The RNPLS&T boasts the unique collection of domestic and foreign publications in science and technology.

The RNPLS&T’s collections exceed 8 million items in various disciplines of science, technology, economics, and in related areas; among them 1.8 m on

micromedia and approx. 3,000 items on electronic media.

The RNPLS&T’s E-library comprises over 1 million documents.

The documents are available in the main building reading rooms and the consulting and educational branches in several Moscow districts. The E-library collections are accessible from the workstations in the reading rooms; some resources are accessible online, from outside the library premises.

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The RNPLS&T’s E-catalog comprises bibliographical records of all documents in the Library’s collection published in the Russian or foreign languages on every medium.

It also comprises data on the documents in remote and local digital resources, including full-text items generated by RNPLS&T or by the other publishers.

The E-catalog is available from the RNPLS&T’s www-site main page.

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Image catalog

The digital Image catalog represents scanned cards of the Library’s traditional catalogs and is to support digital information retrieval. The Image catalog comprises bibliographic information on publications not reflected in the RNPLS&T’s E-catalog.

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Russian Union Catalog of Sci-tech Literature

The catalog comprises data on foreign and domestic books and periodicals in natural sciences, engineering, business and law, acquired by the participating organizations of the Russian Union Catalog of Sci-tech Literature Automated.
If you fail to find a document in the RNPLS&T’s collections, try the Union Catalog available online via RNPLS&T’s www-site, or with Google search engine.
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Digital resources


RNPLS&T offers access to the online resources of the third-party organizations.
Licensed resources are offered to users as provided by license agreements. Most of the licensed resources are accessible exclusively from the RNPLS&T’s reading rooms.
As provided by the license agreements, the resources may be used for research and educational purposes only.
Please access free-to-access resources from any devices connected to the Internet.

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Specialized Resources