текст]: лекции, читан. в Ин-те инженеров путей сообщения Императора Александра I в 1910-11 академ. г. / Н. Рынин. - СПб.: Тип. Ю. Н. Эрлих, 19 -

Ч. 2: Аэростатика теоретическая и прикладная. - 1911. - 151 с.: ил.

Full Text

Air 52

52. М/55290/15

Сборник научно-технических работ по дирижаблестроению и воздухоплаванию [Текст]. - М.: [б. и.], 19 -

N 15. - 1998. - 128 с.: ил.

Abstract: The collection introduces the results of research and development in the field of aeronautics, both in Russia and abroad. The basis of the published articles of the collection are works that provide an overview of fundamental applied problems of aeronautics. The collection also covers the activities of scientific and technical societies, publishes information about domestic and international congresses, congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars and exhibitions in aeronautics. A number of problems related to aeronautics are considered. There are published annotations of copyright certificates registered in Russia, news of science, technology, bibliography, information about important sporting events.

Air NoCover

53. Ж2-18/65136

Степанов, М.В.

Полностью электрический летательный аппарат [Текст]: (аналитический обзор по материалам зарубежных информационных источников) / М. В. Степанов, И. Р. Смирнова; под общей редакцией Е. А. Федосова; Государственный научный центр Российской Федерации Государственный научно-исследовательский институт авиационных систем (ФГУП "ГосНИИАС"), Научно-информационный центр. - Москва: Науч.-информ. центр ГосНИИАС, 2018. - 101 с. : ил.

Abstract: The review examines the current state and prospects for the use of electric propulsion in aircraft. The history of the application of electric and hybrid power plants in aeronautics is described, both existing electric and hybrid aircraft are presented, as well as new concepts that are under development. Projects of electric "flying cars" and vertical take-off and landing aircraft for use as urban air taxi are considered.

Air 54

54. Ж/5407

Управляемый аэростат "Парсеваль" / сост. Р. Л. Нижевский. - СПб. : Тип.-литогр. Маркова, 1912. - 36 с.: ил. + 1 л. черт. - Тираж не указ. - Б. ц.
В надзаг.: Офицерск. воздухоплават. школа.

Air 55

55. Д10-16/32416

Учватов, В.И.

Орбиты Архимеда [Текст] / В. И. Учватов. - М.: Адвансед солюшнз, 2016. - 207 с.: ил.

Abstract: "Archimedes"! Associated with this name: ancient Greece, the history of human civilization, the formation of science and much more, everything before "our era". The term "orbit" in our world appeared and has existed for less than half a century in connection with the first artificial satellite of the Earth. The symbiosis of these words was born 2222 years later, when the first aircraft of mankind, the principle of flight of which is based on Archimedes' law, made round-the-world orbital flights. The heroes of these aeronautical orbits are the team of the Swiss Bertrand Piccard with the British Brian Jones and the lone hero American Steve Fossett.

Air 56

56. Н/14954/1

Фабрикант, Н. Я.

Теоретическая аэродинамика в применении к воздухоплаванию [Текст] / Н. Я. Фабрикант; Учебный комбинат Гражданского воздушного флота, Кафедра аэродинамики и динамики полета. – Ленинград: [ б. и.], 1933 -

Ч. 1: Воздушный корабль в установившемся безвихревом потоке. - Изд. литогр. - 1933. - 164 с.: ил.

Air 57

57. Б/2613

Федоров, А.

Новый принцип воздухоплавания, исключающий атмосферу как опорную среду [Текст] / А. Федоров. - СПб.: Тип. А. Л. Трунова, 1896. - 16 с.

Full Text

Air NoCover

58. Д/27345

Федоров, Е.

Сопротивление воздуха в применении к решению задачи воздухоплавания [Текст]: сообщ. Е. Федорова в И. Р. Техн. о-ве (28 нояб. 1884 г.) / Е. Федоров. - СПб.: Тип. Пантелеевых, 1884. - 30 с.: ил.

Full Text

Air 59

59. Н/9940/1

Фомин, Н. В.

Воздухоплавание [Текст] / Н. В. Фомин. - М. : Гос. техн. изд-во, 1929 - . - В надзаг.: Центр. аэрогидродинам. ин-т

Вып. 1: Статика и динамика аэростата. - 1929. - 70 с.: ил. - Библиогр.: с. 70

Abstract: This book summarizes a number of studies on airships, laying the foundation for further work on this issue. Taking into account the interest in controlled aeronautics of wide technical circles, TsAGI decided to publish this work, as containing independent research by N.V. Fomin.

Air 60

60. Н/162/2682

Центральный аэрогидродинамический институт им. Н. Е. Жуковского (Москва). Труды Центрального аэрогидродинамического института им. Н. Е. Жуковского [Текст]. - М.: Издат. отд. ЦАГИ, 19 -

Вып. 2682: Проблемные вопросы создания высотных аэростатических платформ как перспективного средства телерадиокоммуникационного и мониторингового обеспечения: сб. ст. - 2009. - 59 с. : ил.

Abstract: The presented collection of articles highlights the main problematic issues of creating high-altitude aerostatic platforms (HAP). The following are considered: structural solutions of the stratosphere shell, characteristics of the structural material and its strength properties in the conditions of practical use; the capabilities of the TsAGI experimental base to determine the flight technical, thermal strength and other characteristics of the vehicle; power plants based on promising energy sources - solar batteries, electrochemical generator; methods for calculating solar energy arriving at the airship; parameters and characteristics of the propeller - the propeller, as well as technical and economic issues of providing telecommunications services and investing in the development of UPA.

Air NoCover

61. Д/9976

Циолковский, К.Э. (1857-1935).

Аэростат и аэроплан [Текст] / К. Э. Циолковский. - СПб.: В. А. Тиханов, 1908. - Разд. паг. с.: ил.

Air 62

62. Ж/1731

Циолковский, К.Э. (1857-1935).

Дирижабль из волнистой стали [Текст] / К. Э. Циолковский. - Калуга: [б. и.], 1928. - 17 с.: ил.

Full Text

Air 63

63. Ж/2634

Циолковский, К.Э. (1857-1935).

Защита аэроната [Текст] / К.Э.Циолковский. - Калуга: Тип. Архангельской, 1911. - 8 с.

Full Text

Air NoCover

64. Н/132/3

Циолковский, К. Э. (1857-1935).

Собрание сочинений [Текст] / К. Э. Циолковский. - М.: Изд-во Акад. наук СССР, 19 -

Т. 3: Дирижабли. - 1959. - 316 с.: ил. 3000 экз.

Air 65

65. Д8-93/13945

Чтения, посвященные разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (27; 1992; Калуга).

Труды XXVII Чтений, посвященных разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К.Э.Циолковского (Калуга, 15-18 сент. 1992 г.): Секция "Авиация и воздухоплавание"/ Чтения, посвященные разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (27; 1992 ; Калуга). - М.: ИИЕТ РАН, 1993. -102 c.: ил.

Air 66

66. Д8-96/26149

Чтения, посвященные разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (29; 1994; Калуга).

Труды ХХ1Х Чтений, посвященных разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К.Э.Циолковского: Калуга,13-15 сент.1994 г.Секция"Авиация и воздухоплавание"/ Чтения, посвященные разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (29 ; 1994 ; Калуга) . -М.: ИИЕТ РАН, 1996. -104 с.: ил.

Air 67

67. Д8-97/39449

Чтения, посвященные разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (ХХХ; 1995; Калуга).

Труды ХХХ-ХХХI чтений, посвященных разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К.Э.Циолковского, Калуга,1995,1996 гг.Секция "Авиация и воздухоплавание" [Текст] / Чтения, посвященные разработке научного наследия и развитию идей К. Э. Циолковского (ХХХ ; 1995 ; Калуга) . - М.: ИИЕТ РАН, 1997. - 162 с. : ил.

Air 68

68. Д/9645

Шабашев, Н.И.

Привязное воздухоплавание в военном деле и применение его в России в войну 1914-1917 гг. [Текст] / Н. И. Шабашев. - М.: Госиздат, 1921. – 45 с.

Full Text


Air 69

69. Н/5290/1

Шабский, А.

Управляемые аэростаты. Теория, конструкция и историческое развитие управляемых аэростатов [Текст] / А. Шабский. - СПб.: Тип. Усманова, 19 - . - (Издание журнала "Воздухоплаватель")

Вып. 1: Глава 1. Управляемость аэростатов. Глава 2. Сопротивление воздуха. - 1909. - 59 с.: ил.

Full Text

Air 70

70. Н/5290/2

Шабский, А.

Управляемые аэростаты. Теория, конструкция и историческое развитие управляемых аэростатов [Текст] / А. Шабский. - СПб.: Тип. Усманова, 19 - . - (Издание журнала "Воздухоплаватель")

Вып. 2. - 1909. - С. 61-132 : ил.

Full Text

Air 71

71. Д1/21683

Шестерикова, Л.

Даты истории отечественной авиации и воздухоплавания [Текст] / Л. Шестерикова. - М.: Изд-во ДОСААФ, 1953. - 283 с.: ил.

Full Text

Air 72

72. М/57450/3

Щербаков, Ю.В.

Аэродинамика корпусов дирижаблей [Текст] / Ю.В.Щербаков. - М.: [б. и.], 1999. – 48 с.: ил. - (Техническая библиотека РВО / Русское воздухоплавательное о-во; Вып.3)

АAbstract: To date, information on those sections of aerodynamics that can be used in airship calculations is scattered across a large number of scientific and educational works. At the same time, scientific and technical work on airship construction is often carried out by small teams that do not have the strength for large-scale scientific research. In this regard, there is a need for such literature on the aerodynamics of airships, which would cover the relevant issues in sufficient detail and at the same time be accessible to persons without special education (designers, structural engineers, etc.).

The proposed work is intended to fill this gap in the aerodynamics of airship hulls and is of a compilation nature. It is suitable both for a first acquaintance with the issue and for use as a reference guide for aerodynamic calculations.

Air 73

73. М/57450/6

Щербаков, Ю.В.

Проектирование внутренней катенарной подвески дирижаблей [Текст] / Ю.В.Щербаков. - М.: [б. и.], 2000. - 20 с.: ил. - (Техническая библиотека РВО / Русское воздухоплавательное о-во; Вып.6)

Abstarct: The proposed work is an attempt to give a complete description of the methods of calculation and design of the internal catenary suspension. The calculation is based on an analogy between a catenary arch and some equivalent beam - this principle is successfully applied in the structural mechanics of structures when designing momentless arches. This made it possible to develop a relatively simple technique based on the methods of resistance to evidence. The book was based on the materials of his scientific and technical report on the work on the design of the internal suspension of the AU-12 airship in 1999.

Air 74

74. Д9-08/40941

Щербаков, Ю.В.

Теория полета дирижаблей [Текст]: краткий курс / Ю. В. Щербаков. - М.: URSS, 2008 (М.). - 79 с.: ил. - (Труды Русского воздухоплавательного общества). - Библиогр.: с. 78.

Abstarct: This book sets out the foundations of the theory of airship flight: aerostatics, aerodynamics, flight dynamics. Theoretical information is given on the basis of elementary algebra and trigonometry, without the involvement of higher mathematics. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basic concepts of aerodynamics and the theory of aircraft flight. The publication is intended for pilots and airship operation engineers, as well as students of aviation universities and aeronautics. It can be used as a teaching aid, including for independent study or for preparing lecture materials.

Air 75

75. У3938/2009/1

Вестник воздухоплавания [Текст]: научно-популяр. ил. журн. - Москва : Редакция газеты "Кворум", 2009, №1 - (М.). - (Библиотека воздухоплавания).