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The exhibition "The magazine "Standard of living of the population of the regions of Russia" is 30 years old!"



The exhibition "The magazine "Standard of living of the population of the regions of Russia" is 30 years old!" is open from April 29 to May 30, 2022 in the reading room of the Main Building, 3rd floor, room 315.
The journal "Standard of Living of the population of the regions of Russia" has been published since 1992 and is a scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical publication, registered with Roskomnadzor of the Russian Federation and the ISSN Center (registration number ISSN of the printed version 1999-9836, electronic – 2713-3397). The founder of the journal until December 2017 was JSC "All–Russian Center for Living Standards"; since December 2017, the founder of the journal is the Institute of Socio-Economic Problems of Population of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISEPN RAS).


The journal is included in the bibliographic database of scientific publications of Russian scientists (RSCI), is included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications of the Higher Attestation Commission, in which the main scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences should be published.

The magazine is intended for a wide range of readers interested in solving problems of the level and quality of life in Russia: employees of executive and legislative authorities at the federal and regional levels, labor and social protection authorities, trade unions and public organizations, state extra-budgetary funds, specialized scientific organizations, as well as for teachers of higher educational institutions, doctoral students, postgraduates, applicants and students studying social and economic disciplines, representatives of socially responsible business, consulting and marketing organizations.

The exhibition presents magazine articles from different years (in the reading room and online). When choosing articles, the relevance of the topics and the frequency of citations presented in the scientific electronic library were taken into account eLIBRARY.RU .

The bibliographic list of references can be found on the website of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in the section For Users/Exhibitions