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Working meeting of scientific advisor Ya.L. Schraiberg with the leadership of the NRL


RNLOn March 12, 2021, a working meeting was held in St. Petersburg between the Scientific director of the State Scientific Library of Russia Ya.L. Shraiberg with the Director General of the Russian National Library (RNL) V.G. Gronsky and his first deputy V.V. Sidorin. The meeting was also attended by Miguel Palacio, Deputy Director General of the All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino (VGBIL) for interregional and International Cooperation.
The meeting discussed a possible program of the conference "BiblioPiter-2021" (organized by the State Library of Science and Technology of Russia), which this year will be held in St. Petersburg from April 20 to 22. The heads of the Russian National Library confirmed their participation in the conference, and also announced their readiness to hold a one-day session on their site dedicated to the organization of the formation and preservation of funds.
Representatives of the Russian National Library also confirmed their participation in the Forum “Crimea-2021” and took upon themselves the organization of a special event: a memorial evening dedicated to the memory of V.N. Zaitsev, Director General of the RNB (1985-2010), President of the RBA (1994-2010). Also, within the framework of the Forum, representatives of the RNB will hold a round table and a seminar on the topic of fund acquisition. At the Forum, it is expected to sign an agreement on cooperation between the State Security Service of Russia and the RNB. To discuss the details of the agreement, the Director General of the RNB, V.G. Gronsky, plans to visit the State Scientific and Technical Committee of Russia before the Forum.