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Exhibition "Neutrino Astrophysics"



The exhibition of literature "Neutrino Astrophysics" is open at the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in the hall of the 2nd floor of the main building from November 14, 2022 to January 20, 2023. The exhibition presents materials on neutrino physics and neutrino astrophysics. The publications consider the quantum theory of the massive neutrino field, the formation of the neutrino pulse, experiments on the registration of solar neutrinos are given, the analysis of the results obtained is given, future experiments with detectors of various types are described. The description of existing neutron telescopes is also given, a method for calculating neutrino oscillation parameters is given, prospects for the development and areas of practical application of neutrino physics are discussed.


During the preparation of the exhibition, publications from the GPNTB foundation of Russia were used: monographs, conference materials, collections of reports, educational and methodological literature, dissertation abstracts, preprints, periodicals, publications from full-text databases of Springer and Annual Reviews publishers, databases of the American Institute of Physics Publishing, publications from the full-text collection of journals of the American Physical Society.

The exhibition is addressed to students, postgraduates and researchers specializing in the physics of elementary particles and the atomic nucleus, and may also be of interest to anyone interested in the problems of fundamental science.

The bibliographic list of references can be found on the website of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in the section For Users/Exhibitions