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Online user registration


Any person of the age of 14 and older resident in the Russian Federation or any other country may use the Library’s collections and services.

Online registration at RNPLS&T website must be followed by receipt of user card.

After you submit your online registration form and your data is confirmed, you will get a unique identification number to your email box with the link to you profile  >>>. At this stage of registration, you get access to several digital licensed resources >>>.

By pressing Register button, you agree to your personal data processing in accordance with the current Personal Data Policy.

For your user card, after you registered online, please approach us at RNPLS&T main building (17, 3rd Khoroshevskaya st., Floor 1) or any of RNPLS&T consulting and educational departments >>>. You will have to produce your passport and photo 3 x 4 cm (or to give your consent to scan your passport photo) and to fill in the registration sheet.

With your user card, you get access to any of the Library’s services >>>.

If you have any further questions please use Feedback or ask our Online Consultant on the main page >>>