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International activities


One of the main RNPLS&T’s tasks is developing cooperation with major libraries, universities, world research centers and other organizations. Historically, the Library’s international activities started with the international book exchange and ILL services and in the intervening years went beyond ILL, EDD and Book Exchange.
For many years, the RNPLS&T has been cultivating contacts with major world libraries. In particular, since 2001, the open agreement with Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) (Hannover, Germany), and since 2003, with SUBITO Consortium comprising 34 libraries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and China, are in force.

Today, the RNPLS&T is:
• member of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA),
• member of International Association of Technical University Libraries (IATUL), ,
• headquarters of the International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (ELNIT Association),
• provider of the national subscription to the databases of global science information resources,,
• main mover and organizer of large-scale annual events. i. e. the World Professional Forum “The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations” («Crimea») and International Conference “Information technologies, computer systems and publications for libraries” («LIBCOM»).

The RNPLS&T participates in many international conferences, seminars, symposia, and exhibitions. Since 1990s, it organizes educational professional tours to foreign libraries and invites its staff and every professional in library and information business to get acquainted with the experiences of major world libraries and to take part in the most significant global events in this sphere. This professional and educational tour enable to study foreign experience and trends in librarianship and related areas, facilitates Russia’s integration into the global library and information space, promotes mutual understanding, exchange of information between the states, and supports joint library projects.


International Events


Crimea forum

The World Professional Forum "Crimea"

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International Conference "LIBCOM"