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Shrayberg changed position


Shrayberg newsThe RNPLS&T Press Service informs that on November 1, 2019, Dr. Yakov Shrayberg stepped down from his post of the RNPLS&T Director General which he had held for 13 years. This was in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation “On the termination of employment agreement” under the Article 336.3 of the RF Labor Code” and despite the efforts of the Library’s team and professional library community made to convince the Ministry to extend the contract under Article 336.2 of the RF Labor Code.
As of now, Dr. Yakov Shrayberg acts as an Academic Adviser of RNPLS&T, in charge of research priority vectors and subject scope generation, as well as participating in developing RNPLST strategic programs and research vectors, organizing and executing grant management and sci-tech programs, supervising key research directions, and representing, by agreement with RNPLS&T’s Director General, the interests of the Library in science and research at the regional, federal and international levels. He is also to be engaged in organizing scientific, research engineering and practical events and activities held by the Library.

We asked Dr. Shrayberg to comment on this news. He said:
«I had to desert the post of Director General of RNPLS&T in accordance with the norm of the Labor Code now in force. I hoped that the Founder would apply another norm and extend the General Director’s contract on the motion of the staff. However, neither the letter signed by the RNPLS&T’s staff members nor multiple letters by the library and academic communities forwarded to the Founder, have produced an effect. The Founder has mandatorily applied the norm 336.3. I think I still could have been effective as a Director General as I believe that the norm intended to “revive” administration has to be applied in case when a senior director impedes advance of organization and delays the career development for younger professionals and researchers. In our Library the situation is not like that. I have got many ideas and projects to be realized; in RNPLS&T we have not got a person seeking the DG office and I am not standing in the way of anyone. But still it happened. I have decided to continue working in the position of RNPLS&T Academic Adviser. I would like to thank everyone who has rendered support, in written or in person, and all those who hoped that my contract would be extended. We will be working in the new realities. Thank you all once again.”