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 May, 1969 – graduated with distinction from the secondary school and entered Kazan Aviation Institute (A. N. Tupolev National Research Technical University since 2009)

 February, 1975 – graduated with distinction from Kazan Aviation Institute, Department of Computing and Management System, specialization ‘Applied Mathematics’, with ‘Applied Mathematician’ qualification conferred

 November, 1975 – entered the USSR Academy of Sciences Institute for Information Transfer Problems Postgraduate Program

 November, 1979 – successfully accomplished the program and started studies to prepare his thesis

 November, 1984 – passed the Candidate defense of the paper “Models of open mass services in information computing systems”; specialization 05.13.01. “Engineering Cybernetics and Theory of Information” at specialized doctoral board of the Academic Council for Cybernetics Systemic Problems of the USSR RAS Presidium, and was awarded a candidate degree in engineering

 January, 1992 – received a senior researcher title (Higher Attestation Commission)

 July, 1996 – was promoted to docent (Higher Attestation Commission)

 July, 1999 – passed his Ph.D. defense (thesis: Design principles for automated library information systems and networks) in two specializations at once, namely, 05.25.05. Information systems and Processes and 05.25.03. Library Sciences and Bibliography, at the specialized doctoral board of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts and was awarded a doctor degree in engineering

 June, 2001 – promoted to professor