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Exhibition "Surface Engineering: Thin Films and Functional Coatings"


SurfIng newThe exhibition "Surface Engineering: Thin Films and Functional Coatings" is open at the Russian State Public Library for Science and Technology in the Hall of Literature on Ecology and priority areas of Science and Technology (room 210) from September 30 to October 31, 2022. The exhibition materials present the results of theoretical and experimental studies of the functional properties of thin films and coatings. The issues of technology for producing thin films and functional coatings, factors affecting their structure, physico-mechanical and operational characteristics, as well as physico-chemical effects and processes underlying their application are considered. Information about various types of coatings, requirements for them, methods and devices for applying functional thin films to materials are described.


The exhibition "Reliability of Complex Systems"


SafetyAs part of the All-Russian Science Festival "Science 0+", the exhibition "Reliability of Complex Systems" was opened in the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology. The exhibition is on display in the Reading room for catalogs, reference publications and bibliography (room 201) from September 28 to October 28, 2022.

The publications presented at the exhibition address current issues related to the reliability of machines and complex systems. Theoretical and practical issues of reliability of complex systems at various stages of their life cycle are presented. The methods of ensuring and improving reliability at the stages of design, serial production and operation are given. Information is presented on the physical processes of malfunction of objects, mathematical methods of reliability calculations, measures aimed at improving the reliability and survivability of systems. The contribution of domestic scientists to the development of a promising scientific direction – forecasting the reliability of machines and mechanisms is noted, examples of successful solutions to problems of increasing the resource of technical facilities in various industries and production are given.


The exhibition "Internet Marketing: new books"


InterMarkThe exhibition of literature "Internet Marketing: new books" is open from September 30 to October 28, 2022 in the reading room of the Business Information Office (3rd floor, room 315).

Internet marketing is the practice of using all aspects of traditional marketing on the Internet in order to sell a product or service to customers and manage relationships with them. Internet marketing is a component of e-commerce. It may include such parts as social media promotion (SMM), site optimization for search engines (SEO), PPC, information management, PR, media and contextual advertising, Internet analytics, etc.

This exhibition complements the last year's exhibition "Internet Marketing".


Exhibition «Ecological Tourism»


EcoTourizm The exhibition "Ecological Tourism" is open at the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in the hall of Literature on ecology and priority areas of science and technology (room 210) from September 26 to November 26, 2022.

Today, eco-tourism is a priority area of the tourism development strategy. Due to its huge natural potential, unique natural sites included in the UNESCO Natural Heritage list, Russia is one of the most promising countries in terms of the development of ecological tourism. The materials of the exhibition introduce readers to the main types and models of the organization of ecological tourism. The publications widely cover the experience of solving problems related to the organization of ecological tourism business, analyze examples of the use of natural and recreational resources for sustainable socio-economic development of regions. Using the example of ecotourism, the need for a person to penetrate into the world of nature in order to know and preserve it is indicated.


Exhibition "Beyond the Edges of the Puzzle"



The exhibition "Beyond the Edges of the Puzzle" is open at the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in the Catalogues and Reference and Bibliographic Literature hall (room 201) from September 23 to October 24, 2022.

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking were valued long before they became mandatory requirements for any job in the labor market. Back in the Soviet years, collections of tasks for ingenuity were popular, allowing you to test your ability to quickly and accurately solve a mathematical problem, detect a catch in the "simplest" question, find a way out of a logical impasse. Puzzles are one of the ways to develop intellectual abilities, not boring gymnastics for the mind, allowing you to develop logical thinking, teaching you to think brightly, creatively, outside the box. The exhibition presents publications that will help you find a lot of useful information on the development of creative and cognitive abilities, logical thinking, contribute to perseverance, concentration and memory improvement.