The results of the «Book of the Year» National Contest 2022


On Spetember 1, 2022, the ceremony of awarding the prize-winners of the National Contest «The Book of the Year» was held at Moscow Gostiny Dvor. The ceremony coincided with the anniversary 35-th Moscow International Book Fair.

Over 20 years, within the framework of Moscow International Book Fair, the results of recent literary season are summarized and the best books of the year are chosen. The publishers’ of all Russian regions participate in the contest sponsored by the RF Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media.  This year, over 600 books of 92 publishers’ in 18 Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Simferopol, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Tobolsk, Tomsk, Kirov, Murmansk, Yakutsk, etc.) claimed the victory.

The contest was held in 11 nominations – Grand Prix and 10 thematic ones. The winners get diplomas and traditional figurines. Special diplomas are awarded for particular publications chosen by experts. 


Source: University Book Journal

CinemaLibrThe Library of Cinema Art to be open on the Day of Russian Cinematography


The Library of Cinema Art in Moscow gets the new status of the division of the Cinema Museum. The opening ceremony is to be held on the Day of Russian Cinema, August 27.

To remind, the Library was amalgamated with the State Central Cinema Museum in 2019, followed with two years of renovation. Now, the new space will be open.


Source: Rossijskaya gazeta

Metamorphoses, a new publishing house, is launched


The T8 holding has established Metamorphoses Publisher’s. It is to specialize in publishing gift books illustrated by prominent modern artists, philosophy and non-fiction books, and the reecent works by foreign authors.

Metamorphoses is stated to have the mission of promoting high aesthetics of book publishing.

In August-September, Benjamin Lacombe’s novel «The extraordinary family of Appenzell», Edgar Po’s anthology «The madness of love and death», art book «Beautiful nightmares» by Nicolette Checcoli, album «Paris through the eyes of artists» by Gerard Denisot, Sun Tzu’s famous tractate «The Art of war» , Richard Blandford’s album «London in the company of painters», David Farr’s fantasy novel «The book of stolen dreams», «The Solomon’s Tale» by Sheila Jeffreis, autobiography by French philosopher «Alain Badiou about Alain Badiou», and Frederick Begbeder’s anthology «The survival library. 50 best books», are to be released. 


Source: Book Industry Journal

The Eye of Binhai – the fanciest library in the world


The five-story library is located in Tianjin’s Binhai district. It was opened in 2017. The futuristic building was designed by the Dutch MVRDV company in collaboration with Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI). The 34,000 sq. m. cultural center offers space for 1.2 mln books. The reading zone is located on the first floor, with the relaxation zone in the middle; while the staff rooms, offices, computer rooms, conference halls and audio rooms are located on the upper floors. The giant sphere in the center makes the auditorium and seats up to 110 persons. From the outside, the inner space looks like an eye, and the centered sphere like the iris which explains the building name: The Eye of Binhai. The undulating bookshelf is used both to frame the space and to create stairs, seating, and bookshelves.


Source: Book Industry Journal

The 35th Moscow International Book Fair to be held in Gostiny Dvor


The dates and venue of the 35th Moscow International Book Fair are finally announced. In 2022, it will be held at Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center (4 Ilyinka st., Moscow) on September 2-5.

Requests for participation are accepted via the official website up to August 15.

Last year, the traditional autumn fair was held at Expo Center 5th Pavillion, the year before – at Moscow’s Manezh having moved from its long-time location at VDNKh.


Source: Moscow International Book Fair official website

The single point of access to the journals in librarianship


Searching for research articles in librarianship is now as easy as never before! The scientific library journals lined up on the portal  of Serials in Librarianship, Bibliography and Book Studies
to expand cooperation and to provide single search engine and speedy navigation to the articles, and, as a result, to increase citations for one another.

The agreement on establishing the Portal of Scientific Library Journals was achieved  at the All-Russian Library Congress: The 26th Annual Conference of the Russian Library Association (May 15-20, 2022) and announced at the special joint event-session of the Section for Scientific Research and Book Publishing and Distribution Section, held on the occasion of the 70-th anniversary of Bibliotekovedenie journal.


Source: The Book Industry Journal

Yandex to buy license for Boomate Platform use


This purchase is to enable Yandex to launch its own book service, the two companies reported to Vedomosti on June 30.

Part of the Bookmate team will move to Yandex to implement appropriate features into Yandex infrastructure and to develop the platform with Yandex expertise, Andrew Baev, Bookmate CEO said. Yandex official explained that the purchase of either the service or share in Bookmate legal entity is not the case.


Source: Vedomosti

«The white night of poetry»


For the first time, The White Night of Poetry is to be held in St. Petersburg organized by the NeoLira Artel Theatre. On July 2, 2022, from 23:00 till morning, poets will be reciting the most popular poems by Russian and foreign authors.

The concept of the new project by NeoLira is to let everyone enjoy the most famous works of world poetry in the latest format offered by the artel theatre.

The interactive show “Three lyricists” is to start the program with the trivia game and partners’ prizes for the winners. During Part II, reciters are to introduce the audience to the Russian poetry of 18th—20th centuries, and poems by Heinrich Heine, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, George Gordon Byron, etc. Part III is to be around the Russian Silver Age poetry by Alexander Blok, Anna Akhmatova, Ivan Bunin and other poets we know since our school years.

The White Night of Poetry will be held and the Coffee and Wine Music Variety Theatre at 81, Bolshoy Prospekt (Petrograd Side, ST. Petersburg). Please buy you ticket in advance at or St. Petersburg ticket offices. Ticket prices are from 300 rubles.


Source: NeoLira Artel Thetre

All-Russian book rating for 2022 winter half


The readers’ preferences in 2022 winter half differ from that of the last year: the Russians are now more engaged in reading fiction (58% of the top-50 bestsellers), with the Russian authors occupying the top and the share of printed books increased by 19%.
The leading book market players – Ozon, the multicategory online platform; LitRes, electronic and audiobooks services in Russian and CIS, MyBook subscription service (incorporated into LiRes), and Chitay-gorod—Bukvoed retail chain — presented the All-Russian Book Rating for 2022 winter half to comprise the data of December 16, 2021—May 15, 2022.
The All-Russian Book Rating is based on the user demand and sales data, and subscription information by MyBook service, and reflects readers’ interests and vectors of demand dynamics in the book market. The sales data (in rubles) are provided by the key players in different segments, i.e. offline retail — by Chitay-gorod—Bukvoed, e-com – Ozon, and digital books by LitRes and MyBook. Each player has produced its own top-50 list for the mentioned period. The data were summarized and the general top-50 was generated.
The rating does not comprise learning materials, the train of school textbooks, and law guides. The individual ratings for the segments of fiction, non-fiction and children’s are also produced; the top audiobooks as the fastest growing segment is also provided as well as the regional rating.
Read more: Book Industry Journal


Source: Book Industry Journal

Vidnoye of Moscow Region is announced Russia’s Literary City


The Union of Russian Writers awarded Vidnoye, a town in Moscow Region, the title of Russia’s Literary City to celebrate its contribution to the national culture and preservation of the sprirital heritage.
In the previous years, ten more small cities were awarded the same title, among them Tara, Trubachevsk, Tarusa, and Ishim.
«The cultural values are being well-preserved in Russia’s small towns, and their residents are the bearers of the nation’s cultural code”, said Nikolay Ivanov, Chair of the Writers’ Union, at the awards ceremony.
The Union of Writers have decided to move the regional prize named by Evgeny Zubov to the national level. The award was established by Moscow regional organization of the Union of Writers and administration of Lensinsky Urban District of Moscow Region 20 years ago. The award is named by the native of Misylovo village, “Yesenin of Vidnoye territory”.



The Russian Book Chamber is 105!


The state-owned institution – the Russian Book Chamber – was established to register and perpetually preserve printed publications.

The Russian Book Chamber celebrates its 105th year. It was established as a state-budgeted institution in 1917 through the decree of the Russian Provisional Government to register and perpetually preserve printed publications.

Initially, the Chamber’s main goal was to control all the publications released in Russia. Later, the goals got more educational character. Today, the Russian Book Chamber is the national depositary of unique collection.

The collection amounts to over 80 mln entries. It is the only world most complete collection of printed publication in the Russian and national languages of the Russian Federation. Daily, the employees register, provide bibliographic records to 500 books, 200 newspapers and 150 journals. The Book Chamber plays the most significant role in publishing business and librarianship.

The archive is being digitized intensively. Posters and flyers are being compiled into special albums. The Book Chamber develops its collection and cooperates with the largest world national libraries.


Source: Book Industry journal

«The books are here to stay». The Bookmate launches free reading marathon


The book reading service Bookmate has launched the marathon «The books are here to stay». Within the framework of this initiative, before June 1, dozens of publishers are to open access to their many publications.

«Today, many publishers have lost their key channels of communication with their readers. We all need books to divert ourselves a bit, to console, and to give us some hope in our hard times», – they say in Bookmate. The sеrvice will inform on the book industry and provide channels of communication with authors, translators, and editors on everything of concern to us.

As for today, 30 publishers take part in the project, among them AdMarginem, PopcornBooks, Ridero, Alpina Publisher, Vremya, Gorodets, Yest Smysl, The Higher School of Education Publishing House, Gaidar Institute Publishers’, IMI (Musical Initiatives Institute Publishers’), Samokat, Phantom Press, and Eterna.

The Bookmate asked the publishers to select «the books in tune with the present moment, as they feel it».

The complete list of books available under the program «The books are here to stay» is accessible here.


Source: Bookmate Journal

The Russian Book Chamber announced the top-5 publishers in circulation


The Prosveshchenije Publishers’ is on the top of Russian publishers leading in the total circulation: in 2021, its circulation made 131.4 million copies. Alexander Voropaev, Head of Reading Support Office, Periodicals and Book Industry Support Department, Ministry for Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, referred to this data on Tuesday. «The growth of Prosveshchenihe Publishers’ is amazing. Its total circulation makes over one third of the total national circulation – 131.4 million copies», – he said at the conference «The Book Industry of Russian in the Turbulent Times» Conference.

Eksmo Publishing House follows Prosveshchenije with the circulation of 39.7 million copies. The third and fourth positions are won by AST and Azbuka-Attucus with their 37.7 and 18.7 million copies, correspondingly. The fifth biggest publisher is Examen with its total 2021 circulation of 13.9 millioncopies.

Meanwhile, like in 2020,  Eksmo is leading in the number of titles published in 2021 (8,619 titles), followed by Prosveshchenije (8,358 titles) and its closest competitor AST Publishing House (8,348 titles).


Source: TASS

All-Russian action Biblionight-2022 to be held on May 28


May 28 will be the date of the annual All-Russian action to support reading – Biblionight-2022, Olga Lyubimova, RF Minister of Culture informed.

The first Biblionight was held in 2012. The goal was to attract attention to reading, libraries, books. Today, it is the eleventh Biblionight that will unite the efforts of libraries, literary museums, bookstores and cultural centers all over the country. Once again, the readers will partake in a varied program, e.g. master classes, lectures, excursions, meet-the-artist sessions, performances, and even book fairs. Traditionally the complete bill is to be published on website.


Source: Rossijskaia Gazeta

The State Duma approved in the first reading the draft law on transfer of Russian Book Chamber’s operatorship to the Russian State Library


On March 10, 2022, at its plenary meeting, the State Duma approved in the first reading the draft federal law “On amending the Federal Law «On the document mandatory copy» drafted by the RF Ministry of Culture. The draft law envisages partial transfer of functions of the Russian Book Chamber to the Russian State Library. The amendments are made at the level of delivery of the mandatory copies of printed publications, media products, responsibilities of organizations administering centralized mandatory deposit of phonograms and video films, and permanent deposit of federal copies.
As RF Deputy Culture Minister, Olga Yarilova says, today the functions of the Russian Book Chamber have been mastered by ITAR-TASS which not fully correspondы with the mission of the information telegraph agency, as well as by the Russian State Library. The mandatory deposit comprises acquisition, control, and permanent deposit of printed documents, printed documents in digital formats, unpublished documents (dissertations), phonograms, and video films.
Yarilova also says that this optimization is intended to eliminate the «two-stop-shop» system when mandatory copy providers forward mandatory copies of printed publications in digital forms both to the Russian Book Chamber and Russian State Library, and to establish the more efficient «one-stop-shop» system.


Source: Book Industry journal

Ministry for Digital Technology, Communication and Mass Media of the Russian Federation to develop supporting measures for mass media and book industry


The Ministry for Digital Development, Communication and Mass Media of the Russian Federation has been developing the measures to support television and radio broadcasting, printed and Internet-based mass media, printing houses, book industries and distributor, as the ministerial press service informed Interfax on Tuesday. These efforts are taken in collaboration with leading mass media companies and public organizations. The proposals are to be approved by the government commission for sustainable economic development under the sanctions chaired by Premier Mikhail Mishustin.
«Today, the cumulated proposals (including those submitted by the colleagues in the Russian Space Systems) are processed by the ministerial experts have consolidated and forwarded them to the financial and economic cabinet to be agreed upon», – the press service informs.


Source: Interfax