The RNPLS&T’s E-catalog


The RNPLS&T’s integral electronic catalog supports document search and comprises bibliographic records of all types of documents, including the alphabet catalog scanned cards (the image catalog), acquisitions to the RNPLS&T’s Scientific Electronic Library, remote and local digital resources, including digital ones.

With the E-catalog you will be able to retrieve:

- domestic books  (acquired since 1760)
- foreign books
- national periodicals
- foreign periodicals
- unpublished translations (acquired since 1992)
- theses abstracts (acquired since 1991)
- publications in the RNPLS&T’s Scientific Electronic Library
- publications available through the license and open digital resources.

The E-catalog doesn’t comprise the records of periodical articles from the RNPLS&Ts collection.

 Please access the E-catalog from:

- workstations in the RNPLS&T’s reading rooms (with optional ordering online)
- any computers via the Internet (with optional ordering online)