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The exhibition "It's all about Logic"


LogicsThe exhibition "It's all about Logic" is open at the Russian National Public Library for  Science and Technology in the Catalogues and Reference and Bibliographic Literature hall (room 201) from April 20 to May 19, 2022. The exhibition is dedicated to the ancient and, at the same time, always young science of correct thinking – logic. In the materials presented at the exhibition, the main historical stages of the development of logic are considered, the presentation of the most important concepts, ideas and methods of modern logic is given, the issues of practical application of logic in various spheres of human activity are highlighted – in scientific knowledge, communication, training, management, technology. What does logic do? What laws of thinking do logical forms rely on? How to learn to use logical language? These and other questions can be answered in the materials of the exhibition.

During the preparation of the exhibition, publications from the fund of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Russia were used: monographs, conference materials, collections of reports, textbooks, as well as publications from electronic library systems " ", " " and the digital educational resource "IPR SMART".

The bibliographic list of references can be found on the website of the Russian National Public Library for  Science and Technology in the section For Users/Exhibitions