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Lecture "Brilliant Soviet aircraft designer Robert Bartini"


LavrThe lecture "The Brilliant Soviet Aircraft Designer Robert Bartini" is posted on the YouTube channel of the State Scientific Research Institute of Russia within the framework of the All-Russian NAUKA 0+ Science Festival.
At the lecture, Dmitry S. Lavrishchev, an employee of the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM), will talk about the talented Soviet aircraft designer Robert Ludvigovich Bartini, whom the founder of Soviet cosmonautics Sergey P. Korolev called his "teacher". D.S. Lavrishchev will also present the book "Robert Bartini", in which, based on archival documents, Bartini's biography is presented, the features of aircraft designed by Robert Bartini, the prerequisites for their creation and the impact of these projects on the development of Soviet aviation are revealed.

 Robert Bartini is a brilliant scientist who had a huge impact on the development of domestic aviation. He was called Leonardo da Vinci of the XX century, and his ideas were far ahead of time. He was a talented physicist, mathematician, philosopher, technician, designer, creator of a unique theory of the six-dimensional world of space and time, which was called the "Bartini world". The encyclopedic knowledge, the breadth of engineering and scientific horizons of this outstanding man deserve admiration, and Bartini's research and scientific developments do not lose relevance to this day.

The lecture was held as part of the opening of the exhibition of publications of the state scientific centers of the Russian Federation in the State Scientific Library of Russia.