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The exhibition "Trading"



The exhibition of literature "Trading" is open from February 7 to 28, 2022 in the Center for Chess Culture and Art reading room, 3rd floor, room 315.
Trading is the purchase (or sale) of financial instruments or goods at an organized auction (exchange). A trader is a direct buyer (or seller) of financial instruments or goods on the stock exchange through a broker's trading terminal. Traders are producers of the most important and unique market product - price movement, so necessary for the effective functioning of world economies.

The publications presented at the exhibition discuss in detail the theory and practice of trading, as well as the theoretical foundations of technical analysis and methods of its practical application, financial and commodity markets (both foreign and Russian) are analyzed. The presented literature will allow an experienced trader to replenish his analytical arsenal with a number of new tools, and for a beginner it will become the foundation for further scientific and practical research. The materials of the exhibition and educational literature will also be useful to students when studying financial disciplines.
The exhibition presents books and articles from the collections of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Russia, as well as online publications from electronic library systems " ", " ", electronic library "Grebennikon", scientific electronic libraries " " and " ", open source Internet. The editions are arranged alphabetically.

The full bibliographic list can be found on the website of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Russia in the section For Users/Exhibitions.