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A startup (from the English startup, startup company) is any young business that is created to implement any promising idea or ideas in order to make good profits. The term was first used in Forbes magazine in August 1976 and Business Week in September 1977. Now the concept of "startup" goes hand in hand with the desire of entrepreneurs to create a new information project, counting on its rapid growth and high capitalization. A startup must be unique, otherwise it is no longer a startup, but a small business: startups are obliged to create something new or improve an existing product. A startup's vocation is to solve problems and tasks that, over time, become possible to solve only through the use of the results of technical progress. “Modern high-tech projects should serve one purpose: to make it easier for users to do everything in their daily life,” said Isaac “Biz” Stone, founder of Twitter.


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Literature online


StartUp 01

1. Смирнов В. А.

Growth Hacking: как раскрутить стартап с нуля. – (С нуля) / В.А. Смирнов. – Санкт-Петербург : БХВ-Петербург, 2020. – 240 с. – ISBN 978-5-9775-6610-0. – URL: https://ibooks.ru/products/369883 – Текст: электронный.

Д10-20/74062 (КДИ)

Abstract: For the first time, the book tells in Russian about a set of marketing tools united by a common concept called Growth Hacking. The principles of split testing, prototyping, collecting web analytics, and automating business processes using various services are considered in detail. For a better understanding of the theory, each chapter contains examples of common mistakes young startups and successful cases of established companies. The book is aimed at executives and managers of technology companies, aspiring entrepreneurs starting their own business on the Internet, and readers who are just about to start their own IT startup.

StartUp 02

2. Гай Кавасаки

Стартап по Кавасаки: проверенные методы начала любого дела / Кавасаки Гай ; перевод Д. Глебов ; под редакцией В. Потапова. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 336 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-5891-6. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/86879 – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract:  There is so much common sense and specifics in this book that it will come in handy not only for those who have started a new application or offline business, but for everyone who is considering a project.

StartUp 03

3. Бланк Стив

Стартап: Настольная книга основателя / Стив Бланк, Боб Дорф ; перевод Т. Гутман, И. Окунькова, Е. Бакушева. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 623 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-1983-2. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/82518.html (дата обращения: 16.10.2020). – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Ж2-13/54596 ( КДИ)

Abstract: This is the most fundamental startup management course in the world. The revolutionary customer development methodology, created by the authors, has already helped thousands of entrepreneurs to create new businesses in many countries around the world, including Russia. The idea of ​​the method is to leave the office as early as possible and test your business model on real consumers, making changes, sometimes very significant, to the initial idea. We supplemented the original text of the authors with a case from Russian practice to show how the consumer development methodology works in our country.

StartUp 04

4. Бланк Стив

Четыре шага к озарению: стратегии создания успешных стартапов / Бланк Стив. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 376 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-4645-6. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/86740.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: It was in this book that Steve Blank formulated for the first time in the world the only effective methodology for developing new products and creating new businesses, based on the scientific method of hypothesis testing: Customer Development Methodology. Instead of blindly following a business plan, an entrepreneur should go through all four steps of the consumer development methodology and create a feedback system that will allow competitors to test new hypotheses and implement them faster than competitors.

StartUp 05

5. Гозман О.

Бизнес – это FUN!: от российского стартапа к международной компании / О. Гозман. – Москва : Альпина Бизнес Букс, 2019. – 176 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-0991-8. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/83084.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: It was in this book that Steve Blank formulated for the first time in the world the only effective methodology for developing new products and creating new businesses, based on the scientific method of hypothesis testing: Customer Development Methodology. Instead of blindly following a business plan, an entrepreneur should go through all four steps of the consumer development methodology and create a feedback system that will allow competitors to test new hypotheses and implement them faster than competitors.

StartUp 06

6. Кесслер Энди

Радикальный стартап: 12 правил бизнес-дарвинизма / Энди Кесслер ; перевод Е. Бакушева. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 232 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-1730-2. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/82766.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: The theory of natural selection formulated by Darwin is true not only for wildlife, but also for business - those companies that quickly and accurately assess market opportunities, are not afraid of radically new ideas, processes, products, feel better than others. For startups, this is doubly true: a new firm needs to give the consumer something completely new, memorable, original - and if you get down to business wisely, fabulous wealth will fall on you. To learn this, you only need to follow 12 simple rules. The book is addressed to entrepreneurs as well as managers, investors and a wide audience.

StartUp 07

7. Романс Эндрю

Настольная книга венчурного предпринимателя: Секреты лидеров стартапов / Эндрю Романс ; перевод В. Виноградов, В. Ионов. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 248 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-4971-6. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/82738.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Ж2-15/57727 ( КДИ )

Abstract: The book, written by one of the world's leading experts in the field of venture capital financing, tells about how the global market for investment in startups works, how investors approach company valuation and what they expect from businessmen at presentations. The book is full of invaluable advice on how to negotiate, by what criteria to choose partners, what legal risks must be taken into account and, most importantly, on how all partners should act in order to maximize the value of the business for both founders and investors.

StartUp 08

8. Стартап-гайд: Как начать… и не закрыть свой интернет-бизнес / Пол Грэм, С. Ашин, Н. Давыдов [и др.] ; под редакцией М. Р. Зобниной. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 176 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-4824-5. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/82519.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Д10-19/70494 (КДИ)

Abstract: The authors of the book are leading experts in the venture capital market and successful Russian startups with vast experience in their fields, give valuable advice to those who want to bring their startup to the level of big business. The authors share with readers purely practical information, giving concise and clear advice on all key aspects of creating an Internet company: how to make a product out of an idea that will be in demand by your audience; how to recruit customers and teach them to pay for your product or service; how to build and scale a business model; how to form the right team and much more.

StartUp 09

9. Рис Э.

Метод стартапа: предпринимательские принципы управления для долгосрочного роста компании / Э. Рис ; перевод М. Кульнева ; под редакцией С. Турко. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2018. – 352 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-0718-1. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/94294.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Ж2-18/65032 (КДИ (1), ХРЦ (1))

Abstract: Thousands of entrepreneurs have adopted Rees' ideas from his first book and have proven their effectiveness in starting a business. But can these principles be applied in large companies or startups that are already on their feet with confidence? Will they be effective in other conditions? And, most importantly, how to ensure sustainable growth? Drawing on his experience of working with a wide variety of companies, Eric Rees explains how to use Lean Startup principles at any stage of an organization's development, whether it is a tiny startup or a multinational corporation.

StartUp 10

10. Питер Тиль

От нуля к единице: как создать стартап, который изменит будущее / Тиль Питер, Мастерс Блейк. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 192 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-4839-9. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/86751.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: Peter Thiel, the entrepreneur who created PayPal and the first investor in Facebook, believes that the foundation of any successful startup is a unique product that gives the company a winning monopoly status. Therefore, one of the important conditions for the survival of any project is the ability of the founders to look at the world in a new way in order to notice a winning idea that no one has developed yet. It is these ideas, first articulated in lectures at Stanford University, that formed the basis of Peter Thiel's book. Using the example of Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other companies, and most importantly, from his own unique experience at PayPal, Peter explains what strategy an aspiring businessman should choose in order to succeed in creating his own startup.

StartUp 11

11. Иноземцева Е. С.

Стартап без купюр, или 50 и 1 урок, как сделать бизнес в Москве для клиентов со всего мира / Е. С. Иноземцева. – Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2014. – 355 c. – ISBN 978-5-00057-145-3. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/39416.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: This book is about the heroes of our startup time: those who started their business in the 2010s, about their victories and defeats, about the difficult but exciting path to success. Its goal is to teach and suggest, inspire and motivate. The book is addressed to those who have already tried on the role of an entrepreneur, as well as those who are still dreaming of starting their own business. It briefly and succinctly reflects the entire map of the reality of the modern Russian business environment: where to go for funding, in which startup competitions to participate, on which platform to look for an investor and who to learn from. The book is a step-by-step motivator of 50 lessons and one designed to help budding entrepreneurs.

StartUp 12

12. Крис Гильбо

Стартап за $100 : создай новое будущее, делая то, что ты любишь / Гильбо Крис ; перевод Е. Бузникова. – Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2013. – 240 c. – ISBN 978-5-91657-541-5. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/39418.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: This book will help you change your life. It contains recommendations from those for whom their own business has become the key to self-realization. All her heroes, not possessing any special skills, managed to turn a hobby into a source of income and radically change their lives, and in return they received freedom and satisfaction. Try to start small. It will take very little time and money to open your own business, and only when you are confident of success, take the last, decisive, step, leaving your old profession, and start living the way you want.

StartUp 13

13. Верн Харниш

Правила прибыльных стартапов : как расти и зарабатывать деньги / Харниш Верн ; перевод В. Хозинский. – Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2012. – 268 c. – ISBN 978-5-91657-254-4. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/39353 – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

М/65427/4(28) (КДИ)

Abstract: Verne Harnish is a recognized world expert in the field of start-up development, the president of Gazelles, which gave the world a new term - "gazelle companies", talks about the time-tested and successful entrepreneurs principles of company development that will help you not to lose investor money, but to develop your beginner profitably business. The book describes how to go from a small entrepreneurial company to a well-structured corporation. The book is intended not only for novice start-ups, but also for senior executives who want to ensure sustainable growth and development for their companies.

StartUp 14

14. Майк Микаловиц

Стартап без бюджета / Микаловиц Майк ; перевод С. Филин. – Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2012. – 200 c. – ISBN 978-5-91657-316-9. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/39415.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Ж2-11/51009 (КДИ )

Abstract: This book is indispensable for those who are growing a startup, for those who are about to launch a startup and are tormented by doubts, and for everyone who wants his company, no longer being a startup, to maintain its drive. If you've already read Rework and Delivering Happiness, then this is your next book.

StartUp 15

15. Брент Купер

Стартап вокруг клиента : как построить бизнес правильно с самого начала / Купер Брент, Власковиц Патрик ; перевод В. Кулаева. – Москва : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2011. – 134 c. – ISBN 978-5-91657-274-2. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/39417.html – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: Customer Development, or Customer Development, is a relatively new approach to building companies. It allows the entrepreneur to get by at less cost and almost be independent of intuition. How? By including the client from the very beginning in all major business decisions - strategy, marketing and product development. This book is a concise and succinct methodological guide to building an effective startup. If you want to sell your customers exactly what they need, read this book while registering a company. And then put it on the table - it will come in handy for your fast-growing startup more than once. And if you run a mature business, you have a chance to conquer a new market segment.

StartUp 16a

16. Freese, B.

Corporate-Venture-Capital-Einheiten als Wissensbroker : Empirische Untersuchung interorganisationaler Beziehungen zwischen Industrie- und Start-up-Unternehmen / B. Freese. – Electronic text data. – Wiesbaden : Dt. Univ.-Verl., 2006. – URL: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2F978-3-8350-9078-1

StartUp 17

17. Хоффман Рид

Жизнь как стартап: Строй карьеру по законам Кремниевой долины / Рид Хоффман, Бен Касноча. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2019. – 240 c. – ISBN 978-5-9614-2227-6. – Текст : электронный // Электронно-библиотечная система IPR BOOKS : [сайт]. – http://www.iprbookshop.ru/82945.html  – Режим доступа: для авторизир. пользователей

Abstract: The career of each person is essentially not much different from a startup - the authors of the book Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and Ben Kasnocha are convinced of this. The authors describe how to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by putting together three pieces of the puzzle: our assets, our aspirations, and the realities of the market; how to create strong relationships with people and turn them into a powerful professional network; how to accurately assess and take reasonable risks; and much more. They reveal the secrets of the success of startups like Intel, Apple, Google, eBay, Yahoo, PayPal, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and show how their experiences can be applied to their careers.


18. Мзарелуа Л.П., Халяпин А.А.

Особенности инвестирования в стартапы / Л.П.Мзарелуа, А.А.Халяпин // Экономика и бизнес: теория и практика. – 2020. – №5.-С.86-89

Abstract: This paper considered all the positive and negative aspects of investing in startups, as well as the current situation and development of investing in this area in Russia. In the country, this investment sector is underdeveloped, which is confirmed by the predominant share of the state in the structure of investors. As a result of the study, measures were proposed aimed at attracting additional funds owned by private and foreign investors.



19. Гулиев А.Ю.

Жизненный цикл стартапов, финансовые аспекты / А.Ю.Гулиев // Финансовые рынки и банки. – 2020. – №1. – С.48-52

Abstract: The article clarifies the concept of a startup, examines the key characteristics of each stage of the project, determines the parameters on the basis of which the project can be evaluated at different stages of the life cycle.



20. Кокотков В.В.

Анализ сделок слияний и поглощений на рынке финтех стартапов / В.В.Кокотков // Экономика и бизнес: теория и практика. – 2020. – №5-3(63).-С.44-49

Abstract:  The purpose of this work is to analyze mergers and acquisitions in the fintech start-up market. A review of the fintech start-up market was also conducted, major transactions and major changes in the fintech industry were considered. In addition, the author compiled the charts necessary for analyzing these transactions.



21. Попов А.Н.

Модель организации инновационной деятельности корпоративных стартап-студий / А.Н.Попов // Инновации и инвестиции. – 2020. – №6. – С.25-28

Abstract: The author identified the distinctive features of corporate start-up studios from innovation laboratories and intracorporate entrepreneurship. The purpose of the corporate startup studio in the form of a strict orientation towards economic benefits, as well as the use of external human and managerial resources by the startup studio, determine the difference between this model and the aforementioned forms of corporate innovation.



22. Кибирев И.Н.

Вьетнам – страна стартапов / И.Н.Кибирев // Вьетнамские исследования.-2020

Abstract: The review is given on the book "Vietnam Startups: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Socialist Republic" published in the USA in April 2019. In 2018, the SRV leadership publicly committed itself to making Vietnam a “country of startups”. Powerful economic development in the XXI century. made it possible to accomplish much of the planned, turning Vietnam into one of the hubs for startups in Southeast Asia. This is exactly what Andrew P. Rowan, an American entrepreneur, business consultant and consultant for startups, talks about. A witness, participant and initiator of many landmark business projects in Vietnam, the author shares his personal experience of working in the Vietnamese entrepreneurial environment, extrapolating this experience to regional and global contexts. The book will be very useful both for researchers of the economy of the country and the region, and for business practitioners.



23. Пономарев А.Л.

Анализ существующих способов привлечения инвестиций в стартап /А.Л.Пономарев // Вестник науки и образования. – 2020.-№17(95). – С.62-66

Abstract: This article examines various methods of financing a startup, conducts a comprehensive analysis of the key aspects of each considered mechanism for raising funds, identifies the key features of each method, determines the appropriateness of using a particular method depending on the specifics of the startup and the stage of its development. The result of the work is a table of comparative analysis of the considered financing methods.



24. Корзюк Д.И., Текучева С.Н.

Стартапы в России: актуальные вопросы развития / Д.И.Корзюк, С.Н.Текучева // International Journal of Professional Science. – 2019. – №7. – С.15-

Abstract: Despite the fact that the start-up market in Russia is developing at a slower pace than abroad, it still does not stand still. The decisive role in this is played by the choice of promising areas of innovation, sources and methods of their financing.



25. Бурдуковский В.Н.

Жизненный цикл стартапа / В.Н.Бурдуковский // Скиф.Вопросы студенческой науки. – 2019. – №11(39). – С.90-94

Abstract: The article discusses the life cycle of a startup. At each stage of the life cycle, a startup faces new challenges and challenges. In order to provide a startup with a favorable environment for development on the part of an entrepreneur and the necessary financial support from an investor, there is a need for a clear and deep understanding of all stages of a startup's development.



26. Григорович Д.В., Кожанова А.В.

Финансово – экономический анализ стартапов на стадии раннего роста / Д.В.Григорович, А.В.Кожанова // Финансы и кредит. – 2019. – Т25, Вып.9. – №9. – С.1987-2005 (Шифр в БД: Р3204)

Abstract: A mechanism has been developed for the financial and economic analysis of startups, taking into account their characteristics. For this, a graphical structure of a typical balance has been created, methods of analysis have been identified, recommended restrictions for the coefficients have been calculated, and directions for improving traditional mechanisms have been determined.



27. Каменских М.А.

Исследование практики функционирования бизнес- акселераторов в России / М.А.Каменских // Региональная экономика: теория и практика. – 2018.-Т.16.-№9. – С.1725-1734

Abstract: The work is devoted to such a phenomenon in the world and Russian economy as a business accelerator. These relatively new institutions are aimed at supporting technology start-ups and fostering interactions between large corporations. The business accelerator allows large corporations and technology startups to unite efforts to commercialize brand new products and services.



28. Жданова О.А., Бондаренко Т.Г.

Поэтапный механизм отбора стартапов в финтех-акселераторы. О.А.Жданова, Т.Г. Бондаренко // Общество: политика, экономика, право. – 2018.

Abstract: There is not enough research on the functioning of fintech accelerators. The authors propose to consider one of the many issues of the process of selecting startups for an acceleration program, and based on the analysis performed, present a step-by-step mechanism for selecting startups for fintech accelerators.



29. Красностанова М.В.

Социометрические показатели в оценке стартапов / М.В.Красностанова // Мир экономики и управления. – 2018. – Т.18. – №2. – С.132-152

Abstract: When evaluating a startup using classical methods, there is a possibility of underestimating additional effects that are not subject to cost assessment, such as differences in the interests of many project participants, investment in clients, innovations, technologies, employee training, business process development, etc. to evaluate and predict a business team, presented in the scientific and scientific-methodical literature on management, do not meet the requirements of compactness and practicality insufficiently. The purpose of the article is to describe a proven methodology for evaluating startups based on sociometric indicators adapted for this.



30. Кораблев А.Ю, Анисимов И.В.

ICO как средство привлечения инвестиций для стартапов в России / А.Ю.Кораблев, И.В.Анисимов // Азимут научных исследований: экономика и управление. – 2018. – Т.7.-№1. – С.18-21

Abstract: An alternative to the existing forms of attracting investment is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) procedure, based on the technology of a distributed decentralized digital data registry. The article is devoted to the issue of attracting investments using ICO. The main ways of finding funding in Russia are considered and described, indicating the main shortcomings that have been identified through research considering funding sources. An approach to regulating the ICO procedure in Russia is considered, the position of the Central Bank is formulated. The dynamics of changes in the volume of funds raised through ICOs is indicated, the main trends are noted. The opinions of practicing specialists are given, forecasts are made.



31. Тележенкова М.Д., Забкова Е.О.

Оценка факторов эффективности открытия стартапов и влияния на их развитие внутренних и внешних бизнес- процессов / М.Д.Тележенкова, Е.О.Забкова // Экономика и бизнес: теория и практика. – 2018.

Abstract: The article assesses the factors of the effectiveness of opening start-ups and the impact of internal and external business processes on their development.



32. Берген О.В.

Бизнес- инкубатор как инструмент реализации проекта «Сочинская инновационная долина» / О.В.Берген // Экономические и социально- гуманитарные исследования. – 2018. – №3(19). – С.5-11

Abstract: Describes the development of the concept and implementation of the Sochi Innovative Valley project. The necessity of forming an intellectual and technological infrastructure in the region is substantiated. The experience of creating a business accelerator in the city of Sochi, a prototyping center and a business incubator for young startups, schoolchildren and students is revealed. The content, structure, mechanism and stages of the business incubator's activity are analyzed, the responsibilities and work goals of all members of its team are described.



33. Стартап на экспорт // Бизнес- журнал. – 2018

Abstract: The alternative energy market is developing very slowly in Russia. Samara entrepreneurs A. Navasardian and K. Spiridonov hope to enter the American solar generation market with the Puresine project.



34. Евдокимова С.С., Кобышев М.С.

Современные модели финансирования стартапов / С.С. Евдокимова, М.С. Кобышев // Финансы и кредит. – 2017. – Т23.-№6. – С.341-352

Abstract: Using the methods of formal logic, analysis and comparison, the mechanism of financing Russian venture capital enterprises is characterized. The features of the Russian venture capital market are considered, the features of the use of various methods of financing startups are revealed, and their advantages and disadvantages in the current economic situation are considered.



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Abstract: All over the world, startups are gaining popularity from year to year, nowadays it has become possible to get support and "shoot" with an interesting idea or technology in almost any area. Today we are seeing extraordinary growth in the information technology segment, and this niche will expand from year to year. However, not only IT and high-tech projects, but also traditional types of business can grow by leaps and bounds on the wave of start-up development. The options for attracting funding for the implementation of a new project have been widely studied.



36. Евдокимова С.С., Кобышев М.С. Современные модели финансирования стартапов / С.С.Евдокимова, М.С.Кобышев // Финансы и кредит. – 2017. – Т.23. – Вып.6. – №2. – С.341-352 (Шифр в БД: Р3204)

Abstract: The article examines the features of the Russian venture capital market, identifies the features of the use of various methods of financing startups, and also considers their advantages and disadvantages in the current economic situation.



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Классификация рисков стартапа / Ю.А.Войнова, С.С.Демин // Скиф. Вопросы студенческой науки. – 2017.

Abstract:The article discusses the specifics of a startup and its key characteristics, offers the author's definition of a startup, analyzes the reasons for the failure of startup projects. A classification of startup risks is proposed on the basis of areas of risk occurrence that are relevant for start-up projects.



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Abstract: The authors have formed a system of criteria and indicators for evaluating startups, developed a system for expert evaluation of the project. As a result of the application of scores, it is possible to recognize the level of investment attractiveness of a startup as high, attractive with some restrictions, requiring improvements or unattractive for investment.



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Abstract: The innovative development of the country is one of the priority areas in the activities of the state, since the high proportion of innovative business in the structure of the economy is a factor that ensures its competitiveness and growth in the long term. In this article, based on expert opinions and statistical data, the main problems of implementing small innovative start-up enterprises are identified.



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Abstract: The article is devoted to the topical problems of implementing startups. The authors define the term "startup" and highlight its differences from the term "business". The history of the formation and the current state of the venture capital market and the national innovation system of the Russian Federation is briefly analyzed, a range of tools and mechanisms for stimulating innovation activity is described, and the main trends in venture investment are highlighted. The main problems of development and finding sources of funding for startups in Russia are identified.



41. Климов Д.

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Abstract: Записки технологического предпринимателя о бизнес-акселераторах.



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43. Козырев П.

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44. Захарченко В.

Правила стартапов. Как описать конкурентов




Literature in the reading room



 StartUp 45

45. Д10-20/76403

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

Abstract: The monograph examines the theoretical and methodological principles of risk management in the process of financing the investment activities of startups.

 StartUp 46

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

 StartUp 47

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Abstract: Steve Blank, a guru of the startup movement, says the key for a budding entrepreneur is to "get out of the office," meaning to start asking customers directly what they need. However, whether you get really important information depends on what questions you ask. Here's a quick, helpful and humorous, practical guide to effective entrepreneur-client communication. It will save you time, money and hassle.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 48

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Abstract: When Kawasaki writes instructions on how to create a successful startup, he knows what he is writing about. There is no point in advice “how to avoid common mistakes” - you will make them anyway. It's much more interesting how to stay afloat and finally start growing after you've made a mistake. The answer is in this book. Kawasaki likes to say that an entrepreneur is not a job, but a state of mind. This book helps to tune in to such a state.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

 StartUp 49

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Abstract: The collection gives a full picture of how an innovative economy is currently being formed in Russia, tells what conditions the state creates for its development, and also offers guidelines - in which direction the technologies and business models of Russian companies should develop in order to achieve success. Particular attention is paid to such topics as innovative directions for the development of the financial sector, high-tech medicine, advanced startups, artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 2 : ХРЦ (2)

StartUp 50

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 2 : КДИ (1), ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 51

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Abstract: The authors analyzed the experience of the largest technology companies and formulated the concept of blitz scaling. It is an aggressive growth strategy - a suite of techniques that enables both startups and established companies to create world-class businesses in record time.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

StartUp 52

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Abstract: Autobiography of one of the brightest young businessmen and the history of the development of his company Zappos: plans and trials, mistakes and curiosities, principles and commandments - from the first person.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

StartUp 53

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Abstract: The authors of the book have helped hundreds of startups learn how to solve the most important problems. The book tells everything about the "sprint". How should the product look like? Who will buy it?

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 2 : КДИ (1), ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 54

54. Д10-19/64952 кн.

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 55

55. Ж2-19/65323 кн.

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Abstract: Design thinking effectively helps to rethink the essence of the business, better understand customer needs, find a unique and profitable niche for a startup, and even implement a charitable project. Tim Brown, the head of one of the most successful design companies in the world, shares his concept of design thinking and uses numerous examples to prove its effectiveness.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 56

56. Д10-18/60442 кн.

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Рубрики: Инвестиции; Инновации; Технологические процессы

Abstract: The collection is composed of the most interesting materials published in 2018 in the Invest Foresight business magazine on the topics: blockchain, fintech, advanced startups and technologies, the venture capital market, etc.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

StartUp 57

57. Ж2-18/64376

Фрайд, Д.

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Abstract: This book doesn't just provide information on how to build or improve a business. She literally tells how to think about business in order to attract Fortune, a money fairy or some other magical creature. This book will turn your world upside down, inspire, take you out of your comfort zone and provide a lot of useful information.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

StartUp 58

58. Ж2-17/62125 кн.

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

StartUp 59

59. Ж2-16/32960 кн.

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Abstract: The author and his team have developed practical tools that have helped many companies to increase their revenue several times (and even tenfold), and described the main constraints that can hinder the growth of your business. The features of this book are clarity, accessibility and practicality. The processes are accompanied by clear illustrations and are described step by step, there are templates for all the necessary documents, and for easy navigation, the authors have thought out the color indication of the sections.

 Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)

StartUp 60

60. Д10-16/34242 кн.

Лаурс, И.

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Abstract: The book describes specific algorithms for attracting venture capital, building the organizational structure of a startup, forming and motivating a team.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 61

61. Д10-15/13103 кн.

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 62

62. Д10-13/3686 кн.

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 63

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Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)

StartUp 64

64. Ж2-12/54149 кн.

Рис, Э.

Бизнес с нуля. Метод Lean Startup для быстрого тестирования идей и выбора бизнес-модели : пер. с англ. / Э. Рис. – М. : Альпина Паблишер, 2012. – 252 с. : ил. – Библиогр.: с. 247-248. – Пер. изд.: <The >Lean Startup. How today's entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses / E. Ries. – New York, 2011. – 3000 экз

Abstract: The essence of the modern methodology for creating startups is the ability to test your idea or prototype on real consumers and build such a feedback system from them in order to quickly make changes to the product until it is proven that it can be released to the wide market. It is no longer possible to consider a startup as a structure for materializing an initial idea. Rather, you should look at a startup as a laboratory where the original idea is not just cut, but completely melted down. And the startup wins, which is able to test ideas faster than others and to create a new prototype based on them faster than others.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)


65. Д10-20/74437 кн.

Ньютон, Р.

Управление проектами от А до Я : простой и понятный алгоритм, четко следуя которому вы успешно выполните любой проект / Ричард Ньютон ; перевод с английского А. Кириченко ; редактор М. Савина. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2020. – 180, [1] с. – (Альпина. Бизнес. Инновации и стартапы). – Пер. изд.: Project management step by step / Ricard Newton. – 2006. – 2000 экз.

Рубрики: Управление проектами

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : КДИ (1)


66. Б2-20/4888 кн.

Бьяуго, М.

Меньше, но лучше. Работать надо не 12 часов, а головой : перевод с английского / Мартин Бьяуго, Джордан Милн ; переводчик Е. Корюкина ; редактор Ю. Быстрова. – Москва : Альпина Паблишер, 2020. – 295 с. – (Альпина. Саморазвитие). – Парал. тит. л. англ. – Пер. изд.: Winning without losing. 65 strategies for building a wildly successful business while living a happy and balanced life / M. Biergegaard, J. Milne. – S.l., 2013. – 2000 экз

Рубрики: Предпринимательство

Abstract: The authors of the book, M. Byaugo and J. Milne, the founders of the super-successful Rainmaking company and a dozen successful startups, have found the answer to the question of how to succeed in business without risking health and without sacrificing personal life. Following the advice of the authors, you will learn to live fully and harmoniously, while simultaneously opening new frontiers in company management and significantly increasing your personal efficiency.

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: всего 1 : ХРЦ (1)


67. Д10-19/73399 кн.

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Рубрики: Интернет-бизнес

Abstract: This book is an attempt to combine and convey the experience of the South IT Park team with early stage startups. It was conceived as an offline version of the free online course "Digitalization of Business: From Zero to One", which was created to improve the competence of entrepreneurs and popularize entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation and the CIS.


68. Ж2-15/57727

Романс, Э.

Настольная книга венчурного предпринимателя. Секреты лидеров стартапов : пер. с англ. / Э. Романс ; пер. В. Виноградова [и др.]. – М. : Альпина Паблишер, 2015. – 246 с. : ил. – Пер. изд.: The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital. Inside Secrets From the Leaders in the Startup Game / A. Romans. – New York [etc.]. – 2000 экз

Рубрики: Инновации -- Инвестиции

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: КДИ


69. Ж2-13/54596

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Рубрики: Руководство и управление

Имеются экземпляры в отделах: КДИ


70. Д9-13/93884 кн.

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Построение бизнес-моделей : настол. кн. стратега и новатора / А. Остервальдер, И. Пинье. – 3-е изд. – М. : Альпина Паблишер, 2013. – 287 с. : ил. – Библиогр.: с. 282. – Пер. изд.: Business model generation / A. Osterwalder, Y. Pigneur. – S.l., 2010. – 5000 экз

Рубрики: Бизнес-процессы -- Моделирование

Abstract: The book offers an original concept of analyzing, building and improving business models, which is used by the largest companies in the world, including Google, IBM, Ericsson. The authors propose a simple and understandable way to visually present the main basic elements that reveal the logic of the company's chosen way of making a profit.

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71. М/65427/4(28) сер.

Библиотека Генерального Директора. Серия "Школа современного бизнеса". – М. : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2010 – . – Текст : непосредственный.

Т. 4(28) : Правила прибыльных стартапов. Как расти и зарабатывать деньги : пер. с англ. / В. Харниш. – 2012. – 251 с. : ил. – Пер. изд.: Mastring the Rockfeller habits / V. Harbish. – New York, 2002. –

Рубрики: Предпринимательство

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72. Ж2-11/51009

Микаловиц, М.

Стартап без бюджета / М. Микаловиц; пер. с англ. С. Филина. – М. : Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2011 (Тверь). – 199 с. – (Лучшие книги о стартапах). – Пер. изд.: <The> toilet paper entrepreneur / M. Michalowich. – 2008. – 5000 экз.

Рубрики: Руководство и управление

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73. Гуляева М.М., Постников В.П.

Исследование бизнес-инкубаторов и акселераторов как институтов коммерциализации инновационных разработок и развития стартапов./ М.М.Гуляева, В.П.Постников // Финансы и кредит . – 2019. – Т.17.-Вып.4.-№4.-С.718-732 (Шифр в БД: Р3204)


74. Коршунов И.А., Гапонова О.С.

Анализ причин гибели и долгосрочные стратегии развития стартапов. / И.А.Коршунов, О.С.Гапонова // Экономический анализ: теория и практика. – 2014.-Т.13. – Вып.46. – №12. – С. 38-49 (Шифр в БД: У2900)

Abstract:  The article describes possible unfavorable scenarios for the development of events for a young company, distinguishes between external and internal threats to a startup. Within the framework of the existing concepts of systemic crises, typical crises are analyzed in relation to Russian realities, an analysis of typical mistakes made by founders in the main functional areas of activity is carried out.