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Greetings on the anniversary!


Aver 100On February 8, 2022, Yury Lvovich Averbakh, the world oldest Chess Grand Master, an outstanding personality in the chess culture, turned 100!  Yury Averbakh is a prominent chess theorist and historian, author of great number of studies, holder of many international chess titles and winner of many prizes and awards.

Under Averbakh’s aegis, the Russian National Public Library has established the Chess Culture and Information Center. The Center is very popular, and its chess sessions and events make a kind of the Library’s signature line!

During his years in RNPLS&T,  Yury Averbakh has been leading and inspiring the Chess Center activities and its cooperation with many famous chess players, historians, authors, and actors.

Yury Averbakh’s contribution to the chess culture can hardly be overestimated! Through his efforts, after a lapse of thirty years, the famous Soviet TV program “Yury Averbakh’s Chess School” has been renewed. 

Averbakh’s life is an example for younger generations to follow.

On behalf of Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology we congratulate Yury Averbakh on his great anniversary, wish him great health, wealth, optimism and many returns of the day!

Friends, colleagues and followers congratulate Yury Averbakh on his 100-th anniversary, wish him all the best, and share their memories  >>>>>