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Conference “Routes to Success: The national projects and strategies to support gifted children and young adults” in Sochi


On January 27—29, 2019, the Third All-Russian Conference “Routes to Success: The national projects and strategies to support gifted children and young adults” was held at Sirius Education Center, Sochi, Russia. The Conference embraces the issues of revealing, supporting and hand-holding the schoolchildren and young adults who demonstrate high achievements in science, arts, and sports. The Conference focuses on training specialists for priority national projects, in particular, the national projects “Education” and “Science”.

 At the Conference, Elena Shmeleva, “Talent and Success” Foundation Head, and Yakov Shrayberg, Director General of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, signed the agreement on collaboration between the educational Foundation and the RNPLS&T.

Within the framework of the Conference, RNPLS&T held the round table “The role of modern libraries in the information support of science and education. Library projects of children, young adults, and school environment”. At the round table, several papers were delivered: by Yakov Shrayberg, RNPLS&T Director General (“Modern libraries for education and science information support”); by Elena Lindeman, RNPLS&T Deputy Director General for Science, Methodology, Education and Publishing (“Modern libraries for education: RNPLS&T’s activities and experience”); by Yulia Sokolova, RNPLS&T Acting Academic Secretary, Leading Researcher (“Digital video resources in libraries: Generating, storing, providing access”); by Mikhail Goncharov, Head of Perspective Research and Analytical Forecast Group, Leading Researcher, RNPLS&T (“The RNPLS&T’s integrated resources for modern science and education support”); and by Vyacheslav Tokmakov, Director of AVD-SYSTEM Ltd. The round table participants discussed the ways and prospects for acquisition and use of information resources in modern academic and scientific environments.

During the business tour, the RNPLS&T’s delegation visited the premises of the newly established library, and discussed with the Foundation the new library’s concept and collection development within the framework of the Foundation—RNPLS&T interaction.