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Oratory as the art of words


 In the modern world, it is impossible to achieve success without having the practice of negotiating and public speaking, therefore the culture and style of business communication are now the most in demand in any profession. The editions presented at the exhibition consider the categories and laws of rhetoric, analyze the problems of oratory, business communication, culture and the art of speech. Particular attention is paid to methods of preparing various types of public speeches, the ability to conduct a constructive dialogue and polemics. Publications and guides of practitioners of public speaking may be of interest to those who have to deal with the preparation of reports, memos, reports, speeches, presentations, as well as everyone who wants to learn how to clearly and correctly express their thoughts, regardless of the type of activity.

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Or 01

1. Д8-02/79541

Александров, Д. Н.

Самоучитель красноречия / Д. Н. Александров. – Москва: ГРАНД, 2002. – 300 с.– ISBN 5-8183-0500-7. –Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This short popular self-study guide provides the concepts of eloquence and its history from antiquity to the present day, presents practical exercises, assignments, tests, texts, quotes and citones that allow you to use this subject.



Or 02

2. Д10-15/32587

Арбатская, О.А.

Сборник упражнений по культуре речи для студентов экономических специальностей / О. А. Арбатская; Нац. исслед. ядер. ун-т "МИФИ". – Москва: МИФИ, 2015. – 120 с. – (Социально-экономический цикл). – ISBN 978-5-7262-2199-1. –Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The purpose of this manual is to teach students to navigate the norms of the Russian literary language, to teach how to find speech errors, predict and correct them in oral and written texts. Most of the tasks and exercises are based on general scientific and economic vocabulary. The manual contains a brief reference material.


Or 03

3. Д10-19/67203

Аристотель (384-322 до н. э.).

Риторика / Аристотель; перевод с древнегреческого Н. Платоновой. – Москва: АСТ, 2019. – 349, [2] с. – (Мудрость великих). – ISBN 978-5-17-115897-2. –Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Aristotle's "Rhetoric" is the most profound and systematized study of the problems of oratory, which has become a major cultural and scientific event. The treatise is divided into three parts: the first is devoted to the subject of rhetoric and types of oratorical speeches. The second deals with the personal characteristics of the speaker and about the "reasons that arouse confidence in the speaker." The third part deals with the technical side of rhetoric.
Like other books in the Great Ideas series, the book will be simply irreplaceable in the library of humanitarian students, as well as for those wishing to get acquainted with key works and ideas of world philosophy and culture.

Or 04 4. Ж2-18/65663

Бакеев, М.Б.

Дейдра Макклоски: риторика экономического развития / М. Б. Бакеев; Российская академия наук, Институт экономики. – Москва: Ин-т экономики, 2018. – 51 с. – (Научные доклады Института экономики РАН). – ISBN: 978-5-7133-1496-5 –Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: A completely revised second edition is devoted to the poetics of economics, the main emphasis is on the place of metaphor and other rhetorical means of persuasion in Becker's economic imperialism, Coase's economic and legal treatises, Vogel's economic history, Moot's theory of rational expectations, and, finally, in the mathematization of economics.

Or 05

5. Ж2-18/63720

Баркер, А.

Как улучшить коммуникативные навыки / А. Баркер; пер. с англ. – Москва: Претекст, 2018. – 251с. – ISBN 978-5-98995-116-1. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Here's a practical guide to effective verbal, non-verbal and written business communication. Proven tips and tricks can help you capture the interest of a large audience, impress a potential employer, or simply win the discussion at an important meeting.
Developing communication skills can have a direct impact on your career growth. In this book, you will find everything you need to have productive oral communication, build relationships with colleagues, improve persuasion and effective presentations, email correspondence, and successful networking.

Or 06

6. Белинский, В. Г.

Общая риторика Н. Ф. Кошанского / В. Г. Белинский. – Санкт-Петербург: Лань, 2013. – 6 с. – ISBN 978-5-507-11335-4. – URL: https://e.lanbook.com/book/8071 (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: “Science is a great thing. Everyone agrees on this - from a sage to an illiterate commoner. Learning is light, ignorance is darkness, say our Russian peasants. In our time, this truth is becoming an axiom. But the enemies of doctrine and sciences have not yet disappeared, and - what is worse - they are not always wrong in their attacks on scholarship and scientists. We are not talking about those opponents of enlightenment who only in the darkness of ignorance and savagery of morals see the integrity of thought and the purity of morality: no ... "

Or 07

7. Брадецкая И. Г.

Риторика: Практикум / И. Г. Брадецкая, Н.Ю. Соловьева. – Москва: Российский государственный университет правосудия, 2017. – 96 с. – ISBN 978-5-93916-562-4. – URL: https://ibooks.ru/bookshelf/369205/reading (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: The workshop was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education in the specialty "Jurisprudence". Contains materials for conducting seminars on the discipline "Rhetoric": plans for the rhetorical analysis of speeches and arguments, exercises for training voice and breathing, tests and options for interim assessments. Addressed to lecturers and undergraduate students of law schools.

Or 08

8. Д10-20/75754

Букина, Т.Г.

Риторика: теория и практика публичного выступления: учебное пособие / Т. Г. Букина; Уральский юридический институт Министерства внутренних дел Российской Федерации, Кафедра иностранных языков. – Екатеринбург: Уральский юридический институт МВД России, 2020. – 143 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-88437-692-2. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The textbook contains theoretical material on the rules for constructing an influencing public speech, as well as recommendations for creating samples of speech utterance and tasks for training various aspects of rhetoric in speech. Promotes the formation of students' ability for professional communication, mastering the basics of oratory, necessary for the preparation of a correct, convincing public speech. Intended for cadets and students of educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, studying in the specialties 40.05.01 Legal support of national security, 40.05.02 Law enforcement, 38.05.01 Economic security.

Or 09

9. Водовозов, В. И.

Риторика в литературе и жизни / В. И. Водовозов. – Санкт-Петербург: Лань, 2017. – 19 с. – ISBN 978-5-507-43461-9. – URL: https://e.lanbook.com/book/96031 (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: “Starting from the time of Mitrofanushka Fonvizin and up to Pirogov's“ Questions ”to the contemporary plans of the Scientific Committee, discussed so peacefully by German teachers and aroused such nervous irritation in the Modern Chronicle, according to her feminine nature (which Mr. Soloviev also found in Ivan the Terrible) starting from our very first talk about education to the last debate in the St. Petersburg literacy committee - the question of what we most need for our development, which more definite and firm path to choose in it, has not been finally decided; Yes, we seem to have cared very little about the practical solution of this issue ... "

Or 10

10. Володина С. И.

Риторика / С.И. Володина. – Москва: Проспект, 2014. – 280 с. – ISBN 978-5-392-11304-0. – URL: https://ibooks.ru/bookshelf/353248/reading (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: The proposed study guide sets out theoretical and practical issues of the academic discipline "Rhetoric". It reveals the categories and laws of rhetoric; talks about the main stages of the rhetorical canon; considered the rhetorical aspects of public speaking and polemical skill. Particular attention is paid to the formation of an orator and the formation of the necessary oratorical skills; the communicative side of the judicial debate, the characteristics of the prosecutor's accusatory speech and the defense lawyer's speech. Each section of the manual contains questions for students.


Or 11

11. Д9-09/51025

Деловое общение: учеб. пособие / И. Н. Кузнецов. – 3-е изд. – Москва: Дашков и К°. – 2009 (Люберцы (Московская обл.)). – 528 с.–ISBN 5-94798-850-X.-Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Theoretical and applied issues of business communication are considered. Their nature, essence and basic principles are revealed; psychological, ethical, rhetorical rules of business communication are analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the consideration of the problems of international communication. Based on the analysis and generalization of a wide range of Russian and foreign sources, the main theoretical provisions are set out, practical recommendations and advice are offered to more effectively solve problems in the field of business communication. For university students studying courses "Management", "Corporate culture", "Rhetoric", "Ethics of business relations", "Business communication".

Or 12

12. Д10-17/50556

Дуарте, Н.

Illuminate: как говорить вдохновляющие речи и создавать эффективные презентации способные изменить мир / Н. Дуарте, П. Санчез; пер. с англ. А. К. Гусевой. – Москва: Эксмо, 2018. – 297 с.: ил. – (Подарочные издания. Бизнес). – ISBN 978-5-699-99920-0. –Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: "Words cause change and ignite hearts. If you manage to fully convey your idea, people will follow it and change. Carefully chosen and spoken words are perhaps the most effective means of communication that we have. And the proof of this is the whole life of geniuses. communications.
Listeners don't have to tune in to you - you need to tune your message to their “wave”. To deliver a proficient presentation, you must understand their hearts and minds and develop a message that resonates with what they already have. You need to free yourself from the gray, mundane way of presenting: identifying opportunities for winning contrast and then generating interest and passion. Nancy Duarte's book will help you with this.

Or 13

13. Д9-06/30112

Григорьева-Голубева, В.А.

Теория и практика речевого взаимодействия: учеб. пособие / В. А. Григорьева-Голубева. –Санкт-Петербург: СПбГМУ, 2006. – 129 с. – ISBN 5-88303-360-1. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The textbook is built in accordance with the new functional orientations of the discipline "Russian language and culture of speech" and sets the task not only to develop students' speech competence, but also to expand their ideas about the Russian language, about the modern speech situation, about the speech portrait of our contemporary. The book contains theoretical material and a large number of practical tasks for classroom and independent work of students. The author examines topical issues of competent speech behavior, the basics of speech communication, normative, communicative and ethical aspects of speech culture.

Or 14

14. Д9-07/32402

Зарецкая, Е.Н.

Логика речи / Е. Н. Зарецкая. – Москва: Дело, 2007 (Ярославль). – 423 с. – ISBN 978-5-7749-0440-2. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book is based on the author's course taught at the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation. For the first time, logical laws are considered not only from the perspective of human comprehension of the world, but also from a communicative point of view. The content of the book - logical and speech proof, or the ability to persuade - is included as an important component in the general problem of interpersonal behavior, which could be conventionally combined with the name "science and the art of communication." The publication is intended for a wide range of present and future specialists whose professional activities are related to the impact on people: managers, lawyers, politicians, teachers, diplomats, clergymen, journalists.

Or 15

15. Ж2-03/29639

Елизаветина, Т.М.

Компьютерные презентации: от риторики до слайд-шоу / Т. М. Елизаветина. – Москва: Кудиц-образ, 2003. – 234 с.: ил.– ISBN 5-93378-049-9. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book deals with the problem of preparing and conducting presentations. Successful presentations require certain knowledge in the undeservedly forgotten area of ​​philological science - rhetoric, as well as psychotechnical skills of business communication and professional use of modern visual and technical means. As such means, a computer and corresponding software are widely used, first of all, the application that is part of the MS. The book is addressed to businessmen, managers, teachers of secondary and higher education and everyone who conducts public speeches.

Or 16

16. Д8-00/59308

Иванова, Т. Ф.

Русская речь в эфире: Комплексный справочник / Т. Ф. Иванова, Т. А. Черкасова. – Москва: Рус. яз., 2000. – 346 с.– ISBN 5-200-02946-5. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: In the book, in a form accessible to a wide audience, various difficult cases of shaping, stress, pronunciation and use of words are given. For the first time, an attempt was made to present optimally complete lists of various forms of words associated with the difficulties of spelling. The manual has been written taking into account the most common speech errors in the language of the media. The normative recommendations are based not only on Russian cultural and speech traditions, but also on the analysis of the current state of Russian oral speech. The reader will be interested in dictionaries of proper names (culture, geography, politics, sports), as well as a dictionary of Russian equivalents of foreign words and expressions used in Russian without translation.
The book is intended for a wide range of people working with sounding Russian speech: media workers, students, teachers, lecturers, public figures, political scientists, PR, advertising specialists, as well as everyone interested in improving their speech culture

Or 17

17. Каверин, Б. И.

Ораторское искусство: учебное пособие для вузов / Б. И. Каверин, И. В. Демидов. – Москва: ЮНИТИ-ДАНА, 2017. – 255 c. – ISBN 5-238-00747-7. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/71204.html (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: The tutorial is designed to learn the basics of rhetoric and improve public speaking skills. Particular attention is paid to the issues of business communication, in particular the speech training of lawyers. The historical, logical, linguistic, psychological and ethical components of oratory and the possibilities of improving judicial speech are considered. For students of humanitarian universities, students of lyceums, gymnasiums, as well as everyone who is not indifferent to the problems of culture and the art of speech.

Or 18

18. Д10-20/72643

Карнеги, Д.

Как влиять на людей и выработать уверенность в себе, выступая публично / Дейл Карнеги; перевод на русский язык Полищук В.-Москва: Прайм; Изд-во АСТ, 2020. – 254 с.: ил.– (Общайся, как Карнеги!). – ISBN 978-5-17-120853-0.–Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Since 1912, over five hundred thousand men and women have taken public speaking courses using my method, detailed in the book How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Speaking in Public. Many of them explained in writing why they began to study the subject and what they hoped to achieve as a result of the study. Of course, everyone speaks in their own way, but the main desire experienced by the overwhelming majority is strikingly the same.

Or 19

19. Д9-05/8856

Колтунова, М. В.

Деловое общение: Нормы. Риторика. Этикет / М. В. Колтунова. – 2-е изд., доп. – Москва: Логос, 2005. – 312 с. – (Настольная книга менеджера). – ISBN 5-94010-352-9. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The analysis of the features of the rational culture of business communication, the stylistic nature of oral and written forms of business speech. For university students. Can be used by representatives of the business community, as well as managers and specialists in the field of management and marketing.

Or 20

20. Д10-17/41654

Кохан, Ж. С.

Культура речи и деловое общение: учеб. пособие / Ж. С. Кохан; Белгородский университет кооперации, экономики и права. – Белгород: БУКЭП, 2017. – 104 с. – (Учебное пособие). – ISBN 978-5-8231-0627-6. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The textbook sets out the basics of speech culture, reveals the specificity of speech styles. The main characteristics and forms of business communication are presented. The issues of ethics and conflict situations in business communication, features of the technology of organizing business communication are considered. The tutorial provides practical guidelines for achieving success in a business communications environment.

Or 21

21. Д10-13/12216

Кочнева, С.В.

Бизнес-риторика. Деловая публичная коммуникация: учеб. пособие / С. В. Кочнева. – Санкт-Петербург: СПГУТД, 2013. – 163 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-7937-0861-6. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The tutorial deals with issues related to the theory and practice of speech communication. Based on historical excursions and within the framework of the traditions of classical rhetoric, the main sections of modern science are presented, based on the materials of leading experts in this field. The main ways of influencing the beliefs of people are taken into account, practical exercises aimed at improving communication skills are presented

Or 22

22. Ковалев, А. Н.

Логика. Ораторское искусство юриста: учебно-методическое пособие для бакалавриата / А. Н. Ковалев, И. В. Галюк. – Санкт-Петербург: Санкт-Петербургский юридический институт (филиал) Академии Генеральной прокуратуры РФ, 2014. – 146 c. – ISBN 2227-8397. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/65483.html (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: The training manual sets out the basics of the logic and oratory of a lawyer, examines the laws of logic, the theory of argumentation, the logic of the dispute, gives an idea of non-verbal means of communication, types of business communication in legal practice, the construction of judicial speech. It is intended for use in the process of training bachelors in the field of "Jurisprudence", the profile of training "Prosecutor's activity".

Or 23

23. Д10-19/74295

Крылова, Н.Ф.

Культура речи и деловое общение: учебное пособие / Н. Ф. Крылова, В. В. Тартынских; ответственный редактор Л. Н. Талалова; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Государственный университет управления, Кафедра русского языка и общих дисциплин. – Москва: Гос. ун-т упр., 2019. – 90 с.: ил. –ISBN 978-5-215-03210-7.– Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The textbook offers a broad approach to the concept of "business communication": it is speech support not only for business, but also for any professional activity, extra-work activities, social contacts, etc. The publication contains the necessary amount of information that will allow the student to understand the basic concepts of verbal communication: language and its functions, culture of speech and speech culture, styles and genres of communication, types and rules of business correspondence, "secrets" of business eloquence, speech behavior of an entrepreneur and official jargon ... The reader will learn what norms business language obeys, how to communicate correctly and effectively in the business sphere, how a statement differs from a communique, an autobiography from a resume, what business letter etiquette means, how to prepare for a public speech, and much more.

Or 24

24. Д9-06/27811

Кузнецов, И. Н.

Бизнес-риторика / И. Н. Кузнецов. – Москва: Дашков и К°, 2006 (Люберцы (Московская обл.)). – 406 с.– ISBN 5-91131-101-1. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book analyzes the problems of oratory, business communication, culture and art of speech. Particular attention is paid to speech culture, methods of preparing various types of public speaking, the ability to conduct a constructive dialogue and polemics.

On the basis of the analysis and generalization of a wide range of Russian and foreign sources, the main theoretical provisions are set out, practical recommendations and advice are offered to more effectively solve problems in the field of raising the level of culture and art of business communication.

Or 25

25. Б2-94/3370

Культура парламентской речи / С. И. Виноградов, Л. К. Граудина, В.П. Даниленко и др. – Москва: Наука, 1994. – 360 c. – ISBN 5-02-011202-X. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The collective monograph is the first Russian textbook on parliamentary speech as one of the forms of oratory. The book is written on the material of modern parliamentary speeches, analyzed from the point of view of the professionalism of parliamentarians and the culture of mastering different genres of parliamentary speech.


Or 26

26. Ж2-05/34964

Кюппер, В.

Продажи. Базовый курс. Риторика ведения переговоров / В. Кюппер; пер. с нем. – 2-е изд. – Москва: Интерэксперт, 2005. – 67 с.-ISBN 5-85523-102-X. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book aims to help the salesperson develop their speaking skills and change behavior for the better, taking into account the psychological characteristics of the sales process, so that they can achieve their goals faster and easier. The book gives the knowledge necessary for this.

Or 27

27. Д10-16/44328

Ланских, А.В.

Культура деловой речи: учеб. пособие / А. В. Ланских; Урал. федер. ун-т им. первого Президента России Б. Н. Ельцина, Ин-т гуманитар. наук и искусств. – Екатеринбург: УрФУ, 2016. – 85 с. – ISBN 978-5-321-02517-8. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The manual contains a short theoretical course on the culture of business speech, as well as test assignments and a list of thematic literature. It is intended for students of all forms of education (non-philologists) of higher educational institutions. Prepared in accordance with the requirements of the state standard.

Or 28

28. Ломоносов, М.

Краткое руководство к красноречию / М. Ломоносов. – Санкт-Петербург: Лань, [б. г.]. – Книга 1: В коей содержится Риторика… – 2013. – 158 с. – ISBN 978-5-507-10111-5. – URL: https://e.lanbook.com/book/6588 (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: We offer here a brief guide to both eloquence, and in order to act in a natural order, we show, first, the doctrine of eloquence in general, it touches the generation to prose and poetry, and then, under the rules, examples in prose and poetry are relied on. Then we give instructions for writing speeches in prose and add prose examples from famous authors.

 Or 29

29. Малинина, М. Г.

Риторика и основы ораторского искусства. Часть 1: учебное пособие / М. Г. Малинина, И. Б. Леонова. – Новосибирск: Новосибирский государственный технический университет, 2010. – 117 c. – ISBN 978-5-7782-1338-8. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/44847.html (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: This work is the first part of the educational-methodological complex "Rhetoric and the basics of oratory" and consists of three sections containing an interconnected system of tasks and exercises on rhetoric of a theoretical and practical nature. The manual is aimed at improving speech skills, the formation and development of students' communicative competence. Designed for students and university teachers.

  Or 30

30. Малинина, М. Г.

Риторика и основы ораторского искусства. Часть 2: учебное пособие / М. Г. Малинина, И. Б. Позднякова. – Новосибирск: Новосибирский государственный технический университет, 2012. – 104 c. – ISBN 978-5-7782-1930-4. – URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/44848.html (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: This work is the second part of the educational-methodological complex "Rhetoric and the basics of oratory" and consists of four sections devoted to oral rhetorical genres and containing an interconnected system of tasks and exercises of theoretical and practical nature. The manual is aimed at improving the speech skills of non-philological students, the formation and development of communicative competence. For students and teachers of universities.

 Or 31

31. Д9-07/41006

Мальханова, И. А.

Деловое общение: учеб. пособие для вузов / И. А. Мальханова. – Москва: Трикста, 2007. – 221 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-8291-0791-0. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The presentation of the principles of business communication is based on the combination of scientific and practical problems of such disciplines as rhetoric, logic, psychology, sociology, philosophy, ethics, management.

Business communication is understood by the author as broadly as any professional speech activity, therefore the publication is designed for a wide range of present and future specialists in the fields of management, pedagogy, law, politics, diplomacy, journalism, advertising and public relations.

 Or 32

32. Д8-99/52826

Мельникова, С.В.

Деловая риторика (речевая культура делового общения): Учеб. пособие / С.В. Мельникова. – Ульяновск: [б. и.], 1999. – 105 с.– ISBN 5-89146-131-5. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: It covers the issues of oral speech, characterizes dialogical and monologic types of communication (conversation, negotiations, report, meeting, etc.), language norms, ethical and psychological rules of service contact. The presentation of theoretical material is combined with control questions and tasks for mastering rhetorical skills. For students (directions 521500, 522000), managers, merchants. Rhetoric as science and art.

 Or 33

33. Ж2-07/41283

Минто, Б.

Золотые правила Гарварда и McKinsey. Принципы пирамиды в мышлении, деловом письме и устных выступлениях / Б. Минто; пер. с англ. Ирины и Юлии Юрчик. – Москва: Манн, Иванов и Фербер, 2007 (М.). – 268 с: ил. – ISBN 978-5-902862-42-0. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book teaches you how to write written documents and oral presentations. According to the author's theory, the text of a business document is well perceived only if its ideas are logically interconnected and built according to the principle of a pyramid. Only such a structure makes the message as easy to understand as possible, because thoughts are presented in the order that is optimal for perception. This theory has stood the test of time: the author has been teaching his course at major business schools, universities and companies in Europe and the USA for many years. "The Golden Rules of Harvard and McKinsey" are necessary for everyone who has to deal with the preparation of reports, memos, reports, speeches, presentations, as well as everyone who wants to learn how to clearly and correctly express their thoughts, regardless of the type of activity.

 Or 34

34. Ж2-16/59943

Мортон, С.

Лаборатория презентаций. Формула идеального выступления / С. Мортон; пер. с англ. В. Черников. – Москва: Альпина Паблишер, 2016. – 257 с.: ил. – Пер. изд.: The Presentation Lab. Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations / Morton S. – Hoboken, 2014. – ISBN 978-5-9614-5399-7. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: For a decade, Eyeful Presentations, one of the world's leading presentation and preparation companies, has developed and refined its Presentation Optimization technique, which focuses on interaction with listeners and the quality of their perception of information. And although Eyeful has never made a secret of their developments, it is only thanks to the book you hold in your hands that this technique, presented consistently, completely and colorfully, becomes truly accessible to a wide range of speakers.

 Or 35

35. Д10-20/75552

НИРС ИИЯ к 90-летию МАИ: "Язык и культура речевого общения": сборник научных студенческих статей / Московский авиационный институт, Институт иностранных языков (ИИЯ). – Москва: Перо, 2020. – 238 с: ил. – Загл. обл.: Язык и культура речевого общения. – ISBN 978-5-00150-914-1. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The collection contains articles by students prepared under the supervision of the teachers of English and second foreign languages of the Institute of Foreign Languages of the MAI. The articles are devoted to the culture of verbal communication, business etiquette, non-verbal communication of representatives of a foreign language culture, as well as an assessment of the role of the works of great Russian philologists in the development of linguistic science.

 Or 36

36. Д10-19/73266

Отургашева, Н. В.

Риторика: речевые технологии эффективного управления: учебное пособие для студентов всех форм обучения, по направлению подготовки 38.03.04 – Государственное и муниципальное управление / Н. В. Отургашева; Российская академия народного хозяйства и государственной службы при Президенте Российской Федерации, Сибирский институт управления. – Новосибирск: Российская академия народного хозяйства и гос. службы при Президенте Российской Федерации, 2019. – 230 с.–ISBN 978-5-8036-0953-7. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The content of the textbook is focused on the formation of rhetorical competence of future state and municipal employees. Along with theoretical material, it contains control questions and tasks for self-examination, a bibliography, a dictionary of basic terms, applications.

 Or 37

37. Павлова, О. А.

Ораторское искусство юриста: учебное пособие / О. А. Павлова. – Москва: Международный юридический институт, 2013. – 136 c. – ISBN 2227-8397. –URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/34405.html (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: As a result of studying the discipline "Oratory of a Lawyer", the student must master general cultural competencies, such as the ability to master the culture of thinking, the ability to generalize, analyze, perceive information, set a goal and choose ways to achieve it and the ability to logically correctly, reasonably and clearly build oral and written speech. The purpose of studying the discipline "Oratory of a lawyer" is to promote the formation and development of communicative, speech-making abilities and skills of a law student, necessary for its further successful implementation in the social and professional sphere of activity.

 Or 38

38. Д8-03/93798

Почикаева, Н. М.

Основы ораторского искусства и культуры речи: Учеб. пособие / Н. М. Почикаева. – Ростов на Дону: Феникс, 2003. – 318 с. – (Учебники, учебные пособия. Среднее профессиональное образование). – ISBN 5-222-03999-4. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Diction, breathing, voice, orthoepy, logical and intonational patterns of oral speech - these are the aspects of speech skills, which are primarily concerned with the subject "Culture of speech". The main goal of the lessons is to learn the mastery of words while working on a literary work. As an appendix to this manual, literary compositions are given that can be used as material for working with students, students, as well as in amateur art circles.

 Or 39

39. Д9-12/88846

Риторика и логика в преподавании технических дисциплин: учеб. пособие / В. В. Агудов [и др.]. – Нижний Новгород: [б. и.], 2012. – 117 с. – ISBN 978-5-93272-905-2. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The fundamentals of pedagogy, logic and psychology, necessary for the high-quality setting of training courses and credit units in technical disciplines, as well as methods of conducting lectures, conversations, reports, short speeches, and organizing self-training are considered. It can be useful for young teachers, propagandists, agitators, and other citizens who want to improve the quality of their public speaking.

 Or 40

40. Ж2-18/65648

Родина, И.В.

Культура русской деловой речи и деловая риторика: учебное пособие / И. В. Родина, Л. В. Промах; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Уральский федеральный университет имени первого Президента России Б. Н. Ельцина, Уральский гуманитарный институт. – Екатеринбург: Изд-во Урал. ун-та, 2018. – 199 с. – ISBN 978-5-7996-2473-6. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The manual covers the issues of the culture of business speech and business rhetoric. Contains theoretical material and practical exercises, as well as tasks for training and questions for control of both test and non-test nature, including case-type tasks. Unlike most textbooks on this subject, special attention is paid to information from Russian lexicology and grammar, to which linguistic and speech norms appeal.

 Or 41

41. Д8-97/31518

Русский язык и культура общения для деловых людей / Л.В. Балашова, Т.А. Милехина, С.А. Рисинсон, Н.М. Орлова; Под ред. О.Б. Сиротининой. – Саратов: Слово, 1997. – 69 с.– ISBN 5-85571-012-2. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Conducting business negotiations, drafting contracts, writing complaints and claims to the supplier - all this requires skillful use of the Russian language. The book consists of two sections: the first deals with the norms of the Russian language (pronunciation and stress, difficult cases of choosing a grammatical form, word usage). The second is about business documentation.

 Or 42

42. Д10-14/8146

Руднев, В.Н.

Риторика. Деловое общение: учеб. пособие / В. Н. Руднев. – Москва: КноРус, 2014. – 352 с.-ил. – (Бакалавриат). – ISBN 978-5-406-03449-1. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The author presents theoretical material in a historical retrospective from the era of Antiquity to the present. Extensive practical material will allow students to master the techniques of successful communication, correctly build the strategy and tactics of scientific discussion, business conversation, business and personal correspondence.

Complies with the Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Professional Education of the third generation.

 Or 43

43. Д10-16/25071

Самыгин, С.И.

Деловое общение. Культура речи: учеб. пособие / С. И. Самыгин, А. М. Руденко. – Москва: КноРус, 2016. – 472 с. – (Бакалавриат). – ISBN 978-5-406-03892-5. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Systematically, consistently and logically covers the main characteristics of communication. A detailed analysis of the structure of business communication is given. The phenomenological certainty of personal determinants in business communication is shown, typological characteristics of a personality in business communication are explicated. A number of specific guidelines are given for studying the personality of a business partner based on non-verbal signs. Particular attention is paid to considering the main forms of business communication, stress, disputes and conflicts in business communication. The psychological component of business communication is revealed. The article deals with the universal ethical norms and psychological principles of business communication, the norms of etiquette, the rules for maintaining business documentation and a number of other issues.

 Or 44

44. Д9-05/15907

Скуднова, О.Ю.

Практика делового общения: эффективное публичное выступление: учебно-метод. пособие / О.Ю. Скуднова. – Москва: МАКС Пресс, 2005. – 56 с. – ISBN 5-317-01434-4. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The methodological manual examines the main issues of preparation, conduct and analysis of various kinds of public speaking, presents practical recommendations, exercises for independent work, auxiliary literature on this issue.

 Or 45

45. Ж2-19/66625

Соловьева, О.Б

Основы эффективной коммуникации: риторический аспект: учебное наглядное пособие / О. Б. Соловьева; Сибирский государственный университет путей сообщения. – Новосибирск: Сибирский гос. ун-т путей сообщения, 2019. – 37 с: ил. – ISBN 978-5-00148-032-7. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Contains systematized, thematically arranged and presented in the form of diagrams and tables information to the module "Basics of Rhetoric" disciplines "Rhetoric and the art of public speaking", "Russian language and culture of speech." Each topic is accompanied by an interpretation of the main terms. It is intended for bachelors, specialists and undergraduates studying at a non-philological university.

 Or 46

46. Д8-04/99824

Сэмпсон, Э.

Бизнес презентация. Творческие идеи для блестящего выступления: / Э. Сэмпсон. – Москва: Альпина Бизнес Букс; МПБ Деловая культура, 2004. – 200 с.: ил. – (Мастерская личного успеха). – Пер. изд.: Creative business presentations / Sampson E. – London, 2003. – ISBN 5-9614-0065-4. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book by Elery Sampson, one of the leading English authors and consultants in business communications, is devoted to the acutely urgent problem of business communication - the ability to present your ideas and business projects in such a way as to win the attention and support of the audience, and increase your personal competitiveness. The author convincingly and engagingly tells how to use his creative resources - ingenuity and imagination - to solve this problem, while adhering to the principles of simplicity and practicality. The book shows how small details and simple solutions can multiply the effect of a presentation, provides methodological recommendations on psychological preparation, the choice of technical means and illustrative material, on managing dialogue with the audience and working out a gesture box, as well as tests to help check the quality of the prepared speech. The reader will also receive “ready-to-use” solutions that can be quickly adapted to a specific material and situation. The book is addressed primarily to top and middle managers, marketing and business development specialists, but it will also be of interest to a wider audience - everyone who is focused on achieving personal success.

 Or 47

47. Темирболат, А. Б.

Риторика. Основы ораторского искусства: учебное пособие / А. Б. Темирболат. – 3-е изд. – Алматы: Казахский национальный университет им. аль-Фараби, 2018. – 144 c. – ISBN 978-601-04-3314-4.– URL: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/93760.html (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: The textbook examines the main stages of the formation of the theory of eloquence, the specifics of rhetoric as an independent scientific discipline. Particular attention is paid to the principles of building public speech, the culture of speech behavior, polemical skill, business and everyday communication. The manual contains sections on the main types of eloquence, the art of compliment and conducting a conversation, the basics of NLP. Designed for students of higher educational institutions, university and school teachers. The manual is also of interest to those who wish to master communication skills, learn to express their thoughts correctly and convincingly, and conduct a constructive dialogue.

 Or 48

48. Тимонина И. В.

Педагогическая риторика: генезис и актуальность / И. В. Тимонина. – Москва: Флинта, 2019. – 202 с. – ISBN 978-5-9765-2070-7. – URL: https://ibooks.ru/bookshelf/344727/reading (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: The textbook examines the history of the emergence and development of rhetorical and pedagogical ideas, in the light of which the pedagogical process is interpreted as rhetorized teaching. The specificity of such training lies in the fact that the categorical, conceptual apparatus of rhetoric, "participating" in the educational process, makes us rethink the traditional approaches to it, bringing the educational material as close as possible to the one who is mastering it, making the process of cognition lively and exciting. Pedagogical rhetoric appears as rhetorized pedagogy. The manual is divided into two parts. The first (theoretical) part examines the problems of the origin and development of rhetorical and pedagogical ideas, their essence, and their significance for modern education. The second part is a workshop, the purpose of which is to help master, "put into practice" these rhetorical and pedagogical ideas on teacher's everyday life, to master the technology of rhetorized teaching.

 Or 49

49. Д9-03/7233

Хазагеров, Г. Г.

Риторика для делового человека / Г. Г. Хазагеров, Е. Е. Корнилова. – Москва: Флинта: МПСИ, 2003. – 134 с. – ISBN 5-89349-299-4. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book examines the theoretical foundations of eloquence, rhetorical techniques of writing and speaking, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of communication and interpersonal communication. The manual is based on modern material, contains tasks, exercises, recommendations and advice aimed at speech quality. For students, teachers, business people and anyone interested in the art of persuading.

 Or 50

50. Д10-17/52063

Халикова, Н. В.

Культура книжного слова: учебное пособие для студентов-магистрантов по направлению подготовки 44.04.01 "Педагогическое образование", 45.01.01 "Филология" / Н. В. Халикова, В. В. Леденёва; Московский государственный областной университет. – Москва: ИИУ МГОУ, 2017. – 169 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-7017-2852-1. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The tutorial presents a variety of exercises for classes in the discipline "Culture of the book word" associated with the culture of written, scientific, philosophical, publicistic speech. Exercises allow you to develop stylistic skills in writing scientific and critical texts.

 Or 51

51. Д8-96/24586

Хофф, Р.

Я вижу вас голыми. Как подготовиться к презентации и с блеском ее провести / Р. Хофф; пер. с англ. А.Д. Иорданского. – Москва: Независимая фирма "Класс", 1996. – 212 c. – ISBN 5-86375-012-X. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Superbest-seller: a clear, brilliant book. Literally everything that makes a presentation a success or failure is analyzed. For many years, the author has been teaching Americans to make successful presentations: to serve and sell anything, and in the best possible way. From the book you can find out how you do it and what you need to do it better. The question is burning, because who is not making presentations today? As for the name, this is just common advice on how not to be afraid of the audience: they say, imagine them all naked. The author of this approach does not share, he says, distracts ... He knows better.

 Or 52

52. Д8-94/13409

Чисхольм, П.

Уверенность в себе: путь к деловому успеху / П. Чисхольм: пер.с англ. – Москва: ЮНИТИ: Культура и спорт, 1994. – 287 c.: ил. – Пер.изд.: Counton confidence. The way in to personal effectiveness / Chisholm P. – S. l, 1990. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book is addressed to those who want to be successful. Its author - a lecturer and organizer of popular business training courses in the UK - provides practical advice on developing business skills.

 Or 53

53. Ж2-14/58518

Шабалина, О. И.

Риторика международных маркетинговых коммуникаций / О. И. Шабалина; Южно-Уральский гос. ун-т. – Челябинск: Изд. центр ЮУрГУ, 2014. – 178 с.: ил. – (Научные школы института экономики, торговли и технологий ЮУрГУ). – ISBN 978-5-696-04640-2. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The monograph is devoted to the issues of the influence of the culture factor on the methods of building advertising communications in foreign markets. The importance of culture is demonstrated by the example of the rhetoric of advertising in Europe, the USA, China and Russia, as well as in the discussion of its role in the process of modeling certain aspects of advertising activities, from the composition of the advertising message to the intensity of the emotional behavior of characters in advertising.

 Or 54

54. Р3070

Езова, С. О.

О значимости общения и страхе публичного выступления / С. О. Езова // Библиотека: Масс. проф. ил. журн.– 2009. – N6. – С.42-43. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: An important component in the work of public libraries is the communicative function, since library practice requires the ability to communicate with people at different levels.

Or 55 

55. Карякина В.Ю.

Сторителлинг в презентации: что это такое и как его использовать? // Управление человеческим потенциалом. – 2015. – No2. – С.88–94. – URL: https://grebennikon.ru/article-p9my.html (дата обращения: 10.11.2020). – Режим доступа: для авториз. пользователей. – Текст: электронный.

Abstract: The article discusses the storytelling tool - the art of storytelling, successfully used by speakers, politicians and managers as a tool for managing audience attention in presentations, public speaking, trainings and simply in communication.

 Or 56

56. У3175

Ораторское искусство как один из специфических видов человеческой деятельности / Т. Ф. Кочетова, Р. А. Пахомова, Н. М. Маркелова и др. // Современные наукоемкие технологии. – 2015. – N12-4. – С.679-682. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The article provides an overview of the literature on public speaking. Public speaking is the art of constructing and publicly delivering a speech with the aim of producing the desired impact on the audience. The article reflects the essence of oratory and its types. The essence of public speaking in the professional activity of a teacher is presented. The organization of the teacher's work is analyzed in detail. Preparing for a speech is a very important and responsible matter in the work of a speaker. An algorithm for constructing a successful public lecture is given. The speaker's speech is preceded by a lot of preliminary work. In addition to direct preparation for the performance, you need general preparedness, breadth of outlook, erudition. When preparing for a speech, the speaker needs to know the basics of dialectical and formal logic, so that the speech is deep in content, logically structured and well-grounded.

 Or 57

57. У3762

Облицова, З. Г.

Специфика педагогической деятельности и ораторское искусство преподавателя вуза / З. Г. Облицова // Актуальные вопросы образования и науки. – 2018.–N3(65). – С.72-78. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The article presents the structure of pedagogical skills and the specifics of the pedagogical activity of a university teacher. Some aspects of the teacher's speech culture and the components of oratory as a means of pedagogical communication are presented.

 Or 58

58. Р3070

Рязанцева, Л.

Искусство публичного выступления: как я говорю? / Л. Рязанцева // Библиотека: Масс. проф. ил. журн. – 2005. – N7. – С.42-46. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Theoretical questions, simple useful practical tips, techniques and recommendations on how to prepare an effective public speaking.


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