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International Education Day

EduDayOn January 24, the world celebrates the International Day of Education. The holiday was proclaimed by a resolution of the UN General Assembly of December 3, 2018 (A / RES / 73/25). The draft resolution was proposed by the delegation of Nigeria at the Global Conference on Education in Brussels and supported by the 58 member states of the conference, demonstrating the political will to support inclusive, accessible and quality education for all.

The celebration of International Day of Education in 2020 will help to establish education as the primary renewable resource of humankind. This Day aims to reaffirm the role of education as a fundamental right and public good. The celebration will celebrate the many ways in which learning contributes to the empowerment of people, the preservation of the planet, and shared prosperity and peace.

 Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology organizes training under additional professional education programs (advanced training):

◊ Bibliometrics, web metrics, library statistics (distance learning)
◊ Opportunities for bibliometric research in the analysis and assessment of the library fund (for example, working with environmental information)
◊ Information support for solving environmental problems
◊ Information and linguistic support of ABIS
◊ Computer technologies in library information systems
◊ Serving readers and remote users in modern libraries
◊ Organization and technology of creation and use of information resources in libraries, CLS and library associations
◊ Bibliometrics Basics
◊ Problems of using copyright in library and information activities
◊ RF devices in library technology
◊ Electronic Libraries
◊ Electronic publications

The programs can be found on the website of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in the "Educational Activities" section >>>>>
Applications for the formation of individual training programs are accepted.

Education is conducted on the basis of a License for the implementation of educational activities dated August 23, 2016, issued by the Moscow Department of Education (unlimited).