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Heroes of Star Trails


The exhibition presents materials that reveal the role of the human factor in the conquest of space. Biographical sketches of designers, cosmonauts and all those who paved the way to space, personal memories of participants in the preparation for the first flight, little-known facts of everyday work of cosmonauts-all this is offered to the attention of readers at the exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the first human flight into space.


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StarTr 01

1. Д9-06/20825

Александров, А. А.

Путь к звездам. Из истории советской космонавтики / А. А. Александров. – М.: Вече, 2006. – 379 с.: ил. – (Досье эпохи). – ISBN 5-9533-1192-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The USSR was a pioneer in the field of space exploration. Space achievements in our country have long been a symbol of progress, a subject of legitimate pride. A. A. Alexandrov, who has worked in the rocket industry for many years, talks about the creators of unique spacecraft, cosmonaut heroes and ordinary workers of the rocket forces who participated in space exploration and the creation of the rocket shield of the Motherland. The book will be of interest to all lovers of the history of cosmonautics and rocket technology.

StarTr 02

2. Д10-18/63135

Аткинсон, Н.

Непридуманные космические истории от первого лица: правда о Вселенной, меняющая наше представление о космосе навсегда!: [откровения инженеров и ученых NASA, закулисье космических проектов, триумфы и трудности исследований космоса] / Н. Аткинсон; [перевод с англ. А. В. Краснянского]. – Москва: БОМБОРА™, 2018. – 457 с.: ил. – (Сенсация в науке). – Пер. изд.: Incredible stories from space: a behind-the-scenes look at the missions changing our view of the cosmos / Atkinson, N., 2016. – Библиогр.: с. 444-448. – Предм. указ.: с. 449-457. – ISBN 978-5-04-091431-9 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The well-known space journalist Nancy Atkinson has collected in her book the fascinating stories of more than 35 engineers and scientists of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). You will get behind the scenes of space projects, and your views about the structure of the Solar System will radically change. The difficulties and triumphs of space exploration, the spirit of discovery, color photographs showing scientific victories and defeats, stunning views of the Universe-all this is in the book "Non-fictional Space Stories".

StarTr 03

3. Д9-11/79205

Афанасьев, И. Б.

Мы – первые! / И. Б. Афанасьев, Д. А. Воронцов. – М.: РТСофт, 2011 (Казань). – 347 с.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 338-339. Указ. осн. имен и назв.: с. 340-347. – ISBN 978-5-903545-14-8 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book is devoted to the formation, development, achievements and features of the first manned space programs of the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The publication is intended for a wide range of readers interested in the history of rocket and space technology, but the main focus is on young people who are beginning to get acquainted with cosmonautics and have a general initial training in this field. The book is supplemented with a large number of illustrations, some of which have not been published in the country before.

StarTr 04

4. Ж2-20/69645

Бакланов, О. Д.

Космонавты. Звездные трассы землян: фотоальбом / Олег Бакланов; [редактор-составитель В. Лысенко]. – Москва: О-во сохранения лит. наследия, 2020. – 256, [1] с. : фото. цв. – ISBN 978-5-6044161-3-6 – Текст (визуальный): непосредственный.

Abstract: The essay miniatures for the photo album about Soviet and Russian cosmonauts were written by Oleg Dmitrievich Baklanov, Minister of General Mechanical Engineering of the USSR (1983-1988), Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU and Deputy Chairman of the Defense Council (198-1991), Hero of Socialist Labor, winner of the Lenin Prize, the Gagarin Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation. The publication also includes an essay by O. D. Baklanov "Spellbound by the Blizzard", notes by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor G. S. Read more about biological experiments in space, reference "USSR-Russia: chronicle of Manned Cosmonautics" and other materials. The photo album was designed using photographic materials provided by the Hero of the Russian Federation, cosmonaut F. N. Yurchikhin (the cycle of photographs "A View from Space"), photos from the family archives of O. D. Baklanov, Professor G. S. Nechitailo and great-grandson of K. E. Tsiolkovsky-S. N. Samburov, as well as taken from open sources on the Internet. On the flyleaf and the flyleaf are photos with views of the Holy Dormition Svyatogorskaya Lavra of the Donetsk diocese, provided by V. G. Lunev.

StarTr 05

5. Д9-11/90363

Батурин, Ю. М.

Академия наук и космос: к 50-летию полета Ю. А. Гагарина / Ю. М. Батурин. – М. : Архив РАН, 2011. – 69 с. : ил. – ISBN 978-5-9902500-4-8 – Текст : непосредственный.

Abstract: The technical and political history of the first space flight performed by Yuri Gagarin is considered. The background of the event is outlined in advance. At the same time, with the help of a kind of "historical zoom", the perspective of consideration changes: the beginning of the twentieth century; a decade and a half from 1944 to 1957; the period from 1958 to 1960; January – March 1961; from April 1 to April 11, 1961; and, finally, the event history of the orbital Gagarin orbit on April 12, 1961 is described.

StarTr 06

6. Д10-18/59381

Батурин, Ю.

Властелины бесконечности. Космонавт о профессии и судьбе: с иллюстрациями автора: [с предисловием Алексея Леонова] / Ю. Батурин. – Москва: Альпина Паблишер, 2018. – 674, [1] с.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 672-675. – ISBN 978-5-9614-0801-0 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: "This book is about space as a thousand-year dream, as a guiding star and as a test. Why do people want to go into space? What questions are they looking for answers to? How are they selected for cosmonauts and how are they prepared for flight? What does the formula "health like an astronaut" mean? Do astronauts experience fear? What do astronauts do on board and in outer space? How do they return? What can space teach and how can this knowledge be applied on Earth? Finally, what is the essence of the profession "cosmonaut"? These and many other questions are answered by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Baturin. The author also tells about his path to becoming a cosmonaut. The book is illustrated with drawings, diagrams and photographs taken by the author in space.

StarTr 07

7. Д8-97/33698

Белоцерковский, С. М.

Первопроходцы Вселенной. Земля-космос-Земля / С. М. Белоцерковский. – М.: Машиностроение, 1997. – 303 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-217-02865-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book is about those aspects of the life and work of Yuri Gagarin and the first cosmonauts, about the relationships in and around the squadron that were not visible to many, about studying at the VVIA named after prof. N.E. Zhukovsky, their path to science. The author of the book-a well-known scientist, the head of the thesis of Yu. A. Gagarin, a member of the commission to investigate the causes of the 1968 plane crash, in which Yu.A. Gagarin and B. C. Seregin were killed, justifies his version of their death, proves the cause of it. Much attention is paid to the analysis of the situation in which Russian cosmonautics was born and developed, the triumph and tragedy of Korolev and Gagarin, the formation of the cosmic worldview are shown. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers.

StarTr 08

8. Ж2-18/64519

Бранец, В. Н.

Записки инженера / В. Н. Бранец. – Москва: РТСофт – Космоскоп, 2018. – 591 с.: ил. – (Летопись открытий и свершений. Мемуары). – ISBN 978-5-903545-40-7 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Vladimir Nikolaevich Branets is the creator of a new generation of spacecraft orientation and motion control systems based on the theory and practice of strapdown inertial navigation systems and digital technology. The control systems developed under his scientific and technical supervision were used on manned and cargo transport ships, the Mir station, and today they work in all modifications of these ships, in the Russian segment of the International Space Station and communication satellites. He talks about his innovative developments and the activities of the engineers who followed Korolev, were inspired by his talent and fulfilled their mission regardless of titles, positions and awards. The most interesting pages of the book are devoted to the international cooperation of RSC Energia, the struggle to continue the flight of the Mir station in the crisis of the 90s, the rescue from bankruptcy of unique related enterprises, as well as the missed opportunities of the corporation. The memories cover almost 50 years of the creation of space technology. For those who are interested in cosmonautics and its history.

StarTr 09

9. Д8-02/78929

Брусиловский, А. Д.

Космическая одиссея Александра Кармишина / А. Д. Брусиловский. – 2-е изд., перераб. и доп. – Королев, 2002. – 127 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-85162-061-7 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book tells about the scientist and organizer of experimental and theoretical studies of the strength of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Alexander Vasilyevich Karmishin. A brief description of the unique experimental base of the center and an overview of the work currently carried out by the center are given.

StarTr 10

10. Д10-14/17477

Бытие, уходящее в бесконечность: к столетию рождения Б. В. Раушенбаха / Моск. физ.-техн. ин-т ; сост. Э. В. Сайко, Н. М. Трухан. – М.: МФТИ, 2014. – 348 с.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 347-348 (12 назв.). – ISBN 978-5-7417-0553-7 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The contents of the collection include the memories of those who were close to Boris Rauschenbach in the space field, those who knew him, some reflections of Boris Viktorovich on science, art and other spheres of human life, as well as the work of scientists working in the knowledge spaces, the thoughts and meanings laid down and set by him.

StarTr 11

11. Ж2-18/64295

Бычковский, Б. И.

Наземные космонавты – первопроходцы космических трасс, 1953 -2004 / Б. И. Бычковский. – 2-е изд., испр. и доп. – Москва: Миттель Пресс, 2018. – 443 с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book of space technology tester B. I. Bychkovsky contains material dedicated to doctors of Russian aviation medicine, military specialists, engineers and just volunteers who want to learn the unknown. Included are the names of both the founders of scientific developments who have tested the effects of various loads up to critical ones, and those who continued the scientific search for effective means of protecting flight personnel from flight factors – pilots, mechanics, institute employees, and civilians.

StarTr 12

12. Д10-19/69403

Волков, А. В.

Прорыв к Луне и Марсу / А. Волков. – Москва: Вече, 2019. – 254 с.: ил. – (Эврика XXI). – ISBN 978-5-4484-1188-5 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: A well-known scientific journalist and popularizer of science presents a brief sketch of humanity's exit into the nearest space, shares the latest information about the structure and properties of the bodies of the Solar system closest to us, talks about the prospects for studying the natural satellite of the Earth and the planet Mars. From the dreams of K. E. Tsiolkovsky to lunar rovers, the latest space rockets and promising projects of colonies on the Moon and Mars-this is the scope of the book.

StarTr 13

13. Б1/3755

Герои звездных трасс: спец. вып. / [сост. Д. Мамлеев]. – М.: Известия, 1963. – 159 с.: ил. – (Библиотека "Известий"). – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: A special issue of the Izvestia Library dedicated to the space flights of Valentina Tereshkova and Valery Bykovsky on the Vostok-5 and Vostok-6 spacecraft.

StarTr 14

14. Д9-13/96695

Гречко, Г. М.

Космонавт № 34. От лучины до пришельцев / Г. М. Гречко. – М.: ОЛМА Медиа Групп, 2013. – 334 с. – ISBN 978-5-373-04946-7 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Pilot-cosmonaut Georgy Mikhailovich Grechko-twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Honorary Citizen of many cities of the world, awarded many orders and medals. The book " Cosmonaut No. 34. From splinters to aliens" - these are memories and stories about iconic and unusual people, space flights, and just stories-funny and with a touch of sadness. Unique photos, drawings – something from Carroll's Alice, who would definitely like such a book – it has both pictures and conversations.

StarTr 15

15. Д9-11/76866

Губарев, А. А.

Космос начинается на земле. Эпизоды... / А. А. Губарев. – М. : Рус. раритет, 2011 (Москва). – 95 с. : ил. – ISBN 978-5-9902752-1-8 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Gubarev A. A. became the 33rd Soviet and 74th cosmonaut of the world. Long 14 years separated him from the flight of Gagarin, and for twelve years he waited for the moment to overcome the Earth's gravity in the cosmonaut squad. And, despite the already double-digit number of "expectations", he went into orbit, and more than once, set several world records.

StarTr 16

16. G2/21619

Дормидонтов, А. Г.

К звездам сквозь тернии. Академик В. Н. Челомей / А. Г. Дормидонтов. – Киiв: ЕКМО, 2004. – 145 c.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 72-73 (32 назв.). – ISBN 996-96213-8-0 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book describes the main milestones of the life and scientific and technical activities of the outstanding designer of rocket and space systems Vladimir Chelomey.

StarTr 17

17. Ж2-20/68897

Егоров, В.

Люди на Луне: главные ответы / Виталий Егоров. – Москва: Альпина нон-фикшн, 2020. – 431 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-00139-267-5 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Against the background of the technologies of the XXI century, the human flight to the Moon in the middle of the last century often seems improbable to our contemporaries and raises many questions. The main ones – about lunar fakes, about the technical equipment of flights, about the condition of astronauts – are answered in this book. The author is driven not by the desire to convince us that the Apollo program is a fait accompli, but by a great desire to share carefully verified new facts, unknown images and interesting details about human flights to the Moon. The variety and fascination of the information in the book will not leave any reader indifferent. Was there a toilet on the spaceship? How are wet wipes and cosmic radiation related? How many meters can you jump on the moon? Why don't people go to the moon these days? What is included in the new Artemis program and why is it important for the US presidential election? What technologies and knowledge of half a century ago will help a person return to the moon?

StarTr 18

18. Д9-11/78517

Ершов, Н. В.

Зарождение отечественной пилотируемой космонавтики (1945-1961 г.): исторический очерк / Н. В. Ершов. – СПб.: Полторак, 2011. – 55 с.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 36-37 (37 назв.). – ISBN 978-5-904819-26-2 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The historical essay analyzes the features of the origin of the Russian manned cosmonautics in 1945-1961. The article shows the activities of state bodies in preparation for the flight of the first man into space. The chronology of the origin of the Russian manned program is given and the role of historical figures in this process is emphasized. The book is intended for all those interested in the history of Russian cosmonautics and military space activities.

StarTr 19

19. Д10-18/59297

Железняков, А.

Тридцать шесть страниц космической летописи / А. Железняков. – Санкт-Петербург: Беляев. фонд поддержки и развития лит., 2018. – 415 с.: ил. – Загл. обл.: 36 страниц космической летописи. – ISBN 978-5-6041801-4-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book includes articles published by the author from 2004 to 2015 and united by the theme of space. In a bright, fascinating way, it is told about the preparation of space flights. About the first steps of mankind in the exploration of outer space, about the present day of world space exploration.

StarTr 20

20. Д10-17/50321

Закиров, У. Н.

Жизнь в авиации, космонавтике и в науке – мозаика. Вдогонку со временем / У. Н. Закиров. – Казань: Изд-во Казан. ун-та, 2017. – 186 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-00019-844-5 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book by U. N. Zakirov "Life in aviation, cosmonautics and science-mosaic: chasing the Times" is devoted to communication with domestic scientists and engineers who worked in the aerospace industry of the country and left a deep mark on the author's life.

StarTr 21

21. Д8-00/67191

Зузульский, А. И.

Впереди своего времени / А. И. Зузульский; Под науч. ред. И. В. Мещерякова. – М.: СИП РИА, 2000. – 544 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-89354-049-2 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book is devoted to the life and creative path of Oleg Viktorovich Gurko, a colleague of Sergei Korolev and Mikhail Tikhonravov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR, honorary member of the K. E. Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics. In 1953, O. V. Gurko proposed an air-space plane ("gurkolet") with a ramjet engine.

StarTr 22

22. Д8-00/66777

Зузульский, А. И.

Ступени в небо / А. И. Зузульский. – Ярославль, 2000. – 311 с. – ISBN 5-7886-0046-4 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book is about the main milestones of the life and creative path of the outstanding engineer and scientist, student and follower of K. E. Tsiolkovsky, one of the pioneers of Russian rocket and space science and technology Mikhail Klavdievich Tikhonravov (1900-1974).

StarTr 24

23. Д10-13/4402

Иванова, Л. В.

Сообщество космонавтов: история становления и развития за полвека. Проблемы. Перспективы. Предисл. В. П. Савиных / Л. В. Иванова, С. В. Кричевский. – М.: URSS, 2013. – 194 с. – Библиогр.: с. 164-177 (227 назв.). – ISBN 978-5-9710-0645-9 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book is the first publication in Russia and the world devoted to the formation and development of the cosmonaut community, which unites all cosmonauts of the USSR, Russia and other countries. The paper publishes the materials of an initiative scientific research conducted by the staff of the Vavilov Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Sociological Sciences L. V. Ivanova and Doctor of Philosophy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor S. V. Krichevsky. The work is based on data on the history of the creation and development of the USSR Cosmonaut Detachment/Russia for the period 1960-2012, as well as the results of sociological research carried out in connection with the 50th anniversary of the first human flight into space. For specialists in the fields of manned space flight, space activities, history and philosophy of science and technology, sociology, socio-cultural and interdisciplinary research, as well as for anyone interested in the history, present and future of the cosmonaut profession, the cosmonaut community in Russia and in the world.

StarTr 23

24. Д9-12/93827

Иванский, В. Н.

Космонавт Николай Бударин: Моя орбита бесконечная... / В. Н. Иванский. – Чебоксары: Чуваш. кн. изд-во, 2012. – 127 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-7670-1992-2 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: A native of Chuvashia, Hero of Russia, cosmonaut N. M. Budarin has been in space three times. The book tells about the work of the cosmonaut squad to prepare for flights, about launches, tests conducted, including spacewalks, spacecraft docking, and post-flight adaptation on earth. It also tells about the work of N. Budarin as a test engineer, the head of the group at the control and test station of the rocket and space corporation "Energia".

StarTr 25

25. Д10-16/44957

Китаев-Смык, Л. А.

Мои встречи с Юрием Гагариным: [из истории подгот. первых космонавтов] / Л. А. Китаев-Смык ; Гос. музей истории космонавтики им. К. Э. Циолковского. – М.; Калуга: Добрая мысль, 2016. – 63 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-9909348-0-1 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: In the book, Honored Test Engineer Leonid Kitaev-Smyk describes how in 1960-1961, six first cosmonaut candidates were trained to fly the Vostok spacecraft: Yuri Gagarin, German Titov, Grigory Nelyubov, Andriyan Nikolaev, Pavel Popovich and Valery Bykovsky. The training took place in Zhukovsky. The author of the book tells how Gagarin helped him prepare a medical examination of test pilots. Then, in 1962, the first cosmonaut of the planet and the author met in very unusual conditions: they hovered in short-term weightlessness in the cabin of the TU-104, flying at high altitude on a parabolic trajectory. In these flights, the equipment for the space flight of Andriyan Nikolaev was tested. Kitaev-Smyk also recalls how an emergency situation occurred in one of these flights and how people behaved differently in deadly danger.

StarTr 26

26. Ж2-19/67292

Климентов, В. Л.

Космическая эра. Истории покорения космоса / В. Л. Климентов, О. А. Низовцева. – Москва: Изд-во АСТ, 2019. – 190, [1] с.: ил. – (Космическая эпоха в лицах). – (Космос. История покорения). – ISBN 978-5-17-107820-1 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: In the book "The Space Age. The staff of the Cosmonautics Museum told amazing stories about the people who made Space possible-from designers and engineers working in secret design bureaus and launching the first satellite, to ordinary Soviet citizens who at the same time stormed cinemas to watch the cult comedies of Eldar Ryazanov, wore a hairstyle "like Tereshkova" and saved their salary for their first brand-new Moskvich.

StarTr 27

27. Д10-19/64545

Клугер, Д.

Аполлон-8. Захватывающая история первого полета к Луне / Д. Клугер ; перевод с английского [И. Майгурова]. – Москва: Альпина нон-фикшн, 2019. – 374 с. – Пер.изд.: Apollo 8. The thrilling story of the first mission to the Moon / Kluger, J. – New York, 2017. – Предм.-имен. указ.: с. 366-374. – ISBN 978-5-00139-092-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book is the first detailed history of Apollo 8. Jeffrey Kluger offers the reader a fascinating story about a mission that was so risky that it was almost like a lottery, but, crowned with success, marked the beginning of a new era in the exploration of outer space.

StarTr 28

28. К2-06/16933

Коваленок, В. В.

Орбиты жизни. Космонавт Владимир Коваленок / В. В. Коваленок. – М.: РТСофт, 2006. – 293 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-9900271-3-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book of Colonel-General of Aviation V. V. Kovalenko in a brief narrative form tells about the stages of his life: the period before enlisting in the cosmonaut squadron, the preparation and implementation of three space flights, military service after the completion of flight work, scientific, socio-political activities, participation in international cooperation. The publication contains more than 280 photos, many of which are published for the first time, and a large number of unique documents. For the first time in space literature, the book about the pilot-cosmonaut fully shows the government and state awards of the USSR, Russia, and foreign countries, the documents certifying these awards, as well as honorary and commemorative awards and badges of various ministries, departments, military, scientific, and public organizations. The book is intended for a wide range of readers.

 StarTr 29

29. Д9-11/83224

Колосов, И. А.

Пионеры российской пилотируемой космонавтики : воспоминания врача первого отряда космонавтов Рос. гос. науч.-исслед. испытат. центра подготовки космонавтов им. Ю. А. Гагарина / И. А. Колосов. – СПб.: Серебряный век, 2011 (Санкт-Петербург). – 156 с. – ISBN 978-5-902238-82-9 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Memoirs of a doctor of the first cosmonaut squad of the Russian State Research Test Center for Cosmonaut Training named after Yuri Gagarin. The book is written in a popular form and is intended for a wide range of readers.

 StarTr 30

30. Д10-18/64332

Корешков, А. А.

За стеной секрета: [документально-биографическая повесть] / А. А. Корешков. – Изд. 2-е. – Владимир: Транзит-Икс, 2018. – 259 с.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 251-252 (49 назв.). – ISBN 978-5-8311-1177-4 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The documentary and biographical novel by Anatoly Koreshkov, a member of the Union of Writers of Russia, is dedicated to the testers of the Baikonur cosmodrome and cosmonauts who opened a new era for people. Describing the course of events, the author reveals white spots in the history of cosmonautics, without hiding the true price of the victories achieved in this field.

 StarTr 31

31. Н/15671/3/1

Космическая биология и медицина: Совмест. рос.-американ. изд. в 5-ти т. / Рос.АН, Нац. упр. по аэронавтике и исследованию косм. пространства США; Под общ. ред. О. Г. Газенко и др. – М.: Наука. – 19. – Текст: непосредственный.

Т. 3: Человек в космическом полете. Кн. 1. – 1997. – 489 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-02-001871-6.

Abstract: The book of the Russian-American multi-volume publication "Space Biology and Medicine" deals with the main problems of gravitational biology and physiology, presents and analyzes the results of research in manned flights and numerous experiments performed on a wide range of biological objects – representatives of the animal and plant world using various research methods. For physiologists, doctors, engineers, and people interested in the problems of space exploration.

 StarTr 32

32. G2/21618

Космические и земные орбиты Ю. В. Кондратюка (А. И. Шаргея) / Национальное космическое агентство Украины (Днепропетровск); сост. Б. В. Журахович [и др.]. – Днепропетровск: Сiч, 1996. – 405 с.: ил. – Загл. обл.: Космiчнi i земнi орбiти Ю. В. Кондратюка (О. Г. Шаргея). – Библиогр.: с. 400-402. – ISBN 5-7775-0621-6 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book is about the fate of the pioneer of practical cosmonautics-Yuri Vasilyevich Kondratyuk (Alexander Ignatievich Shargey), his era and his followers. The book presents the works of the scientist, archival documents, letters, memoirs.

 StarTr 33

33. Д9-10/78587

Космонавты выпускники Московского авиационного института / сост. П. П. Афанасьев, под ред. В. Н. Кубасова. – М.: МАИ-ПРИНТ, 2010. – 448 с.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 442-443. – ISBN 978-5-7035-2239-4 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The article presents factual data on MAI graduates-cosmonauts of the USSR and Russia (as of November 2009), supplemented by the materials collected by the authors. The book contains (in summary) interviews with cosmonauts, which the authors managed to find in various sources of information. The text is supplemented with a significant amount of illustrative material. A separate section is dedicated to MAI graduates - candidates for cosmonauts who have completed a full course of training, but, as of the end of 2009, have not made a flight into space. The appendix contains illustrations: images of spaceships and launch vehicles; book ex-libris of cosmonauts, philatelic materials and badges dedicated to them, stripes (chevrons) on suits and spacesuits.

StarTr 34

34. Д8-03/85990

Кузнецова, Р. Н.

Подобные ангелам: Дневник "космической журналистки" / Р. Н. Кузнецова. – М.: Воскресенье, 2003. – 570 с. – ISBN 5-88528-305-2 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This is a book by Rena Nikolaevna Kuznetsova, a well-known journalist who has devoted more than a quarter of a century to covering the achievements of Russian cosmonautics, an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K. E. Tsiolkovsky, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. She was awarded the awards of the Federation of Cosmonautics of the Russian Federation-the medals named after S. P. Korolev and Yu. A. Gagarin. Kuznetsova kept her diary for thirty years. The book "Like Angels" is essentially a confession of a witness and chronicler of the most important achievements aimed at conquering the cosmos by man. At the same time, it is a living story about people of a heroic profession, with whom the author had to meet constantly. On the pages of the Space Diary, day after day, the entire difficult path of our country, the United States and other states in the world space is traced.

StarTr 35

35. Д10-18/51471

Массимино, М.

Астронавт: необычайное путешествие в поисках тайн Вселенной / М. Массимино ; пер. с англ. [В. Краснянская]. – Москва: Альпина нон-фикшн, 2018. – 355 с.: ил. – Пер.изд.: Spaceman : An Astronaut's Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe / М Massimino. – 2016. – ISBN 978-5-91671-760-0 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: As a child, Michael Massimino, nicknamed Massa, dreamed of becoming Spider-Man, but in July 1969, he and the whole world saw Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the Moon, and forever fell ill with the dream of flying to the stars. There were seemingly insurmountable obstacles along the way: Michael suffered from a fear of heights, had poor eyesight, and failed important exams. However, perseverance and loyalty to the dream did their job: he not only managed to become a unique specialist in the field of practical cosmonautics, developing software for a robotic manipulator, but also flew into orbit twice, taking part in missions to repair the Hubble telescope. Moreover, today Michael Massimino is one of those who personify modern cosmonautics: he was the first to come up with the idea of writing to Twitter from space and plays himself in the popular TV series "The Big Bang Theory". His book is a dramatic and motivating story about how a dream turns into reality, about friendship and mutual assistance, about advanced science and sophisticated technologies. And this book tells about why humanity should fly to the stars. Astronauts are not born, they become astronauts.

StarTr 36

36. Д9-06/69093

Наровлянский, Н. С.

Штурман космических трасс Ари Штернфельд: посвящ. 100-летию со дня рождения А. А. Штернфельда (1905-1980) / Н. С. Наровлянский. – М., 2006. – 272 с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book tells about the pioneer of cosmonautics, its popularizer, the famous scientist Ari Abramovich Sternfeld, who, while living in France, in 1932 calculated the main optimal flight paths of spacecraft. After moving to the USSR, the scientist worked from 1935 to 1937 in Moscow at the Reactive Research Institute( RNII), in the department of S. P. Korolev. The first edition of the book by A. Sternfeld "Introduction to Cosmonautics" was published in 1937, the second, supplemented, in 1974. Scientists have written a number of books ("Flight into the world space", "Artificial satellites of the Earth" and others). The book "Navigator of Space routes Ari Sternfeld" presents a number of little-known works of the scientist, as well as a lot of materials about him from researchers – employees of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum. The book is intended for those interested in the history of Russian and world cosmonautics.

StarTr 37

37. Д8-98/41197

Однажды и навсегда... Документы и люди о создателе ракетных двигателей и космических систем академике Валентине Петровиче Глушко / К. П. Скопина, Г. М. Гречко, С. Е. Савицкая и др. – М.: Машиностроение, 1998. – 631 с.: ил. – ISBN 5-121-02896-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book is about the founder of the Russian rocket engine building, Academician V. P. Glushko. One of the pioneers and creators of rocket and space technology, V. P. Glushko, created engines that lifted rockets into space with the first artificial satellite of the Earth, with the first person, a unique reusable space system Energia-Buran. Based on the archives and memoirs of people who worked with Valentin Petrovich, it is told about his difficult path in rocket technology. For a wide range of readers interested in the history of Russian rocket science and cosmonautics.

StarTr 38

38. Ж2-18/64246

Песиков, Ю. В.

Василий Лазарев: врач, лётчик-испытатель, космонавт / Ю. В. Песиков, А. С. Федонников, В. М. Попков; Саратовский государственный медицинский университет имени В. И. Разумовского. – Саратов: Изд-во Сарат. гос. мед. ун-та, 2018. – 34, [1] с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-7213-0682-2 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book is dedicated to one of the outstanding graduates of the Saratov State Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky – Vasily Grigoryevich Lazarev. Already being a doctor, he was able to realize his second dream – to get the profession of a pilot, and then an astronaut. Lazarev's originality and purposefulness allowed him to stand on a par with the legendary personalities of the era of space exploration. For a wide range of readers.

 StarTr 39

39. Д7-91/96769

Попов, Л. И.

Четверо из космической семьи / Л. И. Попов, И. И. Касьян, Н. А. Кузьмичев. – М.: Машиностроение, 1991. – 143 с. – ISBN 5-217-00306-5 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The article tells about the preparation for space flights and their implementation by the first Soviet cosmonauts-Yuri Gagarin and G. Titov and our wonderful women cosmonauts V. Tereshkova and S. Savitskaya. Much attention is paid to the role of Soviet designers, scientists, engineers, and doctors who took part in the preparation and launch of spacecraft. For a wide range of readers.

 StarTr 40

40. Д10-18/48926

Прокопенко, И. С.

Тайны космонавтики / И. С. Прокопенко. – Москва: Э, 2018. – 430 с.: ил. – (Военная тайна с Игорем Прокопенко. Коллекция). – ISBN 978-5-04-089098-9 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book of the famous TV presenter Igor Prokopenko is a fascinating story about space research-from early developments to the latest prototypes. This story is full of secrets – both purely "official" - many facts will be made public for the first time in this book, and unexplained from a scientific point of view: numerous evidence of unidentified flying objects and contacts with alien civilizations. How did the fascist scientist von Braun become the father of American cosmonautics? What animals, other than Squirrels and Arrows, were the space pioneers? Why was Gagarin's double needed? What made Leonov go into outer space contrary to the instructions? What kind of life form did scientists see on the planet Gliese with the help of a super telescope? Who lives in the bowels of the moon?
The earth on which we live, on which we walk every day and which we see every day, is also a part of the Cosmos, but we forget about it all the time. Igor Prokopenko's book reminds us of this! The abundance of mysterious facts and shocking hypotheses will again invite us to think: who are we, in fact, and where are we all really?

 StarTr 41

41. Б1/5261

Ребров, М. Ф.

Дай руку, космос! / М. Ф. Ребров, Н. А. Мельников; [под ред. Н. П. Каманина]. – Москва: Совет. Россия, 1965. – 208 с. – (Люди Советской России). – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: "Dawn"! I am "Diamond-one". A man has entered outer space! A man has entered outer space! I am "Diamond-one". Reception.

These words were spoken over our planet on March 18, 1965. They were handed over from the Voskhod-2 ship by its pilot and commander, Colonel Pavel Belyaev. In the book "Give me your hand, space!", journalists M. Rebrov and N. Melnikov tell about this achievement of our century, about the crew of the Voskhod-2 spacecraft Pavel Ivanovich Belyaev and Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov, about their childhood, youth, dreams, hobbies, and the life paths that led them to space. The authors knew the cosmonauts intimately long before the flight – they were present at training sessions, rested together, and accompanied them into space. One was at the spaceport, the other was watching the flight from the control room. We met the cosmonaut heroes in Moscow.

 StarTr 42

42. Д9-10/67813

Савиных, В. П.

Вятка. Байконур. Космос / В. П. Савиных. – М.: МАКД, 2010. – 224 с. – ISBN 978-5-9902047-2-0 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book of the pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V. P. Savinykh contains excerpts from the diaries that he kept during flights at the Salyut-6 and Salyut-7 stations, pages of transcripts of his negotiations with the Mission Control Center during the most difficult periods associated with the restoration of the "dead" station, as well as information about the expedition to the Mir orbital complex. The description of the author's childhood and youth years will allow the reader to understand the stages of his spiritual maturity, his path to the cosmic future. General Designer V. P. Glushko, Chairman of the State Commission K. A. Kerimov, Academician B. E. Chertok, flight director V. V. Ryumin, wife of cosmonaut L. A. Savinykh share their memories with readers. The letters of colleagues and friends received on board the station are given. For a wide range of readers interested in cosmonautics.

 StarTr 43

43. Д10-17/47305

Савиных, В. П.

"Салют-7". Записки с "мертвой станции" / В. П. Савиных. – М.: Эксмо, 2017. – 254 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-04-089369-0 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book is the last evidence of the life of the Salyut-7 space station, which was once the pinnacle of scientific and technological progress in space. It consists of excerpts from diaries kept on board the station by twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet cosmonaut Viktor Petrovich Savinykh. Together with his colleague Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dzhanibekov, he was sent to Salyut-7 with the most difficult mission – to "revive" the station, return it to the control of the MCC and prevent it from falling to Earth. During the flight, the astronauts had to perform many unprecedented operations, including docking with an unguided object. That is why the Savin and Dzhanibekov expedition is still considered one of the most difficult in the history of cosmonautics. The details of this expedition are described in detail in this book.

 StarTr 44

44. Д10-18/57834

Сачков, В.В.

Полвека на переднем крае: воспоминания Владимира Владимировича Сачкова, бывшего заместителя главного конструктора / В. В. Сачков; [АО "ВПК "НПО машиностроения"]. – Реутов: НПО машиностроения, 2018. – 351 с. – Загл. обл.: Полвека на переднем крае. – ISBN 978-5-9500756-0-5 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book is the memoirs of one of the closest associates of the General Designer and an outstanding scientist, Academician V. I. Chelomey. The author with deep respect and sincere admiration tells about the joint work with the General Designer, scrupulously describes all the work of the nm-led team. Being a direct participant in the described events, the author complements the story about the technique with live episodes, never before published details of various events. Personal impressions, memorable character traits of people with whom the author was brought together by fate-all this adds bright colors to the history of the famous enterprise, known today all over the world as JSC "MIC "NPO Mashinostroeniya", makes it more voluminous and interesting for the younger generation. The book uses photographic materials from the archive of JSC "MIC "NPO Mashinostroeniya".

 StarTr 45

45. Ж2-19/65889

Сернан, Ю.

Последний человек на Луне: [история участника лунной программы] / Ю. Сернан; [перевод с английского И. А. Лисова]. – Москва: Бомбора™, 2019. – 415 с. – (Герои космоса. Лучшие книги о космонавтике). – Пер.изд.: The Last man on the Moon / Cernan E., 1999. – Указ.: с. 410-414. – ISBN 978-5-04-099338-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Eugene Cernan is one of the pioneers of the Apollo program, the second American astronaut to go into outer space, and the last person to leave a trace on the surface of the moon. Cernan's book is a true story in the first person about the courage and courage of people, about the joy of victories and about the difficult path to the dream.

 StarTr 46

46. Б1/2447

Титов, Г.С.

700.000 километров в космос: рассказ о полете советского космического корабля "Восток-2" / Г. С. Титов ; [лит. запись С. Борзенко, Н. Денисова]. – М.: Правда, 1961. – 48 с.: ил. – (Библиотека "Огонёк" № 36). – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The author of the book tells in detail and interestingly about how he prepared for a flight into space, how he made it, what he saw and felt, having circled our planet more than seventeen times at an altitude of more than two hundred kilometers.

 StarTr 47

47. Ж/15572

Утро космической эры: [о летчиках-космонавтах СССР Ю. А. Гагарине и Г. С. Титове: сборник] / составители: А. К. Азизян [и др.]; редактор А. В. Толмачев. – Москва: Госполитиздат, 1961. – 763 с.: ил. – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: A book that tells how the morning of the space age broke over the Earth, how humanity met the flight of the first cosmonaut – the Soviet man Yuri Gagarin. It contains the thoughts and feelings of our contemporaries from all over the World, expressed by them in newspapers and magazines, in front of the microphones of radio and television studios.

 StarTr 48

48. Д9-05/7181

Филин, В. М.

Ключ на старт / В. М. Филин. – М.: Логос, 2005. – 181 с. – ISBN 5-94010-380-4 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: An eyewitness and participant of the events tells about the everyday life of the creators of rocket and space technology in our country, their creative searches and experiences for the fate of their technical achievements, reveals the philosophy and worldview of the creators of new technology. Continues a series of books already published by the author, Deputy General Designer of the S. P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, "The Way to Energia", "The launch Site-the Ocean", "Target Orbit". For a wide range of readers.

 StarTr 49

49. Д10-18/60411

Филин, В. М.

Космический характер. (Взгляд с орбиты жизни 2) / В. М. Филин. – [2-е изд., доп.]. – Шацк: Шацкая тип., 2018. – 237, [2] с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-901950-58-6 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: This book is the memoirs and reflections of the designer of rockets, spacecraft, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, member of the Union of Writers Russia, which took part in interesting and outstanding events of space exploration in our country.
"Energia-Buran", "Sea Launch", the Lunar Program, "Ground Launch", Orbital complexes-this is not a complete list of programs that have passed through the life and work of this person. Interesting impressions about the outstanding people of modern cosmonautics, their spiritual qualities, which sometimes determine the success or failure of the next space event. The book is written in an accessible figurative language and will be of interest to a wide range of readers.

 StarTr 50

50. Д9-05/14614

Филин, В. М.

Притяжение Луны / В. М. Филин. – М.: Логос, 2005. – 141 с. – ISBN 5-98704-049-3 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: A prominent figure of aerospace science and practice, V. M. Filin, tells about the fate of the Russian Lunar Project, which was launched in the 1960s and resumed in the XXI century. It covers the daily research and design activities of the rocket scientists of our country, their creative searches, achievements and problems. Reveals the philosophy and worldview of the real creators of rocket and space technology. It is a continuation of the series of books already published by V. M. Filin "The way to "Energy", "The place of launch-the ocean", "Target Orbit", "The key to start", etc. For scientists and specialists in the field of rocket and space technology, national history and science. It is of interest to a wide range of readers.

 StarTr 51

51. Д10-20/78959

Флаер, С.

История полёта. От крыльев Икара до космических ракет / Семён Флаер. – Москва: Центрполиграф, 2020. – 382, [1] с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-227-09133-8 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: Without exaggeration, for thousands of years the sky has beckoned to man. In the legends and legends of all peoples lived flying heroes. The sky was plowed by Baba Yaga in a stupa and the Serpent Gorynych, the winged Pegasus soared up, and the first transport aircraft-a carpet plane – transported passengers. Man has always wanted to fly. Time passed, and finally the dream came true. After many unsuccessful and tragic attempts and experiments, man mastered the air element, although this path was difficult and thorny. In this book, we will tell the story of flight from the first flight of a hot air balloon to modern supersonic aircraft and spacecraft.

 StarTr 52

52. Б1/3192

Фролов, И. М.

Звездные пилоты / И. М. Фролов. – М.: Знание, 1962. – 63 с.: ил. – (Прочти, товарищ!). – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book tells about the world's first group flight of two manned ships: "Vostok-3" (pilot A. G. Nikolaev) and "Vostok-4" (pilot P. R. Popovich) in the period from 11 (12) to 15 August 1962. During the flight, the first experiments on radio communication between the crews of the two ships in space were carried out, a program of scientific, technical and medical-biological experiments was carried out.

 StarTr 53

53. Ж2-19/67327

Хамхоев, Х.-М. Х.

Они были на Луне / Хамхоев Хаджи-Мурат Хусейнович. – Москва: Новалис, 2019. – 229 с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-902291-42-8 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The documentary materials and evidence that make up this book are collected from open sources. After reading them, the reader should have no doubt that earthlings have visited the moon.

 StarTr 54

54. Д10-20/82824

Человек в космосе: отодвигая границы неизвестного / Нил Армстронг, Базз Олдрин, Алексей Леонов, Ричард Докинз и другие; под редакцией Гарика Исраеляна и Брайана Мэя; перевод с английского Андрея Бугайского, Полины Якушевой. – Москва: Изд-во АСТ, 2020. – 255 с.: ил. + [8] л. ил. – (Мир Стивена Хокинга). – ISBN 978-5-17-121396-1 – Текст (визуальный): непосредственный.

Abstract: The Starmus Science Festival was first held in 2011, and since then it has become a tradition for leading scientists, celebrities in the field of cosmonautics and music, who share a passion for popularizing knowledge about the Earth and space. The lectures collected in this book are devoted to space exploration, evolution, and the origin of life. Cosmonauts, participants of the American and Soviet space programs, will talk about the unknown details of their flights and speak about the future of the Earth and humanity. And scientists will share new research data on the study of life on Earth and the search in the universe for worlds similar to ours that can become a home for humans.

 StarTr 55

55. Н/15267/7

"Человек Земля космос", международная авиакосмическая конф. (1; 1992; Москва). Труды Первой международной авиакосмической конференции "Человек – Земля – космос". – М. – 19. – В надзаг.: Рос. инж. акад. Секция "Авиакосм.". – Текст: непосредственный.

Т. 7: Медико-биологическое обеспечение и профессиональная деятельность космонавтов. – 1995. – 311 с.: ил.

Abstract: The reports of this volume are devoted to human problems in manned space flights. The first section covers the issues of methodology and equipment for monitoring the condition of astronauts against the background of adverse effects of flight factors, as well as means of preventing this influence. In the reports of the second section, various aspects of the professional activities of spacecraft crews are considered. Much attention is paid to the creation of optimal working conditions for astronauts. Including the use of various modeling methods. The materials of this volume are of interest to employees of research and design organizations of the aerospace and aviation industry related to manned space exploration, teachers and postgraduates of relevant higher educational institutions, as well as specialists in the field of human-machine systems.

 StarTr 56

56. Б1/7774

Четверо на орбите: [сборник материалов о Героях Советского Союза летчиках-космонавтах В. А. Шаталове, Б. В. Волынове, А. С. Елисееве, Е. В. Хрунове] / [сост. В. Китаин ; науч. ред. Б. Колтовой]. – Москва: Известия, 1969. – 367 с.: ил. – (Библиотека "Известий"; спец. вып.). – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: A special issue of Izvestia is devoted to the preparation, launch and successful implementation of the docking of the Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5 manned spacecraft and the transition of two cosmonauts from one spacecraft to another during an orbital flight for the first time in the world. Soviet cosmonauts V. A. Shatalov, B. V. Volynov, E. V. Khrunov and A. S. Eliseev took part in this flight, which took place on January 14-18, 1969.

 StarTr 57

57. Д9-08/48904

Шаталов, В. А.

Космические будни / В. А. Шаталов. – М.: Машиностроение, 2008 (М.). – 311 с. + 40 с. ил.; 1 л. портр. – ISBN 978-5-217-03420-8 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The author of this book is a purposeful and courageous person. He wanted to be a great fighter pilot, and he became one. After the flight of Yuri Gagarin, he "fell ill" with space and, despite the obstacles, literally broke into the cosmonaut squad. He made three space flights, and then in 1971 was appointed Assistant to the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, responsible for the organization and support of space flights, replacing the Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General N. P. Kamanin. Shatalov worked in this position for 20 years, and for five years he combined it with the post of head of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. The reader will find in this book of memoirs of Cosmonaut-13 a lot of new things that complement the inexhaustible and difficult history of our cosmonautics.

 StarTr 58

58. Д9-09/62020

Шафиркин, А. В.

Межпланетные и орбитальные космические полеты. Радиационный риск для космонавтов. Радиобиологическое обоснование / А. В. Шафиркин, Ю. Г. Григорьев. – М.: Экономика, 2009 (М.). – 639 с.: ил. – Библиогр.: с. 597-629. – ISBN 978-5-282-02948-2 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book covers a wide range of materials related to the sources of cosmic radiation that affect astronauts during interplanetary and orbital space flights, the values of dose loads, the reactions of individual systems and the whole organism of animals and humans, as well as changes in its stability under the complex nature of radiation exposure in outer space. The results of a 14-year experiment on a large batch of dogs with modeling of the dose loads and the nature of the dose distribution over time, which will affect astronauts during the flight to Mars, are presented. Models of the formation of radiation damage in the hematopoietic system and at the level of the body during prolonged exposures with different dose rates, as well as a model of the radiation mortality rate of mammals, describing accelerated aging and changes in age-related mortality rates depending on the dose and dose rate of radiation exposure, are considered. The book presents algorithms and results of calculations of radiation risk in the course of interplanetary and orbital flights, throughout the life of astronauts, as well as data on the possible reduction of the upcoming life expectancy. New approaches to the regulation of radiation exposure are proposed and new lower permissible doses for astronauts are justified both during flights and during their entire professional activity.

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59. Ж2-18/65135

Штрихи к портрету отечественной космонавтики: сборник документов / Российский государственный гуманитарный университет; [авт.-сост. Т. А. Головкина]. – Москва: Рос. гос. гуманитар. ун-т, 2018. – 529, [1] с. – Библиогр.: с. 407-422. – ISBN 978-5-7281-2041-4 – Текст: непосредственный.

Abstract: The book continues the theme of space exploration and the formation of Russian cosmonautics, which was stated by the authors of the previous collection " Space. Moscow Time" (Moscow: RSUH, 2011). The documents cover the period from 1941 to 2017. The collection documents the path taken by Russian rocket science and cosmonautics, from the first volleys of the Katyusha rocket to the prospects of flights to other planets. Opening the book, you are immersed in the atmosphere of loud victories and annoying defeats, heavy space everyday life, the struggle of ideas and opinions – all that is inseparable from the history of Russian cosmonautics. The documents will tell you what a high price the victory in the Great Patriotic War, which became the prologue of space victories, was paid, how the V-2 rocket was literally assembled from the wreckage, the first Soviet ballistic missiles were tested, the first artificial satellite of the Earth was created. Readers will learn why cosmonaut G. S. Titov almost died during one of the training sessions, what special words Chief designer S. P. Korolev said to cosmonaut A. A. Leonov shortly before going into space, how our cosmonautics survived at the turn of the century. The book is addressed to readers who are not indifferent to the history of Russian cosmonautics.

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60. Д10-20/80456

Шубин, П. С.

19 витков "Союза-1": памяти космонавта Владимира Комарова / П. С. Шубин. – [Екатеринбург]: Издательские решения, 2020. – 177, [2] с.: ил. – ISBN 978-5-4498-9493-9 – Текст (визуальный): непосредственный.

Abstract: More than half a century has passed since the death of Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov, the test pilot of the new experimental Soyuz-1 spacecraft. However, there are still many rumors and speculations surrounding the disaster. This book, created on the basis of archival documents, gives an idea of the situation that developed in the Soviet space program in the mid-60s of the XX century, and describes in detail all the circumstances of the tragic flight for the commander of the first Soyuz.