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Exhibition «Yury Lvovich Averbakh, a prominent educator in chess culture»


Aver100On February 8 – March 9, 2002, the book exhibition «Yury Lvovich Averbakh, a prominent educator in chess culture» is open at the Business and Chess Information Department, Chess Culture and Information Center, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology (Floor 3, room 315).

Yury Averbakh, the world oldest Chess Grand Master, turns 100! Yury Averbakh is a prominent figure in Russian and international chess, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, famous theorist, coach, arbiter, journalist, writer, historian. No one great chess players of the 20-th century had such an active life. This amazing universalism makes Averbakh a unique figure in the history of modern chess. Yury Averbakh links the chess past, present and the future. He is a live legend of Soviet, Russian and world chess!

The exhibition comprises national and foreign books by Averbakh and publications dedicated to his contributions. The exhibition bibliography is available at RNPLS&T’s website in the section For Users /Exhibitions