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Electricity: simple and safe


The publications presented at the exhibition tell about the achievements of science in the use of electricity for the needs of people, about modern technological solutions in the field of electrical engineering, highlight the basic rules and problems that can be encountered when working with electrical equipment. Electrical networks, switchgears, protective structures, electrical wiring, lighting devices and efficient light sources - all these and many other issues are discussed in detail in the materials of the exhibition.



ElSaf 01

1. Ж2-12/54261

Сворень, Р. А.

Электричество шаг за шагом [Текст] / Р. А. Сворень. - М. : Наука и жизнь, 2012. - 459 с. : ил.

Abstract: The author of many popular books about physics and electronics, a well-known science journalist, radio engineer and candidate of pedagogical sciences Rudolf Anatolyevich Svoren, who has worked for many years in the editorial office of the journal "Science and Life", presents to the readers his new work - a book on electricity. Using 400 specially designed illustrations, the author tells about the history of the study of electricity, about the prevailing main systems of direct and alternating current and the important role that electricity has in the energy of our world.

ElSaf 02

2. Д10-19/60328

Библия электрика. ПУЭ, ПОТЭЭ, ПТЭЭП [Текст]: техническая литература / [ответственный редактор В. Усанов]. - 5-е изд. - Москва : Эксмо, 2019. - 749 с.: ил. - (Актуальное законодательство).

Abstract: The rules apply to employees of organizations (regardless of the form of ownership and organizational and legal forms) and other individuals engaged in the maintenance of electrical installations, conducting operational switching in them, organizing and performing construction, installation, commissioning, repair work, tests and measurements.

ElSaf 03

3. Д10-19/68616

Настольная энциклопедия электрика [Текст] : от специалистов EKF. - Москва: 1000 бестселлеров, 2019. - 189 с.: цв. ил.

Abstract: The book describes the basic rules and problems that can be encountered when working with electricity and electrical equipment. Here you will find a description of the types of wires, sockets, switches, as well as information on the installation and repair of electrical wiring and much more.

ElSaf 04

4. Д10-19/62933

Джексон, А.

Электрика. Популярная энциклопедия. Все самое важное и нужное [Текст] / А. Джексон, Д. Дэй ; [перевод с английского Ю. Суслова]. - Москва: Изд-во АСТ, 2019. - 204, [4] с. : ил. - (Мастер Золотые руки. Все самое важное и нужное). - Загл. обл. : Электрика. Популярная энциклопедия от специалистов Legrand. Все самое важное и нужное. - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л. - Пер. изд.: complete diy manual. Chapter Electricity / A. Jackson, D. Day. - 2007.

Abstract: Home craftsmen from Legrand specialists. Accessibly and clearly about the main types of repair and renovation, diagnostics and maintenance of electrical circuits at home and cottage.

ElSaf 05a

5. Д9-12/82928

Сергеев, Н. В.

Электричество: просто и безопасно [Текст] : в вопросах и ответах / Н. В. Сергеев. - М. : Оникс, 2012 (Рыбинск). - 191 с. : ил. - (Все о строительстве).

Abstract: On the pages of this book, the reader will find answers to questions related to electrical work in the house. Electrical networks, switchgear, protective structures, electrical wiring, lighting fixtures - all these, as well as many other questions, are discussed in detail in the book.

ElSaf 06

6. Д10-17/57630

Фейгин, О. О.

Просто электричество [Текст] / О. О. Фейгин ; авт. идеи и науч. ред. сер. С. Деменок. - Санкт-Петербург: Старта, 2017. - 175 с. : ил. - (Просто).

Abstract: The author popularly talks about the modern secrets of electrophysics, the history of amazing scientific achievements and their authors. The book is designed for the widest circle of thoughtful readers who want to penetrate the essence of the problems of modern science and technology.

ElSaf 07

7. Д10-18/68188

Кудрин, Б. И.

Электрика: Объект. Математика. Словарь [Текст] : о становлении электрики как науки и о концепции словаря / Б. И. Кудрин, М. Г. Ошурков. - Санкт-Петербург : Кси-Принт, 2018. - 239 с. : ил. - Загл. обл. :Электрика. - Авт. на тит. л. не указ. - Библиогр.: с. 205-214 (219 назв.).

Abstract: The historical analysis of the development of electrical science and electrical technology is carried out, the periods of the formation of electrical engineering as an independently material and informational reality, as an object of scientific research, functioning and management, are highlighted.

ElSaf 08

8. Д9-07/40575

Томилин, А. Н.

Мир электричества [Текст] / А. Н. Томилин. - М. : Дрофа, 2007 (Смоленск). - 303 с. : ил.

Abstract: A book about the nature of electrical phenomena and about scientists who have sought to unravel the mysteries of electricity for centuries. It also tells about the latest scientific achievements in the field of using electricity for the needs of people, about the prospects for the development of large energy.

ElSaf 09

9. Д9-13/99190

Капралов, А. И.

У истоков теории электричества / А. И. Капралов. - Челябинск : Цицеро, 2013. - 99 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 97 (10 назв.).

Abstract: The book includes questions related to the emergence and development of the theory of electricity. Tells about the life and work of prominent scientists B. Franklin, F. Epinus, L. Galvani, A. Volta, V. Petrov.

ElSaf 10

10. Б1/5610

Куцый, П. Ф.

Повелители молний [Текст] / П. Ф. Куцый. - Алма-Ата : Кайнар, 1965. - 255 с.: ил. - (Из истории электричества). - Библиогр.: с. 252-253.

Abstract: Our contemporary, born in the age of artificial satellites, space flights, powerful nuclear accelerators, cannot imagine technological progress without electricity. Yes, any sphere of modern life is unthinkable without it. From the simplest lightning rod to complex machines and devices - this is the way of man in mastering electricity. Scientists from many countries and different eras have devoted their lives to uncovering the secrets of this phenomenon. Their inventions served as the basis for a gigantic development of science and technology. Our book is about these humble workers of science, indefatigable seekers who have learned to command electricity.

ElSaf 11

11. Ж2-17/61996

Ванюшин, М.

Занимательная электроника и электротехника для начинающих и не только... [Текст] : кн. + виртуал. диск / М. Ванюшин. - 2-е изд., перераб. и доп. - СПб. : Наука и Техника, 2017. - 350 с. : ил.

Abstract: In the modern world, the role of technical specialties related to electronics and electrical engineering has grown. It will become easier to master them on your own if you have a good practical self-study book at hand. Electrical engineering and electronics in the book is considered step by step from the very beginning. If you are familiar with the material of some steps, feel free to proceed to the next step. There is no theory for theory's sake in the book. Outlined only the most necessary, which will allow you to feel confident in practical work with electrical engineering and electronics. The book also contains the necessary basic formulas, without which it is impossible to understand how electrical engineering works.

ElSaf 12a

12. Ж2-19/65950

Штерн, М. И.

Современная электросеть [Текст] : практикум электрика : книга + видеокурс на DVD / М. И. Штерн. - Санкт-Петербург: Наука и техника, 2019. - 267 с. : ил. - (Лучшая книга по электрике). - Библиогр.: с. 266-267 (44 назв.).

Abstract: Here is an interactive tutorial for beginner electricians. The main attention is paid to the control of modern lighting, as well as magnetic starters, contactors, electric thermal relays and other switching devices that ensure the control and safe operation of electric motors, lighting networks, etc. ...

ElSaf 13

13. Д10-17/44471

Суворин, А. В.

Современный справочник электрика [Текст] / А. В. Суворин. - Ростов н/Д : Феникс, 2017. - 526 с. : ил. - (Профессиональное мастерство). - Библиогр.: с. 444-445 (16 назв.).

Abstract: The handbook summarizes in an accessible form the basic general technical provisions necessary for electrical engineering. The book includes information on theoretical electrical engineering, electrical materials, power supply to consumers, a brief description of power and lighting equipment, their technical characteristics and reference data is given, single-phase and three-phase transformers, asynchronous and synchronous machines, DC machines are considered. Information on the quality of electricity, electronic devices and their practical application is given. In addition, the handbook contains diagrams of various useful devices for self-manufacturing of the design you like.

ElSaf 14

14. Ж2-16/60061

Жабцев, В. М.

Сделаю сам. Главная книга электрика [Текст] : [самое полное рук.] / В. М. Жабцев. - М. : АСТ, 2016. - 208 с. : ил. - (Мастер "Золотые руки"). - Авт. на обл. не указ.

Abstract: What to do if suddenly there is a need, say, to fix any problems in the home wiring or to mount it? Is it really necessary to seek help from professionals and lay out a tidy sum for it? Not at all - you can figure everything out yourself. The Electrician's General Book will help you with this.

ElSaf 15a

15. Ж2-17/63314

Черничкин, М. Ю.

Большая энциклопедия электрика [Текст] / М. Ю. Черничкин. - Москва : Э, 2017. - 270 с. : ил. - (Ремонт от А до Я).

Abstract: "Great Encyclopedia for an Electrician" by Mikhail Chernichkin is useful for those who cannot call themselves a professional in handling electrical equipment. In the modern world, not a single house or apartment can do without electricity. People often prefer to make repairs on their own, and sometimes a specialist simply cannot be found at the right time. This book will help even beginners understand what electricity is and how to work with it correctly. First of all, the author gives basic concepts to make it easier to understand what the text is about. He talks about a variety of tools, both handheld and electric. He pays special attention to safety and first aid in case of electric shock.

ElSaf 16

16. Д10-14/1803

Никитко, И.

Универсальный справочник электрика [Текст] / И. Никитко. - М. : Питер, 2014. - 399 с. : ил.

Abstract: This book is intended for professional electricians involved in the installation and maintenance of electrical networks and electrical engineering. Here the reader will find the main regulatory documents relating to these works, as well as schematic diagrams of connecting some objects to the power grids, such as apartments and cottages. In addition, information on the range of wires, cables, distribution cabinets, automatic control systems and other devices is provided. Clear presentation is provided by tables, diagrams and formulas.

ElSaf 17

17. Д10-14/23644

Кисаримов, Р. А.

Справочник электрика [Текст] / Р. А. Кисаримов. - 5-е изд. - М. : РадиоСофт, 2014. - 320 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 314-315 (35 назв.).

Abstract: The handbook contains information about electrical elements, devices and electrical machines, their faults and failures, causes of failures, their prevention, search and elimination. For electricians whose work is related to the maintenance of electrical equipment with a voltage of up to 1 kV, as well as for specialists involved in the operation and repair of electrical equipment.

ElSaf 18

18. Д10-13/3517

Сибикин, Ю. Д.

Справочник электромонтажника [Текст] : учеб. пособие / Ю. Д. Сибикин. - 5-е изд., перераб. и доп. - М. : Издат. центр "Академия", 2013. - 411 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 407-408

Abstract: The basic information on the organization of electrical work, the device and installation of power electrical equipment, shop electrical networks, electrical lighting and electrical safety devices of industrial enterprises and civil buildings are presented. For students of primary vocational education institutions. It can be useful for electricians and electrical technicians engaged in the installation of power and lighting electrical equipment and electrical networks of industrial enterprises with voltage up to 1000 V.

ElSaf 19a

19. Ж2-14/56007

Шмаков, С. Б.

Профессиональные советы домашнему электрику [Текст] : практ. справочник / С. Б. Шмаков. - СПб. : Наука и техника, 2014. - 398 с. : ил + 8 с. ил. - (Лучшая книга для домашнего электрика XXI века). - Библиогр.: с. 397-398.

Abstract: The modern power grid is developing along with the emergence of new loads, new safety requirements, and new challenges. The handbook contains information necessary for a modern home electrician on the elements of a home electrical network, electrical safety, effective light sources, metering and energy saving. The presentation of the material is carried out on a modern basis of the new 7th edition of the PUE (Electrical Installation Rules). The book will be useful both to those who make apartment renovations, and to those who form the electrical network of a cottage under construction or a purchased apartment in a new building according to their tasks, in a condition "without finishing, after the builders." There are many interesting examples, helpful tips, important warnings, figures, and tables.

ElSaf 20

20. Д10-14/11427

Москаленко, В. В.

Справочник электромонтера [Текст] : учеб. пособие / В. В. Москаленко. - 8-е изд.,стер. - М. : Академия, 2014. - 368 с. : ил. - (Профессиональное образование. Энергетика) (Федеральный комплект учебников)

Abstract: The purpose and technical characteristics of the main elements and devices of the electrical equipment system, as well as cable and electrical insulating products, electrical devices, transformers, electrical machines, semiconductor devices, converters and lighting devices are considered. Provides basic information on electrical engineering, design ratios for selecting and checking electrical equipment and contains examples of solving typical problems.


ElSaf 21a

21. Д10-14/3195

Словарь-справочник электромонтажника [Текст] : термин. слов. / авт.-сост. А. Н. Бредихин. - Изд. 2-е, доп. - М. : РадиоСофт, 2014. - 296 с.

Abstract: Dictionary-reference book of terms and definitions of the field of electrical installation and related industries, participating in conjunction with construction organizations in the construction of fixed assets of various industries. This is the first scientific and reference edition in domestic practice, based on material that characterizes the essence of electrical installation production. Designed for engineering and technical and scientific workers of design, research, electrical installation, commissioning, as well as operating electrical installations of enterprises.

ElSaf 22

22. Ж2-13/55026

Справочник электрика для профи и не только. Современные технологии XXI века [Текст] / С. Л. Корякин-Черняк [и др.]. - СПб. : Наука и техника, 2013. - 575 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 574-575. .

Abstract: The reference book focuses on the consideration of the modern element base. Traditional materials and equipment are not overlooked either. The chapters begin with a small theoretical part, which allows you to systematize knowledge and skills. At the end of the handbook, there is a large list of websites of leading manufacturers, as well as electronic directories, from which you can get additional information on devices that, for reasons of optimizing the size of the directory, were not included in its composition. The guide will be useful to both professional electricians and DIYers.

ElSaf 23

23. Д9-12/82626

Карапетян И. Г.

Справочник по проектированию электрических сетей [Текст] / И. Г. Карапетян, Д. Л. Файбисович, И. М. Шапиро; под ред. Д. Л. Файбисовича. - 4-е изд., перераб. и доп. - М. : ЭНАС, 2012 (Смоленск). - 370 с. : ил. - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л.

Abstract: Information on the design of electrical networks of power systems, methods of technical and economic calculations, the choice of parameters and schemes of networks, data on electrical equipment, overhead and cable lines, on the cost of elements of electrical networks are provided. This publication takes into account the latest changes in the structure of the Russian energy sector and the requirements of new regulatory documents; provided new technical data on cable lines, autotransformers, switching devices and other types of equipment, as well as updated cost indicators of network facilities; considered modern approaches to the formation of electricity tariffs. The handbook is intended for engineers engaged in the design and operation of energy systems and electrical networks, as well as for students of energy universities.

ElSaf 24

24. Ж2-09/47469


Энциклопедия электрика [Текст] : практ. руководство: пер с фр. / Т. Галлозье, Д. Федулло. - М. : Омега, 2009 (Тверь). - 247 с. : ил. - (Евростандарт!). - Предм. указ.: с. 243-247.

Abstract: The book contains comprehensive information on all types of electrical appliances that the modern market offers, as well as on how to install them, the rules for connecting electrical circuits and protection against short circuits and overload currents. The encyclopedia is divided into three parts. The first part will allow you to remember the elementary concepts and rules regarding electricity, the second will help you draw up wiring diagrams, the third is devoted to directly installing electrical equipment. Every movement of an experienced technician is illustrated. The reference book contains more than 1000 drawings and diagrams.

ElSaf 25

25. Б2-16/4810

Перебаскин, А. В.

Влезай - не убьет! Реальная помощь домашнему электрику [Текст] / А. В. Перебаскин. - 5-e изд., стер. - М. : ДМК Пресс : Додека-XXI, 2016. - 171 с. : ил.

Abstract: The book is a guide to the device and installation of household electrical wiring. The adoption in 2002 of the 7th edition of the PUE (Rules for the Arrangement of Electrical Installations) became a kind of "quiet revolution" in Russia. The new revolutionary approach proposed in it rocked the country. In this book, the strangest electrical engineering rules and abstruse laws become simple and understandable. The most pressing electrical problems that arise from time to time before each of us were analyzed, and answers were found to each of them from the point of view of modern electrical science. The author tried to make the dry material as understandable and digestible as possible, diluting it here and there with light humor.

ElSaf 26

26. Ж2-15/59096

Екимов, И. В.

Электрика: готовые решения для вашего дома [Текст] / И. В. Екимов. - М. : Эксмо, 2015. - 95 с. : ил. - (Ремонт & дизайн). - Алф. указ.: с. 95.

Abstract: This publication will become indispensable in any home, because each of us from time to time has to solve such everyday problems with a home electrician, such as repairing a damaged outlet or installing a lamp. Thanks to the detailed step-by-step photo instructions, you can do most of the electrical work yourself: replace a switch, hang a chandelier or wire the room, saving a significant part of time and money.

ElSaf 27

27. Д10-15/27786

Шмаков, С. Б.

Краткий справочник домашнего электрика [Текст] / С. Б. Шмаков. - СПб. : Наука и техника, 2015. - 286 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 285-286 (38 назв.).

Abstract: Today we need modern approaches, new solutions and the element base of the electrical network of an apartment, summer house, cottage, country house. This practical book introduces the reader to the device, design, installation, rules of safe operation, maintenance, repair of the electrical network of a modern home. LED lamps and strips, security elements, metering devices are described in detail. The book will be useful both to those who make apartment renovations, and to those who form the electrical network of a cottage under construction or a purchased apartment in a new building in a state without finishing, after the builders. Alternative power sources were also considered, because sometimes traditional sources are located so far from a country house that it is impossible to lay communications. In these cases, the task is to obtain electricity and heat at the place of its use. The wind and the sun will help in this.

ElSaf 28

28. Д9-11/81826

Кашкаров, А. П.

Справочно-практическое пособие электрика: усовершенствованные выключатели света и не только [Текст] / А. П. Кашкаров. - Ростов н/Д : Феникс, 2011. - 319 с. : ил. - (Профессиональное мастерство). - Библиогр.: с. 318.

Abstract: The book is provided with numerous illustrations and contains unique information about modern sensors. Electrical diagrams of sensors for various purposes and a detailed description of their work, methods of improvement are given; the main focus is on motion sensors. The book is intended for wide readership.

 ElSaf 29

29. Ж2-17/62954

Полный курс настоящего хозяина. Все работы в квартире, в доме и на участке [Текст] : настоящий муж. справ. : электрика, отопление, сантехника, ремонт и устранение неполадок, отделка / В. П. Гринкевич [и др.]. - М. : Э, 2017. - 559 с. : ил. - (Подарочные издания. Строительство и ремонт). - Авт. указ. в вып. дан. - Рез. англ. - Алф. указ.: с. 556-559.

Abstract: The most complete illustrated guide includes all types of work in the apartment, at home and on the suburban area. Detailed step-by-step master classes will help even a beginner to independently carry out repairs, fix problems, and improve the site. This extremely practical book will suggest a solution to any problem related to electrical, plumbing, heating, decoration and many other necessary household tasks that readers face on a daily basis.


 ElSaf 30

30. Д10-14/3573

Сам себе электрик: электричество в доме и на даче без проблем [Текст] / авт.-сост. П. Н. Малитиков. - 2-е изд. - Ростов н/Д : Феникс, 2014. - 270 с. : ил. - (Профессиональное мастерство). - Библиогр.: с. 270 (8 назв.).

Abstract: In this book you can find a lot of useful and practical information related to electricity in the house and in the country. With a step-by-step description of such actions as, for example, installing lighting in an apartment or repairing wiring, installing electrical appliances and installing an outlet, you will be able to independently master the important skills of a home electrician. Many skills are really necessary, especially those related to safety and rules for the operation of electrical appliances. The text of the book is supplemented with visual illustrations and tables to help as much as possible in mastering the material.

 ElSaf 31

31. G2/22200

Бедин, В. С.

Сам себе электрик. Электромонтаж и полезные электронные самоделки [Текст] / В. С. Бедин. - Харьков : Клуб семейного досуга ; Белгород, 2013. - 382 с. : ил.

Abstract: On the pages of this book, the reader will find answers to questions related to electrical work in the house. Qualified practical advice from this book will help you easily fix an outlet, switch, lamp, electrical panel, troubleshoot electrical wiring, easily connect an electric stove or washing machine. Instructions for making useful homemade products will be a pleasant surprise: a remote switch, a security sensor and much more.

 ElSaf 32

32. Д9-10/62925

Пестриков, В. М.

Современный квартирный электрик [Текст] / В. М. Пестриков. - СПб. : БХВ-Петербург, 2010. - 392 с. : ил. - (Мужчина в доме). - Библиогр.: с. 385-388. Предм. указ.: с. 389-392.

Abstract: Considered power supply circuits, electrical measuring instruments and electrical safety rules. Brief theoretical information on the fundamentals of electrical engineering is given. The device of apartment wiring, the necessary electrical components are described in detail and professional advice on their selection is given. The modern technologies of installation of wiring accessories are stated. The issues of self-installation of switches, sockets, chandeliers are considered in detail. It is shown how to check the operation and test the insulation of the mains. Attention is paid to the method of detecting the presence and location of a break in the wiring. Some common wiring faults and their elimination are considered. A large amount of reference information is provided.

 ElSaf 33

33. Ж2-10/48466

Степанов, С. И.

Электрика в квартире и доме своими руками [Текст] / С. И. Степанов. - М. : Эксмо, 2010. - 191 с. - (Ремонт от А до Я).

Abstract: This book will teach you everything a DIY master needs to know. Professional electricians will show you how to solve the most common problems: installation and wiring, installation of outlets and fixtures, and much more.

 ElSaf 34a

34. Ж2-19/67471

Жабцев, В. М.

Сантехника, электрика, отопление, водопровод [Текст] : самое полное руководство : ни один ваш вопрос не останется без ответа : качественно, надежно, безопасно / В. М. Жабцев. - Москва : Изд-во АСТ, 2019. - 287 с. : ил. - (Мастер "Золотые руки") (Сделаю сам). - Авт. на обл. не указ.

Abstract: A guide that contains everything you need to know about the design of electrical networks, water supply and heating systems, the installation of electrical and plumbing products. All recommendations and step-by-step master classes are accompanied by detailed illustrations that will help you quickly master various types of work and avoid mistakes and emergencies.

 ElSaf 35

35. Ж2-03/31299

Бурдейный, М. А.

Электрика вызывали? [Текст] / М. А. Бурдейный. - М. : Мир кн., 2003. - 185 с. : ил. - (Энциклопедия домашнего мастера).

Abstract: When selling various electrical appliances in a store, instructions for use are attached to them, which, in addition to recommendations for use and maintenance, can describe examples of some types of breakdowns and ways to eliminate them. If suddenly you have lost such an application or it does not contain the information you need, then this book will become an indispensable assistant for you when repairing an electrical appliance. In addition, you will learn how to properly equip points for electrical installation and how to lay the wiring.

 ElSaf 36

36. Д9-05/21793

Давиденко, Ю. Н.

Настольная книга домашнего электрика. Люминисцентные лампы [Текст] / Ю. Н. Давиденко. - СПб. : Наука и Техника, 2005 (СПб.). - 216 с. - (Домашний мастер). - Библиогр.: с. 216.

Abstract: The book continues the series of publications for home electricians in the series "Home Master". The material is presented in simple and accessible language. The first chapter is fully devoted to the technical and operational features of the LL. The decoding of the LL designation system, the main technical characteristics and parameters, recommendations for the selection and use, tables of analogs are given.

The second chapter is devoted to the issues of LL power supply. The age of electromagnetic ballast, consisting of a choke and a starter, is coming to an end. The information in this chapter will help you to correctly design and make your own electronic control gear. Radio amateurs and all those who want to personally create electronic ballast will find here practical designs, drawings of printed circuit boards, information on the element base.

 ElSaf 37

37. G2/21805

Электричество дома и на даче. Как сделать просто и надежно [Текст]. - Минск : Харвест, 2012. - 319 с. : ил. - (Строим дом).

Abstract: The publication provides information on how to electrify a house quickly, simply and, most importantly, reliably. The book describes the basics of electrical work: step-by-step instructions for the installation of electrical wiring, cables, other wiring accessories, as well as electrical equipment for water supply and home heating are given. In addition, advice is given on the operation and repair of household appliances and power tools and safety rules when working with them.

 ElSaf 38

38. Д9-12/85934

Кашкаров, А. П.

Современный квартирный сантехник, строитель и электрик [Текст] / А. П. Кашкаров. - СПб. : БХВ-Петербург, 2012. - 248 с. : ил. - (Мужчина в доме). - Библиогр.: с. 245-246. Предм. указ.: с. 247-248.

Abstract: The book contains practical recommendations on the main types of plumbing, construction and electrical work that most men have to face in an apartment or their own home. Considered the replacement of radiators and hot / cold water taps, repair and installation of a mixer, replacement of pipes, connection of washing machines and dishwashers. The creation of interior partitions, installation of double-glazed windows, glazing of a loggia, etc. is described. It is shown how to lay apartment electrical wiring, to install electrical switches, sockets, lamps and chandeliers, to ground household appliances, etc.

 ElSaf 39a

39. Д9-12/93683

Кашкаров, А. П.

Электрика своими руками [Текст] / А. П. Кашкаров. - М.: ДМК Пресс, 2012. - 127 с. : ил.

Abstract: A detailed guide to the most important household work - the installation of electrical wiring and its elements. With the help of visual illustrations, the features of working with various elements are shown, which will allow you to quickly navigate in search of the right answer to a pressing question. The book is written on the basis of practical experience.

 ElSaf 40a

40. Ж2-11/51084

Симонов, Е. В.

Обустройство вашего дома. Вода, газ, отопление, электричество, отделка [Текст] / Е. В. Симонов. - М. и др. : Питер, 2011. - 208 с. : ил. - (Современный домострой).

Abstract: So you have erected the walls and the roof. It would seem that there is nothing left - and you can celebrate a housewarming. In reality, the main work is still ahead: it is necessary to bring engineering communications and connect them, finish the walls, ceilings and floors, and finally create a cozy interior. But believe me, you can cope with everything yourself: correctly install electrical equipment, supply gas and set up heating, as well as develop an interior design and implement it. Evgeny Simonov, who has been successfully working in the construction industry for more than 20 years, shares his rich experience with you.

 ElSaf 41

41. Д9-10/71400

Симонов, Е. В.

Электричество в квартире и на даче. Уроки мастера [Текст] / Е. Симонов. - СПб. : Питер, 2010 (СПб.) 202 с. : ил. - (Современный домострой). - Библиогр.: с. 200-202.

Abstract: Conducting electricity in your own apartment or in the country, installing lamps and fixtures, finding and eliminating damages and malfunctions, repairing the outlet and switch - this and much more is now within your power. There is no need to spend extra money and hire specialists: all useful information can be found here! Particular attention should be paid to the video disc enclosed with the book, which tells, and most importantly, shows how to correctly perform certain electrical work.

 ElSaf 42

42. Д9-10/66669

Дорохова, М. А.

Электричество, водоснабжение и отопление в вашем доме [Текст] / М. А. Дорохова, П. С. Ерохин. - М. : Geleos Publishing House, 2010. - 319 с. - (Энциклопедия хозяина и хозяйки). - Библиогр.: с. 315.

Abstract: This book will be useful to every real owner, because with its help you can learn how to independently conduct electricity in an apartment or in a country house, equip a home with heating devices, install and repair plumbing equipment, as well as drain the house from scratch.
The book is supplied with a large number of diagrams and illustrations.

 ElSaf 43

43. Д9-09/54262

Синельников, В. С.

Электричество в квартире и загородном доме [Текст] / В. С. Синельников. - М. : Эксмо, 2009 (Тверь). - 254 с. - (Строим и ремонтируем сами из того, что под руками). - Библиогр.: с. 253.

Abstract: The book is devoted to the principles and methods of conducting electrical work in an apartment and a country house. In it you will find brief information on the basics of electrical engineering, techniques for laying hidden and open wiring, data on materials and components, issues of electrical accounting and electrical safety. A large section is devoted to the description of modern powerful household electrical appliances - electric heaters, electric water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers.

 ElSaf 44

44. Д9-08/49803

Электричество в доме и на даче. Монтаж, эксплуатация, ремонт, электрификация подсобного хозяйства [Текст] : справочник / сост.: В. И. Назаров, В. И. Рыженко. - М.: Оникс, 2008 (Рыбинск). - 319 с. : ил. - (Домашний мастер). - 3000 экз. – ISBN 978-5-488-01811-2

Abstract: When building a cottage, residential building, summer cottage, when carrying out repairs and redevelopment, you will certainly encounter the problem of performing electrical work. How to properly install electrical wiring, switches, plug sockets, lamps, how to correctly operate electrical installations, as well as how to effectively use electricity in a subsidiary farm: in a greenhouse and a greenhouse, when heating a bath, you will learn from our book.

 ElSaf 45

45. Ж2-02/36351

Электричество в загородном доме [Текст]: справочник / Информационное агентство "Стройинформ". - М. : НП Науч.-техн. содружество Стройинформ, 2002. - 333 с. - (Застройщик). - 20000 экз.

Abstract: This guide contains information on electrical equipment, electric heating, data on how to choose the right generator set for a country house and much more.

 ElSaf 46

46. Д10-17/42885

Морозов, Ю. А.

Электрика на даче своими руками [Текст] : пошаговые инструкции, электромонтаж и ремонт. работы, безопасность и правовые аспекты : полн. рук. / Ю. А. Морозов. - М. : Э, 2017. - 191 с. : ил. - (Все про дачу).

Abstract: The power grid is an important element of a well-maintained summer cottage. Our book will help you complete the electrical wiring and install a shield, sockets, electrical switches, lighting devices, a residual current device, a warm floor, connect electrical appliances, as well as perform the most common repair work to replace elements of the electrical network.

 ElSaf 47

47. Д9-04/2621

Бодин, А. П.

Электричество в вашем доме. [Текст]: справочник / А. П. Бодин, Ф. Ю. Пятаков. - М. : Энергосервис, 2004. - 253 с. : ил.

Abstract: The guide covers the main issues related to electricity supply and internal electrification of residential summer cottages, garden houses and rural settlements. Contains information about the design, construction and operation of electrical installations, taking into account the requirements of the current regulatory documents and energy services, which allows the reader to get a clear idea of ​​the procedure for obtaining permits, the development of design materials, the determination of calculated values, planned installations. This allows you to correctly select electrical equipment, apparatus and materials, as well as to use them effectively in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. The characteristics and principles of operation of various electrical devices, equipment, devices, apparatus in the household are given, the basics of their safe use are outlined. The handbook will provide practical assistance in electrification.

ElSaf 48

48. Б2-01/3768

Баран, А. Н.

Электричество в доме и на даче для "чайников". [Текст] / А. Н. Баран, Г. Ю. Ворона. - М. : [б. и.], 2001. - 351 с. : ил. - (Домашняя библиотечка). - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л.

Abstract: The authors of the book tried to tell in a very accessible form about the installations and devices of various electrical home installations: water heaters, stoves, washing machines, engines ... With the help of the book, you can easily understand a damaged electrical appliance, correctly install and connect the socket, socket, switch or connector. Safety measures and energy saving measures are not forgotten.

 ElSaf 49

49. Д9-08/45000

Электрооснащение дома и участка [Текст] : инструменты, приборы, электромонтажные работы, подключение приборов и электроустановок / Авт.-сост. Левадный В. С. - М. : Аделант, 2008. - 191 с. : ил. - (Своими руками). - Сост. указ. на обороте тит. л.

Abstract: Work with electrical wiring, laying new lines, assembling and installing all kinds of household electrical appliances and products in the home and on the site - this is the amount of work that everyone who is involved in the reconstruction of an apartment, country house, cottage, cottage, garden plot inevitably faces. The purpose of this book is to be a guide for the home craftsman in such a difficult and at the same time exciting activity as electrical equipment of a home in accordance with their tastes.

ElSaf 50

50. М/63276/1(2006)

Пестриков, В. М.

Домашний электрик и не только [Текст] : [в 2 кн.] / В. М. Пестриков. - Изд. 5-е, перераб. и доп. - СПб. : Наука и Техника, 2006 - . - (Домашний мастер).

Кн. 1(2006). - 2006. - 235 с. : ил.

Abstract: The first book of the popular two-volume book is devoted to homemade products that are useful in the city, and the second - to interesting schemes for a summer residence, a garden plot, and leisure. In a popular and entertaining form, a wide aspect of practical work in a city apartment, in a country house or in a garden plot is considered. These works are often associated not only with electricity, but also with related fields of knowledge - radio electronics, television, cellular communications, electronic security systems. The main goal of the book is to help everyone who wants to acquire skills in repairing the electrical network, household electrical appliances, making simple radio and electrical devices for household and leisure. The reader will learn how to properly install and connect various electrical equipment in a city apartment or in the country.


ElSaf 51

51. М/63276/2(2006)

Пестриков, В. М.

Домашний электрик и не только. [Текст] / В. М. Пестриков. - Изд. 5-е, перераб. и доп. - СПб. : Наука и Техника, 2006 - . - (Домашний мастер).

Кн. 2(2006). - 2006. - 235 с. - Библиогр.: с. 223-224.

Abstract: The first book of the popular two-volume book is devoted to homemade products that are useful in the city, and the second - to interesting schemes for a summer residence, a garden plot, and leisure. In a popular and entertaining form, a wide aspect of practical work in a city apartment, in a country house or in a garden plot is considered. These works are often associated not only with electricity, but also with related fields of knowledge - radio electronics, television, cellular communications, electronic security systems. The main goal of the book is to help everyone who wants to acquire skills in repairing the electrical network, household electrical appliances, making simple radio and electrical devices for household and leisure. The reader will learn how to properly install and connect various electrical equipment in a city apartment or in the country..

ElSaf 50

52. Д8-04/97869

Поляков, Ю. Н.

Электропроводка в квартире и на даче [Текст] / Ю. Н. Поляков. - М. : Лада ; Цитадель-Трейд, 2004. - 367 с. : ил. - (Современный справочник).

Abstract: The book simply and easily sets out the basic principles of operation and properties of power grids and household electrical appliances, clearly shows the diagrams and methods for installing external and internal wiring, household electrical appliances.

ElSaf 42

53. Д10-18/66511

Вязигин, В. Л.

Электрическое освещение [Текст] : учебное пособие / В. Л. Вязигин, В. З. Ковалёв ; Министерство науки и высшего образования Российской Федерации, Югорский государственный университет, Институт природопользования. - Ханты-Мансийск : Югорский гос. ун-т, 2018. - 257 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 254-257 (42 назв.).

Abstract: This publication covers the basics of lighting technology, features of various light sources (LED, discharge, incandescent lamps), lamps, design and operation of lighting installations. The manual is intended for students of all forms of education (full-time, part-time, distance).

ElSaf 54

54. Д10-18/52885

Ткачева, Г. В.

Техническое обслуживание и ремонт электрооборудования. Слесарь-электрик. Основы профессиональной деятельности [Текст] : учебное пособие / Г. В. Ткачева, А. М. Пожиленков, А. Н. Лунькин. - Москва : ВЛАДОС, 2018. - 303 с. : ил. - (Профессиональное образование)

Abstract: The manual provides a description of the professional competencies of an electrician. 6 competencies are considered, ranging from preparatory work to prepare electrical equipment for operation, ensuring safety, and ending with measuring equipment parameters, its diagnostics, maintenance and repair.

ElSaf 55

55. Д9-12/89413

Малеткин, И. В.

Внутренние электромонтажные работы [Текст] : учеб.-практ. пособие / И. В. Малеткин. - М. : Инфра-Инженерия, 2012. - 287 с. : ил.

Abstract: The whole cycle of production of internal electrical work is described. All organizational measures (planning, control, safety precautions, delivery documents, etc.), as well as all modern technologies used in installation, are considered in detail. The book is intended for managers, engineers and electricians. The publication will also be useful for customers of electrical work and employees of companies involved in the operation of electrical equipment in residential, office and industrial buildings.

ElSaf 56

56. Д10-17/42472

Григорьева, С. В.

Общая технология электромонтажных работ [Текст] : учебник / С. В. Григорьева. - М. : Академия, 2017. - 191 с. : ил. - (Профессиональное образование. Техника и технологии строительства). - Библиогр.: с. 189.

Abstract: The textbook was created in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Secondary Professional Education in the profession "Electrician of electrical networks and electrical equipment", OP.06 "General technology of electrical work".

The textbook provides general information about buildings and structures, electrical tools and devices. The basics of plumbing work and the organization of electrical work are outlined.

ElSaf 57

57. Д9-11/82332

Тихомиров, М. М.

Приборы учета электрической энергии [Текст] : учеб. пособие для студентов электротехн. специальностей сред спец. учеб. заведений / М. М. Тихомиров. - Волгоград : Ин-Фолио, 2011. - 160 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 147-148 (24 назв.). - 1000 экз. – ISBN 978-5-903826-46-9 :

Abstract: The training manual sets out the main issues of the discipline "Electricity metering devices": basic provisions for electricity metering in accordance with regulatory documents, the principle of operation, design, circuits for switching on electric meters, automated control and electricity metering systems, issues of operation, repair, verification of electricity meters , safety precautions when working with electricity meters.

ElSaf 58

58. Д10-16/39376

Вострокнутов, Н. Н.

Устройство, свойства погрешности и поверка современных счетчиков электрической энергии [Текст] : учеб. пособие / Н. Н. Вострокнутов ; Акад. стандартизации, метрологии и сертификации. - М. : АСМС, 2016. - 108 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 105-106 (28 назв.)

Abstract: The proposed manual is compiled in accordance with topic 2.3. the curriculum for the additional professional program "Verification and Calibration of Electrical Measuring Instruments", and is intended for students of the ASMC, improving their qualifications under this program.

ElSaf 59

59. Д10-17/49028

Вострокнутов, Н. Н.

Электрические измерения [Текст] : учеб. пособие / Н. Н. Вострокнутов; Акад. стандартизации, метрологии и сертификации. - М. : АСМС, 2017. - 320 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 311-314 (52 назв.).

Abstract: The book contains basic information about electrical measuring instruments and measurements of electrical quantities, provides brief information about the measurement of magnetic quantities, the principles of measuring non-electrical quantities by electrical methods and telemetry.

ElSaf 60

60. Д9-12/96165

Пирумян, Н. М.

Вопросы организации и производства электромонтажных работ [Текст] : учеб. пособие / Н. М. Пирумян, А. А. Идиятулин. - Екатеринбург : УрФУ, 2012. - 167 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 144-147 (45 назв.).

Abstract: Dedicated to the organization and production of electrical work. When presenting the material, regulatory documents were used. The modern methods of work are considered, the structure of the stages of their production is presented.


ElSaf 61

61. Д10-18/57376

Суворин, А. В.

Электромонтер строительных объектов [Текст] : учебное пособие / А. В. Суворин. - Ростов-на-Дону : Феникс, 2018. - 536 с. : ил. - (Среднее профессиональное образование). - Библиогр.: с. 535-536 (26 назв.).

Abstract: The textbook "Electrician of construction objects" provides information about practical electrical engineering, describes the device, installation processes, rules for the operation and repair of electric lighting and power plants.
The electronic supplement to the manual contains data on electrical materials, electrical conductors, ballasts, special construction equipment, as well as units of measurement of physical quantities in the SI system and their designations, calculation formulas, conventional graphic images of circuit elements, their letter codes and practical advice for beginners and experienced electricians.

ElSaf 62

62. Д10-18/56871

Короткие замыкания и выбор электрооборудования [Текст] : учебное пособие / И. П. Крючков [и др.] ; под ред. И. П. Крючкова и В. А. Старшинова ; Национальный исследовательский университет "МЭИ". - Москва : Изд-во МЭИ, 2018. - 439 с. : ил. - Авт. указ. на обороте тит. л. - Библиогр.: с. 439 (15 назв.).

Abstract: Methods for calculating short circuits, simple and complex asymmetric modes in electric power systems, thermal and electrodynamic effects of short-circuit currents on conductors and electrical devices, methods and methods for limiting short-circuit currents, features of calculating short circuits in electrical installations with voltage up to 1 kV are considered.

Methodological guidelines for the practical use of residual current devices are given, as well as the features of calculating the rigid busbar of open switchgear. A set of programs for calculating short circuits using a computer is proposed.

 ElSaf 63

63. М/70001/2

Шашкова, И. В.

Организация и выполнение работ по монтажу и наладке электрооборудования промышленных и гражданских зданий [Текст] : учебник : в 2 ч. / И. В. Шашкова, А. В. Бычков. - М. : Академия, 2015 - . - (Профессиональное образование. Профессиональный модуль).

Ч. 2: Монтаж и наладка электрооборудования промышленных и гражданских зданий. - 2015. - 250 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 246.

Abstract: New approaches to mastering professional activity in accordance with professional competencies are considered. The need to combine theoretical knowledge on the study of the technology of installation work, the features of installation in buildings for various purposes with practical knowledge in the laboratory and in production practice is reflected; performance of acceptance tests; registration of protocols upon completion of tests; performing work on checking and setting up electrical equipment, checking and setting up relay protection and automation devices and monitoring the implementation of these works; knowledge of the methods of organizing the verification and adjustment of electrical equipment and the norms of acceptance tests. New methods of knowledge control are described, including with the use of computer technologies.

ElSaf 64

64. Д9-11/79817

Назарова, В. И.

Монтаж и эксплуатация электропроводки. Выключатели, розетки, щитки, светильники : методический материал / В. И. Назарова. - М. : РИПОЛ классик, 2011 (Краснодар). - 63 с. : ил. - (Библиотека домашнего мастера).

Abstract: When building a cottage, residential building, summer cottage, when carrying out repairs and redevelopment, you will certainly encounter the problem of performing electrical work. You will learn how to correctly install electrical wiring, switches, sockets, lamps and shields from our book.


ElSaf 65

65. М/55652/8(80)

Библиотечка электротехника [Текст] : прил. к журн."Энергетик". - М. : НТФ "Энергопрогресс": "Энергетик", 20 - .

Вып. 8(80): Электроснабжение жилых и общественных зданий / Э. А. Киреева, С. А. Цырук. - 2005. - 95 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 93-94(31 назв

Abstract: Electrical consumers of residential and public buildings are considered, electrical loads are calculated, the influence of the quality of electricity on the operation of electrical consumers of buildings is shown. The principles of constructing diagrams of electrical networks of buildings are given, the issues of electrical safety and protection in power supply systems of buildings are highlighted, an example of calculating electrical loads of municipal consumers is given.

ElSaf 66

66. М/55652/2(158)/1

Библиотечка электротехника [Текст] : прил. к журн. "Энергетик". - М. : НТФ "Энергопрогресс" : Энергетик, 19 - .

Вып. 2(158): Современные приборы и устройства для измерения и контроля состояния коммутационного электрооборудования в системах электроснабжения (справочные материалы), Ч. 1 / Э. А. Киреева. - 2012. - 71 с. : ил.

Abstract: Devices for monitoring and measuring the parameters of high-voltage switches, as well as low resistances in power supply systems are considered. Technical characteristics and operating conditions of these devices are given. For engineers and technicians who operate electrical networks.

ElSaf 67

67. М/55652/3(159)/2

Библиотечка электротехника [Текст] : прил. к журн. "Энергетик". - М. : НТФ "Энергопрогресс": Энергетик, 19 - .

Вып. 3(159): Современные приборы и устройства для измерения и контроля состояния коммутационного электрооборудования в системах электроснабжения (справочные материалы), Ч. 2 / Э. А. Киреева. - 2012. - 47 с. : ил.

Abstract: Devices for testing and measuring parameters of automatic switches (automatic devices), as well as low resistances in power supply systems are considered. Technical characteristics and operating conditions of these devices are given. For engineers and technicians who operate electrical networks.

ElSaf 68

68. Д10-14/9959

Суворин, А. В.

Электрические схемы электроустановок: составление и монтаж : практ. пособие электрикам / А. В. Суворин. - Ростов н/Д : Феникс, 2014. - 542 с. : ил. - (Профессиональное мастерство).

Abstract: This practical guide will surely become a table bible for electricians of any level and specialization, and first of all for young people who have decided to connect their lives with the profession of "electrician". It provides in a simple and accessible form general information on electrical engineering and electronics, necessary for the correct installation and operation of electrical circuits of industrial electrical equipment. The content includes information on electrical materials, wires and cables used in the installation of circuits. Electrotechnical calculation formulas, their conventional and graphic representation, letter codes, units of measurement of physical quantities according to the international SI system and their designations, as well as a lot of practical circuit solutions for controlling electric drives are given.

ElSaf 69

69. Ж2-09/47087

Проектирование схем электроустановок [Текст] : учеб. пособие / Ю. Н. Балаков, М. Ш. Мисриханов, А. В. Шунтов. - 3-е изд., стер. - М. : Издат. Дом МЭИ, 2009 (М.). - 287 с.

Abstract: The methodological substantiation of the choice of the main schemes of electrical connections of power plants and substations, including design features, criteria and decision-making methods, is given. The formation of structural diagrams and diagrams of switchgear of electrical installations, as well as the choice of electrical conductors and apparatus are considered. The material presented in the tutorial allows you to formulate a uniform methodological basis for substantiating and choosing the main schemes of electrical installations, and then to implement the methodological base on the typical examples proposed in the design of various kinds of electrical installations schemes.

ElSaf 70

70. М/55652/7(235)/1

Библиотечка электротехника [Текст] : приложение к журналу "Энергетик". - Москва : Энергопрогресс : Энергетик, 1998 - . - ISSN 0013-7278.

Вып. 7(235) : Вопросы безопасной организации работ на воздушных линиях электропередачи, ч. 1 / А. И. Вантеев. - 2018. - 71 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 69-70 (24 назв.)

Abstract: This brochure is devoted to one topic: the organization of work on overhead lines that are in a disconnected position in the zone of influence of others in the zone of influence of other operating overhead lines, the influence of a particular Russian Railways wire, the influence of atmospheric influences. The physics of the ongoing processes is shown, the cases of injuries are considered, recommendations are given to the repair personnel of the services of high-voltage lines of power grid enterprises to ensure safety during repair work.

ElSaf 71

71. М/55652/8(236)/2

Библиотечка электротехника [Текст] : приложение к журналу "Энергетик". - Москва : Энергопрогресс : Энергетик, 1998 - . - ISSN 0013-7278.

Вып. 8(236): Вопросы безопасной организации работ на воздушных линиях электропередачи, ч. 2 / А. И. Вантеев. - 2018. - 64 с. : ил. - Библиогр. в конце частей

Abstract: This brochure is devoted to one topic: the organization of work on overhead lines that are in a disconnected position in the zone of influence of others in the zone of influence of other operating overhead lines, the influence of a particular Russian Railways wire, the influence of atmospheric influences. The physics of the ongoing processes is shown, the cases of injuries are considered, recommendations are given to the repair personnel of the services of high-voltage lines of power grid enterprises to ensure safety during repair work.

ElSaf 72

72. Д9-11/77670

Правила безопасности при строительстве линий электропередачи и производстве электромонтажных работ [Текст] : РД 153-34.3-03.285-2002: утв. РАО ЕЭС России" 16.08.02: введ. с 01.01.03 / "ЕЭС России", российское акционерное о-во (Москва). - М. : ЭНАС, 2011 (Люберцы (Моск. обл.)). - 103 с.

Abstract: The rules are intended for workers in construction, electrical installation, commissioning organizations and operating enterprises engaged in the organization and production of electrical installation work.


ElSaf 73

73. М/67351/3

Безопасность жизнедеятельности [Текст] : курс лекций / А. В. Бояршинов [и др.]. - Тамбов: ТГТУ, 20 - . - В надзаг.: Тамб. гос. техн. ун-т.

Ч. 3: Основы электробезопасности / В. М. Дмитриев [и др.]. - 2012. - 79 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 77 (7 назв.).

Abstract: Basic information on assessing the risk of electrical shock, methods and means of ensuring electrical safety. The main factors that determine the outcome of a person's electric shock. Hazard analysis of the main electrical networks. The main industrial methods of protecting a person from electric shock.

ElSaf 74

74. Д10-15/26460

Энговатова, В. В.

Электробезопасность : учеб. пособие / В. В. Энговатова, В. И. Демин ; Куб. гос. технол. ун-т [и др.]. - Краснодар : Дом-Юг, 2015. - 102 с. : ил. - Библиогр.: с. 102 (9 назв.).

Abstract: The book covers general issues of electrical safety; organization of safe operation of electrical installations; technical methods and means of protection against electric shock; organizational measures to ensure the safety of the JSC by relieving stress; protective equipment used in electrical installations; lightning protection of buildings and structures; composition of normative and technical documentation for the organization of safe operation of electrical installations and lightning protection of facilities.