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Exhibition "Around the World for 80 books"



mashinThe exhibition "Around the World for 80 books" is open at the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology in the lobby of the 2nd floor of the main building from March 20 to April 26, 2023. For those who cannot imagine life without travel, we offer fascinating books that will help you feel the atmosphere of the best places on our planet. The books presented at the exhibition will not only tell about famous and interesting places, geographical expeditions and the fates of the discoverers, they will be able to infect you with the very spirit of travel, the ability to meet and discover new things and gain experience from these meetings. Some publications are presented in the format of a travel sketchbook - a journey in sketches. Travel sketchbook allows you to see what is happening in the first person as if you yourself have been on the road.


During the preparation of the exhibition, monographs, conference materials, collections of scientific articles, encyclopedias, popular science publications from the fund of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, publications from the electronic library system were used "ZNANIUM.COM ", digital educational resource "IPR SMART", National Electronic Library (NEB), scientific electronic library eLibrary.RU and LitErs:Library.

The bibliographic list of references can be found on the website of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology by direct link in the section For Users/Exhibitions