Forbes to launch a literary prize


Forbes Russia and Forbes Congress Russia company have announced a new literary prize «The heroes of social change». The works on charity and social entrepreneurship, e.g. novels, short stories, novelettes, fictional essays, fairy tales, narrative poems, plays and verses, are accepted

The deadline for applications is January 17, 2022, with the winners to be announced on January 31 and the ceremony of prize-giving to take place at Forbes’ Forum of Philanthropists and Patrons in March, 2022.

The literary works under consideration have to provide insights into the values of humanism, benevolence, compassion, inclusiveness, noble motives, outreach, and goodness. The works written after January 1, 2020, (the new millennium literature) are accepted, one literary work by an author (or a group of authors).

The top 3 works will be published in Forbes Life or Forbes Woman journals. The executive committee might decide to publish the anthology of works on the short list.


Source: The prize website

Moscow libraries’ inviting users to meet prose writers


On November 18, Sovremennik [The Contemporary] project is to start. The users get the unique chance to talk personally with popular authors. Grigoriy Sluzhitel will become the project first guest.

«We are inviting Moscow residents to talk online to modern authors and to discuss various issues with them: from creativity and latest books to personal hobbies and recipes for success. The users will get acquainted with possible classics of the future, will learn where they seek inspiration, what the writing process looks like, etc.», – Timur Vakhitov, Director General of Mosrazvitie state company, says. The meetings will be streamed via the Moscow Llibraries’ Instagram channel. The meeting schedule is to be updated at OnlineBibliogorod. The project is supposed to be extended for the next year.


Source: Book Industry journal

Book publishing being dragged into the commodity crisis


The European book market is on the verge of crisis. Publishers find themselves unable to complete their plans to publish new book series due to paper supply bottlenecks. The paper pulp deficit along with rising prices for energy, fuel and supply dislocation make publishers to decrease production which may force small and medium companies to leave of the book publishing market.  This situation plays into the plans of total digitalization of economy. 

The printing houses are concerned about how to make it into January, 2022, and pulp supply dislocation threatens with nonfulfillment of the current publishers’ orders.

The paper pulp deficit has caused the rise in prices up to 70 per cent as compared to the late 2020.

Meanwhile the expected delivery time has been increasing too, as the cellulose and paper mills have been also facing rising prices for energy and raw material delivery interruption. The publishing houses allocating their orders today may hardly hope to get their books for traditional Christmas sales that is the most important and profitable season. The book trades and publishers that fail to offer the worthy selection to the customers might end in commercial fiasco. 

The rising costs for publishing new book series are especially dangerous for small publishers unable to place big orders which consequently to decrease production costs with high volumes. 


Source: Octagon.Media

The winners of «The most reading region» competition are announced


In 2021, Arkhangelsk Oblast has become the Literature Flagship, with other three laureates – Kaliningrad, Kemerovo and Murmansk regions.  

It is for the seventh time when the regions that read the most are defined. Traditionally, the competition jury representing the book publishing, museum and library communities, public authorities and nongovernmental organizations, define 20 RF entities with the most developed reading infrastructure and the most impressive initiatives to promote books and reading. This year, along with the winner and the laureates, Transbaikal and Kransoyrsk Areas, Moscow, Moscow Oblast,  Nenets Autonomous District, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk and Penza oblasts, St. Petersburh, and Saratov, Sakhalin and Sverdlovsk oblasts, Stavropol Area, Republic of Sakha (Ykutia), Ulyanovsk Oblast, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District (Yugra) are named the best.  


Source: Litflagman.rf 

Museum im Dahl

The Literary Museum celebrates the 100th anniversary


The State Literary Museum named by Vladimir Dahl celebrates its 100th anniversary. In October 1921, Chekhov State Museum was founded — its collection is now comprised by the State Literary Museum. “The State Literary Museum holds a special place within the museum system, because the living literary language makes the foundation of national identity”, — Sergey  Naryshkin, Chair of the Jubilee Organizing Committee, said at the Committee session.

He also emphasized that just in the last year — a short period, on a museum scale — a lot has been done. In particular, exhibitions and related events on the occasions of Dostoevsky and Nekrasov are being held; moreover Dostoevsky’s museum in Moscow has been significantly expanded nd undated. The plans for the future are even larger: to open the exhibition center “Ten centuries in  Russian language” at Gagarin’s mansion on the Arbat street and the Morozov’s Quarter, the museum of the Russian language with open repository in the first Morozov’s manor house on Podsosensky street in Pokrovka district in Moscow. In 2023, we will celebrate Bryusov’s and Prishvin’s anniversaries. And we have to prepare for Vladimir Dahl’s anniversary in 2026 to be celebrated at the national level.


Source: Museum official website

The 2021 best book blogs announced


The Blog-Post prize for the best book blog in Russian was awarded at Moscow International Book Fair for the third time. The projects represent diverse sites, i. e. Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Telegram, YouTube, and TikTok. Audio podcasts and stand-alone blogs were also voted. Content novelty and uniqueness, reader involvement and frequency, and other characteristics were assessed. Altogether, 209 blogs claimed to be the best.

The finalists were determined followed by popular vote at ReadRate portal on June 6 – August 15. Popular votes were added to the expert jury’s points to determine the 2021 prize-winners. They are:

The best book blog on Facebook – «Maria Averina’s Literary Club»,

The best book blog on VKontakte – literature & existence by Artyom Fedotov,

The best book blog on Instagram – Fata libris / “Books’ Fate” by Yulia Shcherbina.

The best book blog on Telegram – «Knigusenitsa» [Booсkatterpillar] by Elena Zemlyanskaya,

The best book blog on YouTube – «ProchitaNo» by Maria Averina,

The best book audio podcast – «Stephen Knig », the project by Velntina Vekovishcheva, Anna Ryazanova and Natalia Tolstopyat,

The best book stand-alone blog – EX LIBRIS by Victoria Zueva,

The best book blog on TikTok – ksenia_experience by Ksenia Kiseleva.



The winners of the annual National Contest «The Book of the Year – 2021» announced


The Book of the Year – 2021 National Contest award ceremony took place at «The Other Stage» of Moscow Sovremennik Theatre on September 23, the day before the 34th Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) opened.

The contest was sponsored by the Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and comprised 11 nominations with 10 thematic ones and one for the Grand Prix.


Source: RF Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media

The  RF Ministry of Culture suggests to establish the Interdepartmental Council for Librarianship


On September 17, the Library Council of the RF Culture Ministry held the session, The members discussed several important issues of librarianship development, i. e. the approval procedure for interlibrary cooperation and professional standard, regional and departmental projects of libraries development and upgrade.

Olga Yarilova, RF Minister of Culture, suggested to transform the existing Council into Interdepartmental Council for Librarianship of the Russian Federation.

The session was attended by federal library directors, among them Mikhail Afanasyev, RLA President and Director of Russian State Public Historical Library,  Vladimir Gronsky, Director General of the National Library of Russia, Vadim Duda, Director General of Russian State Library, etc. Within the framework of the session, Pavel Tereshchenko, Acting Director General of Yelstin Presidential Library was admitted as a Council member.

Dr. Yakov Shrayberg, President of the National Association «Libraries of the Future», delivered his paper on All-Russia projects dedicated to the Yeaк of Science and Technologies in the Russian Federation, being implemented by the libraries of affiliations other than that the Ministry of Culture. Lidia Fedyakina, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Culture Department for Regional Policy, Education and Project Management, spoke on approving the Ministerial recommendations for book collection development by public libraries. In conclusion, Vadim Duda presented the strategy for RRSL development up to the year 2030.


Source: RF Ministry of Culture Press Service

«Young Professionals in Libraries: Growth drivers» – The 9th Forum of Russian Young Librarians is completed


On September 7 – 10, the 9th Forum of Young Librarians: «Young Professionals in Libraries: Growth drivers» was held in the hybrid mode on several sites in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region (Yantar-Hall in Svetlogorsk, Regional Museum of History and Art, central regional library and city model library in Pionersoye). The forum  was organized by Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library through the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Kaliningrad Oblast and RLA Youth Section. The Forum gathered 100 participants presented in person, and approx.. 200 online participants in 82 Russian regions.


Source: Russian Library Association

For the first time, the IBBY-iRead award was awarded in Moscow at the 37th Congress of International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)


 The award ceremony of IBBY took place at Russian State Children’s Library.

The IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter Award has been established by the Shenzhen iRead Foundation and IBBY to encourage a real commitment to the cause of reading promotion. 

The first winners of IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter Award were Marit Törnqvist from the Netherlands and Zhu Yongxin from China.

The two winners will each receive 200,000 RMB Yuan and, in addition, 150,000 RMB Yuan will be given to a non-profit children’s reading promotion project of their choice.

Every two years IBBY will invite nominations from IBBY National Sections that recognise outstanding individuals who are working to promote the expansion and development of children’s reading.


Source: The Book Industry Journal

Susanna Clarke has won the 2021 Women’ s Prize for Fiction


Susanna Clarke, won the British Women’s Prize for Fiction for her «Piranesi», a magical realism novel published in 2020.

The main hero is a man locked in his big house and may communicate to others in certain periods of time. Beside him, just another person – Other – lives in the house; he somewhat teaches Piranesi. Susanna Clarke herself called her book «a mix of Clive Lewis and Jorge Borges».



Young Authors Book Fair to be held within Taurida.ART Festival


On September 8-12, the book fair of young authors will take place within Taurida.ART Festival in Crimea. Eighteen authors will present their books published by traditional and digital publishers’.

The fair welcomes writers, poets, play writers, literature podcasters and book bloggers from all over the country. The book presentations by 18 authors, among them the winners of Taurida publishing program, will make the key event of the book fair; Tatiana Mlynchik, laureate of the World Pushkin -2020 contest in prose nomination, will present her book «Roving the wildfire»; Alexandra Shalashova, «Lyceum» first prize-winner in poetry nomination, will talk about her book «To switch off my video»; Tatiana Wan, laureate of the young authors prize «The Russian Rhythms, The Russian Word» will present her novel «The theatre of darkness».



The short list of the national contest «The book of the year-2021» is announced


At the session of the National Contest «The book of the year-2021», the contest short list was formed.

In 2021, over 700 books by 110 publishers’ in 30 Russian cities were submitted for the National contest «The Book of the Year».  The books from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-na-Donu, Nizhny Novgorod, Simferopol, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Barnaul, Tyumen, Olyokminsk, Tobolsk, and other big and small Russian cities were submitted in 11 nominations. The short list comprises 45 publications published by 36 publishers’ in 10 cities in Russia.

The prize-giving ceremony will be held on the first day of the 34-th Moscow International Book Fair in EXPOCENTER, Pavilion No. 5 (14 Kransopresnenskaya Embankment, Moscow); exact time to be announced.   .


Source: Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Press Service

Three hundred and five model libraries to open in 2021


Library modernization within the Culture National Project exceeds the initial plan to upgrade 110 organizations a year. Even in the first Project year of 2019, 134 libraries were transformed, with 172 libraries transformed in 2020.

This year, 151 libraries are addressed by the Project, and, through the support of Russian Ministry of Culture that assigned inter-budgetary transfers from the Government guarantee fund to RF entities to establish model municipal libraries, additional 154 organizations are selected on the competitive basis; among them Kabardino-Balkar Republic as a new entry.

Thus, in 2021, 305 model libraries in 79 Russian regions will be open.


Source: University Book journal

The Order of Honor for Culture and Art is founded in Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Decree on Founding the Order of Honor for Culture and Art and the Medal for Contributions in Culture and Art. The Decree is published on the official legal web-portal.

The Order of Honor for Culture and Art will be awarded for building-up works in theatre, cinema, television, literature, music, monumental arts and crafts that are widely recognized by the public and professional communities. Besides, the Order will be awarded for significant contribution in restoration of cultural heritage objects, for merits for professional education, and development of international cultural and humanitarian relationship, for contribution to patriotic and military education of the young, for studies, preservation and promotion of Russian artistic culture and arts, cultural heritage of RF nations, and other merits for culture and arts.


Source: Official legal information portal

Certain writers to be equaled to culture professionals


On August 9, 2021, it got about that the Russian Literature Center and Russian Union of Culture Professionals are to start membership integration on August 10. As a result, the member authors will get the status of culture professionals.

Nikita S. Mitrokhin, head of Russian Literature Center, says that, in his opinion, in the current circumstances, the authors cannot feel completely socially protected and this agreement provides opportunity for parity cooperation with Russian Union of Culture Professionals..

This would enable many authors to protect their rights. However, it is widely recognized that annual membership fees make a significant source of income of many writer alliances, so it would be unfair to speak about an absolute benefit or the Russian Literature Center; instead, this merge will result in a financial loss. It is for the second time that the Russian Literature Center helps its members at a sacrifice. Thus, in the late 2020, the Center members were exempted from annual fees against the financial problems in Russia due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Source: Russian Literature Center Press Service

The Thirty Seventh IBBY International Congress


On September 10-12, 2021, 37-th International IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) Congress will be held in Moscow.

The organizers have prepared an interesting and varied program. Within the Congress framework, scientific meetings, lectures by prominent authors, illustrators and kids’ books experts will be held. Over 200 specialists from 49 countries worldwide will deliver their presentations.

The Congress opening ceremony will take place on September 10 at 10:00 am with participation of Zhang Mingzhou, IBBY President (China), and Natalia Solzhenitsyn, President of Solzhenitsyn Foundation (Russia).

Specifically for the Congress, the organizers, IBBY Secretariat and foreign partners, are preparing unique displays, e.g. «Laureates and Nominees of Hans Christian Andersen Award – 2020», books on IBBY Honor Roll, exhibition of works by laureates of Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) 2019, etc. All the displays will be accessible virtually, too.

The organizers invite those who will be unable to attend Moscow personally, both speakers and distance participants, to participate online in the program events.


Source: Russian State Children’s Library

Moscow is in the top-10 world cities in the number of lent-out library book


Moscow holds the 7th place among the largest world cities in the absolute number of books lent out by public libraries to their users during the year. This fact is evidenced by the report of the World Cities Culture Forum, LitHub website informs

The top-10 cities are:

1. Tokyo: 111.9 million books a year

2. Shanghai: 86.2 million

3. New York: 56.3 million

4. Hong Kong: 47.8 million

5. Los-Angeles: 42 million

6. Singapore: 33 million

7. Moscow: 30.3 млн

8. Toronto: 30.2 million

9. Melbourne: 29.1 million

10. Paris: 28.3 million

The report comprises another indicator — number of lent-out library books per one city resident; however Russia has not reached the top ten in this rating.


Source: Literary Hub

Unique books to be digitized in Tver Regional Library


Sixty more books published before 1917 will be added to the National Electronic Library. These books are deposited in Tver A. M. Gorky Regional Library.

The books were published by the major publishers of Tver province, including the printing offices of Tver provincial government, Tver country council, privately-owned I. P. Krylov and F. S. Muravyev publishers’, etc.

The experts plan to complete digitization by the end of the year. The books will be accessible free which would enable users to read them and to examine the unique materials at their most elemental. The most interesting entries will be supplied with historical bibliological annotations.



The Government approved the plan for developing librarianship in Russia


The plan is up to the year 2030. It is envisaged to update the library system comprising federal, municipal, departmental, academic and specialized libraries. In particular, they plan to build digital platform for coordinated libraries services and to pool library, archival, museum information resources into the single digital space. Within this framework, the libraries will be supplied with the latest software systems and provided with access to high-speed Internet. Regional centers for book monuments will get enhanced federal support.

Improving professional skills and mobilization of new professionals is to contribute to the industry advance. For this purpose, it is planned to implement new programs of continuing education and professional retraining, to expand employer-sponsored education, to build monitoring system for stuffing requirements in the library sphere, to develop measures to recruit young professionals, Besides, it is suggested to bring back the methodologist job position to the libraries, and to build the single methodological information system.


Source: Book Industry Journal

Artificial Intellect to get something to read about itself


The Artificial Intellect Federal Project is intended to establish six research centers in the Russian Federation in 2021-2024 with over 90 articles to be published on the subject in 25% most influential journals indexed by Web of Science and Scopus by the year 2024. For the moment, only 35 studies fall into this category, including those accomplished by Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (13 publications), Higher School of Economics (10 publications), PFUR (7) and MIPT (5).

Today, Russia holds  the 17th place in the number of publications on artificial intellect technologies (AI, 4.8 thousand in 2016-2020);  as compared to 2011-2015; the figure increased 2.6 times while the global increase made 1.3,  as the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (National Research University Higher School of Economics) calculated based on the Web of Science Core Collection. With the current global dynamics, Russia can ratchet up to the 7-th place by 2025, and by the end of 2030 would give way only to India, China and the USA. 


Source: Book Industry Journal

The books by foreign authors make 70% of the top-50 of the Second All-Russia Book Rating


The books by foreign authors make 70% in the top-list of the Second All-Russia Book Rating, with the increasing interest toward fiction, said Sergey Stepashin, President of the Russian Book Union, in his presentation within the framework of the business program of The Red Square Festival.

«The Second All-Russia Book Rating demonstrates the vector of the book market recovery after 2020 crisis. Despite the pandemic and related difficulties, the books are still highly valued by the Russians. The list of top 50 popular books evidences that the interest toward fiction books have increased in the recent months. The significant trend is that foreign books dominate with 70% in the top 50», – said Sergey Stepashin, President of the Russian Book Union.


Source: Book Industry Journal